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Lakeside Nymph

 — Dream sex becomes real. by txbiker10/05/034.32


 — On searing world, they come together with a Cente. by jthserra08/27/044.52HOT

Lamentation Ch. 02

 — He knew the depth of perversion he was preparing to explore. by jthserra09/13/044.50HOT

Land of Men Ch. 01

 — He gets a new slave & more than he bargained for. by Temptrianna06/29/144.40

Lara Croft vs. Jungle Girl

 — as the title indicates... by justtheone06/27/144.38


 — Black woman's lust-satiation odyssey in far-off future. by Seyazou-Nubille06/17/023.62


 — The manifestation of a death-goddess finds her consort. by elisebos12/06/134.67HOT

LaSola of the Singing Bow Ch. 01

 — She battles hunter enchantress. by DutchMark08/30/034.62HOT

Lasombra’s Embrace Ch. 01

 — WoD Masquerade Vampire Erotica with Orgy scene. by trinaxxl06/27/114.54HOT

Lasombra’s Embrace Ch. 02

 — WoD Masquerade Vampire Erotica with Shadow Tentacles. by trinaxxl06/28/114.68HOT

Last Hope for Salvation Ch. 01

 — A Paranormal Endeavor story: Kyrin and Feya. by AsheniaRye07/01/134.10

Last Hope for Salvation Ch. 02

 — Paranormal Endeavors: DeArmound and the Sage . by AsheniaRye07/09/134.55HOT

Last Man Alive In Canada

 — Haitian man fights off Zombie Plague in Canada. by Samuelx03/15/152.69

Last Night

 — She comes to say goodbye. by Lucreace06/06/104.43

Last Night of Passion

 — A night of boundless passion in space. by shadowmf11/21/113.38

Last of the Mountain Giants

 — Being the last of her kind had an obvious drawback. by Princess_Roflcopter03/05/104.38

Last of the Unicorns

 — The last of her kind she must take desperate measures. by Onyxwolf08/08/064.76HOT

Late October's Dream

 — He meets the perfect woman at a sci-fi convention. by chris_r_uk10/12/043.57


 — "You see, they used to have things called Laundromats..." by Zrnko_Pisku12/17/123.48

Laundry Elves

 — Annie gets help. by BiancaOldman10/31/104.11

Laura's Beach House Vacation

 — Laura finds a surprise partner. by IamGnuHere12/03/144.24


 — A new beginning. by NewWriter02/07/044.06

Lavender Pt. 01

 — A MILF, a bath, and a sweet smelling alien. by PrevertOne01/18/103.81

Lavender Pt. 02

 — A MILF, a bath, and a sweet-smelling alien. by PrevertOne01/22/104.41

Lavender Pt. 03

 — A MILF, a bath, and a sweet-smelling alien. by PrevertOne01/23/104.19

Lavender Pt. 04

 — A MILF, a bath, and a sweet-smelling alien. by PrevertOne01/24/104.25

Lavender Pt. 05

 — A MILF, A Bath, and A Sweet, Smelling Alien. by PrevertOne01/25/104.38

Lavender Pt. 06

 — A MILF, A Bath, and a Sweet, Smelling Alien by PrevertOne01/28/104.28

Lawn Work Rewards Ch. 3

 — How woking for the neighbors gets paid for by the wives. by kingswede09/16/094.38

Laws of Chaos

 — Chaos fairy meets the High Lord of Chaos by Tempus_Fugit01/27/044.12

Laying Siege to Her Fortress

 — A blacksmith's son gets more than he bargained for. by KrisSpee02/11/154.04

Lazdrick of Azeroth

 — A Warlock's revenge against the babes that ignored him. by CaptainSmashums04/21/073.87

Lazdrick of Azeroth Level 02

 — A Dwarf in a Scottish outfit. by CaptainSmashums05/03/074.03

Leandra: Prey or Huntress?

 — A fiery force to be reckoned with. by LunaEroticaMystica05/29/054.75HOT

Learning Something New Ch. 02

 — Another new act for her to savour. by xPoisonx05/30/094.50HOT

Learning to Trust

 — Sister runs away from brother. by vampireicslave03/31/094.51HOT

Learning to Trust Ch. 02

 — The twins, Shade and Fury. by vampireicslave04/05/094.64HOT

Legacy of the Celestials Ch. 01

 — A new chapter in the life of the Lexington begins. by geovani77205/26/144.44


 — She finds a horny legend in the basement. by campwench12/30/034.56HOT


 — A special ceremony of binding. by WFEATHER02/24/104.29

Legend Ch. 01

 — A parallel universe is nothing like parallel parking. by Misstaken4me01/10/124.37

Legend Ch. 02

 — A parallel universe is nothing like parallel parking. by Misstaken4me01/15/124.62HOT

Legend Ch. 03

 — A parallel universe is nothing like parallel parking. by Misstaken4me01/21/124.60HOT

Legend Ch. 04

 — A parallel universe is nothing like parallel parking. by Misstaken4me01/28/124.64HOT

Legend Ch. 05

 — A parallel universe is nothing like parallel parking. by Misstaken4me02/03/124.57HOT

Legend Ch. 06

 — A parallel universe is nothing like parallel parking. by Misstaken4me02/12/124.78HOT

Legend Ch. 07

 — A parallel universe is nothing like parallel parking. by Misstaken4me02/16/124.68HOT

Legends Reborn Ch. 01

 — The awakening of a witch, the start of a war. by Sirens Bane01/07/044.31

Legends Reborn Ch. 02

 — A witch's welcome, a silent war's first strike. by Sirens Bane01/14/044.46

Legends Reborn Ch. 03

 — A witch's despair, a monster's dwindling hope. by Sirens Bane01/22/044.51HOT

Legends Reborn Ch. 04

 — A witch's degredation, a new hope arises. by Sirens Bane01/29/044.53HOT

Legends Reborn Ch. 05

 — A witch's power, a foe unleashed. by Sirens Bane02/20/044.54HOT

Legends Reborn Ch. 06

 — New player arrives, battle is joined. by Sirens Bane05/23/044.73HOT

Legends Reborn Ch. 07

 — The three R's: rest, recuperation, & rape. by Sirens Bane07/02/044.47

Legends Reborn Ch. 08

 — Allies, anger, & bad fucking luck. by Sirens Bane11/25/044.59HOT


 — Sex and magic in the modern age. by EHawkins05/07/074.29

Leia Becomes a Slave

 — Leia becomes Jabba The Hutt's slave. by mr_prickture03/29/073.40

Leika and Joreg

 — A warrior woman and her slave. by raven568610/13/104.05

Leimondaid & Echo

 — A Threesome done fantasy style. by alias_words08/03/084.60HOT

Leo and the Dragon Ch. 01

 — A typical day's work for a paladin, and then some. by Blind_Justice07/28/134.67HOT

Leo and the Dragon Ch. 02

 — Leo receives an epic quest and finds surprising allies. by Blind_Justice07/29/134.71HOT

Leo and the Dragon Ch. 03

 — Looking for a dragon and finding loads of trouble. by Blind_Justice07/30/134.77HOT

Leo and the Dragon Ch. 04

 — The paladin finds the dragon and learns some lessons. by Blind_Justice07/31/134.83HOT


 — Torn from her love, girl marries prince to save her father. by Celeste Jolie02/24/113.92


 — A mythical place, home to fairies and leprechauns. by kandie03/25/094.40

Lesser Known Goddesses: Medb

 — Goddesses' new stories. by lesserknowengoddess08/30/034.08

Lessons Ch. 1

 — Teacher sees to it that students are well-educated. by Sabledrake02/11/024.54HOT

Lessons Ch. 2

 — The students respond eagerly to their classwork. by Sabledrake02/12/024.73HOT

Let in the Warmth

 — He's sent to another world, where intimacy is supreme. by MatthewVett07/01/124.43

Let Me Be Your Undead Hero

 — Undead black man rescues woman from abusers. by Samuelx10/28/113.12

Letter to Santa - A Holiday Story

 — The real reason Grandma got married on Christmas Day. by The_Technician11/17/144.45


 — In a World of Gynoids, What of a Human Slave? by Taunus02/17/143.62

Life and Times of Jack Slaughter

 — A killer learns to use his gun. by writelove05/11/074.06

Life as a New Hire Ch. 01

 — Cáel gets an offer that is too good to be true. by FinalStand06/08/144.68HOT

Life as a New Hire Ch. 02

 — Knowing too much, sexual curiosity and dusky obsessions. by FinalStand06/17/144.76HOT

Life as a New Hire Ch. 03

 — Women of any age can drive a man to madness. by FinalStand06/19/144.80HOT

Life as a New Hire Ch. 04

 — Bad things, worse things and making the best of what you got. by FinalStand06/27/144.84HOT

Life as a New Hire Ch. 05

 — Mixing assassins and child care; what could go wrong? by FinalStand06/28/144.85HOT

Life as a New Hire Ch. 06

 — Cáel deals with wounds, lies and the clash of cultures. by FinalStand07/18/144.87HOT

Life as a New Hire Ch. 07

 — If you think you are in the wrong place, you probably are. by FinalStand07/20/144.85HOT

Life as a New Hire Ch. 08

 — Cáel's tombstone: For the love of women, women put him here. by FinalStand07/22/144.84HOT

Life as a New Hire Ch. 09

 — Oh My God! All their clothes vanished. What was I to do? by FinalStand07/23/144.87HOT

Life as a New Hire Ch. 10

 — With all the fighting & sex, my work reviews should suck. by FinalStand07/25/144.82HOT

Life as a New Hire Ch. 11

 — Patching things up with Yasmin & Nikita plus complications. by FinalStand07/26/144.82HOT

Life as a New Hire Ch. 12

 — Becoming something of value has its downside. by FinalStand08/01/144.84HOT

Life as a New Hire Ch. 13

 — Women making bad decisions. Cáel to the rescue? What? by FinalStand08/02/144.85HOT

Life as a New Hire Ch. 14

 — Insults, Felix and Ash Men. by FinalStand08/20/144.86HOT

Life as a New Hire Ch. 15

 — Back with Libra - but first some nonsensical news. by FinalStand08/28/144.87HOT

Life as a New Hire Ch. 16

 — Ash Men, Sins and the Will of the Ancestors. by FinalStand08/31/144.91HOT

Life as a New Hire Ch. 17

 — Dad gave Cáel an Amazon legacy. What did his Mom give him? by FinalStand09/01/144.90HOT

Life as a New Hire Ch. 18

 — If you cannot compromise - Challenge! by FinalStand09/03/144.80HOT

Life as a New Hire Ch. 19

 — Being known by the company you keep. by FinalStand09/05/144.88HOT

Life as a New Hire Ch. 20

 — Of Funerals and Families - Part One by FinalStand09/09/144.87HOT

Life as a New Hire Ch. 21

 — Of Funerals and Families - Part Two. by FinalStand09/12/144.89HOT

Life as a New Hire Ch. 22

 — Living the nightmare; hungering for a normal life. by FinalStand09/17/144.86HOT

Life as a New Hire Ch. 23

 — Finishing the normal weekend. by FinalStand09/19/144.90HOTContest Winner

Life as a New Hire Ch. 24

 — Crashing Lightening and Rolling Thunder. by FinalStand09/23/144.87HOT

Life as a New Hire Ch. 25

 — Promises to keep. by FinalStand09/28/144.88HOT

Life as a New Hire Ch. 26

 — Hayden's Legacy and the Road to Aya. by FinalStand10/04/144.88HOT

Life as a New Hire Ch. 27

 — Summer Camp Mayhem. by FinalStand10/15/144.88HOT

Life as a New Hire Ch. 28

 — The sparks before the ignition of war. by FinalStand11/02/144.87HOT

Life as a New Hire Ch. 29

 — Cáel saves a spirit and risks losing his soul. by FinalStand11/08/144.84HOT

Life as a New Hire Ch. 30

 — Never let a bad day get you down. I can get worse. by FinalStand11/18/144.90HOT

Life as a New Hire Ch. 31

 — When your tour guide is an assassin, what can go wrong? by FinalStand11/23/144.89HOT

Life as a New Hire Ch. 32

 — A day in the life of rural Hungary. by FinalStand11/27/144.88HOT

Life as a New Hire Ch. 33

 — Good and bad unintended consequences. by FinalStand12/05/144.89HOT

Life as a New Hire Ch. 34

 — Companions, History and Heroism. by FinalStand12/16/144.92HOT

Life as a New Hire Ch. 35

 — Putting lives back together after the battle. by FinalStand12/21/144.89HOT

Life as a New Hire Ch. 36

 — After Romania, one night in Rome. by FinalStand01/10/154.87HOT

Life as a New Hire Ch. 37

 — Back Home ~ One week later. by FinalStand01/21/154.78HOT

Life as a New Hire Ch. 38

 — Other Stuff and Aya's Finest Hour (so far). by FinalStand02/09/154.90HOT

Life as a New Hire: Cast of Personas (September)

 — Life as a New Hire Cast as of Chapter 25. by FinalStand09/20/144.64HOT

Life Change

 — A man stumbles into his future by ufpe12/15/024.00

Life in Deep Rock

 — Where the rocks are alive. by dr_mabeuse03/28/064.63HOT

Life Is But a Dream

 — She thinks the world's her dream, but so does everyone else by onesexyrobot11/03/134.00

Life Is Full Of Tests

 — John leaves the testing facility. by ogre_11409/22/134.31

Life Is Full Of Tests Ch. 02

 — What now John? by ogre_11410/01/134.53HOT

Life Is Full Of Tests Ch. 03

 — Almost home. by ogre_11412/03/134.58HOT

Life of a Panther Ch. 01

 — The Gorean journey begins. by Shadow_Kyss04/06/084.07

Life of an Actuary Ch. 1

 — To the outside world, Diane is a very normal woman. by penguinlust11/20/064.08

Life of an Actuary Ch. 2

 — Diane's very normal day at work is interrupted. by penguinlust11/21/064.21

Life on Zaltar

 — She was abducted into a life in a world filled with love. by Trapper ak Bobby11/22/05

Life Springs Eternal

 — Have you ever wondered why the seasons change? ;) by Bestroika03/28/114.27

Life, Liberty, & Pursuit of Justice

 — Trilogy conclusion of "Undiscovered Countries". by hammingbyrd707/22/044.85HOT

Light Rays Coming Out of the Computer Ch. 01

 — Timeline / In A World... by AwkwardMD03/11/154.48

Light Rays Coming Out of the Computer Ch. 02

 — The Best Laid Plans. by AwkwardMD03/24/154.53HOTNEW

Lighting Her Fire

 — She had no idea who he was, but she wanted him anyway. by sexynightshade07/11/104.00

Lightning Strikes Twice

 — A new world in a coma. by FurLove03/18/084.40

Lights in the Rift

 — A sexy, light-hearted leap into outer space. by Moggers07/27/084.37


 — The making of a village slut. by Julirose07/06/054.17

Lilia, The Goddess of Pornography

 — A long week gives way to the best weekend of my life. by SensualPleasuresLust07/31/123.61

Lilith & Blade: Rescued Legend

 — A twist following a classic rescue encounter. by GildedLily02/13/074.45

Lilith Takes a Mate

 — Barbarian woman takes a prize stud in a dystopian future. by padrego09/27/084.36

Lilith's Human

 — He serves a woman who is an intergalactic breeder. by Bakeboss10/16/093.21


 — Lilly ends up finding more than what she thought possible. by Victoura5604/09/123.94

Lily on the Pond

 — A fantasy encounter. by InterstellarDancer12/07/134.16

Lindsay Gets a Special Gift

 — Lindsay meets a female alien with a surprise. by Cartman9404/04/134.52HOT

Lindsay Gets a Special Gift Ch. 02

 — Lindsay is attracted to her mother, what will Donza think? by Cartman9404/25/134.64HOT

Lindsay Gets a Special Gift Ch. 03

 — Lindsay finally arrives at Donza's home planet. by Cartman9406/22/134.63HOT

Lindsay Gets a Special Gift Ch. 05

 — Lindsay wants a baby and learns more about Donza's past. by Cartman9402/27/144.61HOT

Ling Gam Ch. 01

 — The Jedi archaeologist explores the Xeo Temples. by ChineseSwede01/05/153.75

Ling Gam Ch. 02

 — Ling Gam meets the spy who turns into a girl. by ChineseSwede01/24/152.86

Ling Gam Ch. 03

 — Irox tells about herself. by ChineseSwede01/31/154.25

Ling Gam Ch. 04

 — More about Gam and Irox. by ChineseSwede02/07/153.67

Ling Gam Ch. 05

 — Lu meets her past. by ChineseSwede02/15/154.40

Ling Gam Ch. 06

 — The mysterious assassin plans to kill a royalist. by ChineseSwede02/21/153.25

Ling Gam Ch. 07

 — The dark side Gemi. by ChineseSwede02/28/155.00

Lions of Parnatha Ch. 01

 — A young woman is wed against her will in an ancient world. by Medievna09/02/114.68HOT

Lions of Parnatha Ch. 02

 — Lithana is wed to Gaius, and someone plots their deaths. by Medievna09/03/114.74HOT

Lions of Parnatha Ch. 03

 — Lithana meets family, and finds new threats. by Medievna09/07/114.71HOT

Lions of Parnatha Ch. 04

 — Firsts for Gaius and Lithana. by Medievna09/22/114.72HOT

Lions of Parnatha Ch. 05

 — Lithana and Gaius cement their relationship. by Medievna11/29/114.77HOT

Lions of Parnatha Ch. 06

 — Lithana and Gaius learn of plans against the Empire. by Medievna01/31/134.74HOT

Liquid Kisses

 — An unusual playtoy. by Mystic_Unicorn12/18/024.36

Lisanne: Into The Woods

 — Bemused girl is enticed by strange 'woody growth'. by NavarraWest03/10/084.22

Listen When Sibyl Speaks Pt. 01

 — A top secret cloning project is a man's new lease on life. by GeneraZ02/26/154.62HOT

Little Glass Jars

 — A pain filled fairy story by ginaferrari12/30/044.42

Little Red Ch. 01

 — An erotic twist in a fairy tale land. by DSnow71301/07/134.31

Little Red Ridinghood

 — The old tail, retold with a twist. by Volf90504/28/103.65

Little Red's Ride

 — How Little Red Riding Hood got Red. by Max2701/30/023.68

Littlest Agent First Case

 — Steampunk with a little magic. by emap09/06/134.61HOT

Littlest Agent First Case Day 02

 — Steampunk with a little magic. by emap10/06/134.69HOT


 — It is not safe to be sought after. by EasyTarget08/30/124.31

Living in an Unseen World

 — We meet the main protagonists and get to know them a little. by cinnamon_girl07/12/124.10

Living in an Unseen World Ch. 02

 — Mysterious men pay a visit. by cinnamon_girl07/14/124.45

Living Sculpture

 — What happens when the statue of a goddess comes to life. by Acal03/25/094.24

Loki and Simarra Ch. 01

 — The God of Mischief meets someone that needs him. by EroticLitKitty03/26/144.65HOT

Loki and Simarra Ch. 02

 — They learn more about one another. by EroticLitKitty04/22/144.66HOT

Loki's Search

 — Loki finds an Earth woman. by Starz Demona11/10/054.12

Lollipop Porn Bitch

 — Amusing Terminator rip-off with a deus sex machina ending. by black7spades10/24/122.50

Lone Huntress

 — Strong on the outside, but hurting on the inside. by AP03/16/044.56HOT

Loneliness Loves Company

 — Two beings come together to banish loneliness. by Sirens_Daughter02/23/064.29

Lonely Traveller's Transformation

 — She reaches multiple orgasms with nymphs & mystery man. by pjwolf12/07/064.33

Lord Iton's Black Rose

 — A slave shows even the most beautiful rose has thorns. by MarkRandall07/09/124.45

Lord of Sins Ch. 01

 — Demonic lord conquers elven kingdom. by Shadow_Incubus11/29/083.95

Lord of Sins Ch. 02

 — A wizard sets on a quest to rescue kidnapped women. by Shadow_Incubus03/20/093.74

Lord of the Castle Ch. 01

 — The lord wants his bath. by SthrnBelle07/14/083.62

LOrd of VEgas Ch. 01

 — Lloyd is given a new lease on life. by PaulStevens10/08/104.58HOT

LOrd of VEgas Ch. 02

 — Lloyd has some fun with a bunch of sorority sisters. by PaulStevens10/09/104.64HOT

LOrd of VEgas Ch. 03

 — Lloyd increases the goddess' following. by PaulStevens10/10/104.53HOT

LOrd of VEgas Ch. 04

 — Lloyd suffrs a setback in his quest for his dreamgirl. by PaulStevens10/11/104.25

LOrd of VEgas Ch. 05

 — Lloyd begins to build the goddess an empire. by PaulStevens10/13/104.48

LOrd of VEgas Ch. 06

 — LoveMatch get off the ground, Lloyd and Jackie celebrate. by PaulStevens10/15/104.57HOT

LOrd of VEgas Ch. 07

 — The empire grows larger, and gets a celebrity endorsement. by PaulStevens10/16/104.58HOT

LOrd of VEgas Ch. 08

 — Lloyd must deal with a security threat. by PaulStevens10/19/104.52HOT

LOrd of VEgas Ch. 09

 — Lloyd and Jill's relationship grows deeper. by PaulStevens10/20/104.64HOT

LOrd of VEgas Ch. 10

 — The Goddess gets her body back. by PaulStevens10/21/104.42

LOrd of VEgas Ch. 11

 — Lloyd recovers and seeks aid. by PaulStevens10/23/104.54HOT

LOrd of VEgas Ch. 12

 — Lloyd finds out the truth about the 'goddess'. by PaulStevens10/24/104.54HOT

LOrd of VEgas Ch. 13

 — The conclusion. by PaulStevens10/25/104.58HOT

Loretta Lariat Gone Bad

 — Corrupted wild west heroine. by justtheone05/15/144.08

Lorna's Fairy Tale

 — Housewife finds not all myths are wrong. by Manofthehillpeople11/16/034.46

Lorna's Fairy Tale Ch. 02

 — Lorna seeks consolation with a old friend. by Manofthehillpeople04/25/044.64HOT

Lorna's Fairy Tale Ch. 03

 — Lorna and Wilma have a surprise for Roger. by Manofthehillpeople08/08/044.64HOT

Lorna's Fairy Tale Ch. 04

 — The sprite's attentions become clear. by Manofthehillpeople11/23/104.48

Losing Battles

 — She risks everything and loses. by lit_vgn07/14/054.23

Lost in a Legend Ch. 01

 — Soldier sleeps with mystery woman; gets whisked to the past by Reinhold02/23/114.63HOT

Lost in Found Ch. 01

 — A little inter-species action in an alien desert. by Le Gourmand06/20/054.44

Lost in the Light

 — A journey begins escorting the Elven Princess home. by Belderiever12/03/084.58HOT

Lost in the Light Ch. 02

 — The Mischievous makes her escape. by Belderiever12/20/084.62HOT

Lost in the Light Ch. 03

 — A hunted princess, a hugry harpy, and a misfit among monks. by Belderiever09/20/094.68HOT

Lost in the Light Ch. 04

 — The princess gives in to her darker temptations. by Belderiever01/07/104.69HOT

Lost in the Light Ch. 05

 — The Mischevious comes out to play. by Belderiever06/27/104.79HOT

Lost in the Light Ch. 06

 — The harpy family makes use of their captive. by Belderiever09/17/104.70HOT

Lost in the Light Ch. 07

 — Riyarra escapes to face the dangers of the wild. by Belderiever02/08/114.76HOT

Lost in the Light Ch. 08

 — Wolfe goes undercover into a brothel - The Spider's Lair. by Belderiever03/07/134.74HOT

Lost in the Light Ch. 09

 — The lost elven princess has finally been found. by Belderiever03/18/134.83HOT

Lost in the Light Ch. 10

 — The Mischievious finds her double, much to Wolfe's dismay. by Belderiever09/12/134.78HOT

Lost in the Light Ch. 11

 — Lysia finds a new home amongst unusual Zecairins. by Belderiever02/15/144.58HOT

Lost in the Light Ch. 12

 — Peace, Unity, and some Godly Destruction by Belderiever03/20/145.00HOT

Lost in the Light Ch. 13

 — Riyarra's people move forward toward dangerous territory. by Belderiever08/14/144.80HOT

Lost in the Light Ch. 14

 — Many paths converge, and few are left standing. by Belderiever11/12/144.88HOT

Lost in the Woods

 — Lane sees the woods in a whole different light. by runningwild06/21/134.23

Lost in the Woods Ch. 02

 — Lanes adventure continues, and her life will change. by runningwild06/29/134.43

Lost in Time

 — Do you believe in the transmigration of souls? by thrillerauthor09/21/034.62HOT

Lost Kingdoms

 — A game slowly becomes Reality. by LillyStyle09/17/144.50HOT

Lost Kingdoms Ch. 02

 — The Journey Begins. by LillyStyle09/23/144.65HOT

Lost Kingdoms Ch. 03

 — The truth revealed. by LillyStyle10/01/144.74HOT

Lost Kingdoms Ch. 04

 — New members. by LillyStyle10/19/144.70HOT

Lost Kingdoms Ch. 05

 — Mount up! by LillyStyle02/14/154.55HOT

Lost Souls

 — Nihilism, alcohol, & some very kinky sex. by LilyMelb04/30/044.66HOT

Lother, God of Storms

 — The first chapter of an adventure novel. by Mistress_Belle_Morte01/07/083.83

Love Among the Ruins Ch. 01

 — A couple find love during an alien invasion. by thezinger02/19/124.45

Love Among the Ruins Ch. 02

 — Damon and Bobi explore their newfound intimacy. by thezinger02/24/124.38

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