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Made me titter!

I will apologise in advance, I have every intention to riff-off of this ;-)


always leaves something. TK U MLJ LV NV

Thank you for the enlightenment Ash...

...I have Googled and I am now currently browsing his FB Page :-)

This is a remarkable poem, Neo. I said so in PF&D, and it's worth saying so here.

I thought that you contrasted the sensory images to effectively add to the tension.

Just to provoke some thinking about any future edit: I think you gave enough inferences throughout the poem (including the villainous "him" BTW) I'm not sure you needed to mention the Rx in S3. That said, I have a history as a gatekeeper and helper in these matters, so what was apparent to me may not be for some others.

Great poem.

sorry , Pel

U did mention Ms. Angela's name ..?! apologies to you ....

Dare to Bare ....??

Keep the Hair !!!

5-ed .


Maybe I'm just being vain by thinking you wrote this to me. I don't know. It doesn't really matter now.

I am sorry that what I did hurt and angered you. Hurting you hurt me right back. Deeply. Permanently.

I hope you are able to find the happy, fulfilling life that each and every one of us seeks.

I'll never be able to eat Ruffles again without thinking of you. You have to know that, right? :)

Goodbye, my friend.


it is not only greece

the whole world is being held hostage by Corporate agendas and greedy capitalists of all stripes. Even in communist China. Soon enough those olive trees will have a coin dispenser on all of their trunks.

Beautiful image! makes me feel as if I have observed it happening somewhere.
Too volatile the game of moon and water.
high 5ed, thanks for sharing.

nice.. lovely imagery and truth. i smile.

Poetry is more than words or grammer.
Why use new lines to imply glamour?
natural is, natural does.
no need for is or were or was.
Lovely images deftly painted,
Stylist bound, slightly tainted.

Life and winds linked, both so changeable. A breath of fresh air? Or fiery breath? Or both? A hurricane of destruction or a cooling breeze... breathe in and live.

Don't forget...

Feel this is more about love lost than having love. Whatever, it's a thoughtful piece, meandering through the myriad of problems and feelings that affect us all. As for the final line - well, never forget to love thyself!


Although your body may rest, your spirit is free . . . superior line in a gentle reminder that we all have a time to go.

Pel : did the Socialists win big time in

Greece ? OK i'll just google & find out [ btw U have been very Politically circumspect & Not mentioned Ms.Merkel's name @ all ??]

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