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A question...

Shouldn't Hubby-wanting-their-wives-to-fuck kept in fetish category?

Don't you think that LW category definition should be changes to accomodate the stories?

mental health & help

literotica could earn a fortune from advertising.
if they could somehow filter & analyze users comments & feedback .

they could then spam the user(s)/member(s) requiring help, with pop up adverts for counselling & mental health practitioners.
whenever that persons ip address visited this site ..



interesting article btw ..

saggy breasts are best

I discovered the joy of saggy breasts early on, in grad school. A gal who worked in the next lab wore a long sleeve denim shirt tied at the waist, no buttons buttoned, after all it was the early 70s. The sight of her moderately saggy breasts floored me, and from then on, i was a convert. Seeing that inner cleavage line so beautiful and sexy made realize that this would have been nothing special on a gal with perky tits, but on her it was awesomely erotic. From then on, I looked forward to the time in the future when my wife would have breasts that hung that low, low enough to look great in a shirt like that. I always liked my wife's breasts, but now they are an even sexier sight to behold. In a way, breasts without sag are even a little boring, not much bounce, not much hang to them. not much shape, not yet fully developed. Of course all shapes and sizes can be beautiful, but I'm especially fond of a shape with some interesting sag to them, and when a woman also has the self-confidence to be brafree, so much the better, and I'm sure I'm not alone. BTW, speaking of interesting versus boring, the most boring are the implants and lifts, so tragic and unnecessary. So, you women who think you "don't measure up" -- some men have a very different opinion and think that you are gorgeous.

all of the above

in my opinion you hit the nail on the head with this essay .

virtuous sin .. not sure i buy into it totaly. theres alot of really disgusting storys in other sections that don't seem to get anywhere near the amount of abuse as loving wives/cuckold storys that are fairly tame , but exceedingly well written & emotional.

i think its the well written highly emotional pieces that really set the Haters&Flamers off .

also Adultery is fairly common today , and i am sure alot of the really nasty comments come from people who are still recovering from a broken heart . i can understand why they might torture themselves by reading storys in this genre , but i cannot excuse them the vitriolic abuse aimed at the authors .

if your only getting it in comments you are lucky , some of the feedback i have recieved has been truly horrific (hence anon here) i don't want them seeking me out more than they already do .

p.s love your work, wish i had 1/10 of your literary ability.

keep it coming , we love you .



how far should Hypocrisy rule your actions TK U MLJ LV NV


the first step is neither the longest or the hardest, TK U MLJ LV NV

5*, thank you for your insight.

At last somebody here seems to 'get it', how often do I frustratingly and depressed with the stories, 'plough through' story after BDSM story, looking for the one that expresses the love between dom/sub, master/slave, and as said, its very depressing that I would say 90% of these stories are all about the punishment and pain that he can dish out to her, unfortunately a lot of the stories the 'plot' ranges from being just plain silly to the absurd, with no reality. The doms and masters are all about how much they can 'take' from her and not give anything in return. How is it that these story master/doms have a sub screaming in pain and not have a shred of humanity? As for any caring, affection or dare I say it LOVE in these stories, forget it. I would say that there are some very good authors here that do 'get it', but I think I could count there numbers on the fingers of my hands. Thank you Tara_Neale.

Interesting take

I liked this because it was thought provoking, challenges the standard line about ownership and it is from the female point of view. Well thought, well written. 5*

Interesting discussion

The first story I published here was in Novels and Novellas, sixteen posts and several types of activity made the choice a no brainer. I also posted one to Romance and I have always wondered if I might have received more reads and exposure in LW. I thought it was a pretty good story that no one read. The rest of my posts have been in LW with the exception of a recent throw away story that was to CD/TG. I think the statistical stuff Texas (Yeeeee Haaaawww Cowboy) is probably close to right. I have never tried to do the same sort of tracking but the trend of scores rising over time is generally upheld in my experience. As to comments by readers they are pretty easy to filter. Up or Down doesn't matter to me as long as they seem to raise serious points relevant to the story. Those commenters that I hold in silent contempt are the ones who write that they scored and made comment without reading the material. That is fairly common in the LW category for some reason. I don't always give a score or a comment; if the story calls for one I do. My rule that I have only violated one time over the years is that if I do not read the whole story I do not give a score and do not comment. That seems intellectually honest to my way of thinking.

Reminds me of an old joke, I THINK I heard in Jr. High......

Q: What is the difference between a slut and a bitch?

A: A slut will fuck anybody, but a bitch will fuck anybody but you!

I'm sure that relates to your theory somehow.... about envy, and preconceived societal attitudes.
Saying it is just a joke, is fine but I actually had a real life personal experience with this in college. I was a freshman at the same time as a certain Jenn K. We had the same major and crossed paths OFTEN, including at parties and other social functions. Hell, we were even friends. It might not be important, but Jenn was a big girl, (Top heavy, Zoftig, Well endowed, etc.) and she had a very pretty face, and a very outgoing and friendly personality. So, YES she attracted a lot of male attention. It became well known that she would put out, and "dated" ALOT. Over the four years, I watched (and not even from afar) as she made her way through the department, ultimately getting pickier, and choosing more the upper eschelon of our micro-society. It had even been rumored that she had a thing or two with some faculty. This just might prove your point that she was getting what she wanted, and was doing just fine for herself. Alright, so what kind of stock can you put into here-say? No, I saw her in action at many a party, and she was quite open publicly with her boyfriends. So, naturally I wondered..........why not me?
Well, I was probably too geeky, and not as confident. I also was probably a little strange, as I was always into poetry, and had long crazy hair. Sure I dated, but I did better with "low self-esteem" types, as I realistically had low self-esteem myself. But one time, I finally got the courage to ask Jenn out. She had just broken up with someone, but didn't seem too broken up about it, and I asked her if that meant now she had some time to get to know me better. I don't remember word for word, and she WAS nice about it, but.... basically she said, she probably couldn't date me because I was the type to fall too hard in love with her, and she really never had those kind of feelings about ANYBODY. She didn't want to hurt me. OK, at least at the time, that was MY interpretation, and it made me feel somewhat better, but MOSTLY it made me curious. I mean she wasn't a bitch. (That I always defined as a female version of an asshole. Seems: guys are assholes = woman are bitches. Notice I didn't say ALL men nor ALL women. Further described as cocky, mean, selfish, cruel, shallow, vindictive etc.) Still, what was she getting out of these relationships, if it wasn't love? I concluded that she just really must be after the sex. So, for better or worse, she became my idea of the prototypical slut. A woman desiring sex, with no intention towards a lasting emotional commitment.
Well, college was a long time ago, and I met a lot of people, and learned a lot since then. I actually agree with BBL, in his comment that being a slut is fine as a personal choice, UNTIL you are in what is supposed to be a committed relationship. Being a slut should be no excuse for betrayal. Being able to separate sex and love is never an acceptable justification for adultery. I mean, haven't you read enough LW stories to know that? ;)
As for "slut-shaming" and double standards, well....double standards exist. They exist in a variety of different ways. That they exist, isn't meant to excuse treating someone unfairly. But there are plenty of double standards in society. Ones that benefit women, and shame men along side the ones that benefit men and shame women. We should all do our part to the great utopian goal of PURE EQUALITY, right???? But I don't think we'll see it in our lifetime. There are just way too many fucked up people in the world. Meanwhile, there ARE ways to stay on equal footing with the opposite sex, and they all incorporate TOTAL honesty, and good communication of feelings, philosophies, and goals. It IS possible to be in a great relationship, DESPITE the fact that double standards exist and are so deeply rooted in our culture. They simply don't need to play a role in your own personal belief structure, and you have to find a like-minded (or at least OPEN minded) individual to share your time with. But that person deserves respect, if you expect them to trust you. And you both need to remain honest with yourselves so that you can remain honest with each other.
I will never be able to tolerate a person (male or female) who deliberately sets out to hurt someone else, or has so little regard for the feelings of those around them, that they remain oblivious to the damage they cause. In short, MEAN PEOPLE SUCK!!!!!
But then so do sluts, right? So...back to sluts....
Like I hinted, I was a bit of a poet/romantic kind of guy, and I always believed in the concept of true love. I admit always wondering WHY a woman would WANT to be a slut? I think the purpose of your essay is proposing the need for a like-minded women to "claim" the title, not unlike homosexuals who took back "queer" and blacks who took back "nigger". Owning a "slur" with pride lessens its devastating effect? It can only hurt you if you let it, right? But still, the idea of extreme promiscuity still seems a little off. Frankly, I wonder the same about guys! If it is well known that this guy will fuck ANYTHING with three holes and a heartbeat, does that REALLY make women just want to fall over themselves to be another notch in that guy's bedpost? I wonder what is the allure? Does sexual prowess really OVERRULE personality? Overly promiscuous men (studs?) who have to brag, and treat women with little respect are NOT envied (at least not by me). These perpetual bachelors will end up alone and washed up, JUST the same as the lonely spinster "slut" stereotype. The very idea of it negates the ability to find a lasting and enriching healthy relationship. What is the stud/slut to do, when they are at the end of their life, and dying alone? OK, may be that won't happen to YOU, or to the stud, but if so, it will be because at SOME point you made a conscious choice to change and settle down. Hell, even Sam Malone finally settled down and got married. Now did he stay faithful? well........
Last word:
I don't envy so-called "studs", and I don't secretly want to be like them. I was lucky enough to find a "one-man" woman, and I am eternally proud (and grateful) to be her "one-woman" man. And our three kids are growing up proud that BOTH of their parents are still married to each other and we ALL have the same last name! But even before marriage, I never was attracted to "sluts". I might have been fearful of disease, but somehow I knew, that I would never want to marry one. Was it that Jenn taught me something all those years ago? OK, may be it was just the generational brainwashing speaking, that your essay is rallying against. But if I was "conditioned" to think that way, standing by as my friends have broken-up, while my marriage stays strong, leads me to believe that my grandparents, who had well over 50 years invested, really knew what they were talking about.
There was another old saying about "two" types of women. The ones men fuck, and the ones men marry. I ABSOLUTLY agree that it is outdated thinking, that a women should just be content to sit around waiting for prince charming to come along and rescue and provide for her. Any girl who goes to college JUST to get a MRS degree, has not only shortchanged herself, but also her husband AND any potential children. Woman DO need to be strong, and independent free thinking spirits. They need have control over their own sexuality. THAT is what fosters self respect. And sure, it isn't the 1950s or even 60s or 70s anymore, well DUH! In the modern era, a woman has to be so much more than she ever was "supposed" to be before in previous generations. But it is also the same for a man. Both roles have evolved. The world is probably a better place because of it. However, what hasn't changed is the need to be the best person that you can be, for yourself FIRST, so that you can ALSO be that for someone else. THAT is the kind of woman a man wants to marry. As it should also be for a man to strive to be his best for her.
Be a slut, and have fun. But DON'T be a heartbreaker.
Thanks for the wisdom, Jenn............

My best friend is a "slut" and she loves it

Hell I am a guy and I see no problem in this. I know a lot of guys who do but it is just pathetic because they sleep with as many women then can and want to be praised for it. I can not stand the double standard that is our society. I applaud your courage for being a sexual person and not affaid of it like a lot are. Thank you for your post I greatly enjoy reading your work.


Mandy made a good point. Let me expound.
You're right. Men are jealous. It's much easier for a woman to score than a man. For a normal man to get laid every time he most likely would have to pay for it, whereas a woman just has to be willing. However, the idea of sluts and studs goes way back. The father of a sixteen year old boy is proud of his son if he gets lucky. This same father would be ready to commit murder if it was his sweet and innocent daughter, who is only after the same thing as the son.
My opinion,
Have a ball. As long as you are single and safe about the sex do what you like. A woman has just as much a right as a man. Society sees things differently but society is wrong most of the time. One thing. If you find that special someone stay true, not only to them but to yourself. Being a slut or stud is one thing, but being an asshole skanky jerkoff cheater is another ballgame altogether.
There you have it, the ranting of an inmate at the asylum.

Let me think???

Although I don't have a stake in this problem for reason my friends will know, I do believe I have a theory on;

Why are women who spread their legs are called Sluts?

Pure and simple girls and boys, it can be summed up in just one word.


Men are jealous of the fact that all a female needs to do is lay down, spread the legs and say, "Next?" Almost any man do that and he'll either get a kick in the nuts, run over by some turkey on a dirt bike, laughed at by everyone as some deluded idiot, or if successful, revered by other men and (for the life of me I don't know why) some silly airhead women as a STUD.

Women are JEALOUS of other women who have the intestinal fortitude to be said SLUT and angry at them for borrowing their partners for their multiple playtime.

Derision is the goal here.

Women say it to other women and shun them. Little do they realise the Slut has little interest in her confederates opinions.

Men say it to women for a simular reason, but it has two meaning and depending on the woman as to which is appropriate. They are SLUTS (compliment) because the guy is really having a good time in her garden. Or they can be SLUTS (Derogatory) because she won't let them play in her garden. To men all women are SLUTS, it's just a matter of either being a stuck-up Slut (bad) or a nasty Slut.(good)

So there you go. JEALOUSY

The world according to

A new term

What is needed is a term for a woman that likes sex and enjoys it. It would indicate a woman that has sex on her terms, like you did with the three guys. A slut would have let the men have their way, while you did not. There are many woman that are like you that enjoy sex, but are afraid to act on their desires out of fear of being labeled a slut or whore. It is a shame society looks on woman this way. When a new term becomes available, similar to a male stud, then these woman can finally be free to enjoy themselves without fear of being looked down on.


I was thinking this morning about this very subject! Why if a man enjoys different partners he is considered a stud - which if viewed as great, but if a woman does the exact same thing she is considered a slut -which is viewed as very bad! Thanks for putting into words what a lot of women think!

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