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Well I like it can't wait for a chapter 3

very nice story

it could have had lots more chapters and some more detail, but I did enjoy it.. keep writing, and I will keep reading

Sick bitch

Take your stories and shove it up your arse you sick fuck

The taste.

Interesting story so far. He needs to expand and sniff, lick, suck and tongue fuck thier assholes too. Relishing in the scent and taste. A little sodomizing would be great too.

reply to Anonymous (Kate)

it's easy to share some fantasies here while staying anonymous. if you really hope to go further I am challenging you now to either get in touch to get your dreams and needs fullfilled or/and publish some of your stories here to tickle your urge some more. ;-)


and has he succumbed to the fetish. TK U MLJ LV NV

keep writing :)

I enjoy your story so far. I cant wait for more

Once again...

You picked up right where the original author left off, kept the story going without any awkwardness in writing style and still managed to put your own style into your conclusion. I love your work, regardless of genre. Thank you once again FTDS! 💋


I like it
Short sharp and well written, but it is the emotional play and the thought process I like.
It will be interesting to see if she manages to get one over on the hubby and expose the scheme and him for the shits they are.

reading this again

Read this awhile back and was a bit nervous as it seems so terrifyingly ominous at first, but I love the way you wrote it. I just found myself craving it again and am so thankful you haven't removed it. Was hoping for that final chapter still, though.

Very good

Good read two authors

I love your writing, but I don't really like any of the men right now! If I were Edmund I'd be watching my back because she might just put a knife through it and he'd deserve it. No apology? seriously? He deserves to lose her right now.

Ok, I'm off my soapbox. Going to read Chapter 8 on your blog because I can't wait. Edmund's got some 'splainin to do and some serious choices to make.

Great story

Can't wait to read the rest. Luved it.

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