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Emotional, intensely moving

Thanks 1201

I appreciate all your comments. Silly, snarky, kick in the ass or over my head, doesn't matter, they always make me think.
Best gift ever.


if it was interest-free credit, I'd buy one, big one, but I'm afraid they'd repossess my ass from my pyramid.
Sorry I'm in crit lite mode, due to a why the fuck do I put up with assholes mood
Not you trix. The responder to your comment.


what can I add, that these two boys haven't already said?

Story of a marriage compared to

Two trips outdoors to Mt Katahdin under contrastin' circumstances & relationship statii :5-ed .


Tragic, though, full of real emotion. Well done....



Unforgiving, and drenched in emotion. Suggestion....revisit this, and write something else that outlines how you survived this, and are in fact...moving on.


You paint

Clear and detailed pictures that I enjoy very much, Jaycee

Cosmic -Shmosnic

This is a beautiful sentiment, beautifully expressed. More,cried the Oldbear, I need more!


Just Excellent. Stopped me in my jaded tracks.

Agree with Trix

Emotional pain goes right to the core. You captured it. Makes me want to hold and protect.

I had to look up ENFP

Glad that I did. Love the poem in this AND the original form. The best line for me is "I reach for you but feel the space."

Excellent Ash!

Words and form just right

I'd like 'em

And might even help them get the dozen.

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