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good start

Good first story.


I need more. Dont ever doubt your skill. I check your listing like crazy, because this is pure gold.

Loser writer

can't have his own woman, so he is fantasizing of raping other's.

.......and this is just Part 1??

Interesting....pseudo-resistance and then complete capitulation....and MORE on the horizon??? Would love to see Cyn get spanked...maybe by her irate Prof....keep the series going!!

Whoa, that was great!

Copied and pasted this entire story to notepad and then added it to my Kindle for reading on a long ferry trip. Have to say it was AMAZING! You painted such vivid pictures in the wording it was like I was reading a graphic novel. Great story subject and it ticked so many boxes for me too. Thank you for writing and submitting it. Looking forward to the rewrite of this chapter and future chapters. REALLY enjoyed it, thanks again.


You've done it again

If these were real people they would burst with the tension, well done. Please keep the story going

Didn't expect 2 endings

The first ending is the most likely/most obvious, but I have to admit, I liked ending #2 better. A nice twist to the tale - and I hope she finds "The Stranger".

I don't get it

If Jase is irritated by Andy, why get revenge on Andy's girlfriend, instead of taking it out on Andy himself? Glad the narrator dumped Andy - he's literally a wreck waiting to happen.


Read this because of the new sequel.

Part 2

Part 2 is pending! I'm sorry I didn't mention it would be multiple chapters, but it'll take a bit to build up. I promise more sexy things!

I'd grown a bit bored with your work over the past two months, but this was actually quite good.


more, please!!

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