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But, but, wait...!

I wanted some titles, some authors! I mean, how can I go, like a bacteria buffeted by Brownian motion, through the freakin' sea of contemporary lit, if not by hearing recommendations from other readers? You amused and entertained me, so I assume there'll be at least a few titles on your list I'd enjoy.

PS When laying aside your horns, do you wear a fedora, sir, or a bowler? Or maybe a cowboy hat? :-)

The theater of teaching

Really, it's not all like "To Sir, With Love"? Heh heh.

I teach at a major university rather than K-12, and have the deepest respect (and occasional awe) for K-12 teachers. I still remember the four or five teachers along the way who influenced my life and expected me to rise to their expectations. And I did! The trick I learned very early on, in a class of 99 students my second semester ever of teaching was how large theater is a part of teaching. You can't show uncertainty or fear of any sort, ever. You always project that you're on top of your game (whether for real or not) and deflect questions that you can't answer, sometimes by simply saying "I'll get back to you, I need to look some details up," or "That's an interesting question, let's research it together."

A very nice job conveying the day to day difficulties and stresses of teaching. Good luck with the next years - you've lasted longer than most. Think about how many of your students have been inspired by your dedication to their education, and have changed their lives by making them believe in themselves. Remember those! They often don't tell you how much your work meant to them, and take years to realize how important you were.


I had to read this again just to reaffirm why I fell in love with it in the first place. It's an accurate and absolutely cute descriptive story. You touched on and dispelled the stereotypes that we black women are associated with in daily life. And as a black woman I just love this in general. It's great! :)

great piece of work

Anonymous must lead a fucked up life to degrade a good piece, i needed this thankyou

Right as rain

Good job. is suffering more of this now too. They are chickenshit cowards who hide behind anon. handles.


As an experiment, I would take samples of the LW stories and gender-switch the dialogues.

In my opinion a number of the male writers contributing stories to the LW category suffer with deep-rooted gender confusion.

The commenting misogynist trolls of the BTB lynchmob are cowering so deep into their closets, they are what I call spelunkers.

Lacking the psychological fortitude or intellectual capacity to confront and take control of their abyssal fears.

We had someone like that in school

Luckily he fell off a mountain in the middle of the school year & things went back to normal after that. Hated the bastard


If they had those pills I would be like a crack head. I would be either taking those, or shooting up with a big dose of "Fuckitall" non stop.

Good work.

Tomas Hub

When I was in high school there was a little school, with a huge parking lot, called Tomas Hub. It's were all the school buses for the district parked during the day. Now Tomas hub only had about four teachers, and it had probably less than 50 students at best.

It's where guys like this kid would be sent. (that and the horror of horrors here in the south, girls that got pregnant.Probably from dancing.)

It was not a school where you learned. (Well the mothers to be did, with a teacher that truly cared about them and what they were about to go through.) It was a school where you did your time. Kinda getting these kids ready for what was to come, as it where.

It wasn't easy to get sent to Tomas Hub, it took effort. But by the same token once you were there, it took effort to get out, but the ones that did...when they came back they were golden children.

Why? This was the days of paddles in every class room, and a harder paddle in the advisers office. Why were they changed? Because at Tomas hub if you acted out, you were put in a room, with blank walls, no windows,and a single desk. A text book as your only distraction. All day, every day, till you begged the teacher to let you come back to their class.

Harsh? Yes. Did it work? You bet.Cruel? Only when you look at the fact that those kids were heading towards that same kind of thing, but in a far tougher school, with far tougher teachers.

Very good work, got me to remembering.


I learned a long time ago

That you can't fix cruel. I change what I can, handle what I can't, and have the wisdom to know the difference.

been there done that, procedures were followed, some students (people) are antisocial and need to be removed for the group good

this child in teenage form, was destroying the lives of the other students in the class, his parents were enablers, removal in a more restrictive environment is called for and necessary. There are people like this in all aspects of life, the most effective way it can the handled is for all others to simply ignore them, totally and completely, short of removal. If this type of behavior was done in court the individual would receive a jail term, its antisocial behavior.

There are too many people like you.

You approached the problem in an impersonal fashion, and in doing so, you lost any credibility you could have cultivated with the student. You talked to his father, your peers, yelled at him and disciplined him, but you never once mentioned pulling him aside to talk to him. By handling the situation the way you did, you removed any and all chance that he would grow as a person. His actions were not those of a healthy, well-balanced individual, but of someone who wanted attention.

Did it ever occur to you to build a report with him? Did it ever occur to you to look into his home-life? Did it ever occur to you to take 15-20 minutes during a lunch period to sort his ass out? FFS, reread what you've written, then reflect upon why it is wrong. This is one of the most selfish things I've ever read.

As a teacher

I agree. As a former I have been in her spot. At Ritenour High School I often had classes with over 25 students. I had several physic classes that had over 30 students in a chemistry lab room designed for only 24 students. They supplied a multimedia projector but I had to by my own cables and a signal amplifier because the only place to use it was over 30 feet from my desk. A lot of the school systems are so caught up in following federal guidelines, No Child Left Behind, that they have lost focus on actually providing quality education.

There are many courage pills, most of them illegal, some prescribed by a trusted psychiatrist. Personally, I don't need them. My courage is rock hard. But I have this friend that would like to know....

I went to a bad school, awful actually. Academic probation for almost two decades straight. I had one teacher, though, who was simply outstanding. I have never found his equal. I am me because of him.

You do matter. You do help. Save the ones you can.

Let's cut to the chase.

How 'bout we just read smut and call it a day?

This was a fun read. You are witty and clever. (And why didn't I read this a long time ago?)

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