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interracial oral enthusiast

As a bi male for 30 I can't tell you how many times I have pleasured black men I have performed fellatio on ! Let's just say several hundred of them ! I'm amused that anyone even feels that its racist ! This is 2014 , get real! I've had black men at adult theaters, adult bookstores, clubs, party's, and off the net! The fact of the matter is that its my preference, and there does seem to be a definite size advantage of black over white, and the black men declare that whites are better fellatio masters !

It doesn't matter if they are straight / gay , married/ single! Truth be known I've had more married that want oral sex than any other. They want an oral expert to make their cocks feel special, and give them a reason to feel manly or superior! I take pride in servicing black men knowing that I'm in control of their cock while I perform oral sex to their liking, knowing that I'm the only one at that time that can bring them to ultimate pleasure! Many have said that I can suck their cocks like no one else has, and far better than any woman has! If the black man was happy at home and getting his cock sucked, and making it feel special at home, he wouldnt be looking for bit elsewhere!

I prefer men with over 8" and have seen size up to 12", all of which I am capable of total deepththroating! As for me, black vock is best, and I enjoy being a fellatio master! I've been told, that a man will always come back to where he received incredible head! My advice is for those that fantasize about it, is to get started with the real thing! Enjoy……………… happy BBC hunting! Oh, and yes I do swallow!


I am a southern man, and I'm damn proud of it. My ancestors owned slaves. I have four ancestors who served in the military during the War of 1861-1865; three went with the South, one with the North. I'm proud of all four.

Slavery in the USA was benign when compared to other places. In Brazil they had to continuously import more slaves because they worked the ones they had to death. Here in America the slave population was so healthy and so well treated it was able to reproduce itself. Most slaves did not live on huge plantations, but on small farms. For a young southern man to be able to buy a slave it was like being able to buy a better horse. One did not mistreat a horse. In most cases the first slave purchase was a female; someone to help out with the kids.

The War Between the States wasn't about slavery; it was about the 'racial readjustment question'. No one knew what to do with 4 million hapless black people once they would be set free. They just weren't competent to manage on their own; many still aren't. They needed, and regrettably still need to be managed. The descendants of our slave population do not make our country stronger or better; we are weaker because of their current circumstances. I might add it's not their fault.

Most southerners served in southern armies, not because of slavery, but because they didn't want a bunch of northerners telling them what to do. Southern whites, true southern whites, are usually Anglo-Saxon or Scottish. They, we, don't see things the way some other people do. Yes, we have our own customs.

I read some of the crap some 'anon' wrote about 'Kush'. He's misinformed; if the people of Kush had a language, there is evidence they did, it hasn't been deciphered. Hippocrates was Greek, and most likely a light haired blue eyed Dorian. Cleopatra was Greek too. Imhotep was an Egyptian, but they very clearly asserted that they were not black! Ancient Egyptians held the black people of Nubia and Kush in very low regard. There are ancient 'stele' along the Nile that forbade the movement of black people north of certain points.

Don't get me wrong. I am not a bigot. I am honest, and I am a realist. I am glad the South lost. I don't think black people have had the same opportunities as whites. We as a nation have never adequately addressed our 'black problem'. We most likely never will; the financial costs to appropriately educate and acclimate our black fellow citizens is considered too great by those who run our country. Regrettably many believe it's cheaper to incarcerate them.

Haircutting, tattooing and piercing agains her will.

My fantasies started ar a very young age. I remember hating a girl in our neighborhood and fantasizing cutting off all her hair. It made my little pecker feel soooo good....!
As I was in occupied Europe as a kid, I actually witnessed how a few young women, who had "lain" with the enemy, were being shaved bald in public !!
That made my little pecker a big boy !!
It was in my teens that I developed a fascination with tattoos and of course fantasized tattooing girls...
Much later in life I learned about piercing and enlarging earlobes and labia.
Cosmetic surgery completed my fantasies.

I had married a woman, who turned out to be a real bitch. A mean haughty slut.
She became my favorite target and after we split up, I had the opportunity to get even with her. I had told her about my fantasies, but she didn't know that I had purchased tattoo equipment after out divorce. I practised with it on grapefruits !
I kept it home just in case I would have an opportunity.

My ex tried to get me to take her back, I pretended to be interested, but under certain conditions.
I never took her back and her flattop haircut grew out in a matter of weeks, but, believe it or not, she is walking around with huge tattoos on her body, front and back !!

So Mr. Freaky-Thoughts, maybe we aren not half as freaky as we thought. Many men enjoyed me telling them about my ex. Even some women got a kick out of it. I recently married again, a beautiful woman, thirty year my junior. And she has now a beautiful colorfull tattoo on each upper arm. Big, not such a shy tiny one, but a bold one covering most of the skin from her shoulders to her ellbows. We are planning more.
I would like to read some stories about other people with similar fantasies.

Well said

Reason will never trump emotion, never has, but your essay is certainly worth the read. I'm often shocked by responses to stories and all that comes to my mind is: "Dude it's fiction. Get a life. Don't like the subject? Don't read it."


I personally as a testosterone-riddled straight male, am turned on by girl/girl. And specifically lesbian incest. Mom/daughter or sister/sister tales really set me off. And there has to be an element of seduction. Stories whether m/f or f/f where everyone just dives right in are lame. For example 18 y/o Sally has a thing for her 19 y/o sister Janie and slowly seduces her culminating with her climbing on Janie's face. That gives an element of seduction and story buildup. Different strokes for different folks, and I'm sure you'll get others. You yourself just suggested a penchant for b/w. I do think you'll find my fantasies popular though, as incest is the most read genre and lesbian sex is near the top. Combine those two and you should have winning stories. Good luck. Jedd

I was very lucky to find this

Today I came to this site not to be turned on, but because I wanted to see something different. The first story I found was too unrealistic to me, and this was the second one I chose. I was honestly waiting for the part where that one master came and the part where it described in detail how he dominated her, but this was much nicer. Now I'm gonna go somewhere else to find a more meaningful BDSM story, but this was very nice. I shared the same opinion as the narrator.

what i dont understand

is why some people favorite then unfavorite a story or author, sometimes repeatedly

so write a story

So many stories at Literotica start with a description of the women and most include "her breasts were pert" or "not a trace of sag". I'd love to read pne of yours that started with "and Heather's medium sized breasts hung down to within three inches of her navel and she hadn't worn a bra in several weeks, not since a fateful neighborhood party. Her husband had convinced her that she had a gorgeous figure and after 20 years of bra wearing had convinced her that bras were useless for preventing sagging anyway. When she first tried going brafree at that backyard barbecue she had worn a thin t-shirt that did nothing to hide her charms. After receiving so many compliments from both men and women, she had told her hubby afterward that she was never wearing a bra again. The next party was for Halloween and the husbands in their cul-de-sac were to pick out outfits for their wives. When the women had planned it, Heather's name came up and the wives talked about how great she had looked at the barbecue, and all the compliments she'd received, and how much they all hated wearing bras and how it was the first thing they took off when they got home from work, and how much they wished they'd had the nerve to do what Heather had done. After a brief discussion. they decided to make the dress code brafree and set the theme as "come as you really are.". And in order to head off any possibility of shyness and to make sure all their men would "get on board", they decided to tell their husbands that the men were to choose their outfits and that the theme was to be "over the top" and there would be a contest for bravest wife by secret ballot with the winner gaining the rights to host the next party, but with all the others chipping in to pay all food and alcohol expenses. Heather hadn't been at the planning session, but she and all the other wives showed up at the party "as they really are." Needless to say, given that their ages ranged from 33 to 49, every gal was "riding lower" than at the previous party, and all their hubbies were smiling ear to ear. Heather wore a shirt tied at the waist (with no buttons because hubby had cut them off). She received more compliments than at the barbecue, but she only captured third place. Her best friend Liz won second. Her husband had picked a sheer blouse with a low neckline that never wanted to stay put, especially after she unbuttoned the only button to match Heather. First place went to her neighbor Sue from across the street, who wore a high-waisted ankle-length skirt with a thin silk camisole. Right before the secret ballot at midnight, and on a dare from her friend Peggy, she removed her cami, since, as she put it, "This sheer thing isn't hiding anything anyway. The criterion for the balloting had been for the outfit that most accentuated their sagginess and Sue's skirt riding barely an inch from the bottom of her breasts was almost the unanimous choice for first place. When it was announced that she had won. the only thing she could think to say was, "What in the world can I wear to the Thanksgiving party?!"


To Frontlinecaster, Aynmair and ChrissySnow:

Thank you for the kind words of appreciation. I really appreciate the fact that you took the time to post your comment.

Thanks again.:)

To Anon. 8/20:

First of all, a big Thanks for commenting and letting us know your thoughts. I appreciate the effort you took to post a comment on my story.

I've NEVER said that people's imagination should be restricted in the virtual world. They're free to do as they please as long as they don't mix the virtual from real life.

I totally agree with your opinions and acquiece with the fact that people should walk away from something they don't like instead of shouting their displeasure.

Interesting, But Not Entirely Accurate

You left out a very important key factor. Length is irrelevant because it's the thickness of the shaft that stimulates pleasure. The width rubs the vaginal walls which is why sex is enjoyable. Focusing on that aspect would have made going on about length a needless endeavor. Length does not usually matter. Thickness does. Even if you possess a ten inch cock, if it resembles a pencil, your partner will not enjoy the sensation very much. Nice essay, I just don't think you explained things in a way that makes it sound like plausible, or reliable information.

You Made Me Think Of A Point I'd Like To Make To People Here

In this wonderful world of fiction there should be empathy. If you choose a category... such as incest for instance.... and you come across something non consent, flying off the handle is hypocritical. Why? How many people in the world would fly off the handle at you if they knew you were reading in the incest category?

You shouldn't judge people based on what they choose to imagine. It's not real after all... it's fiction. It hurts no one, and to get into an uproar about it is ridiculous. The proper attitude to have when you come across a fictional story that you do not have a taste for is to... WALK AWAY... and FIND SOMETHING ELSE. Why scream about it? That's so stupid because a million people would scream at you for what you like. Would you like to hear them do it?.... No. So, to everyone on the site who likes to throw fits.... Lighten UP.

Last thing... People who have an opportunity to indulge in their fantasy worlds here are less likely to do it in the real world. Not having access to it won't make them stop liking something... all it does is frustrate them so feel they HAVE to do it in the real world. So, if you come across non consent stories, or under age stories, or whatever else freaks people out... leave them alone. It's their therapy.

Ha... Sorry... you got me worked up.

I found this to be pretentious and pointless

Essays should be informative. They serve the purpose of giving a view point that enlightens people about something they didn't know. You took the definition of a simple word, then used a bunch of flowery phrases to make it sound like more than it was in a very condescending manner... Then you began to self promote yourself by tossing out names of things you've written. This whole thing was pointless, and anyone who has a reading level above the sixth grade is going to see that.

Reasons for secession

The preambles and articles of secession of the southern states only mention one specific grievance against the United States, interference with slavery. The rest of the articles give legal/constitutional basis for secession.

Examples: "Declaration of the Immediate Causes Which Induce and Justify the Secession of South Carolina from the Federal Union.” Dec 24, 1860 They note “an increasing hostility on the part of the non-slaveholding States to the institution of slavery” They also objected to interference with the return of fugitive slaves, voting by black men in New England, the establishment of abolitionist societies, and not recognizing "slave transit" by slave holders into non-slaveholding states. There are no reasons cited not directly tied to slavery.

Mississippi, Jan 9, 1861 - "Declaration of Secession" - “Our position is thoroughly identified with the institution of slavery — the greatest material interest of the world,”

Read them all, they are online.

The belief that somehow the south paid the taxes while the north benefited is also bogus. The federal government received the vast majority of it's funds from Ad Volorum taxes in the form of tariffs. FY 1859, Total Federal Income $65.4 Million - Tariff income from:
Major Northern ports, $44.994 million
Major Southern ports - $2.830 million,
Other ports $8.576 million. es/o/in/photostream/

The cause of The War Between the States, The War of Northern Aggression, The Late Great Unpleasantness, The American Civil War or whatever you may choose to call it was caused by the fear of abolition of slavery and the economic chaos that would most likely ensue.

See also on

the book "The Quest of the Historical Jesu" by Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965).

He was a german/french physician and theologian. While not quite blowing in the same horn as wistfall1, he covers much of the history of the theologians' struggle with the contradictions and problems with the gospels' texts. Starting from mi-18th century to the time of his writing - shortly after 1902.

It is enlightening to learn how very little is reasonably known about Jesus life and speeches, as theologians - certainly no atheists - try to understand how the gospels texts came into being, and what the society's beliefs and expectations were.

It is hard not to come to the conclusion that the church(es) want to keep their flock in ignorance, and hold to a faith that is, in its central dogmas, largely untenable.

Wow, anonymous, you hit the nail right on the head!

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