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Non-Erotic Stories

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Floating Head of Karma

 — A medieval day of reckoning. by Kev H10/22/074.08

Flower Power

 — A hippy comes home. by bassbelly09/20/073.82

Fly Blackbird Fly

 — Ladies and gentlemen, The Beatles. by Jody M Lee07/20/042.14

Fly in the Ointment

 — You can only hide from your past for so long. by emptysoul17307/24/074.14

Fool's Gold Ch. 01

 — Anne asked for a divorce. Bill deals with the fallout. by capecodmercury02/20/074.56HOT

Fool's Gold Ch. 02

 — Bill learns that a divorce does not mean that life is over. by capecodmercury02/21/074.52HOT

Fool's Gold Ch. 03

 — What's a little complication between friends? by capecodmercury02/22/074.48

Fool's Gold Ch. 04

 — Anne explains what happened. by capecodmercury02/23/074.54HOT

Fool's Gold Ch. 05

 — Is it a reconciliation, or the start of something new? by capecodmercury02/24/074.28

Fool's Mate

 — Happy-go-lucky vs. Satan for an everlasting soul. by DeepAsleep01/04/054.22

Football Stud's Day Off

 — The adventures of a college football stud. by Samuelx09/21/081.83


 — At the end, the dreams just do not matter. by magmaman07/10/104.30

For Forgiveness

 — Odd man comes to ask for forgiveness. by jthserra10/27/044.55HOT

For Love

 — Twilight Zone-esque dialog about love. by only_more_so02/05/104.12

For Love or Friendship

 — Should you take a chance on a friend? by LeperMessiah05/16/064.06

For the Love of a Child Ch. 01

 — Only their daughter can keep them together. by PrincessErin02/21/084.33

For the Love of a Child Ch. 02

 — Only their daughter can keep them together. by PrincessErin02/22/083.72

For the Mistletoe

 — The Catcher: she knows if you've been bad or good. by OwensDarlin11/24/094.58HOT

Forbidden Love

 — Non Sex Story. by sexnovella12/21/132.33

Forever and Ever

 — Will Jackie's love withstand his deceitful ways? by LastInLove11/18/024.41

Forever Autumn

 — A special Halloween memory. by starrkers10/23/084.57HOT


 — Finally learning to forgive. by DeeSobek03/02/084.11


 — What does it take to mend a broken heart? by HLD03/29/124.36


 — Bring tissues when reading this sappy forgiveness story. by RedHairedandFriendly08/25/124.67HOT


 — Can someone really forgive and forget? by PrincessErin12/01/124.58HOT


 — Becoming man. by Anitole04/08/094.55HOT

Foul Language

 — What would cause a man to lose any sense of civility? by coaster212/01/074.52HOT

Four Families

 — The path and true cost of a diamond. by jthserra12/29/044.00

Four Hundred

 — A destiny realized. by WFEATHER08/25/064.56HOT

Four Little Words

 — A law professor delivers his poignant final exam. by Areala-chan01/16/154.89HOT

Four Things

 — Honor, respect, friendship and love. by callmejack07/06/064.76HOT

FPGA Gets a New Pro

 — Young golfer joins Pro golf Ranks as romance develops by stoneypoint04/10/064.00


 — A dream I had once... by thurstroubadours11/01/071.50

Fragments of Stardust

 — A mask can only hide so much. by MessengerOfDreams02/04/144.58HOT

Franklin Street

 — Early memories. by laplappapillon11/13/092.33

Freddie in the Dream

 — Airport limo driver and a suitcase filled with drug money. by MysteryWriter11/04/144.07


 — The deeper they dove, the better they did. by jthserra02/21/043.29


 — Tired of watching an ex with others she fixes the problem. by CTrei07/06/043.85

Friendly Concern

 — Husband and wife talk about a cheating friend. by dangerouslydead04/22/134.39

Friends Ch. 01

 — Neighbors become friends and more. by foobus09/25/083.50

Friends or Lovers

 — Two long time friends have a chance at love, do they take it? by Lucity10/26/024.43

Friends with Benefits Ch. 01

 — How Ben and Jenna meet and end up as room mates. by PurpleButterfly10/08/094.45

Friends with Benefits Ch. 02

 — Ben and Jenna - more of how they became roommates. by PurpleButterfly10/15/094.40

Friends with Benefits Ch. 03

 — Things change? by candiegirl05/09/084.54HOT

Friendship Interrupted

 — Ben and Jen, friends for life. by leapyearguy08/24/064.47

Friendship Lost

 — Sometimes lovers can no longer be friends. by DREMAN03/12/064.26

Frog Gigging

 — A night on the bayou. by 1lnbrdg05/29/123.19

Frogs Get Bored

 — Frogs get bored; even enchanted ones. by Decayed Angel12/12/064.00

From Across The Waves

 — It's never too late to find love that was once lost. by Lord DragonsWing05/13/044.74HOT

From Face to Waist

 — Shane finds Hannah. by LipsandHips01/07/153.83

From Negril, with Love

 — Woman opens restaurant menu and another chapter in her life. by avasogently12/23/102.50

Fruit Salad

 — A recipe to adorn an almost ripe belly with. by sabb11/14/074.40

Fuck You, Eros

 — Eros' unwilling replacement fucks up yet another Valentines. by CopperSkink02/19/121.00


 — What goes on in a girl's head. by bawidgetcoms04/29/13


 — A life on the run. by magmaman12/10/064.48

Fulfilling a Promise

 — The search had a reward. by imsally08/10/054.50HOT

Funny Face

 — Growing beyond a visible handicap. by Callicious07/21/134.69HOT

Funny, How Time Slips Away

 — The downs and ups of one guy's life. by The Wanderer09/07/054.71HOTContest Winner


 — How low can you go? How deep can you sink to find yourself? by sensanin08/22/134.84HOT

Fuzz the Cat Ch. 01

 — The beginnings of adventures in a kitty's head. by Goldeniangel01/13/064.57HOT

Fuzz the Cat Ch. 02

 — Fuzz gets taken for a walk for the first time. by Goldeniangel01/18/064.64HOT


 — New technology makes wandering girlfriend too easily found. by PostScriptor12/18/084.30


 — Friend's little brother has a crush: I think it's hands-off. by illusory_transitory07/23/084.09


 — Old artist finds his work has unexpected impact. by Lenny02/11/023.85

Games People Play

 — A naïve wife, a wolf and a drunk husband = Trouble! by The Wanderer08/03/064.39

Garage Sales

 — Husband and wife accuse each other of cheating. by K.K.10/25/064.27

Gateway of the Mind

 — A team of pious scientists conduct a radical experiment. by TannerW06/18/133.75

Getting Over It

 — Life after breakup. by Sam_Temptress05/17/014.50HOT


 — Tim's dead cousin haunts him for closure. by Nightwork101/29/104.05

Ghost Story

 — Abused wife discovers a dark secret. by LunarKitten09/10/034.73HOTContest Winner

Ghostlover Ch. 01

 — Literotica in Literotica. by Tarbut10/02/083.00

Ghostly Manifestations

 — Understanding the perceptions of disembodied spirits. by TheSeasideOne11/08/083.67


 — I was ready to hit him. by shuttlepilot08/30/124.55HOT

Girl in Coffeeshop

 — A bitch is a btich. by seannelson11/18/043.00

Girl Unveiled

 — The story of a girl who is 20 going on 45. by jaded_pleasures04/26/073.78

Girlie Knight

 — This knight is going to remember not to be too proud. by thechangedone04/23/111.17

Girls at the Bar

 — Just a girl...its a short one. by fletchgrace02/04/083.62

Girls Night Out Ch. 05

 — Birthday girl has wild night at a CFNM show. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER03/02/083.62

Girls Night Out Ch. 06

 — Birthday girl has wild night at a CFNM show. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER03/03/083.72

Girls of Destruction Ch. 01

 — Super Summers is kidnapped and held hostage by Lexi Luthor. by stevemike0806605/26/103.29

Give It Away

 — When Cindy storms out she tells Jerry to just give it away. by JakeRivers11/14/064.55HOT

Give Me a Little Credit Here

 — A newlywed lesbian couple tries to accomplish a simple task. by Smokey12501/31/14

Give Me Ears To...Ch. 1

 — The tale of a deaf woman as she grows up. by Sam_Temptress05/16/014.06


 — The man wore rubber gloves. by ledier07/20/063.36

Go For Broke

 — An unlikely love story. by estragon01/20/124.33

Go with Me to Prom?

 — The agonies of asking a guy out. by Goldeniangel04/28/054.25

God Among Men

 — The ultimate showdown between good and evil. by KronosTheMadTitan11/26/054.40

God and Adam

 — God has problem - its name is Adam. by peterEasy04/30/064.18

God Hates ... Superman?

 — Protests at a scifi convention turn ugly. A Sean Ryan tale by RC_of_Doom01/23/114.74HOT

God is So Good

 — An example of God's Grace in Action. by striped_tail02/26/063.48

Gods of Power Ch. 01

 — An introduction to the powerful ancient civilization. by bharath74410/26/114.41

Going for a Drink

 — Seeking support from a colleague. by Ygraine01/04/074.88

Going Home

 — Escape from a world wide terror plot. by madengineer301/07/114.20

Going Home Ch. 01

 — Virginia meets Jerry, a man who just wants to talk and draw. by SusanJillParker12/12/144.35

Going Home Ch. 02

 — Jerry just wants Virginia to take him home to Boston. by SusanJillParker12/13/144.30

Going Home Ch. 03

 — Ginny takes Jerry home to Boston. by SusanJillParker12/16/144.41

Going Home Ch. 04

 — Ginny takes Jerry home to Boston. by SusanJillParker12/19/14HOT

Going Nowhere Fast

 — A jobless guy changed by an abandoned young mum. by egmontgrigor201201/12/124.42

Gold Digger (color Of Cold)

 — Miles established the mining camp. by MysteryWriter09/01/144.43

Gold Digger (Color of Gold)

 — Ada joins the hunt. by MysteryWriter08/23/144.38

Gold Digger (flash)

 — A lost man goes in search of himself. His past follows by MysteryWriter08/18/144.20

Gold Digger (the actor)

 — The gold diggers sell out to an unreality TV show by MysteryWriter08/26/144.59HOT

Gold Digger (The color of Blood)

 — The unexplained again or half assed explained. by MysteryWriter09/05/143.88

Gold Digger (the pilot)

 — The team gets to see their TV show pilot. by MysteryWriter08/31/144.34

Golden Wind

 — If you hate something, can you also let it go? by DrStein10/14/054.50


 — You are gone, and I wish you weren't. by DarkFang08/13/144.21

Gone Ch. 02

 — Life goes on. by slow_n_gentle03/19/094.62HOT

Gone Fishin'

 — A fishing trip takes a disturbing turn. by Spiritfist10/06/102.41


 — Did you hear that?? by elphaba6903/30/153.96NEW

Good Deeds

 — Billie shares with the less fortunate. by _Lynn_11/17/124.54HOT

Good for the Goose?

 — I'm not @#$#@!! jealous! by magichandslee04/22/044.45

Goodbye Scott, My Friend

 — What started as a eulogy became a lot more. by BrisbaneBorn02/04/064.62HOT

Goodbye, Miss Granger Ch. 01

 — Meet Jeannie Granger, "a Plain but Ambitious Girl". by blin1802/12/154.61HOT

Graduation Night

 — The best and worst night of Connor's life, a prequel. by fexcellent45206/13/122.50

Grampa's Tale

 — A grandson falls for a girl. by The_Manoj_Arora08/30/144.24

Grand Opening Ch. 01

 — A man hides behind the bar. by JimBob4405/13/134.57HOT

Grand Opening Ch. 02

 — Running a bar is hard work. Being a mother is harder. by JimBob4405/17/134.41

Grand Opening Ch. 03

 — Third generation trying to make the bar a success. by JimBob4405/21/134.56HOT

Grand Panorama

 — Her first sunrise from a mountaintop. by WFEATHER04/23/064.50HOT

Grand Prix Challenge - Monza

 — One final lap to win the championship. by WFEATHER04/06/074.27

Grandma Cries Alone in the Dark

 — Short story about life in nursing homes. by Heathen Hemmingway10/19/074.73HOT

Grandma's House

 — In the end, all we have are hopes and memories. by Jenny_Jackson10/12/064.18

Greg & Catalina

 — Compromise? by mary91507/24/143.42

Gregor of Hartshorn Hill

 — The slave lover of Avalon pays the ultimate price. by lindiana12/11/054.11


 — Stripper gets even with a rapist. by Cutefuzzybunnies07/23/014.33


 — Teacher brightens his senior year. by MysteryWriter09/30/044.55HOT

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