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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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Sexing the Bride’s Mom

 — Lusty groomsmen take the Bride's Mom. by DkGy08/07/074.26

Sexing the Bride’s Mom Ch. 02

 — Groomsmen take the bride's sexy mom. by DkGy09/02/074.53HOT

Sexing the Bride’s Mom Ch. 03

 — Groomsmen take the bride's sexy mom. by DkGy12/13/074.54HOT

Sexology 344 Ch. 01

 — A college student signs up for more than she bargained. by StoryofC01/18/144.35

Sexology 344 Ch. 02

 — Chloe resists intense impulses... by StoryofC02/06/144.56HOT

Sexology 344 Ch. 03

 — Chloe learns a lesson. by StoryofC02/26/144.51HOT

Sexology 344 Ch. 04

 — Chloe gains some insight... by StoryofC03/21/144.49

Sexology 344 Ch. 05

 — Chloe lets go. by StoryofC04/26/144.44

Sexology 344 Ch. 06

 — Chloe begins to change. by StoryofC07/12/144.43

Sexology 344 Ch. 07

 — Chloe finds comfort. by StoryofC07/21/144.38

Sexual Awakening

 — Sex lessons with her cousin go further than planned. by no_restrictions07/29/113.81

Sexual Customs

 — She is punished for smuggling. by Steve the bird01/09/064.06

Sexual Diversions Ch. 02

 — Sammi gets raped, well...? by sammican112/06/104.04

Sexual Enemies

 — Gay man faces wrath from his lover's girlfriend. by inwardbound11/05/084.49

Sexual Experiments

 — Sexual experiments, welcome or unwelcome? by candyland14308/23/124.14

Sexual Family

 — He discovers an adventure his girlfriend had. by aishagrey12/21/093.72

Sexual Healing Ch. 02

 — Anal ravishment and a few forceful blow jobs. by ImmortalRomance02/08/073.91

Sexual Need, Persistent Fantasy.

 — 18-year-old girl deals with her desire to be forced. by Krissy901/30/104.15

Sexual Nuclear War Ch. 05

 — Last part of an afternoon spent with 2 men and a judge. by ElizabethLoring09/30/064.38

Sexual Perversities

 — His girlfriend is taken on videotape. by Amsterdick08/15/054.41

Sexual Predator Preys

 — (Flash Fiction) Phil and Phyl Collide. by Allan_Arbinger09/14/103.94

Sexual Realignment Training

 — A female prisoner is anally tortured for thought crime. by sydneydom08/12/144.12

Sexual Revenge

 — Voyeur is the target of revenge. by thinkmanthink12/03/003.87

Sexual Theory

 — Psychology professor proven the worth of sex. by JaxRhapsody02/25/132.59

Sexy as Hell

 — Nothing on TV, so she wants to play a game. by everoptimistic04/08/05

Sexy Cheerleader Says The Wrong Thing

 — The wrong words get hottie in trouble. by Franko07/22/013.25

Sexy Secretary Needs A Job

 — Nelly must satisfy the boss sexually before she can be hired. by Blucher03/10/114.18

Sexy Secretary Needs A Job Ch. 02

 — Nelly is forced to submit to the ultimate humiliation. by Blucher04/08/113.28

Sexy Waitress

 — Sexy waitress is taken by the manager. by ansab03/28/073.39

Shackled and Confused

 — Pierre wakes to find he's held captive by Catharine. by Butterflies51201/18/133.39


 — Payback. by bassbelly09/29/073.92

Shadow Club

 — Kidnapped and forced to serve the Shadow Club. by Subcolie06/06/053.75

Shadow of a Doubt Ch. 01

 — Husband is gonna turn her world upside down. by Sir_Nathan09/10/044.50HOT

Shadow of a Doubt Ch. 02

 — Shannon confesses her wicked fantasies. by Sir_Nathan09/30/044.65HOT

Shadow of a Doubt Ch. 03

 — Johan tells her what to do. by Sir_Nathan10/13/044.58HOT

Shadow of a Doubt Ch. 04

 — The trip to the beach was never like this. by Sir_Nathan11/02/044.61HOT

Shadow of a Doubt Ch. 05

 — It's hot at the beach. by Sir_Nathan11/05/044.63HOT

Shadow of a Doubt Ch. 09

 — The story of Shannon's reluctance approaches its climax. by Sir_Nathan04/11/054.70HOT

Shadow of a Doubt Ch. 10

 — Nasty, intense gangbang concludes Shannon's story. by Sir_Nathan05/02/054.73HOT

Shadows In The Dark

 — Kym is forced to feed the beast. by DekeJeffery01/29/093.48

Shakedowns & Satisfaction Ch. 1

 — Paula gets blackmailed & becomes a fuck-toy. by wannabyour05/26/024.27

Shakedowns & Satisfaction Ch. 2

 — Blackmailed & helpless, Paula is used by strangers. by wannabyour05/27/024.28

Shakedowns & Satisfaction Ch. 3

 — Paula's husband returns home. by wannabyour07/28/024.09

Shame & Humiliation

 — Mother & two daughters ravaged by six black men. by ThrobbinRobin11/30/084.10

Shamed Siblings

 — Brother and sister forced to satisfy couple...and each other. by PAS02/11/084.39

Shameful Ectasy

 — She's shamed into enjoying being taken by two men. by lauralee06/29/013.42


 — Angie finds trouble where she least expects it. by Uncle Meat10/26/034.28


 — Her first photo shoot goes much further. by badbadshark01/03/114.03

Shameless Ch. 01

 — Lovely teacher is kidnapped by a gang of thieves! by venomlegions09/01/144.13

Shameless Ch. 02

 — Linda begins to lose her virginity, the hard way! by venomlegions09/02/144.31

Shameless Ch. 03

 — Linda gets close to Doris! by venomlegions09/03/144.43

Shameless Ch. 04

 — Linda continues her shame & Johnny tells a dirty story! by venomlegions09/09/144.32

Shameless Ch. 05

 — Linda, Doris & Ed together! by venomlegions09/13/144.47

Shameless Ch. 06

 — Linda gets used again! by venomlegions09/14/144.46

Shameless Ch. 07

 — The final chapter... Linda & William! by venomlegions09/16/144.53HOT

Shannon's Spiral

 — The beginning of the slutification of housewife Shannon. by Rocketspeedfish07/20/133.99

Shannon's Spiral Ch. 02

 — After graduation Shannon agrees to go out with Josh. by Rocketspeedfish09/05/134.32

Shaping Up

 — Cheating husband gets more than he wants. by slick0010/01/043.62

Shared Amongst Friends

 — My submissive maid is used by guests. by Hubee06/24/094.06

Shared with a Stranger

 — Blindfolded, Katherine services a stranger. by quimmaster02/28/044.38


 — Student uses roommate's things. by Ashson10/04/144.11

Sharing Everything

 — Two mates shared all until something goes wrong. by ARGEE03/21/013.41

Sharing Pleasure

 — Reluctantly, she learns Pleasure is for everyone. by mmminxxx10/19/134.03

Sharing the Babysitter

 — Husband and Wife seduce the sweet, 18-year-old nanny. by egirl121208/26/134.26

Sharing Tina For The First Time

 — Sequel to "Tina's first exhibitionist experience". by Loginer0001/19/144.31


 — An unnerving experience. by Ashson11/24/134.04

Sharnie's Surrender

 — Young woman lets two burglars have their way with her. by walkwolf202/04/084.21

Sharon and Diane

 — At dinner, we meet six guys we didn't want to meet. by Dyane12/04/054.15

Sharon is a Dirty Slut Ch. 01

 — His first encounter with Sharon. by KarlMartinK06/27/053.95


 — An unexpected homecoming. by bj_mistress06/10/123.89

Shattered Dreams

 — A memory she can't get out of her head. by Mygypsy06/16/084.47

Shattered Dreams Ch. 01

 — Sera and John are taken from a taverna. by WinterJasmine12/24/064.16

Shattered Dreams Ch. 02

 — Sera is forced to bargain for her freedom. by WinterJasmine01/10/074.45

Shattered Dreams Ch. 02

 — Janey's story continues. by Mygypsy07/04/084.50HOT

Shattered Dreams Ch. 03

 — She stops him from taking her virginity - for now. by WinterJasmine08/17/074.30

Shattered Dreams Ch. 03

 — Janey faces her memories. by Mygypsy07/11/084.63HOT

Shattered Dreams Ch. 04

 — After an evening out, Sera's body betrays her. by WinterJasmine12/13/074.50HOT

Shattered Dreams Ch. 04

 — Janey starts to recover. by Mygypsy07/13/084.58HOT

Shattered Dreams Ch. 05

 — Actions have consequences. by Mygypsy07/20/084.61HOT

Shattered Dreams Ch. 05

 — He demands more. by WinterJasmine02/19/104.43

Shattered Dreams Ch. 06

 — Janey and Adam. by Mygypsy07/31/084.65HOT

Shattered Dreams Ch. 07

 — Moving on. by Mygypsy08/01/084.58HOT

Shattered Innocence

 — An orphan travels far from home. by blueeyedsub07/17/034.30

Shattered Innocence Ch. 02

 — Amanda discovers her purpose. by blueeyedsub05/18/044.29

Shaughnessy's Dirty Little Secret

 — Jonah makes up for cheating on Shaughnessy. by anemia01/19/104.07

Shauna’s Diary Ch. 01

 — Blackmail never felt so good. by Jennifer C05/24/054.51HOT

Shavala Ch. 01

 — A young Marine finds her place with a Dominant Mercenary. by rcljr02/28/133.75

Shawna's Night Out Ch. 01

 — Jealous wives help get even with cock tease. by PAS02/07/074.20

Shawna's Night Out Ch. 02

 — Shawna's night continues on the bus ride home. by PAS02/08/074.37

She Allowed the Seduction

 — He forces anal sex on his wife. by TabooTeller09/01/033.95

She Becomes Willing

 — A girl is taken by three men. by IsayYES03/27/134.12

She Didn't Know She was Dessert!

 — Wu Mei's misadventure as a party hostess. by likebadfun12/08/083.28

She Had It Coming

 — He teases the tease. by Kurgin11/12/004.33

She Had It Coming

 — They thought she deserved it all, considering her reputation. by BarelyLegal4now8912/12/093.90

She Had It Coming

 — Bitch gets a hard lesson from a stranger. by glorialamuse11/28/103.91

She Had It Coming Ch. 02

 — Now that it was happening, she might as well enjoy it! by BarelyLegal4now8912/20/094.22

She Invited Him In

 — Online chat leads to first violent meeting. by sethseekstruth10/18/054.12

She is My Sin

 — A holy man is torn between his faith and a woman. by Unknown36507/02/121.74

She Is Ready

 — Part 3 of Do I Get The Job. by Andella05/24/044.30

She Just Wanted To Be Liked

 — Why can't people just be friends? by kayce 6912/28/033.88

She Knows What She Wants

 — Wife fulfills her fantasy against her husband's will. by partyfairy02/01/074.11

She Learns a Lesson

 — Caught stealing, she must chose the price to pay. by blue424201/17/094.14

She Let Herself Go "Four" Him

 — The darkest of their fantasies come true, but who fills it? by RedHairedandFriendly08/27/064.07

She Likes Being Scared...

 — Fear fantasy comes true. by speednutz10/11/034.35

She Needs It Now

 — Man is powerless to stop himself from dominating a woman. by exquisitelifetime04/05/143.50

She Played and She Paid

 — I got the house, business and her ass! by WhoIsYourDaddy12/06/134.08

She Said "Yes"

 — How my wife was seduced. by RBJ6703/13/113.96

She Said Anything

 — She needed his help and made a promise. by toomuchinmyhead01/10/134.26

She Said No

 — He knows exactly what she needs. by MoonHalo06/09/023.80

She Says Nothing

 — 'Help' arrives in her hour of need. by vampanya03/14/104.63HOT

She Screams for Ice Cream

 — Teasing ice cream truck girl gets a lesson. by claimdenied07/04/113.51

She Should Be More Careful

 — Jack didn't want to do it this way... by thundersglory06/12/134.20

She Should Be More Careful Ch. 02

 — Liz finds out who her captor is, Jack takes her virginity. by thundersglory06/19/134.30

She Shouldn't Drink So Much

 — Drinking with workman leads to bad situation. by kayce 6905/31/044.46

She Shows Off in Public and Pays the Price

 — This hot girl loves to tease. by dirtywarren02/12/104.16

She Takes Control

 — 'Forced' to enjoy her. by JuicyLemons02/01/104.04

She Teases, He Goes Too Far

 — Molly teases her mother's boyfriend, but he wants more. by doge2712/24/103.83

She Took a Vow to Obey

 — A young, Victorian wife is examined by the doctor. by Classyladybug01/28/114.26

She Took a Vow to Obey Ch. 02

 — Had that really been her - strapped...? by Classyladybug08/15/114.42

She Took It to the Next Level

 — A tardy slave is punished beyond his boundaries. by Pindickslave04/12/124.10

She Violates Me

 — She takes him twice. by doggie2401/02/044.11

She Wants More than the Tip

 — Waitress wants what his fiancee got. by TheTalkMan02/10/114.37

She was a Tease

 — She'd led him on for months. by my_darker_side08/06/074.24

She Was Late

 — A wife's new found pleasures. by cenpame01/19/043.95

She Was My Neighbor Ch. 2

 — Revenge is sweet, & he's got pictures to prove it. by Indigo2105/21/014.29

She was Number 3 on List

 — Jane finds herself on a stranger's to-do list. by psworld03/31/072.94

She Wasn't (But She WAS)

 — A meeting with her online friend is more than she expected! by 1sickbastard03/15/134.32

She Who Laughs Last

 — A woman with an abusive husband finally gets revenge. by bottomsatx12/03/104.20

She Would Never Be The Same Again

 — She encounters a dominant stranger in a hotel lounge. by EroticThoughts4902/02/044.45

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