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Non-Erotic Stories

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The Wuzard of US

 — A political parody of the Wizard of Oz. by Krenna Smart08/19/034.33

The XYZ-Bomber Journal: 1969-70

 — A snapshot of a bygone era. by Hypoxia04/15/143.67

Then and Now

 — Earth Days. by jomar03/30/084.78

Therapy V. 01

 — He tells a scary story. by Edge2308/06/074.22

Therapy V. 02

 — A monologue. by Edge2309/14/071.00

There's None So Blind

 — those who won't see! by The Wanderer11/16/064.75HOT

These Wolves Alone

 — A lonely boy finds there is much more to his life. by MckenzieMaxin07/19/124.17

These Wolves Alone Ch. 02

 — New Family. by MckenzieMaxin08/03/124.21

These Wolves Alone Ch. 03

 — Devin finds himself thinking about the past. by MckenzieMaxin08/04/124.27

These Wolves Alone Ch. 04

 — Jessie explains the ways of the wolf to Devin. by MckenzieMaxin08/06/124.46

These Wolves Alone Ch. 05

 — A fire burns the house to ashes. Devin and Jessie talk. by MckenzieMaxin08/09/124.41

These Wolves Alone Ch. 06

 — Devin sees himself as who he really is. by MckenzieMaxin09/10/124.42

These Wolves Alone Ch. 07

 — Devin and Jessie get a not-so-great surprise. by MckenzieMaxin09/11/124.54HOT

These Wolves Alone Ch. 08

 — Burying The Trouble. by MckenzieMaxin10/15/124.47

Things to Do with My Slut Ch. 16

 — Where does he stand with Emma? by icumonyourshoes08/06/074.15

Things to Do with My Slut Ch. 17

 — The game begins again. by icumonyourshoes08/07/073.97

Thinking About You

 — A flashback of moments passed full of love and laughter. by Fallenfromgrace01/02/084.16

Thinking Ahead

 — Cutting your loses. by Agena06/15/064.27

This Bed Of Rose's - TEC

 — A down-and-out youth is taken in by a lady of the night. by techsan12/10/064.76HOT

This Could Be Love

 — Be careful who you let into your life. by Starscream_UK09/15/084.53HOT

This is about Dulce

 — New employee captures the boss's attention. by Pultoy08/25/044.07

This Is Sweden

 — The anti-racist's life. by sexnovella05/14/142.23

This Will Hurt

 — A fight for survival. by Kev H10/01/064.44


 — Macbeth meets his future wife. by Captain Blood02/02/03

Those Two Little Words

 — Daughter remembers parents' rocky marriage. by MsWriter2601/29/034.44

Though The Years

 — A strange and wonderous adventure for a young man. by woodmanone10/25/114.79HOTEditor's Pick

Thoughts on Today

 — Reflections on a tragedy. by Xeyda03/03/04

Thoughts Revisited

 — Carol tells her story. by DG Hear11/17/113.88

Three Days Ch. 01-02

 — A twentieth wedding anniversary turns sour. by The Wanderer09/06/054.69HOT

Three Days Ch. 03

 — Confusion reigns. by The Wanderer09/11/054.65HOT

Three Days Ch. 04

 — There’s a light at end of a long tunnel. by The Wanderer09/12/054.28

Three Little Words

 — The hardest words to say are the ones I need to say. by UnlessIfI11/08/084.27

Three Strikes and You're Out

 — The trials & tribulations of high school love. by Rabbitrunner9101/29/054.72HOT

Three Teaspoons Make a Tablespoon

 — A simple game is set deep in my memory. by Decayed Angel08/21/064.71HOT

Three to Get Ready

 — Sylvia contemplates a solution to her problem. by illusory_transitory05/10/083.67

ThRenody for Kali Yuga

 — The Beginning is the End is the Beginning. by Rumpleteazer08/14/09

Thrice Haunted Castle

 — A ghost story with no sex, but worth reading, I hope. by Barbara_Em01/27/153.50

Throne of the Emperor

 — A young man makes his final preparations in life. by Sean Renaud07/29/134.21

Through Different Eyes

 — After a shock to the marriage, he re-examines his wife. by PostScriptor04/20/104.23

Through Water

 — Hope doesn't die, it is reborn. by zildjian02/19/024.00

Thrown Into A New World

 — Well, this is my first attempt at seriously starting a novel by SceeAnno06/19/134.00


 — The eventful thursday of a young Parisian man. by madamekinkolo03/26/133.17


 — The one that got away comes back. by AVRH06/23/044.44


 — Run through the Jungle. by magmaman02/19/054.17

Time for Grace

 — Zeroing in on the message. by sr71plt11/20/074.69HOT

Time Testing 101: Tim's New Book

 — Young man buys books at Convention. by Starjammer2202/10/023.64

Time Would Tell

 — Conflict can come from wanting, or not wanting to have sex. by Rabbitrunner9103/26/054.09

Tina Finds Daniel

 — Ex s club girl goes out to dinner. by danny b05/15/034.00

Tinker Bells

 — In simpler times, two friends play. by A_Satori10/18/084.07

Tinker, Tailor, Goyim, Spy

 — An American Catholic comes to Israel to join the Mossad. by RC_of_Doom01/08/114.51HOT

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor

 — A wonderful, passionate, controlled, quiet gem. by 2Xwidderwoman02/11/094.81HOT

Tiny Spirit Hand Print

 — Tiny Girl Spirit contacts Monique to help her go home. by _Lady1SensuaL1Fire_03/02/054.78HOT

Tiro the Proeliator Pt. 01

 — A young Elf comes of age. by Orexis04/14/043.67

Titleist 4

 — His life and a golf ball. by M.A.Thompson06/11/044.79HOT

To Be a Hero Ch. 01

 — Discover what it takes to be a hero. by shiresa07/19/054.61HOT

To Daddy

 — A tribute to my father, a lesson in healing. by EmeraldKitten05/08/074.73HOTEditor's Pick

To Hell I Walk

 — A story of grief, and human contact. by ticklechambers11/20/104.24

To Late to Talk About It

 — Something we need to talk about, another sequel to Niccie's. by RealDoc12/04/073.79

To Live Forever

 — He planned to do everything he could do to live forever. by Decayed Angel01/12/064.27

To Live Forever

 — A remembrance of a very short life. by WFEATHER08/10/064.33

To Love Another

 — A man feels the pain of unrequited love. by kellycummings02/24/043.81

To See More Clearly Ch. 1

 — Memories revisited with the aid of another's goggles. by humblyyours10/11/024.00

To Serve & Protect: Concrete Angel

 — Some cases can push even the toughest cop. by patricia5106/07/044.80HOT

To Whom It May Concern

 — An author responds to a reader. by tommcgee11/16/084.71HOT


 — College Classmates, 50 years later. by leBonhomme07/03/124.20

Today My Name is Amy

 — Discover the many faces of a woman with Wanderlust. by curiouslylovable01/17/074.63HOTEditor's Pick

Together Again

 — Together again after fifteen years apart. by cashfan4706/16/043.92

Tom and the Dazzling Fiona Ch. 01

 — He wanted them to marry but she wasn't sure. by erinsisle02/11/143.86

Tom's Crosley

 — A best friend helps Tom up. by vet4201/26/084.12

Tomorrow is Another Day Ch. 01

 — Just another day in the RVN. by Dinsmore03/07/074.83HOT

Tomorrow is Another Day Ch. 02

 — Not enough fuel to get to Danang. by Dinsmore03/19/074.86HOT

Tomorrow is Another Day Ch. 03

 — He hadn't joined the Navy for a good reason. by Dinsmore03/24/074.87HOT

Tongamundo Ch. 01

 — A strange island & an amazing woman. by jthserra01/16/044.31

Tongamundo Ch. 02

 — A relationship ignites. by jthserra01/19/043.80

Tongamundo Ch. 03

 — A hurricane changes everything. by jthserra01/24/044.25


 — Time for a trim. by laplappapillon11/05/094.00


 — Reactions to nearly cheating. by AlliKatkb05/19/082.94

Torins Story

 — Time, love and dedication. by Niles_Ferrier03/03/034.20

Tormented Soul Ch. 01

 — The life of the less than average. by vetus_animus10/14/114.45

Tormented Soul Ch. 02

 — Continuing story of the life of the less than average. by vetus_animus11/18/114.37

Tormented Soul Ch. 03

 — Continuing story of the life of the less than average. by vetus_animus01/15/124.14

Totally Fucked Over

 — The Army screwed me. by Enamored06/13/064.19

Touched by a Life

 — First born son's struggle to live touched them. by wyckdwench08/09/064.73HOT

Trading Places Ch. 1

 — A friendship is forged. by Bob Peale06/16/023.74

Trading Places Ch. 2

 — Fine print works both ways. by Bob Peale06/17/024.05

Traffic Lights

 — A morning commute that is anything but ordinary. by lindiana08/31/053.69

Transcendence 101

 — An early work. by seannelson11/19/043.00


 — Sam finally leaves an abusive relationship. by blackdove5512/03/134.17

Transsexual Sex with Vinnie and Jam

 — Vinnie gives James a farewell bang. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER02/03/082.17


 — Her quest for justice put his life in danger. by _Lynn_10/26/084.80HOT

Trapped in the Darkness

 —  Was I alive, or was this my own personal version of hell? by wantsomefun195102/14/114.56HOT


 — We only come out at night. by Rumpleteazer08/20/09

Trench Coat Love

 — No one loves you when you're down and out. by writelove07/11/074.23

Trent & Mary

 — Chance meeting between two lonely strangers. by Star of Penumbra07/07/023.60

Trevor's Ruby Ch. 01

 — A New Zealander meets a cute roommate. by SEVERUSMAX10/04/044.21

Tribal Ecstasy Ch. 00

 — Career obsessed woman arrives in tribal heartland. by icemania08/31/113.38

Tribute Tales: O Tempora, O Mores

 — Sequel to "In Memoriam". by SirThopas07/05/104.28

Tricks of the Trade

 — Mob hooker crosses pimp to get with hot cop. by VanessaCarolyn01/22/024.46

Trilogy: Twilight's Last Gleaming

 — Conclusion: Don and Laura face the rogue CIA cell. by WifeWatchman07/09/144.83HOT

Triple Jeopardy

 — "I thought he was joking when he said he was a terrorist." by RC_of_Doom02/19/114.48

Tripping’ At The Biltmore

 — Cabbie accidently take LSD while driving in downtown LA. by Angelscuck11/01/093.29


 — She walked in and changed everything. by darkseraph02/16/094.12

Troubles Beyond Trouble Ch. 01

 — Monster in kid fights back against abusive dad. by DraggingMyLeash05/22/064.28

Troubles Beyond Trouble Ch. 02

 — From happy home to an asylum. by DraggingMyLeash06/01/064.45

Troubles Beyond Trouble Ch. 03

 — Daniel finally meets his protector, Mario. by DraggingMyLeash06/11/064.36

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