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Wow is right. As in wow this is bad.

And not just a little bad. Epically bad! Characters that are detestable, that act without rhyme or reason and that spout horrible dialogue. UGH!


I don't care what universe you live in, torture is torture. Not even remotely erotic in any way. You got your wish 1*.

"Where would we go from here?"

Divorce court you idiot. Purchase a Saturday night special and take Danny out. And your point for asking such a dumb question? Why bother? But if it's any consolation you could just exit the gene pool and no one would miss you. 1* for the unfinished story.

I loved it

Everything in it is what women have had to put up with throughout history... well maybe not milking, but the rest of that shit is just a man getting what a woman has always had to take. Lighten up guys, can't us girls have our fantasies also?

Good work but needs refinement

Ignore the dipshit who previously commented,. I don't know why you would bother reading the entire story if it's so clearly not to your tastes.

I enjoyed it a great deal however there were a couple places where you back tracked and described the same thing twice. You also used the phrase "like cement" to describe a couple of scenes. The characters were all a bit same-y but what can you expect for a band of mercs?

Very much enjoyed the sex scenes, rough group sex with bdsm always does the trick for me and I liked the main characters conflicting feelings of pleasure and degradation.

Keep up the good work but take some time to read through and refine your work!

Great Story

Can't wait for the the next chapter. Let them knock her up and leave her guessing who's baby it is.

A Good Read

Although I prefer definatively happy slutty endings, I liked the story.


Been Waiting...

I keep checking to see if more of Cody and Hal's story has been told. There are so many questions and possible story lines to be told.

What a slut!

Can't wait for part 2!

And 3!

And 4!

Fuck this slut some more!

not the correct catrgory

Poorly written and wrong category. After the 20th Fuck yeah... I was done.

absolutely stunning writing

well it's 3 in the morning here and I just finished reading all 29 chapters of this. I don't think I'm even completely sane right now (I don't handle sleep deprivation very well, but this was totally worth it). Thank you so much, and keep writing! :)

Great story but...

..."We hope you will honor us with your presents again." Did you mean "presence"?

OMG! So good!

I started finger-fucking my pussy halfway through! I got sooooo wet! Keep on writing! 5/5 from me!

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