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Thank you...

I enjoyed your story. Thank you for sharing.

Why in the hell!!???

Do people always want to point out the lack of realism in these stories? Seriously? It's called erotica. It's supposed to be fantasy on some level and it's supposed to get you off!
Now that I have that out of my system... :)
This is a great story. Very fun. Very creative. One of my all time favorites. Thank you.

Don't write porn if writing sucks

Seriously, how do you expect anyone to get off with such poor writing?


I think here in the U.S. that even w/o a SIM card 911 will still go through on a cell. Although I don't know for sure. Maybe someone in law enforcement can comment with real knowledge. Also, being held against one's will in the manner she was I believe is considered kidnapping. Again law enforcement should be consulted.

I loved that she was a virgin. Also that she didn't like it. He's using her for whatever he likes, no matter what.

I can't wait!

Monday!? I don't know if I can wait that long!


Brilliantly written and brilliant content, thank you :)

You are a writing goddess

I absolutely love your writing it is of course sensual as all get out but there have been moments when I've laughed my ass off, right before she was taken to prison and she talked down to arlington like he couldn't touch her like he was the mud on her boots. that was brilliant and funny. I've down right cried from some of the sadder moments when she felt hopeless, when she got locked in the coffin especially. Your writing is moving. I hope this isn't to forward lol but i love you keep it up you are amazing. --Toria

completely disagree

I love the way you craft the sentences so intelligently. I enriches the characters and the story. It's what makes your stories so engaging and entertaining.

I love this series


eleven days was one of the best erotic stories ever written. Unfortunately this one did not meet that level. It was too predictable and well, this plot line is way over done. Christie has shown she is capable of doing so much better. I am eagerly awaiting her next story.


After a long long time some hot and almost factual story. Very good work. Keep it up.
kik: tester1153

How can she talk when he never took the gag out?

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