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Non-Erotic Stories

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The Affair Ch. 02

 — Linda tells her story. by DG Hear10/13/054.34

The Alcoholic

 — Stranger in the bar starts one of the regulars thinking. by The Wanderer09/29/074.44

The Alliance Ch. 01

 — The Navy has changed a little. by TwistTheory05/16/133.90

The Amazingly Heroic Mr. Burns

 — Gentle giant teaches wise guys about respect. by NiteRidder06/17/024.56HOT

The Angel

 — Teenager deals with alcohol and loss. by Charmed2672601/08/034.33

The Apology

 — An apology before the parting of two lovers. by fire_breeze08/28/084.68HOT

The Apotheosis of Di Xin

 — Di Xin demands his final reward. by JohnKutensky08/05/144.50

The Arena

 — Just a normal day at work. by Maximus~the~great10/07/014.00

The Arrangement

 — Brian hires an escort to avoid a committed relationship. by J G Parkes08/16/064.77HOT

The Ascent of Black People

 — Black men and black women unite to save Earth. by Samuelx01/23/091.79

The Assassin's Target

 — An accident temporarily saves her life. by sweetintensity11/19/114.18

The Assassin's Target Ch. 02

 — She is hunted down and kidnapped. by sweetintensity11/24/114.34

The Avon Lady Calls Time

 — Who's cheating who? by trevorm10/17/103.47

The Baby

 — Never, ever, ever give up. by Sir Joey01/28/035.00

The Barney Files

 — Exceedingly silly fan letters to Barney & Friends. by ReverendAnimal07/07/103.00

The Bath

 — Old fashioned pleasure. by Beatnic_jazzman03/05/134.22

The Battle for Hyaline

 — Two sides battle for a town in a post apocalypse world. by DC2908/04/083.50

The Battle of Hastings

 — A man tells his grandkids how he met his wife. by DC2908/04/083.95

The Beach

 — Sometimes help comes in unexpected ways. by rachlou12/19/084.50HOT

The Beating Of Drums Ch. 01

 — A woman wakes up on a deserted island. by sexy_pussy_cat07/13/093.00

The Bell Ringer Ch. 01

 — A man's journey through a personal hell to redemption. by JakeRivers11/29/054.62HOT

The Bell Ringer Ch. 02

 — A man's journey through a personal hell to redemption. by JakeRivers11/30/054.74HOTContest Winner

The Beloved Children

 — The future - is the one we made. by sabb04/03/083.78

The Better to Taste You With Ch. 01

 — A story about an online obsession. by SkarlittFeenicks09/03/12

The Bicycle Mechanic

 — There is light at the end of the tunnel. by snath10/13/143.74

The Biggest Loser Of All Time

 — A man spiraling into the abyss of addiction. by BigKahunaCat2105/18/103.57

The Birthday Dinner

 — An ill-fated dinner tests a relationship. by alonzo1410/06/053.47

The Birthday Party

 — An aging woman throws a birthday party for her husband. by Exakta6609/28/114.35

The Black Widow Case Pt. 02

 — Men are being murdered. Can I make some money out of it? by likegoodwine02/18/124.49

The Black Widow Case Pt. 03

 — Men are murdered. Can I make some money out of it? by likegoodwine02/19/124.47

The Blue Bed

 — They lived in their own world, until one day... by Munachi07/10/054.47

The Blue That Carries Rain

 — The people cried of their thirst. by jthserra03/11/044.00

The Bone Eater

 — A boy takes on the Reaper. by pasalich02/21/083.62

The Box

 — The smallest things, or rather what they mean, can irritate. by SapphoSoul09/09/144.19

The Breeze

 — Murder Mystery set at the beach. by MysteryWriter12/22/144.86HOT

The Broken Tradition

 — Yale is NOT Alex's dream college. by My5InchFMHeels09/10/083.38

The Bully

 — Confrontation in civilized society. by RonClarkeson02/04/074.11

The Bus

 — Desperate seamen try to get rid of their Chief. by torp10/07/024.71

The Call of the (Future) West Ch. 01

 — A bank robbing duo meet before a heist. by Hibbidyhai09/13/071.00

The Camera

 — A story of those, who failed to return to prove a point. by snath12/30/133.81

The Camp

 — Jewish man learns that even a devil can save your life. by DilutedPoet01/31/07

The Captured Princess Ch. 07

 — Ben. by HandsInTheDark10/05/134.71HOT

The Case Of The Stolen Nipple Rings

 — Natasha & Aaron try to solve a mystery. by brynhild8409/22/044.25

The Cat's Bride

 — She waits her whole life to marry the Cat King. by ladyroxanne2106/09/134.21

The Cat's Meow

 — Group of friends try to find peace in their lives. by Udream07/11/02

The Chair

 — Murderer ends up where his lawyer said he would not by shoeslayer12/03/133.93

The Chalk Whisperer

 — A supernatural tale of Crime Scene Investigation. by Mother_F_Goose02/10/094.41

The Chance Meeting

 — Can love work a second time around? by staticling07/27/074.31

The Changing

 — Gender change through mind power. by Michael_R_Crane08/31/104.32

The Chess Piece Ch. 04

 — The ride to a new life and the great escape. by CinderLaw05/07/094.61HOT

The Chess Piece Ch. 09

 — Life continues on for Laysea. by CinderLaw06/08/094.67HOT

The Chess Piece Ch. 10

 — Surprise around every corner. by CinderLaw06/19/094.78HOT

The Chosen Son

 — A halloween college ghost story. by Bostonsub5210/07/13

The Christmas Bride

 — Until death do they part. by Whispering_Wolf5712/02/044.30

The Christmas Coat

 — A family Christmas story. by ejls11/18/104.65HOT

The Christmas Turkeys

 — Unemployment at Christmas is a bitch. by MysteryWriter12/02/02

The City Pt. 01-02

 — In a ruined city, individuals fight to survive. by Muser40011/10/064.40

The Claiming of Man

 — The beasts meet to decide what man is. by JohnKutensky08/10/144.18

The Clouded Cloth

 — Priest takes advantage of a teenage boy. by torp11/30/024.20

The Cobbler & the Brownies

 — An old fashioned fairy tale romance - safe for all audiences. by Stultus05/02/104.61HOT

The Collar

 — Her collar comforts her when He cannot. by boundtoHimalways07/19/094.60HOT

The Colors of Love & Loneliness

 — Tristan loved Amy, but can he live without her? by YoSoyJu03/27/034.17

The Comet Changed Everything Ch. 01

 — A tale of love, loss, and survival in a shattered world. by LoboSolo08/11/064.62HOT

The Complete CV

 — The Chronicles of Cassandra Vincent. by Starscream_UK10/01/084.69HOT

The Contest

 — It began with a race. by Lucifer_Carroll06/06/044.00

The Conversation

 — Two men in a pub on one man's daughter's 18th birthday. by ThatSexyIrishGirl02/01/063.86

The Conversation

 — Nature heals. by EmeraldKitten10/06/074.72HOT

The Crash

 — Tragedy brings them together, tragically. by Lasight04/06/023.29

The Crow: The Ravenous Wolf

 — A cross over between Fatal Fury and the Crow. by Sean Renaud06/30/094.50

The Crucible

 — In its depths, His mind is released by YosemiteSam02/06/02

The Crying Stranger

 — Why was the woman crying? by Svenskaflicka05/07/053.77

The Cult's Mascot

 — In search of inner peace, she agrees to give up her humanity. by The_Lady_Within12/13/144.15

The Cure For Cancer

 — Finding peace despite religion. by Heathen Hemmingway08/29/124.70HOT

The Curse

 — A man's curse with bad relationships returns. by Aztek Pagan02/17/043.19

The Damsel's Heart

 — There once was a damsel who fell in love. by MissBri05/29/063.50

The Dance

 — bringing a tortured soul into the light by kneeonsigh06/12/014.20

The Darkest Veil Ch. 1

 — The darkness deepens. by Jester7278304/12/023.00

The Darkest Veil Prologue

 — Twisted world of a young man who lives in terror. by Jester7278304/10/02

The Darkness

 — There's darkness on the outside but on the inside.... by Nephylim02/14/134.36

The Date

 — First time jitters. by bassbelly04/23/084.07

The Dawn of a New Eve

 — Cancer gives a timid woman new life. by Bakeboss09/21/094.67HOT

The Day An Anarchist Died.

 — A 9/11 story of how an anarchist changed. by StiffyRockhard08/01/024.43

The Day I Died

 — A man confronts infertiltiy by latin_lover06/22/084.35

The Day The Aliens Came

 — An invalid boy communicates with alien intelligence. by pyramider11/13/054.48

The Day The Axe Fell

 — Young man is forced into horror - twice. by Heathen Hemmingway06/10/104.90HOT

The Dayton Hillbillies Ch. 01

 — Or The Dayton Hillbillies Invade the French Quarter. by Decayed Angel10/12/064.23

The Dayton Hillbillies Ch. 02

 — The Hillbillies Dazzle at Disneyland. by Decayed Angel10/14/064.29

The Deadbeat Club Ch. 01

 — Searchers at local coffee shop. by bwilson03/17/074.59HOT

The Deadbeat Club Ch. 02

 — Searchers at a local coffee shop. by bwilson07/23/074.56

The Deadfall

 — Losing everything - almost everything. by CervanServidor05/09/074.50

The Dental Genes

 — His wife didn't deny her cheating. by bmfwaic03/22/084.54HOT

The Descent of Inanna

 — A vampire story set in ancient Sumer. by Caitlin Anise02/24/084.86

The Detective

 — During a bust, Cross is confronted by more than a bad man. by thecelt05/14/084.33

The Devil 'n Me

 — A dreamscape lesson in mastery of fear, demons and self. by DaddySky12/27/143.67

The Devil You Know

 — What would you do to survive? by lindiana10/17/084.16

The Devil's Dog

 — He's going to be hanged. by geronimo_appleby10/06/144.67HOT

The Diary

 — Thoughts betray him. by ulboquet11/22/042.50

The Diary of a Madman

 — A 1930s housewife discovers her husband is a serial killer. by Mini_Sinclair05/25/104.47

The Disease Within

 — Should he, or shouldn't he? by PDumbledore05/28/044.42

The Doctor is In Ch. 03

 — Adina's rough day ends with a pleasant surprise. by Basra04/04/074.45

The Doll

 — A cautionary tale on fame and failure and success. by Kinky Rachel12/04/044.25

The Donation Prologue

 — Prologue for story set in misogynistic future. by yevkassem7210/19/064.26

The Double Standard

 — or ...The Ramblings of a Grumpy Old Man. by Doleo_Seorsum08/04/144.13

The Double Tapp

 — Short fantasy story in comic book format. by AllenSmithee08/12/111.00

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