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Maybe an opening

We'll see. The ending was terrible and if the remainder of the story follows that path this will descend down the drain it is circling.

Just awful

I mean really. Did you even bother to proof read this drivel?

Please end this garbage

This might have been an okay story if you had written it in about 2 or 3 chapters. You've managed to drone on and on and say nothing at this point. It simply isn't interesting or entertaining to read. Stop while you're behind.


This story line is sick...there is no way he would have been out of jail to even get the tape...This story supposedly happens in Austin Tx, well if u kill someone a letter from them isnt gonna get u off....But the bitch is twisted and any number of people who knew what she was doing should have stopped her from fucking up this boys head

Bad Ending.

Good story so far, but a bad place to end it!

that's what the author wrote....

In the beginning. Her main friend or commitment is/was her cat. That is why she was such easy prey. Though I am loving a reader we need more plot with something to hang on to. Something to consider as hope or an end game. At least she did have her say she was not holding on instead of just crying.

It still Works!

I know this story is a decade or more old now but it is great! Never understand why people comment to complain about a story when it is in this category. We all have a choice not to read it!


Your stories are the best, please keep them coming!!

You've got an interesting beginning here. The writing is well done and you provided just enough of a backstory on the men to get an idea of who they are.

Thank you for not having a woman who 'gives in to her secret craving, throws her legs wide, pleads to be fucked and has a SCREAMING orgasm'. So far you've avoided all the obvious cliches and I like that.


At first i thought U had some talent for writing, But this is getting beyond retarded as a story line...The blackmail...and dragging it out chapter after chapter...So did Maeve have no life outside of friends or family who would be looking for her while she is being held prisoner.

oh so good

would still like to see actual pictures of arlingtons face, and i wonder what his blood presser went up to.oh god i wish this was a movie so i could have seen his face changing colors. it had to have been priceless!!

Bravo! Very entertaining read!

Thanks for sharing this. I greatly enjoyed your story.

Despite the plethora of incest & non-consent fantasy erotica out there, your writing style and the concept of "selling/preparing her for them" is surprisingly relatively uncommon.

Sure, there are plenty of stories about rape & non-consent, but relatively few really emphasize the eroticism in the concept of "letting her be used."

Thank you for writing this. This is good erotica.

And to those misguided souls who have trouble separating fantasy from reality: THIS IS FANTASY FICTION.


If your brains are still not mature enough to recognize this, you need to get out of the non-consent section. Now.

If you think the author is "wrong" for writing this erotica, it means that YOU have trouble separating fantasy from reality.

It means that YOU do not realize that this is fantasy and that no sisters were harmed in the making of this story.

For the good of your non-mature minds, leave now.

this is the best of the best chapter of all !! i would like to see arlingtons face!!!!!! it has got to be a wonderful sight. wish you could have pictures not drawings. it would be great.


You are great at writing thrillers. It’s when you create villains that your work is at it’s most intense, and fascinating. I have to admit that the romance aspect this tale took made me want to stick my finger down my throat. I was already invested in your original main character, and the fact that you blithely replaced him rubbed me the wrong way. I’m actually surprised that more people didn’t get upset. Removing a main character from a story is usually literary suicide, and can make your viewers scatter. Whether good or evil, Marcus was the main character, and you sort of killed him off until the end. His absence made me skip over, or skim a few of these chapters because I knew the intensity wouldn’t be there without him. I wanted to hold out for the good stuff. This chapter was definitely the good stuff. I hope you create more villains in the future. As much as people complain about them... that’s what draws people in. Everyone loves to hate a bad guy.


Please continue, and remember -- you can't please everyone. The scores this story has achieved tell how well it has been received; thank you for writing and sharing with us. Four * five stars for a marvellous story.

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