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Love it. Can't wait to read more!

Poorly written

The ending should be the prison rape of the lowlife males.

Nice twist

I hope you continue the story :)

great storyvc;

Maybe go to carry breaking in a friend or her bf?

"I find myself mostly waiting for the inevitable SWAT stand-off. " HAHA, me too! I'm on edge every time Sam meets up with Jack. Man, he gets angry over everything! Although he's already shown her what he is capable of, I feel she's only grazed the surface of his hot temper which is unfortunate. I'm glad she still has her hang ups. Great sex ≠ compatibility.

Agree with the others

I'd like a happy ending - which for me is for Catrine to make her decision about her future (whatever she chooses) - that is the greatest freedom, and the one she doesn't have. And yes, I'd like to see Arick taken down - he's pretty scummy and it's time someone like Catrine wins, instead of the Kings. (Arick treats her like a disposable object, and not as the human being she is.)

Love it

This is absolutely one of my fav series!!!! Can't wait for the next chapter! Keep up the awesome job!

The 'haters' are still reading on, so can't hate it that much. At least others, like myself can admit to finding the tale erotic and arousing, and wanting to be Anna! :)))

It gets me dripping wet..

Do i need to say anything more..i've fingered my pussy and rubbed my clit..with every single exploit of kerina

Not just me then...

As I read the story, my stomach actually began to churn with the humiliation, torture, and public rape. I want to read more I feel she will come out on top or not, just so pissed for her and I have to strongly agree with Phil. Not realistic at all. Could have gotten away with this if you made the king, her father an equally ruthless person, and the guy was enacting his form of revenge, cameras flashing and limos, too far a stretch for royalty to be treated that way. Oh well will read on.

That was really hot


this story is getting better and better. it would be interesting if she moved in and then had to work on a project with another guy or something along those lines.....

Looking forward to the next chapter. Found it incredibly arousing...and oddly love the thought of being in Alisha's position... Not sure how I'd cope, but it has my mind wondering and juices flowing...

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