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So ...

The Eloran rebels are assholes too. Fine, forget about the orgy then. *humpfs*

... and they have a shield powered by a forsaken child! That's admittedly kind of cool, in a really despicable kind of way! (I'd say "In before 'Mila saves the kid and adopts him!', but I'm scared people will take me seriously. -.-)

"I'm happy to be a part of the team who rescued a Tritan from those animals." Er, you are giving yourself a bit too much credit there, mister. The Tritan rescued her own damn self from those animals. You guys just stalked her, watched her get off, and harassed her into going with you even though she wasn't wild about the idea. You and Asher should go out for drinks sometime.

Josh Trapper? Why do I sense an incoming "YOU SAVED MY FATHER, PREPARE TO ... have me smuggle you the hell out of here, or alternatively convince everyone that you're cool even though you have this habit of inflicting cardiovascular diseases on everyone whose first name is General!" (Which means I'll be side-eyeing General Smithy like hell whenever he next appears. Oh well, maybe the extra Lieutenant he's got tacked on will save him.)

Oh, he's fucking Tyra. Never mind then. Dude is doomed whichever way you look at it.

"That was awkward."

A rare find

Your story has a lot of hearts. Even though you have just published ch 2, I keep checking back to see if there is an update. I love where the story line is leading. Please satisfy your eager readers and write more chapters soon!!

Dear God Waterburn

Holy hell...I cannot wait for chapter 17. And nope, I don't have any regrets about my language. This was a well deserved reward for me for finishing a shorter rewrite of chapter 2 tonight (Baron you were right). Oh DEAR GOD. I honestly want to punch Asher in the face. Really? Alicia? *rolls eyes*

I totally add in a vote for a rebel orgy just to spite Asher... puweeeeeaaase!!!

Actually at this point my head is spinning so much from this chapter, I'll just sit back and let you continue to steer the boat here. Take me where you will Waterburn, I'm along for the ride 100% XD

Update: HisPet21

Sorry, guys! Sorry!

Yes, the new chapter has been posted and should appear on the website in 3-7 days. I know I promised Tuesday, but I re-read it and found some major issues I had to fix. It took me a few more days to hash it out, but there it is. It's a little over four literotica or twenty-six single spaced pages in Microsoft Word. Lots of variety, but as promised, most of the focus is on the Kara/Arlington dynamic. I'll most likely take a break next week, but I will get around to the comments and emails I haven't replied to at least, so look for those. I don't honestly know how long Chapter 30 will take--we're in the home stretch here and a lot of stuff happens that I need to work out--but I am aiming for mid/late August.

Toodles for now!


Now "their" reunited? Their what is reunited?

I don't know whether it's a good story or not. If the subtitle of the story has a misspelling this bad, no reason to read any further.

Although this is your first time so to speak . . . You need to think about the subject, the characters the sterotypes that you weave in to your story, as well as a true understanding of the terrible effects of rape.

I don't like this horrible story


She was blackmailed by a tape of her and her ex-husband making love? WTF? Her son is an adult and he knows what adults do. The sex in this story was pretty hot, but of all the stupid blackmail schemes in all the blackmail stories (and most are incredibly stupid), THIS has got to be the stupidest. That alone knocks this down to 3 stars.

mmmm soo good

i would love to be any of the girls in your stories. please keep writing, they make me sooo hot.


How did Kyle know where she would be and when? Otherwise a straightforward rape.


Has the new chapter been posted??

What if...

Ernie turned out to be Mandy's real father?

Keep going

Grammer etc is a skill and can be learnt and improved and with help from an editor make it easier for a reader. Imagination and then the courage to share that imagination is to be respected. Keep going and future stories will keep getting more honed and professional. I think the more you share the more you will learn, getting your obvious story telling skills to flow smoothly

Coming Soon

I have submitted a another continuation of this story and hope to have it approved soon. It will be titled Lesbian Cum Slave Final Exam pt 1. Check back for Audra's next ordeal...

Coming Soon

I have submitted a continuation of this story and hope to have it approved soon. Check back for Audra's next ordeal...

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