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Following Lil

 — An elfen learns of pleasure and power. by Jazin10/29/054.00

Font of Fertility Ch. 01

 — Jeremiah finds out about his magic dick. by BreakTheBar02/07/154.77HOT

Font of Fertility Ch. 02

 — Problems and Firsts with the magic dick. by BreakTheBar02/15/154.85HOT

Font of Fertility Ch. 03

 — Sisters and the Magic Dick by BreakTheBar02/22/154.86HOT

Food for a Dragon

 — It was time to choose who the dragon would get. by porn4fun11/16/114.33

Food for a Dragon Ch. 02

 — The dragon feasts on Ann. by porn4fun11/23/114.42


 — Daniel gets an odd call for a job, and finds he likes thongs. by RandomPax01/19/074.62HOT

For Emily Whenever...

 — Time Traveler tries to fix an unhappy sex life. by hotturkey07/05/064.51HOT

For The Love of a Brother

 — Introducing the boys to you. by Gwenannette04/08/134.20

For The Man Who Has Everything Ch. 01

 — A very unusual Christmas gift. by BlewWater6911/18/064.55HOT

For The Man Who Has Everything Ch. 02

 — A very unusual Christmas gift. by BlewWater6911/20/064.66HOT

For The Man Who Has Everything Ch. 03

 — The unusual gift starts to take shape. by BlewWater6911/22/064.75HOT

For The Man Who Has Everything Ch. 04

 — The Christmas present takes shape and form. by BlewWater6911/23/064.76HOT

For The Man Who Has Everything Ch. 05

 — Work on the project leads to interesting activities. by BlewWater6912/01/064.76HOTContest Winner

For The Man Who Has Everything Ch. 06

 — Mr. Tarrington meets the women at Thanksgiving. by BlewWater6912/06/064.82HOT

For The Man Who Has Everything Ch. 07

 — Final chapter: the unusual Christmas present is given. by BlewWater6912/07/064.75HOT

For the One in the West Ch. 01

 — A man takes a radical change for love. by Galadreyil06/01/114.53HOT

For the One in the West Ch. 02

 — Yerick and Stela laid together near the mouth of their cave. by Galadreyil06/02/114.66HOT

For the Whored Ch. 01

 — Night Elf draws men and then the fun begins. by Thatawfulwowporno02/11/154.51HOT

For the Whored Ch. 02

 — Night Elf draws men and then the fun begins. by Thatawfulwowporno02/12/154.51HOT

For the Whored Ch. 03

 — Night Elf draws men and then the fun begins. by Thatawfulwowporno02/13/154.48

For the Whored Ch. 04

 — Night Elf draws men and then the fun begins. by Thatawfulwowporno02/14/154.36

For the Whored Ch. 05

 — Night Elf draws men and then the fun begins. by Thatawfulwowporno02/15/154.57HOT

For the Whored Ch. 06

 — Night Elf draws men and then the fun begins. by Thatawfulwowporno02/16/154.62HOT

For the Whored Ch. 07

 — Night Elf draws men and then the fun begins. by Thatawfulwowporno02/17/154.53HOT

For the Whored Ch. 08

 — Night Elf draws men and then the fun begins. by Thatawfulwowporno02/18/154.45

For the Whored Ch. 09

 — Night Elf draws men and then the fun begins by Thatawfulwowporno02/19/154.65HOT

For the Whored Ch. 10

 — Night Elf draws men and then the fun begins by Thatawfulwowporno02/20/154.59HOT

For the Whored Ch. 11

 — Night Elf draws men and then the fun begins by Thatawfulwowporno02/21/154.63HOT

For the Whored Ch. 12

 — Night Elf draws men and then the fun begins by Thatawfulwowporno02/22/154.71HOT

For the Whored Ch. 13

 — Elunara has to deal with some ghosts of the past. by Thatawfulwowporno02/23/154.62HOT

For the Whored Ch. 14

 — Elunara decides to get creative, and has a heart to heart. by Thatawfulwowporno02/24/154.70HOT

For the Whored Ch. 15

 — Eluanara sees her first couple of customers. by Thatawfulwowporno02/25/154.50HOT

For the Whored Ch. 16

 — The pair duel, but something goes wrong. by Thatawfulwowporno02/26/154.71HOT

For the Whored Ch. 17

 — A trial for justice. by Thatawfulwowporno02/27/154.60HOT

For the Whored Ch. 18

 — The sentance is carried out. by Thatawfulwowporno02/28/154.71HOT

For the Whored Ch. 19

 — Elunara gets more volunteers by Thatawfulwowporno03/01/154.67HOT

For the Whored Ch. 20

 — We return to the South Orchard for more fun. by Thatawfulwowporno03/02/154.68HOT

For the Whored Ch. 21

 — Renwa decides it is time to fulfill a fantasy. by Thatawfulwowporno03/03/154.62HOT

For the Whored Ch. 22

 — Gerald Finds out why you don't piss of Elunara. by Thatawfulwowporno03/04/154.64HOT

For the Whored Ch. 23

 — The town expands, Jordan gets the full treatment by Thatawfulwowporno03/05/154.72HOT

For the Whored Ch. 24

 — Elunara tries out a new medium by Thatawfulwowporno03/06/154.68HOT

For the Whored Ch. 25

 — Tulani gets an eyeful, then Elunara treats her to pampering by Thatawfulwowporno03/07/154.77HOT

For the Whored Ch. 26

 — Tulani joins in, and the heartbreak is revealed by Thatawfulwowporno03/08/154.64HOT

For the Whored Ch. 27

 — Elunara finally gets Grogek and Renwa together by Thatawfulwowporno03/09/154.60HOT

For the Whored Ch. 28

 — Elunara deals with Tulani's bullies by Thatawfulwowporno03/10/154.71HOT

For the Whored Ch. 29

 — A caravan arrives and gives Elunara plenty to do by Thatawfulwowporno03/11/154.61HOT

For the Whored Ch. 30

 — Elunara doesn't handle pregnancy well by Thatawfulwowporno03/19/154.30

For the Whored Ch. 31a

 — Elunara's past comes to a head by Thatawfulwowporno03/13/154.61HOT

For the Whored Ch. 31b

 — Elunara explains why she was banished by Thatawfulwowporno03/14/154.55HOT

For the Whored Ch. 32

 — Teaching the most boring couple in the history of sex by Thatawfulwowporno03/15/154.62HOT

For the Whored Ch. 33

 — South Orchard gets crazy by Thatawfulwowporno03/16/154.58HOT

For the Whored Ch. 34

 — Hey look, it's Thrall by Thatawfulwowporno03/17/154.71HOT

For the Whored Ch. 35

 — Elunara convinces Lorros to do her bidding by Thatawfulwowporno03/18/154.56HOT

For the Whored Ch. 36

 — Tulani gets her day of enjoyment by Thatawfulwowporno03/19/154.44

For the Whored Ch. 37

 — She sets up a business and grogek gives the best presents. by Thatawfulwowporno03/20/154.66HOT

For the Whored Ch. 38

 — Elunara gets kidnapped by Thatawfulwowporno03/21/154.72HOTNEW

For the Whored Ch. 39

 — Elunara returns home with a new friend by Thatawfulwowporno03/22/154.83HOTNEW

For the Whored Ch. 40

 — Zelinnia gets her bearings by Thatawfulwowporno03/23/154.71HOTNEW

For the Whored Ch. 41

 — King Wrynn shows up to substantiate the rumors by Thatawfulwowporno03/24/154.67HOTNEW

For the Whored Ch. 42

 — King Wrynn has a surprise announcement. by Thatawfulwowporno03/25/154.71HOTNEW

For the Whored Ch. 43

 — Tulani gets attacked by Thatawfulwowporno03/26/154.69HOTNEW

For the Whored Ch. 44

 — Terrance gets what he deserves by Thatawfulwowporno03/27/154.50HOTNEW

For the Whored Ch. 45

 — Zelinnia makes an idiot of herself, and Elunara gets punishe by Thatawfulwowporno03/28/15NEW

For Your Sins

 — A love story set in Hell. by Silvermouse11/11/104.70HOT

Forbidden Ch. 01

 — A rebellious Fae and a handsome Drow find each other. by FaeLina07/17/064.55HOT

Forbidden Ch. 02

 — Sinafay must chose between his new love and old obsession. by FaeLina07/25/064.43

Forbidden Ch. 03

 — Lina and Sinafay hide out. by FaeLina08/08/064.76HOT

Forbidden Ch. 04

 — Lina must face her past. by FaeLina09/08/074.62HOT

Forbidden Ch. 05

 — Mira helps her sister out. by FaeLina10/26/074.75HOT

Forbidden Desire

 — Two young lovers with a tangable attraction. by Hex Witch09/30/094.40

Forbidden Love Ch. 01

 — The Country Outing. by SlavetooneDesire03/15/104.22

Forbidden Love Ch. 02

 — Confused. by SlavetooneDesire03/17/104.31

Forbidden Love Ch. 03

 — Conflict by SlavetooneDesire03/29/104.47

Forbidden Love Ch. 04

 — The Pleasure Nymph by SlavetooneDesire03/30/104.42

Forbidden Passions

 — A ninja & a princess in lust. by JohnB7307/26/033.36

Forced Awakening

 — The first episode in the Forced, Fucked, and Bred Trilogy. by breebellucci02/09/134.54HOT

Foreplaystation 15

 — It was well worth the wait for the latest games station. by Decayed Angel12/13/063.50

Foreplaystation 15 Ch. 02

 — I take home my new game station and give it a try. by Decayed Angel12/14/064.06

Foreplaystation 15 Ch. 03

 — After disaster with the old actress I try the 29 year old. by Decayed Angel12/15/063.44

Foreplaystation 15 Ch. 04

 — Things go from bad to worse as the systems go nuts. by Decayed Angel12/16/063.89

Foreplaystation 15 Ch. 05

 — My trip to return the game results in absolute chaos. by Decayed Angel12/17/064.00


 — The events of Revelations from a different view. by JoeBarnosky06/27/11

Forest Encounter

 — Wereanimals, dominate & submission. by WiccanFyir08/19/073.93

Forest Magic

 — An exiled prince, an unexpected rescue. by jtoughkat07/10/134.59HOT

Forest Magic Ch. 02

 — The start of a journey by jtoughkat10/10/134.40

Forest Magic Ch. 03

 — Realisations. by jtoughkat01/18/154.42

Forever Eve Ch. 01

 — She is cursed with immortality. by redgryphon08/18/094.35

Forever of the Wood

 — A virgin forest and a virgin love will both last forever. by LesLumens04/08/094.80HOTContest Winner

Fortune Teller

 — Visions of lesbian sex are shown in a crystal ball. by TrishaMonks12/12/053.94

Fortune Wood

 — She wonders into the forest and finds something unexpected. by Lucreace10/05/104.54HOT

Fortune Wood Ch. 02

 — She gets another lesson from him. by Lucreace10/19/104.63HOT

Found Freedom and Into the Wind

 — A lesbian faery story. by vrosej1002/14/103.67

Found in the Dark

 — Beautiful and mysterious hiker or dangerous alien? by Saycheese11/10/034.50HOT

Four Hands are Better than Two

 — A first time with a difference. by catchercradle08/18/074.13

Fox Hunt Ch. 01

 — Superheroines are dominated and enslaved by the evil Vixens. by Frenemy5405/21/124.34

Fox Hunt Ch. 02

 — American Fox is held at the mercy of a Gothic Lolita. by Frenemy5405/27/124.47

Frances of Venus: Report 02

 — Author's dreams of adult space drama. by HumanEndeavor09/01/054.11

Frances of Venus: Report 03

 — Tit For Tat. by HumanEndeavor09/08/053.92


 — Close encounter between a human & not-so-human. by Mariposa08/23/034.33


 — Are orgasms in space any better than those in gravity? by CWatson07/09/034.56HOT


 — Being able to stop time shows a painter new subjects. by KnottLynnHardey02/10/124.51HOT

Freyas Saga Ch. 02

 — Freya's doom has tragic consequences for three people. by villanova03/17/154.44

Freyas Saga Ch. 03

 — Five and Freya meet. by villanova03/21/154.71HOTNEW

Friend In Need

 — Two dragons find comfort in one another. by CoffeeRules06/09/084.60HOT

Friend of the Wood

 — A lifetime of joy can hide in the most unassuming places. by LesLumens08/30/134.82HOT

From Boötis to Heaven

 — Crew from another world finds a woman. by Bakeboss02/22/103.93

From Dominion to Slavery

 — An empress is humiliated when her empire falls. by ChristopherMaxwell11/17/063.31

From Man To Slave

 — A students life changes, to something unexpected. by StormyJ10/08/123.83

From Our Ashes Ch. 01

 — He escaped his prison and found the phoenix. by PhantasyPen02/14/134.57HOT

From Slave to Sovereign Ch. 01

 — Loki and his relationship with a mortal woman. by defectivespork04/28/124.39

From Slave to Sovereign Ch. 02

 — Loki and his relationship with a mortal woman. by defectivespork05/05/124.32

From Slave to Sovereign Ch. 03

 — Loki and his relationship with a mortal woman. by defectivespork05/26/124.43

From Terra Ch. 01

 — Chryssa is taken and begins her new life. by Goldeniangel10/17/064.34

From Terra Ch. 02

 — Chryssa is tested at the pleasure house. by Goldeniangel10/18/064.36

From Terra Ch. 03

 — Chryssa pleasures her first alien customer. by Goldeniangel10/19/064.52HOT

From Terra Ch. 04

 — Chryssa begins to learn what House Exotica expects of her. by Goldeniangel02/28/144.57HOT

From Terra Ch. 05

 — Chryssa becomes a voyeur and makes a decision. by Goldeniangel03/31/144.62HOT

From Terra Ch. 07

 — Chryssa finds out why Lord Plath is so popular. by Goldeniangel08/23/144.70HOT

From Terra Ch. 08

 — Lord Plath takes Chryssa's anal virginity. by Goldeniangel08/29/144.69HOT

From Terra Ch. 09

 — Chryssa receives more training & time in the kitchen. by Goldeniangel09/20/144.58HOT

From Terra Ch. 10

 — Chryssa services a new client, a lizard like humanoid. by Goldeniangel09/29/144.72HOT

From Terra Ch. 11

 — Chryssa discovers J'x aliens have giant, tasty cocks. by Goldeniangel10/12/144.70HOT

From Terra Ch. 12

 — Lord Plath returns and Chryssa gets tied up. by Goldeniangel10/26/144.84HOT

From Terra Ch. 13

 — Chryssa is pleasured by a snake-like alien. by Goldeniangel11/05/144.64HOT

From Terra Ch. 14

 — Chryssa is pleasured by the strangest alien yet. by Goldeniangel11/06/144.73HOT

From Terra Ch. 15

 — Chryssa's newest alien client is devilishly hot. by Goldeniangel11/14/144.84HOT

From Terra Ch. 16

 — Lord Plath is displeased and Chryssa is pleasured. by Goldeniangel11/20/144.86HOT

From Terra Ch. 17

 — Chryssa awakens on Lord Plath's ship. by Goldeniangel12/15/144.72HOT

From Terra Ch. 18

 — Chryssa meets Lord Plath's child-bearer, Porluxa. by Goldeniangel12/18/144.71HOT

From Terra Ch. 19

 — Chryssa meets the Terran prine. by Goldeniangel01/05/154.80HOT

From Terra Ch. 20

 — Someone has bought Jed first, what will Chryssa trade? by Goldeniangel01/16/154.86HOT

From Terra Ch. 21

 — The happily ever after for Zyander & Chryssa. by Goldeniangel01/22/154.87HOT

From the Blood of the Wolf Ch. 01

 — Anna and her hiking party must stick together to stay alive. by LL_Timber04/05/124.45

From the Blood of the Wolf Ch. 02

 — Anna and her hiking party venture into the Valley. by LL_Timber04/07/124.51HOT

From the Blood of the Wolf Ch. 03

 — Anna finds herself facing death...or worse. by LL_Timber04/13/124.62HOT

From the Blood of the Wolf Ch. 04

 — Will the treatment to keep Anna from becoming a zombie work? by LL_Timber04/14/124.64HOT

From the Chrysalis

 — Man awakens after accident to find he's now his sister. by Grey Eagle 28602/05/074.71HOT

From the Files of the ADT

 — Civic Duty. by voluptuary_manque11/10/134.21

From Two Different Worlds

 — It was true - they were different, but the sex was great. by Bakeboss01/03/104.17


 — Madness, memories, or something in between? by Feotakahari10/23/104.67HOT

Frozen Lusts

 — Cute coed & professor find caveman. by Master_Vassago05/18/044.27

Fruit Salad

 — What happens when the gods get bored and party with fruit. by Jaisen01/09/083.85


 — Lucifer falls for Eve. by Valentine_Satterlee09/18/114.07

fspring Ch. 033

 — Olympus. by Talemaster08/01/124.67HOT

Fuck Engineers!

 — Blood Elf Engineer gets down and dirty in the workshop. by Butterwaffle08/13/094.39

Fuck Hell. Staring Tiffany Ch. 02

 — Then soon she got it by Slambeasty07/14/112.36

Fuck You Like an Animal

 — A werwolf surprises his lover in the middle of the night. by 2alay205/29/124.27

Fucked By Force

 — Bound and Bred for the Billionaire Part 3 by breebellucci02/10/134.02

Fucking a Superhero

 — Civilian tells her tale of hooking up with a superhero. by puzzlegirl05/08/124.38

Fucking Evolution

 — An evolutionary leap. by GotBacon11/19/144.28

Fucking Jesus

 — Business leads Mia to an omnipotent gift at Christmas by mia_erotica11/17/093.56

Full Bloom in Winter

 — Diabolic lessons: like father, like daughter. by Etaski01/28/124.61HOT

Full Confession Ch. 01

 — Can true love overcome all things? by MickJay08/28/114.44

Full Confession Ch. 02

 — Our Hero embarks on a quest to retrieve his lost love. by MickJay10/02/124.00

Full Moon Strays Ch. 01

 — Jane discovers a darker world amongst the streets. by Evil Alpaca02/05/064.74HOT

Full Moon Strays Ch. 02

 — The Strays come under assault by a dark force. by Evil Alpaca02/12/064.80HOT

Full Moon Strays Ch. 03

 — Jane struggles to find her place amongst the Strays. by Evil Alpaca02/20/064.81HOT

Full Moon Strays Ch. 04

 — Jane & the Strays attract the attention of dark forces. by Evil Alpaca02/25/064.77HOT

Full Moon Strays Ch. 05

 — Jane is touched by Evil and changed forever. by Evil Alpaca03/03/064.81HOT

Full Moon Strays Ch. 06

 — Even as Jane vanquishes one demon, another appears. by Evil Alpaca03/09/064.79HOT

Full Moon Strays Ch. 07

 — The Strays find new allies & maybe a new weapon. by Evil Alpaca03/16/064.79HOT

Full Moon Strays Ch. 08

 — The Strays face a seemingly unstoppable evil. by Evil Alpaca03/25/064.84HOTContest Winner

Full Moon: October 9, 2003

 — He sends his spirit to a friend's bed. by Toxico10/14/034.46

Fun at Sorcery School

 — Ergon & Sarissa explore new magical applications. by nikki_202112/15/084.54HOT

Fun at Sorcery School Ch. 02

 — Ergon and Sarissa further apply their magical learnings. by nikki_202101/14/094.60HOT

Fun at Sorcery School Ch. 03

 — The experiments continue. by nikki_202111/12/094.56HOT

Fun at Sorcery School Ch. 04

 — Sarissa, Ergon and Venus further explore the possibilities. by nikki_202105/02/114.66HOT

Fun at the Isla Truqué

 — Literally anything is possible with a robotic lover. by Greenbill03/18/154.29

Funeral Games

 — The funeral rites of a follower of the goddess of eroticism. by WerewolfatNight03/02/054.73HOT

Fur Fairies and Sprites

 — They exist. by FurLove02/25/064.42

Fur Harem

 — The true legend of Acis and Galatea. by FurLove05/21/063.68

Futa Quest Ch. 01

 — Mary the knight battles a demon queen. by sajukno07/23/134.64HOT

Futa Quest Ch. 02

 — Mary and Enn meet a priestess. by sajukno08/14/134.70HOT

Futa Quest Ch. 03

 — The ambush. by sajukno08/30/134.61HOT

Futa Quest Ch. 04

 — A familiar face joins Mary and Enn on their quest. by sajukno10/07/134.64HOT

Futa Quest Ch. 05

 — Mary, Enn and Clara confront a thief. by sajukno11/22/134.60HOT

Futa Quest Ch. 06

 — The group comes across a rather territorial Elven maiden. by sajukno02/11/144.64HOT

Futa Quest Ch. 07

 — Exploring the newly-transformed drow's body. by sajukno02/11/144.72HOT

Futamorph Ch. 01

 — While traveling along the Mexican coast Angela Consort... by Fuimus02/21/134.44

Futamorph Ch. 02

 — Shana greeted Angela at the door to her clinic. by Fuimus04/16/134.31


 — Traveling for work takes an unexpected turn for better. by mrizzo02/27/144.15

Futanarious Bimbosis Ch. 01

 — Jen Parks is a horrible person, and Tiffany will get revenge. by Futa_Contractor09/10/134.17

Futanarious Bimbosis Ch. 02

 — Jen Parks is a horrible person, and Tiffany will get revenge by Futa_Contractor09/22/134.42

Futanarious Bimbosis Ch. 03

 — Jen Parks is a horrible person, and Tiffany will get revenge. by Futa_Contractor09/23/134.51HOT

Futanarious Bimbosis Ch. 04

 — Jen Parks is a horrible person, and Tiffany will get revenge. by Futa_Contractor09/30/134.67HOT

Futanarious Bimbosis Ch. 05

 — Jen Parks is a horrible person, and Tiffany will get revenge. by Futa_Contractor10/01/134.58HOT

Futanarious Bimbosis Ch. 06

 — Jen Parks is a horrible person, and Tiffany will get revenge by Futa_Contractor10/02/134.62HOT

Futanarious Bimbosis Ch. 07

 — Jen Parks is a horrible person, and Tiffany will get revenge by Futa_Contractor10/11/134.58HOT

Futanarious Bimbosis Ch. 08

 — Jen Parks is a horrible person, and Tiffany will get revenge. by Futa_Contractor10/12/134.63HOT

Futanarious Bimbosis Ch. 09

 — Jen Parks is a horrible person, and Tiffany will get revenge. by Futa_Contractor10/28/134.67HOT

Futanarious Bimbosis Ch. 10

 — Jen Parks is a horrible person, and Tiffany will get revenge. by Futa_Contractor11/05/134.63HOT

Futanarious Bimbosis Ch. 11

 — Jen Parks is a horrible person, and Tiffany will get revenge. by Futa_Contractor12/08/134.59HOT

Futanarious Bimbosis Ch. 12

 — Jen Parks is a horrible person, and Tiffany will get revenge. by Futa_Contractor12/11/134.66HOT

Futanarious Bimbosis Ch. 13

 — Jen Parks is a horrible person, and Tiffany will get revenge. by Futa_Contractor12/31/134.50HOT

Futanarious Bimbosis Ch. 14

 — Jen Parks is a horrible person and Tiffany will get revenge. by Futa_Contractor02/25/144.36

Futatales: Just Another Cherry

 — Cassandra's latest John is...different. by redskyes02/27/134.75HOT

Futatales: Roomies

 — Chloe's drunk roommate gets a surprise. by redskyes04/10/134.72HOT

Futatales: Roomies Ch. 02

 — Madison gets to the bottom of things. by redskyes05/20/134.76HOT

Future Ch. 01

 — Tristan Tenor and His Gynoid Move into a hotel. by Taunus12/21/124.27

Future Ch. 02

 — Rita is a Caregiver for Nathan; Erik comes to visit by Taunus12/22/123.67

Future Ch. 03

 — The Cyborgs Karen and Ricky hook up. by Taunus01/13/133.20

Futuristic Job Interview

 — An interview that's more than meets the eye. by EileenAndrews05/22/094.22


 — When she falls asleep next to the fyre, the night gets hot. by FrostedBlade06/14/084.63HOT

F_Cubed Ch. 01

 — An Energy Story. by Taunus10/20/114.67HOT

F_Cubed Pt. 02

 — Harry and Jenny escape Bob and Stan. by Taunus10/24/114.71HOT

F_Cubed Pt. 03

 — The Fossile Fuel Fellowship hunts Harry and Jenny. by Taunus10/31/114.61HOT

F_Cubed Pt. 04

 — Jenny is captured and put in the Internet as Anal. by Taunus11/01/113.65

F_Cubed Pt. 05

 — Jenny is Tormented---Stan frees Jenny. by Taunus11/03/114.67HOT

F_Cubed Pt. 06

 — Stan and Jenny meet up with Tom. by Taunus11/05/114.38

Gaby and the Vines

 — Young woman taken by a group of vines. by Gabyspet03/13/084.14

Gaius and the Goblins

 — Gaius and Igred on the way home from vampire slaying... by sin2win50010/23/144.08

Gaius and the Troll

 — Igred subdues a troll while Gaius watches. by sin2win50010/30/144.11

Gaius and the Vampire

 — Gaius and his assistant fight a vampire in pt.2. by sin2win50010/20/144.11

Gaius Verses the Nagi

 — Things go poorly for Gaius... as always. by sin2win50012/05/144.22

Gaius versus the Witch

 — A monster hunter battles Satyrs, wolves, and witches. by sin2win50008/16/144.58HOT

Galactic Bounty Hunter Ch. 01

 — Becoming a Bounty Hunter. by kingkey08/24/104.61HOT

Galactic Bounty Hunter Ch. 02

 — The bounty hunter's best tool is his gun. by kingkey08/25/104.68HOT

Galactic Deception Ch. 01

 — Dating communities can be dangerous, even in 5000 AD. by lost_pirate10/15/074.21

Galactic Deception Ch. 02

 — Rough sex can be fatal. by lost_pirate10/25/074.36

Galactic Federation of Feminization

 — Be careful what you ask for when confronting writer's block. by thechangedone09/14/113.39

Galactic Slave Ch. 01

 — Susan is enslaved and sold on an alien planet. by dweaver99901/28/074.37

Galactic Slave Ch. 02

 — Susan learns of slavery first hand. by dweaver99901/29/074.52HOT

Galactic Slave Ch. 03

 — Susan is sold. by dweaver99902/10/074.56HOT

Galactic Slave Ch. 04

 — Susan learns some of what her new master expects of her. by dweaver99902/22/074.61HOT

Galactic Slave Ch. 05

 — Susan services her first true alien. by dweaver99902/24/074.63HOT

Galactic Slave Ch. 06

 — Susan is punished for defiance and discovers Masters mission. by dweaver99903/04/074.57HOT

Galactic Slave Ch. 07

 — Susan gives an orgy and earns her name. by dweaver99903/16/074.69HOT

Galactic Slave Ch. 08

 — Susan must use pain to not become aroused. by dweaver99903/28/074.72HOT

Galactic Slave Ch. 09

 — Susan's sexual skills are put on display. by dweaver99904/04/074.73HOT

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