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Non-Erotic Stories

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Hope & Other Four Letter Words

 — The conclusion to Save the Girl & Angel of Mercy. by Black_Bird01/25/024.40

Horny State Of Mind

 — It's strange. by KinkyPervCouple03/22/114.17


 — Family man falls into madness and mayhem. by jomar04/06/074.32

Horse High and Pig Tight

 — He built his fences all the same: horse high, pig tight. by Decayed Angel10/11/064.63HOTEditor's Pick

Hot Wives Investment Club Ch. 02

 — The initial investigation leads to stunning surprises. by WifeWatchman10/02/144.70HOT

Hot Wives Investment Club Ch. 05

 — A baby born; the solution to the mystery; ending twist. by WifeWatchman10/14/144.67HOT

How Big the Ocean?

 — Sometimes it's the journey rather than the goal. by sr71plt11/11/094.25

How David Happened

 — Amnesiac woman wakes in a warehouse. by alexander tzara03/15/013.93Editor's Pick

How Do I Move On?

 — No one should ever experience loss of loved one. by BrisbaneBorn10/14/054.70HOT

How I Lost the Second Battle of Berlin

 — Man loses his wife to her ambitions and another man. by Rhein107/06/124.22

How I Managed My Muse!

 — ...and how you might find yours. by LitEroCat01/20/08HOT

How I Met "The Doctor"

 — One guy's story. by seattlejack07/02/134.21

How I Met Lisa Marie

 — We met in Montana. by seattlejack04/20/134.75HOT

How I Met Your Mother

 — Boy meets Girl. Girl turns out to be a Secret Agent. by Starscream_UK09/28/094.68HOT

How I Met Your Mother

 — The first meeting. by Servo4210/04/093.93

How I Met Your Mother Ch. 03

 — Love and Bullets. by Starscream_UK10/05/094.62HOT

How I Met Your Mother Ch. 04

 — Picture Perfect. by Starscream_UK10/08/094.55HOT

How I Met Your Mother Ch. 05

 — The Madrid Situation. by Starscream_UK11/12/094.73HOT

How I Met Your Mother Ch. 06

 — A Long Weekend. by Starscream_UK11/18/094.84HOT

How I Met Your Mother Ch. 07

 — Loose Ends. by Starscream_UK01/03/104.80HOT

How I Met Your Mother Ch. 08

 — Stranger Than Fiction. by Starscream_UK12/09/104.57HOT

How I Met Your Mother Ch. 09

 — Ghosts of East Berlin. by Starscream_UK12/15/104.54HOT

How I Met Your Mother: Mothers Day

 — Part two - Leah receives an unwelcome visitor. by Starscream_UK10/02/094.61HOT

How Many Lifetimes?

 — A story about a love that takes awhile to get right! by JewelTran03/21/104.75HOT

How to Dominate a Strong Woman

 — A return to masculine values and viewpoints. by Samuelx11/18/071.85

How to End Racism Forever

 — A black man's solution to the racism issue. by Samuelx05/08/091.58

How To Fit A Starter Motor

 — An account of a recent DIY attempt on my car. by DaftBrit01/26/094.14

How to Lose a Friend

 — Becoming lovers may cost you a friend. by DREMAN03/11/063.91

How To Survive Christmas Alone

 — Lonely guy dresses up his dining room chairs. by PositiveThinker11/28/093.95

How Villains Are Made

 — Bad Guy meets Bad Girl and has fun. by Samuelx11/03/084.25

How We Met

 — I Explain to Literotica Readers How Sharon & I Met. by DickVesuvius03/09/143.80


 — Vampire hunter makes a discovery about himself. by babylondementia02/24/133.71

Hunter Ch. 01-02

 — The dark side of Special Operations. by Toxico11/22/033.86

Hunter's Bounty

 — Willie breaks the law, but does RJ believe her story? by wildsweetone08/20/024.21

Hunter's Moon Ch. 01

 — Intro to the Hunter's Moon, Kevin discover's tragedy. by LustrousSoul02/12/114.37

Hunter's Moon Ch. 02

 — A different place, same time, but far far away. by LustrousSoul02/13/114.50HOT

Hunters Ch. 01

 — In the future, cash is king. by The_Darkness09/30/044.74HOT

Hunters Ch. 02

 — Max takes a little vacation. by The_Darkness11/19/044.58HOT

Hunters Ch. 03

 — Max gets played. by The_Darkness11/22/044.83HOT

Hunters Ch. 04

 — Out of the frying pan... by The_Darkness11/25/045.00HOT

Hunters Ch. 05

 — Max tries to save himself. by The_Darkness11/28/044.71HOT

Hunters Ch. 06

 — Max's gamble. by The_Darkness12/17/044.65HOT


 — Humans are not quail or deer. by SpectaclesInSkirt09/10/064.67HOTEditor's Pick

Hunting Down Evil Bitches

 — If you are a criminal, and female, beware! by Samuelx08/01/061.90

Hurricane Party

 — A solitary man is driven to extremes. by Heathen Hemmingway09/02/054.60HOT

Hurricane Ridge

 — Molly's husband cheats; she wonders how to respond. by Bigdenverman08/24/074.44

Husband Went Too Far

 — He treated her like a servant in front of his friends. by penpal0andrew02/08/102.43

I Alone

 — She receives bad news. by Taharial11/10/084.35

I Am Dan

 — Some of you asked for my story. by magmaman09/15/054.30

I Am Loved

 — Catriona find love and self through injury by Moondrift05/16/034.20

I Can Do This

 — Dealing with trauma. by Bert_Fegg02/01/144.17

I Can't Have Her

 — Not ever. by rgraham66606/01/054.65HOT

I Don't Know Where It's Been Ch. 02

 — A bad day fishing... by myiionu09/18/054.50HOT

I Dream - I Dream of Her

 — Is love all its meant to be? by Trinetra04/16/063.33

I Hate Sharing

 — If something is mine, it's not anybody else's. by jthserra05/11/044.47

I Have A Secret

 — Young man shares a dark, compelling secret. by TheOverlord08/08/034.21

I Just Knew

 — Knowing you're in love for the first time. by tigerlilyxxxxx09/16/044.71

I Like Making Sociopaths Suffer

 — Antihero discusses his peculiar hobby. by Samuelx10/02/082.43

I Love You Because

 — A brighter future because someone believed in him. by _Lynn_07/09/094.85HOT

I Love You Ch. 05

 — A sticky situation. by redwitch10/30/084.72HOT

I Love You Ch. 07

 — A semi succesful trick. by redwitch06/09/094.76HOT

I Love You Ch. 08

 — The trick unfolds. by redwitch06/12/094.80HOT

I Love You Ch. 10

 — All good things to those who wait. by redwitch08/17/094.82HOT

I Love You Ch. 11

 — continued by redwitch01/27/114.76HOT

I Love You Ch. 12

 — Continued. by redwitch04/06/124.78HOT

I Need a Beer

 — The Plymouth Caravan careened up the oak canopied drive... by JAMESBJOHNSON04/30/13

I Remain

 — How Thesandman came to be. by Many Feathers07/25/054.73HOTContest Winner

I Remember

 — A tale of lost love and sadness. by DarkBee11/01/073.19

I Should Have Never Let Her Go

 — A story of falling in love. by admirallotus02/11/113.44

I Sing

 — Unfortunate girl's spirit cannot be broken. by Terra12/25/013.61

I Survived

 — A man stands up to one of the demons at the end times. by Sean Renaud01/22/102.60

I Thought We Were More Ch. 02

 — Jacob meets someone that might help him forget Clair. by DrElectrogasm01/15/154.25

I Thought We Were More Ch. 05

 — Rose reveals exactly what Jacob was afraid of about Alex. by DrElectrogasm01/26/154.23

I Thought We Were More Ch. 08

 — After getting caught by Rose, Jacob tries to sort things out. by DrElectrogasm01/29/154.09

I Used to Have a Lot of Friends

 — A pious man suffers at the hands of the Duke and Philosopher. by JohnKutensky03/02/154.56HOT

I Walk Alone

 — The life of a lonely black policeman in Boston. by Samuelx02/26/082.12

I Want To Be Real

 — This story makes no sense - or a lot of sense. by Goldeniangel01/02/084.26

I Was a Teenage Dimestore Novel Ch. 1

 — An anthem to the teachers in his life. by Paul K. Merrill09/23/013.50

I Was a Teenage Dimestore Novel Ch. 2

 — Debbie's secrets are revealed. by Paul K. Merrill10/31/014.14

I Was Weak...Now I Am Strong

 — The inner thoughts of a man that reclaims what is his. by zeke8102/24/082.99

I Will Not Be a Mistake

 — What happens to few when life kicks them around. by dangerouslydead09/15/114.05

I Will Not Bow

 — Bisexual Haitian Superman journeys to Canada. by Samuelx01/31/101.00

I Will Repay

 — A Christian Horror Story. by madengineer301/06/114.65HOT

I'm a Beast Ch. 06

 — Is she a dirty little whore? by ForeverFaithful12/31/084.71

I'm Not the Girl You Used to Love Ch. 02

 — Two female lovers live with a lonely young man. by Captain Midnight10/12/094.06

I've Got Mexico

 — A story based on the Eddie Raven song. by SEVERUSMAX10/10/143.85

Ice Cream Man Ch. 01

 — Zed sells ice cream as his boring day gets exciting. by MungoParkIII12/07/072.17

Ice Cream Man Ch. 02

 — The call came; they knew it was the worst possible news. by MungoParkIII12/08/074.50HOT

If I Left...

 — She needed a new way out. by Dani_Blade10/22/123.64

If I Ruled The World

 — Bisexual black male genius rules the world. by Samuelx01/13/091.50

If I Should Die Today

 — Black male genius prepares for death. by Samuelx02/21/091.80

If It Walks Like a Duck

 — Standing up for what's right proves who he really is. by Scorpio44a11/08/084.75HOT

If It's Got To Rain, Let It...

 — Woman on Spanish holiday finds love. by p_p_man03/17/014.25

If Only...

 — Never assume. by slow_n_gentle01/01/104.48

If This World Were Mine

 — Angel is given dominion over Mankind. by Samuelx07/03/042.67


 — Two mercenaries find trouble with the KKK. by TRIAX09/10/083.95

Iliad Battles

 — A hero's day of Trojan war. by wetapap09/18/094.45

Illusions Lost

 — Star Trek's famous ambassador returns to a forbidden world. by CaptainKirk06/05/094.65HOT

Imagine If Christmas Was Different

 — What if Christmas wasn't such a hassle? by PositiveThinker11/13/09HOT

Immoral Fairie Tales

 — The little girl who tried to outrun Ugly. by SmolderingCinders10/04/104.11


 — Not at all erotic, a very short story about a stranded Toss. by MyGreatFluke02/01/124.67

Impetus Ch. 01

 — Science fiction about healing the body. by kingquib03/27/054.67


 — A tale of true love with a twist. by mick60a08/26/084.32

In an Dream

 — The chosen one is here. by pbc303/31/054.33

In Defense Of Men

 — Bisexual black policeman defends Men's Rights. by Samuelx07/06/081.00

In Dreams Ch. 01

 — Yet another Wander through the realms of improbability. by Denham_Forrest09/08/134.78HOT

In Dreams Ch. 02

 — Yet another Wander through the realms of improbability. by Denham_Forrest09/09/134.78HOT

In Dreams Ch. 03

 — Yet another Wander through the realms of improbability. by Denham_Forrest09/10/134.78HOT

In His Arms Instead

 — Man loses his wife and then loses the love of his life. by woodmanone08/31/104.60HOT

In Ihren Augen

 — Only love could separate these two. by isfacat11/17/013.50

In Midst of Rain

 — A mysterious stranger proposes a horrible decision. by Kileka09/29/074.00

In the Beginning

 — Alberto knew the time had come. by jthserra06/03/043.50

In The Dead of Night

 — Michael deals with the death of his mother. by Litbridge10/06/104.48

In The Mirror I Saw Her

 — Another bar another story. by The Wanderer10/13/074.48

In The Mirror I Saw Her - Epilogue

 — Did he turn left or right? by The Wanderer10/19/074.45

In The Mist

 — Where did she come from? by RjThoughts04/20/134.04

In the Spirits' Tears

 — It was a strange smell in the air that floated in the cold. by Decayed Angel10/13/064.43

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