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Well, Yes and No

" smell like really bad cheese and by the way your dick looks like a narcoleptic jalapeno!"

First, if the comment originator is really that intimate with the author, why aren't they saying this face to face? And if a public forum is really needed, why not something like their place of business where it might be useful to would be romancers? (i.e. personal attacks only show only the lack of intelligence of the originator of the comment)

I must say I agree that completely Anonymous posts are cowardly. Posting under a pseudonym (e.g. GoesGrunt) is slightly less cowardly only to the extent that regular readers can form an opinion on the commentator and decide if they're insightful and erudite, or a blithering fucktard (and thus know to ignore/avoid their comments).

On the other hand, suggestions about mistaken grammar and punctuation can actually be helpful, if they aren't too cryptic or generic. (Note: If you're going to bitch about someone needing an editor, try offering to BE one.)

As an author doing research is good, although on a site like Literotica it isn't fair to expect unpaid authors to do good research. On the other hand, if you know little or nothing about something, try just one damn Google search and read a couple things before you write about it (or at least before you post the story) and be prepared to add an Author's Note to the beginning telling the readers you intentionally ignored the reality of plumbing (or whatever) to fit the needs of your story (if you don't want to be bothered rewriting it).

And another thing... *cancel rant here*

I am unconvinced that our fantasy world does not shape or act out in the real world...

So I have to ask "Doesn't our virtual world inform our real world and manifest itself there?" Sadly I think that it does. I wonder if a very active NonConsent/Rape imagination might not find expression in actuality and, as much as we may want to deny it, I think that is may.

So, should we censor NC/R stories? Right now my solution is to not read them. I have long thought that the written word has a much greater impact on the subconscious than other media. I don't want to give rise to any predilection or fantasy in me that might be manifest on my neighbors, friends, family, and community.

This is just my opinion and I am sure that the majority here will disagree.


Fantasising about Reluctant sex and acting on it are two different things. I don't think we should confuse someone who enjoy such stories with a rapist or a bad person.

Erotica is a medium for readers to let go of their imaginations and be stirred by the words of the Author. I have no problem with that. It doesn't necessarily mean that the reader will turn out to be a rapist or something equally trivial.

But acting out on those emotions?

THAT is a very dangerous thing to do. It's my personal opinion that people who try to force themselves upon others, even when there is a definite and resounding "No" from the other partner, are nothing but a shame to their respective sexes.

There are people who have rape fantasies and get off on this, but it's the generalisation that people make about this fact that I have a problem with. Something like, "One Likes Rape, So Others like Rape too."

It is this mentality that I have a problem with.


..... Lotsa Angry White Males here. Boo-hoo!!!


Wrong site, wrong subject.

Tumblr please go..

Keep your rhetoric off this site.

Thank you

I am always shocked at some of the comments on non consent. REALLY? You didn't like the story because it was...... oppressive? I read your treatise because of the title. I was curious. I think you hit it right on point and I found your comments reassuring. Now, why reassuring? I have no idea! lol. I did enjoy it though.


this garbage has nothing to do with literotica and has no place on this site. Reported


Brava! Five stars.

Oh noes....

Sorry,but Anita Sarkeesian is a fraud.She's a glorified social justice warrior,on a mission to expose and defeat ''the patriarchy(whatever that means...)!She and her ''friends'',don't want equality between the sexes.Noooo,they must put down men everywhere,because we are all...rapists!Yep that's what she and her ''friends'' think of the majority of men,nice isn't it?
Some weeks ago,she cancelled an appearance because ''she felt her life was in danger'',after receiving some ''threats'' on the internet.Funny,the police after checking things,said that it was non-founded...
Her research on the gaming industry is severely lacking in substance.But that's ok,because ''she says it's that way,so it must be true...''
I,m not saying that the gaming industry is perfect.The last iteration of grand theft auto 5 is pushing the limits of good taste,but Anita Sarkeesian is not the ''great thinking mind'' that will change things for the better.She'll only do things to push her agenda further,nothing else...

I like your challenge...

Not to be a lazy writer, but even more important perhaps, not to be a lazy reader!

I enjoy reading, consume variety, and laud that which makes me think. In my past life, I was more musician than poet, but still considered myself both. People would ask me about my favorite music: my response was that I liked music (any) that made me think. I always thought it was the same for literature, or even poetry. It is just a beginning stage to acknowledge that some peice of art made you "feel". With maturity, I have discovered that "feeling" a response to art isn't enough, if you aren't prompted to ALSO ask "why?". Why do I feel that way? What about it made me feel that way? Is it lazy, (based on your essay) to simply feel without any thought as to why? I think so, but maybe, it is that I just "feel" that it is the right answer......

Around here in literotica land, the reader gets the privilage of feeling like the expert, and can enjoy leaving commentary. Powerful stuff, that is. Entitlement. Yet so many authors are praised for simply evoking emotions. I love your essay because it calls that out for what it is. Only PART of the equation. I think the BEST authors around here can elicit that emotional response, and ALSO get you to think about WHY it is you feel that way. And the best of the best, get the reader to stretch their own self-imposed limitations on what they think, and how they feel, and issue the implied challenge to think about things differently. To open-mindedly embrace a different point of view. None of this matters as to the plot points, or even the character development. But even when starting with a cliche, if that perception can be broken down, and the reader can experience a voyage of discovery- some of this: "I never thought about it like THAT before"- then I think the author deserves to enjoy some success. But simply stated in your excellent essay, to achieve this result is to rise above the crutch of laziness.

Thanks for putting this into words, and making me think. I hope this essay of yours becomes widely read. I enthusiastically give you five stars to help you along!

One more comment...

You are not Average anything

Still reeling

I have been thumped between the eyes by this one. Want to yell out to you, saying, "Quit picking on me!"
But you are right. Thank you for the insight.
Still love the photo on the biography page . Reminds me of lovers past.


thinking of you...check your pm...


I'm a multi-ethnic (Black, Choctaw, Cherokee, and Creole)woman and I date interracially. How can I not given that I'm a blend of so many races? I love the mixing of cultures and experiences. This was a great read from the sexual perspective.

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