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I liked this and felt it.
Meter and rhyme worked for me but that is because it's my thang ;-)

A smile of gratitude . . .

. . . I give to you because you have the heart and mind to be considerate. Last stanza is all that's needed. I see you don't allow voting, but this is a winner on so many humane levels. Thanks, Bard.

Wow, Ash -

Lay him low. Not spending any time on the forum I don't know what is going on - but I'm on your side!

I liked it

Out of the Darkness means something different to me. As I read the poem, I couldn't help but imagine the addiction mentioned was cutting. Out of the Darkness is often used when speaking about suicide. It refers to the possibility that suicide helps a person get out of the darkness of mental illness they suffered in the physical world. It also refers to the survivors of failed suicide attempts. That eventually we will no longer want to complete suicide; that we will be able to move on with our life (I am still waiting for it). Finally Out of the Darkness refers to people who have lost loved ones to suicide. After a person dies in any manner, there is a period of darkness for the survivors. I have lost two siblings to suicide, and I believe the darkness after a suicide lasts longer than the darkness that comes after someone dies from an illness or even a car accident. I think it is because there are questions that will never be answered. When a person dies from an illness, the survivors know why. When a drunk driver kills someone, the survivors know why... The drunk person was incredibly irresponsible. I will never know why my siblings chose that last day as their last day. I know my siblings were ill, but they were ill for years,so what specifically happened on that day that made them decide to complete suicide? I can never answer all the questions about that last day.The note left behind by one of my siblings gave some insight, but there are still questions. That is why I personally believe that the darkness after a suicide lasts longer than other manners of death. Thank you for sharing this poem and thanks for allowing me to comment.

If it was easy

Would it be worth it? Like the simplicity of style and the confused, indecisive finale. I've made up my mind: 5stars.

juxtaposed couple in a cleverly designed Poem

against the Change of Seasons , OldFriend !! 5-ed .

Changing . . .

. . . seasons and partners. Touching comparison. Similarly, falling leaves in October and lovers parting.

Read and re-read

And will re-read again.

Thank you

For your comments J Wren, Oldbear and Anon.
Oldbear, I really like your idea of painting emotions. If I were any good with a paint brush I'd combine the two. Alas, I am a feeble scribbler.

Wow, Trixie

Deep and dark, troubling to me. You paint pictures of emotions, if that makes any sense at all...

my old dog howls like a child in fright

as overhead harsh voices moan 'n cry :

a brilliantly descriptive couplet even as a standalone & a sentiment any Dog owner or Dog Lover will second !!...& 5-ed.

Oh no . . .

... you didn't ruin my life, you gave it a kick start. A powerful, important learning curve in life and love.

Very nice poem


of Rod and Maggie May. Good 1. TK U MLJ LV NV

"As today has overtaken later on my way " ----

Writeth the Poetess in Winter ? Demure a reader gets the feeling you are not simply speakin' about Autumn but extendin' your exquisite word-brush to the Autumn of one's life !

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