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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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Teacher Assault Ch. 01

 — Busty teacher gets assaulted by the entire class. by poltergasm10/15/083.92

Teacher Assault Ch. 02

 — Class continues to ravish their ultra-busty teacher. by poltergasm10/20/083.96

Teacher Assault Ch. 03

 — Busty teacher is further ravished by black students. by poltergasm01/08/094.13

Teacher Assault Ch. 04

 — The class finally turns busty teacher into their slut. by poltergasm02/18/094.23

Teacher Attacked

 — Mary is accosted in a parking lot. by MasterJack05/04/033.97

Teacher Devour

 — Forced to submit by professor. by ChiBloodless03/07/123.46

Teacher Dominated

 — First time swinger becomes submissive sex slave. by AnaLeePleasured02/20/074.47

Teacher in Paradise Ch. 01

 — He starts a new job and gets a wonderful welcome by holes10/27/134.43

Teacher in Paradise Ch. 02

 — Teacher is introduced to teachers and students. by holes04/15/144.58HOT

Teacher in Paradise Ch. 03

 — Student gets to choose her punishment. by holes09/02/144.54HOT

Teacher in Paradise Ch. 04

 — Teacher is made to wait... by holes12/27/144.29

Teacher Is Mistaken

 — Hollie is mistaken for a student. by StoryTeller0705/20/124.36

Teacher Is Mistaken Ch. 02

 — Hollie gets carried away. by StoryTeller0705/28/124.42

Teacher Is Mistaken Ch. 03

 — A whole weekend together. by StoryTeller0706/05/124.48

Teacher Is Mistaken Ch. 04

 — Embarrassed in school. by StoryTeller0706/08/124.53HOT

Teacher Is Mistaken Ch. 05

 — Teacher becomes a student sex project. by StoryTeller0706/18/124.50HOT

Teacher Is Mistaken Ch. 06

 — Hollie submits to her student. by StoryTeller0707/15/124.48

Teacher Is Mistaken Ch. 07

 — Hollie is controlled in class. by StoryTeller0707/25/124.50HOT

Teacher Is Mistaken Ch. 08

 — Hollie sinks deeper into slavery. by StoryTeller0708/15/124.50HOT

Teacher Is Mistaken Ch. 09

 — Last day of school. by StoryTeller0708/26/124.42

Teacher Is Mistaken Ch. 10

 — Hollie is taken shopping. by StoryTeller0709/04/124.42

Teacher Is Mistaken Ch. 11

 — The Student Party. by StoryTeller0709/07/124.43

Teacher Is Mistaken Ch. 12

 — After the party. by StoryTeller0709/16/124.53HOT

Teacher Is Mistaken Ch. 13

 — Angela. by StoryTeller0709/24/124.39

Teacher Is Mistaken Ch. 14

 — Private Party. by StoryTeller0710/05/124.36

Teacher Is Mistaken Ch. 15

 — A humiliating day. by StoryTeller0711/25/124.30

Teacher Is Mistaken Ch. 16

 — Conclusion. by StoryTeller0712/28/124.40

Teacher Is Mistaken Ch. 17

 — California Dreaming. by StoryTeller0706/21/134.45

Teacher Is Mistaken Ch. 18

 — The pony-girls return. by StoryTeller0707/15/134.40

Teacher Is Mistaken Ch. 19

 — A new master for the teacher. by StoryTeller0708/28/134.38

Teacher Is Mistaken Ch. 20

 — Hollie is moved on. by StoryTeller0709/23/134.41

Teacher Is Mistaken Ch. 21

 — Hollie is rescued. by StoryTeller0710/26/134.37

Teacher Learns a Lesson

 — Students force teacher into incest. by Splunge_Splash04/23/054.38

Teacher Learns A Lesson

 — College guy takes sexy older professor. by chocoate_ice10/11/034.13

Teacher Mistake

 — Teachers mistakes leads to students enjoyment. by unknown man03/27/032.46

Teacher Poker

 — Teacher's poker lesson backfires. by quale08/05/124.42

Teacher Strips For The Team

 — Mature teacher becomes the basketball team's trophy. by George VI05/15/024.41

Teacher Taken in Class

 — Student witnesses his busty teacher's rape during class. by George VI09/11/024.46

Teacher Takes the Bully

 — School bully forces and seduces his teacher. by Queenvcourtney05/13/143.50

Teacher Teacher

 — Two young teacher dominated and enslaved. by sadkins11603/07/144.25

Teacher Teacher Ch. 02

 — Young teachers are enslaved. by sadkins11603/18/144.62HOT

Teacher Teacher Ch. 03

 — Their submission deepends. by sadkins11604/01/144.51HOT

Teacher Teacher Ch. 04

 — The training continues. by sadkins11604/17/144.46

Teacher Teacher Ch. 05

 — The teachers visit the parents. by sadkins11605/01/144.44

Teacher Teacher Ch. 06

 — The two teachers return to school as slaves. by sadkins11606/11/144.55HOT

Teacher Teacher Ch. 07

 — The return of a previous student. by sadkins11606/21/144.42

Teacher Teacher Ch. 08

 — The teachers accept their slavery. by sadkins11607/02/144.50HOT

Teacher Teacher Ch. 09

 — The conversion is complete. by sadkins11607/09/144.48

Teacher Teacher Ch. 10

 — The begining of the end. by sadkins11608/14/144.59HOT

Teacher Teacher Ch. 12

 — The story climaxes. by sadkins11610/30/144.52HOT

Teacher Training

 — Geeky pupil turns tables on sexy young teacher. by mpqm196805/22/064.38

Teacher Training

 — Student starts her domination of the new teacher. by Medway103/12/123.66

Teacher Training Ch. 02

 — Pupil's grip on sexy young teacher tightens. by mpqm196806/02/064.36

Teacher Training Ch. 03

 — Chloe is forced deeper into depravity by her pupil's whim. by mpqm196806/17/064.55HOT

Teacher Training Ch. 04

 — Chloe is forced to become the poker players' plaything. by mpqm196806/26/064.58HOT

Teacher Training Time Ch. 01

 — Time for revenge for a lost summer. by JRob01/03/074.20

Teacher Upskirt Shows

 — Blackmailed teacher must expose herself in school. by George VI03/30/074.38

Teacher vs. Student

 — Teacher & Student get in a fight. by Ashson10/01/144.32

Teacher's Nightmare

 — She falls foul of student that knows her naughty secret. by dread66609/03/064.40

Teacher's Nightmare Ch. 02

 — What could he make her do next? by dread66611/09/064.48

Teacher's Pet

 — Evil student manipulates classmates. by Dan123411/12/003.00

Teacher's Pet

 — Carl didn't think his teacher really meant "no". by Erlikkhan01/28/054.58HOT

Teacher's Pet

 — A student gets a lesson in asking for extra credit. by schweety10/30/104.09

Teacher's Pet

 — Hired tutor teaches a black coed the path to good grades. by ilove2write4u03/27/123.78

Teacher's Pet Ch. 02

 — She thinks back to her student. by Erlikkhan03/17/054.64HOT

Teacher's Pet Ch. 02

 — Lia is punished. by schweety11/11/104.19

Teacher's Pet Ch. 03

 — Carl takes Mrs. O'Keefe's reluctant daughter. by Erlikkhan06/30/054.62HOT

Teacher's Pet Ch. 03

 — Lia meets a new friend. by schweety01/31/134.41

Teacher's Pet Ch. 04

 — Carl takes his teacher while husband is forced to watch. by Erlikkhan08/27/054.64HOT

Teacher's Pet Ch. 05

 — Carl continues domination of teacher and daughter. by Erlikkhan02/09/074.57HOT

Teacher's Pets

 — Adam and Ben are taken advantage of. by Minxly02/07/053.94

Teacher's Pets

 — Headmaster breaks in two problem students. by hunnyslutcatt01/05/064.48

Teacher's Sexual Pet

 — Student fulfills Teacher's fantasy. by TakeMe04/28/034.39

Teacher's Tattoo

 — Teacher's tattooing takes an odd turn. by extron2006/02/044.12

Teacher's Trip Ch. 01

 — Teacher is a tease and is punished. by StoryTeller0708/29/094.04

Teacher's Trip Ch. 02

 — Teacher is captured and tormented. by StoryTeller0708/30/094.20

Teacher's Trip Ch. 03

 — Teacher is humiliated in class. by StoryTeller0708/31/094.24

Teacher's Vacation Disaster Ch. 01

 — Jenny Li captured by white supremacists. by likebadfun07/11/083.82

Teacher's Vacation Disaster Ch. 02

 — Jenny falls into the hands of White Sluts. by likebadfun07/26/084.18

Teachers Bet

 — An angry bet with huge implications. by TheDarkCloud01/09/153.98

Teachers Demand Respect

 — Mouthy student learns her lesson. by lily_ann02/22/084.60HOT

Teachers Fatal Mistake

 — Miss Saunders gives a detention to regret. by bouncytig0611/21/044.00

Teachers Pet

 — A tied modelling session, with a forced sexual turn. by stu19103/14/074.46

Teachers Pet Ch. 03

 — Student gets fucked on pool table. by Kinkykille7610/24/074.03

Teachers Pet Ch. 04

 — Student is entertaining at his teachers party. by Kinkykille7610/28/074.03

Teachin' the Teacher

 — The torture of school is her biggest desire! by TongueTyler10/22/034.16

Teaching A Cocktease A Lesson

 — A guy tires of his cockteasing female friend and snaps. by wimpywelshwilly05/26/102.82

Teaching an Old Dog

 — Sometimes an old dog doesn't need to learn new tricks. by JimBob4407/25/093.29

Teaching Bianca

 — After the ride home, Bianca learns about threesomes. by doitright11/25/124.63HOT

Teaching Cristina Ch. 02

 — Bubba teaches Cristina a darker side of sex. by likebadfun03/02/093.95

Teaching Cristina Ch. 03

 — Bubba’s friends continue Cristina’s ravishment. by likebadfun03/31/094.01

Teaching Her a Lesson

 — She pushes him over the edge, and likes it. by Ben Nichols12/21/034.60HOT

Teaching Julie a Lesson

 — Can tease Julie be taught to follow up? by Indieskies08/01/054.22

Teaching Kate a Lesson

 — Kate's attitude needs modifying by starova07/27/114.16

Teaching Miss A Lesson

 — Teacher is made to become a fuck puppet. by TheDarkCloud09/26/054.24

Teaching Professor Richmond

 — Bitchy teacher gets taught a lesson. by myhiddendesire276904/10/074.09

Teaching Rebecca A Lesson

 — A teacher "introduces" his student to sex. by becks2101/27/054.00

Teaching Rebecca a Lesson Ch. 02

 — Jack catches Rebecca & another girl in the showers together. by becks2109/16/064.13

Teaching Suzy A Lesson

 — Catholic schoolgirl loses her virginity to her teacher. by littlenymphette04/17/023.41

Teaching Teacher a Lesson

 — A student catches his professor in a compromising position. by ALandRF02/26/103.84

Teaching the Au Pair to Submit

 — Outtake from a novel. by Powerone11/04/054.56HOT

Teaching the Church Lady

 — A robber teaches an uptight woman to enjoy herself. by soiledprairiedove08/03/144.46

Teaching The Maid A Lesson

 — Maid learns to please employer. by TwistedPlayr05/21/044.11

Teaching the Teacher

 — Had to have his son's teacher. by tammy34c04/20/133.98

Teaching to the Test

 — The union needed to stop him bringing the scores down. by edrider7304/16/142.96

Team Effort

 — Straight Mandy is lured into a night of lesbian debauchery. by Darkinside03/21/134.37

Tears in China Ch. 01

 — A forced fantasy becomes true. by StudStory06/09/113.85

Tears in China Ch. 02

 — Her first time, nonconsensual. by StudStory06/13/113.62

Tears in China Ch. 03

 — Alice's attempts to escape her prison. by StudStory08/26/124.06


 — Stranger deals with cock tease. by rene_tx08/13/073.69


 — Short story from female perspective. by HypnoticPleasures08/19/094.13


 — He wants out, but he's her favorite toy. by allforfun8608/12/144.51HOT

Tease and a Sundress

 — A tease in a sundress gets what she deserves. by Onoz04/15/114.14

Tease Ch. 1

 — Teacher gets even with Lisa for teasing. by Minx200012/26/003.96

Tease Ch. 2

 — Lisa's degradation continues. by Minx200001/13/013.91

Tease Goes Too Far

 — She's taken against her will by construction crew. by SlutChick11/02/043.88

Tease Me

 — An encounter with a stranger. by SqueezeBabe07/03/124.15

Tease Me, Huh?

 — A summer getaway gets hotter than she ever expected. by luvitall05/03/013.57

Tease No More?

 — A teaser gets taught. by ANAL_LOVER8211/01/062.82

Tease of a Girlfriend

 — He ravishes his girlfriend. by horny_lasian10/03/093.71

Tease or Coffee

 — Coffee and a treat could go too far. by inoz06/02/034.60HOT

Teaser Ch. 01

 — A conservative girl changes her lifestyle. by Traciturner02/07/124.22

Teaser Ch. 02

 — Life after the gangbang. by Traciturner02/08/124.07

Teases Should Be Punished

 — Spoiled teen gets taught a lesson. by raven_loki03/08/033.64

Teasing at the Club

 — Teasing at the club gets you more than you expect. by xxxletters01/29/074.02

Teasing Goddess

 — Hot as lava, she teases. But he's ready to erupt. by PentPrisoner08/30/134.63HOT

Teasing Neighbor

 — An older woman teases her young neighbor one too many times. by binder38us02/03/043.90

Teasing Secretary Gets Hers

 — She gets tied up on copier. by The tease07/15/034.50HOT

Teasing the Senses

 — Blindfold. Bound. Feather. Flogger by Sexy_Scarlett01/04/144.04

Teasing Thy Neighbor

 — A woman teases her neighbor to teach him a lesson. by ladyfreak07/05/124.05

Teasing Two Men

 — She teases two men and gets more than she bargained for. by thisgirlistrouble09/16/134.29

Teasing Wife Gets Laided

 — He gets his wife to tease his friends. by Sally Tart09/22/044.47

Tech Specs Inc. Ch. 01

 — Sarah needs a job. by Dianthus09/07/104.35

Technology Ch. 01

 — A clone awakens to a new life. by MessageinaBottle02/04/154.10

Teen Ravage

 — Teen girls get a surprise visitor. by davef08/27/014.25

Teen Slut Jessica Takes Black Cock

 — She thought she had the perfect plan. by haginrainbo05/03/144.14

Teenage Boredom Ch. 1

 — Older guys explore a young virgin. by undercover_angel03/29/013.75

Teenage Boredom Ch. 2

 — Older guys find new ways to play with their virgin girl. by undercover_angel03/31/014.13

Teenage Runaway

 — Cute hitchhiker is lured into group sex. by Triedtobegood06/26/054.36

Teenage Sex Slave Ch. 01

 — Jason blackmails his 18 yr old neighbor into being his toy. by perspicacity61111/06/114.07

Teeny Tiny Little Skirt

 — Car trouble gets this coed banged by a trucker. by lilqtpie07/10/083.80

Tell Him Valdez is Coming

 — Tale of vengeance in the Memphis Underworld. by jjsharshaw12/06/034.66HOT

Temp Training

 — Prison didn't turn him into a bitch. But SHE did. by Turned09/29/094.08

Ten Minutes

 — A ten minute blowjob or else. by carson265806/08/133.98

Ten Speeds

 — Submissive woman is forced to pleasure in a restaurant. by tiarna05/16/124.20

Tender Trap

 — He's a man who would not take no for an answer. by Moonlight_3303/04/014.23

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