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Non-Erotic Stories

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Brawling Love

 — Another battle with love. by Sean Renaud11/23/044.45

Breach of Contract

 — When the sex has disappeared, what is a husband to do? by PostScriptor03/09/094.53HOT

Breaking The Rules

 — "Now that's what I call fraternizing." by Fable10/27/034.04

Breaking Up

 — A troubled marriage ends at an office party. by Sacred Beauty12/10/053.93

Breastfeeding in the Park

 — It serves them right for harassing the nursing mother. by Boxlicker10103/28/124.26

Brendi Lyn Ch. 05

 — Brendi Lyn meets her fellow prisoners, and recovers. by dark suenos02/15/064.05

Brian Ch. 06

 — The family is shipwrecked. by tkdguy4408/24/054.38

Brian's Story

 — The truth about Brian's marriage. by Adrian6970200603/03/103.24

Broken Mirrors

 — A young woman's painful struggle with her father and herself by Selena_Kitt03/15/063.73

Broken Promises

 — Before and after the argument. by CelticFrog02/20/043.82

Broken Vows

 — A long married couple go everywhere together. by BeeJayEm01/06/104.58HOT

Broken Wings

 — Young brother's perspective on his sister's love. by foxxxie10/31/083.95

Brother Love Ch. 01

 — How to blow in eighty thousand dollars. by qhml104/24/134.50HOT

Brother Love Ch. 02

 — Something to talk about. by qhml105/02/134.60HOT

Brother Love Ch. 04

 — Entangling alliances. by qhml107/01/134.54HOT

Brother Samuel's Bride

 — Bisexual black male writer gets hitched. by Samuelx11/17/081.43

Brother Samuel: Immune to Death

 — The life and times of a nascent Immortal author. by Samuelx05/09/091.83

Brother Samuel: It's Not My Time

 — A brilliant young Haitian man contemplates death. by Samuelx05/07/091.57

Brownwood: Welcome to Brownwood

 — Flash description of Brownwood. by DFWBeast08/19/14

Bruises So Blue Ch. 01

 — She was running from something, and ran into him. by DireLilith01/07/09

Bruises So Blue Ch. 02

 — She's caught, and they have plans unfolding. by DireLilith01/08/09

Bruises So Blue Ch. 05

 — Was this rescue or something else? by DireLilith01/11/09

BtB: All About The Game

 — The arena went nuts. by Edge2301/23/063.66

Buddy's Billiards

 — The competition gets fierce. by mesw05/22/054.08


 — Listen to the god-damn alien radio! by magneticboy06/06/053.60

Building a Community

 — Doing the right thing can be easy, or very difficult. by Scorpio44a02/28/094.54HOT


 — Lies and deceit surrounding college education and job search by Egmont040910/20/094.61HOT

Bully Pulpit

 — Demon Pi part Nine. by ZackOShea11/16/114.14

Bunny Down

 — Injured bunny finds a marine rifle company. by Angelscuck05/28/134.47


 — A man goes home to eliminate an imposter. by Snakes_03/16/143.13

Burying the Hatchet

 — Belated dedication to a lost loved one. by Heathen Hemmingway09/17/054.49


 — A journey into acceptance and loss. by MtnAngelWV06/27/014.33


 — What do you do when your secret erotica career is found out. by writesformary10/18/134.02

Bye Bye Birdie

 — "The show must go on" even in high school. by Goldeniangel07/28/054.25

C Is for Caliber

 — Some brothers stick up for their brothers. by Scorpio4406/24/074.56HOT

C. O. C., Inc. Ch. 01

 — Cutout Cops takes cardboard to a new crime fighting level. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER12/26/074.00

C. O. C., Inc. Ch. 02

 — Cutout Cops takes cardboard to a new crime fighting level. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER12/27/074.33

Call of the (Future) West

 — A girl is taken hostage during a robbery. by Hibbidyhai09/26/073.69


 — His calling failed as children slipped through his fingers. by Decayed Angel09/29/063.78

Camille and the Preacher Man

 — A man of the cloth faces temptation. by CAP81103/10/124.43

Camp Fright

 — We camped where "Jason Goes To Hell". by Goldeniangel04/28/053.75


 — A few friends go camping and have a fun time. by britbaby1903/29/071.68

Can I Find My Way Back Home?

 — She lost her way; can she find it again? by sexygirl7605/26/084.36

Can You Count the Rain?

 — The death of the strange Oglala is seen in a vision. by Decayed Angel08/15/065.00

Can't Escape Your Nature

 — Dante is forced to submit to his insane master's plans. by LoneKiller08/24/123.00

Captain Cotton Top Ch. 01

 — A sailor meets disaster. by adrianhayter05/10/073.75

Captive Spirits

 — The bike was still there. by jthserra05/12/043.94

Car Talk

 — Sleeper Grand Am. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER12/11/074.13

Carbon Dating

 — Is he what he seems to be? by OwensDarlin01/25/104.59HOT

Carcasonne Ch. 04

 — Don Carlos and Rodrigo experience some trouble. by bad_hobbit08/02/114.35

Carny Ch. 08

 — Steven and Lacey say goodbye. by velvetpie05/15/054.57HOT

Carny Ch. 09

 — Steven and Lance prepare for Lacey's arrival. by velvetpie05/18/054.56HOT

Carol Ch. 4, Then Lee

 — She turned his life around. by magichands04/29/024.41

Carol's Dilemma

 — He might be Mr. Right but is he another woman's Mr. Right? by SweetPrettyAss12/29/143.80

Carol's Patch Job Ch. 01

 — When father is sick, children discover mother's adultery. by CastleStone02/04/094.43

Carol's Patch Job Ch. 02

 — Jim's hospital trip, Carol confronts The Bitches. by CastleStone02/08/094.50HOT

Carol's Patch Job Ch. 03

 — Janice decides, Carol's rules and conditions. by CastleStone02/11/094.51HOT

Carol's Patch Job Ch. 04

 — Jim comes home; Danny's verbal payback. by CastleStone02/13/094.52HOT

Caroline Ch. 02.01-02.02

 — Caroline and Jo visit Ann Summers and shop. by Vitorio06/11/054.63HOT

Casanova Redux Ch. 01

 — Cassia Nova's mother is rescued. by velvetpie02/10/054.22

Casanova Redux Ch. 10

 — Cassia puts the plan into effect. by velvetpie02/19/054.67HOT

Casanova Redux Ch. 16

 — Cassia's parents finally see her as an adult. by velvetpie02/25/054.57HOT

Casanova Redux Ch. 17

 — Cassia & Withers speak after the imprisonment. by velvetpie02/26/054.50HOT

Casanova Redux Ch. 18

 — Withers offers an apology. by velvetpie02/27/054.64HOT

Case of the Paper Trail Ch. 03

 — More clues; two officers take a walk... by WifeWatchman12/28/144.67HOT

Case of the Paper Trail Ch. 04

 — Solution; Chief Griswold retires. by WifeWatchman12/30/144.77HOT

Cassandra's Last Spotlight

 — A confused movie legend goes missing at Christmas by olivias11/12/134.38


 — What is unspoken... by WFEATHER05/21/084.38

Casualty Radius

 — There is always collateral damage. by Occamspiledriver08/12/114.55HOT

Cat Tales

 — Stories about my real life cats. by Chicklet09/07/034.43

Cat vs. Beast: The Battle Rages

 — The cat finds a worthy foe in the corner of the kitchen. by Chicklet08/06/024.47

Cat Vs. Human: Fight For Control

 — They're caught in a visual tug of war. by Chicklet08/28/024.76HOT

Cat vs. Moth: Fight To The Death

 — A small black moth darts across the floor; the cat pounces. by Chicklet09/02/024.45

Catch a Tiger

 — Hide and seek, we played it all the time. by jthserra01/28/043.54


 — Magic is alive via a flat tire and a Medicine Man. by ZacNeuman09/02/044.64HOT

Cazamir Ch. 01

 — She's been chosen. by Cazamir06/25/133.80

Celia and Sibelius

 — First concert. by jjcolejr04/21/144.79HOT

Celtic Beast

 — A Celtic warrior becomes a Gladiator. by Robbo7512/27/114.63HOT


 — The ultimate revenge against a man who needs it. by madengineer303/19/124.22

Champagne Dreams

 — Champagne bottle takes her for a ride into dreams. by vixen6210/30/074.33

Champion of Men

 — The unbeatable male champion. by Samuelx06/15/061.00

Champion of the Black Community

 — The life and times of a bisexual black superhero. by Samuelx07/18/091.62


 — A man discovers that sometimes things change. by vet4201/20/083.84


 — A man dreams of being a woman, and then changes. by cuteliz8610/20/133.31

Changed Lives

 — A man's life is changed by a found object. by sciper_10111/25/064.09

Chanukkah and Christmas

 — A Chanukkah/Christmas essay. by madengineer312/07/114.44

Chapter 01: A Good Boy Acting Badly

 — I guess it had to start some time. by Slirpuff04/03/104.57HOT

Chapter 02: 21 Days and a Wakeup

 — How hard can a person get on the inside? by Slirpuff04/05/104.67HOT


 — It started when my father lost his job.... by Hot_Housewife0302/25/034.25


 — His father lost his job. They lost everything. by youngwriter2672605/27/034.09

Charlie & Miley Ch. 02

 — Miley's in the hospital; Brian debates his women. by frozenhero109/25/134.75HOT

Charlie's Spaceship

 — Who is that kid and it can't possibly fly, can it? by sojourner200102/29/084.74HOT

Charlotte & The Pirate Ch. 01

 — A 17th century adventure. by mcfbridge11/07/044.32

Chasing Ally

 — She was gone, but he would follow and find her. by woodmanone03/22/134.68HOT

Chatham Square

 — Letters drive the lives of eccentric characters in Savannah. by olivias08/12/104.79HOT


 — It can happen to anyone. by PTBzzzz05/13/143.43


 — A tale of the gold rush in the Klondike. by D_K_Moon01/31/08

Chicago 2035

 — A brief look at things to come - careful what you wish for. by sojourner200109/05/113.96

Child of Darkness

 — Modern morality play in prose, dedicated to Tempest Smith. by Endlessly03/19/013.72

Chinese Piano Accordion-Good or Bad

 — Buyer Beware-good & bad, the truth about Chinese accordions. by SusanJillParker03/05/143.96

Chocolate Covered Cherries

 — A story about a loving family. by DG Hear01/20/124.78HOTContest Winner


 — Letter to the dead mother of his dead son. by davidjamie6907/26/084.15

Choices Ch. 04

 — Foursome to a Threesome, not the way you think. by imsally11/19/084.48


 — A puppy's experience in a new world. by oregon_gal03/18/064.85HOT

Chosen Mate Ad Primus Rem

 — A preface to Chosen Mate. by HarryHill10/01/124.52HOT

Chosen Mate Ch. 03

 — "I’m trolling for suckerfish fairies, Bob." by HarryHill08/18/124.75HOT

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