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Good article, Thanks

I have been a Literotica Reader for years and your article was well put. I had not been round but occasionally in recent years past as I was very involved in work and was there 45-70 hours per week and do Sacred Harp FASOLA singings on a lot of weekends. Had to retire with Age Related Memory Loss, and some health issues that keep me mostly home. So I did search for some more classy porn and came back to here and also found LUSH Stories which really lit the fire in me for stories of the male/male genre but bondage and humiliation also excite me. I favorited one of your stories I read today and found it was delightful. I am going to peruse more of your works and see if I find more of your stories that "tickle my erotic fancy". Much Thanks

Totaly agree

Yep, I'm with you on this completely. Ithink it's only fair to vote, I always do!

as a redhead

As a redheaded woman (somewhere between type 2 a and type 3) I was surprised how accurate this was. I feel very sorry to learn that some of my counterparts have a hard time achieving organisms. I wonder how this is possible, considering how sensitive we are to pain? I personally have a very sensitive clitoris, and cum fairly easily, and multiple times. However the downside to this is that after a while it starts to uncomfortable.
I would recommend to women who have a hard time getting off to start stimulating themselves before sex.
Working your kegle muscles, rubbing the clitoris in small circles, and stimulating your nipples.
These are just a few things that you can do to get yourself ready. The point is not masterbation to completion, but to tease yourself. If find that you're going to cum, stop wait a few minutes and repeat. By the time you have sex you'll be ready to cum without much effort.
Anyway hope this helps any of my ginger sisters out there

Over Used

Over used expression on this site, a cuckold in middle English traditionally was when a husband learned that his wife had been with another. Like the bird a man finds and settles on an unguarded nest, a wife, and the owner of the nest, the husband is non the wiser , he has been cuckolded. On this site it's often used in stories of agreed extra marital sex, sharing and swinging, in these instances no one has been duped no cuckoldry has taken place. But usage of words change over time and if a guy likes his wife calling him a cuckold then where is the harm, whatever floats your boat


Not much makes me ponder, laugh, and wonder all at once any more. But this did it. So, thanks for that!

Congratulations Brett

Glad you decided to write on Literotica and such great stuff.
Raging sex maniac Lanc's UK

i comment, please write more, 300 words each day, wow, big project!


Here's the ultimate kicker.

I really hate liberals. Really and truly. They've built their platform out of special interests, and nearly all those interests claim some aggrieved victim status of some sort. It's handy when it comes to raising money, getting out some votes, and hell, why argue with someone over the facts when you can just scream "racist!" and walk off a winner? And there are many people very invested in keeping the racism alive; race hustlers like Al Sharpton (he's no Rev in my eyes).

The problem is that the race card has been played for far too long and too often. Like how it's all about "white privilege" now, how white people are all racists just because they are white, like if I said all black people were retarded, would that be racist? sweeping generality is racist, yet another is not. And it's remarkable how one set of self appointed victim industry people have supposedly taken on the mantle of all knowing grand poo-bah, and their judgments are not to be questioned.

So now, when anyone speaks of race in any form, if they are not one of the "entitled" class, that speech is to be shouted down and drowned out regardless of validity or truth. Today, it's about some thug in Ferguson who messed with the bull and got the horns, but tomorrow it's some obscure writer in Literotica.

Here's the sum up.....true racists don't want a conversation on racism. They want to dictate how they are victims, everyone else is an oppressor, and they are quick to pile on and subjugate anyone who speaks out. But what they haven't noticed, hell, maybe they just are incapable of seeing it, is that most people are tired of the hype and bullshit. Tired of being manipulated, tired of being accused of things they do not do, but mostly tired of being forced to give a shit about a condition which hasn't existed in this country since 1865.

I don't own slaves. To the best of my knowledge, no one in my family ever has, either. I don't know any slaves, or parents of slaves, or grandparents of slaves. When I see an actual situation of slavery or racism, then I'll give a shit. Until then, I owe no-one a damned thing, I'm not responsible for what anyone else has done in any generation, and anyone who tries to impress responsibility for their made up victimhood status on me will get served a large and hot steaming bowl of "shut the fuck up." Further attempts will only get that person a side order of "go fuck yourself," and the really persistent will get a double helping of "may you be rectally relieved by a syphilitic boar." Twice.

And to the author, I say....fuck it. Write what you want, be responsible for your fuckups, and tell the grievance industry tards to go fuck themselves.


Rate and comment...authors favorite 3 words. I rarely comment unless its a great read. I try to rate every story I read unless I can't give it a 3 star rating at least. Bad editing may draw criticism from me tho I don't drop rating for it. I recall one author had a great story but the errors in editing drove me bonkers. It's a shame some commenters don't know the difference between constructive criticism and negativity. Keep up the good work!

I'm only obligated for a few and I still feel it's too much. And I hate shopping. Pass the pole!

Very Well Said Susan Jill Parker!

Thank you for letting us peek into the window of who Susan Jill Parker is. Your easy flow of words, that is aimed at the average person so they are able to have a clear understanding of exactly what you are saying, is sweet. Keep up the good work and keep writing with the reader in mind, so sad so many authors don't.

Susan Jill Parker, you are a breath of fresh air in the desert of,
self absorbed, self gratifying, and self importance
times we seem to be living in today.

Best Wishes,

Well said

Just had a chance to read your essay. It is well thought out, succinct, and timeless. Like the right of free speech. Indeed, taking offense at someone's right to free speech is the price we pay for being able to express ourselves freely. Maybe it is a small price sometimes and a large price at other times; I'd much rather have to pay it, and be offended, than not be able to say what I think. Fundamentalist religions impose too high a cost not only on their followers but on all around them. And I don't mean just fundamentalist Islam. Thank you for having taken the chance on a non-erotic essay on such a relevant topic to this site, Clearly most of you readers appreciated your essay.

As an extremely casual and ignorant reader,

This is both informative and funny. I love your writing style in general though. Over the past few months I've read all your fics here, and your writing has managed to make me able to read about fics with things I otherwise would find too disgusting (scat), without getting snapped out of the story world. I'm greatly looking forward to your future fics, and I guess I should cave in and get an account just so I can upvote your stories.

Don't try making sense of Lit voting

Face it: You are writing for an audience of crazies and perverts (I'm exaggerating, but still . . .). I tried to make sense of Lit voting, and how the admins try to correct it by manipulating it. You'll just go crazy thinking about it. There is a vague general correlation between score and quality, but in the area between 4 and 5, fughedaboutit. Your speculations are an interesting attempt to rationalize the irrational, but no cigar. Attributing the irrationality to jealous competitors is probably not the answer. It's more likely about the crazed lurkers. The fellow authors are probably more invested in hoping for a fair and honest system.

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