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Wild Side

 — 2 women + 1 guy = a wild time. by Hex Witch09/04/074.29

Wild Side

 — A Worgen finds that Night Elf Druids are just as wild. by DDWArd02/21/124.48

Wild Wednesday

 — An erotic "Freaky Friday" story. by Jake Marlow09/11/044.71HOT

Wild, Wild Week for Vicki

 — Divorcee exceeds her fantasy week expectations. by walterio02/26/134.38

Wilder Gods Ch. 01

 — An elf princess learns how wild and primal humans can be. by faeprincess02/06/154.15

Wilder Gods Ch. 02

 — An elf princess learns how wild and primal humans can be. by faeprincess02/08/154.48

Will You Come With Me, Please?

 — An alien on a mission. by svanswords12/12/024.08

Willful Abuse

 — A young waif gives an offer he can't refuse. by ufpe11/30/034.02

Windows Of The Soul

 — Psychics Vane and Shyla try to unwind after work. by OctavianEarth02/06/134.50


 — An older man uses wine to seduce a young maiden. by JimBob4408/29/124.21

Wings of Fate Ch. 01

 — An angel meets an demon...but things aren't what they seem. by ShiningLily06/18/104.43

Wings of Fate Ch. 02

 — Tensions rise as the angel and the demon live together. by ShiningLily06/28/104.54HOT

Wings of Fate Ch. 03

 — Zephyr knows what Liriel is but will things be torn apart? by ShiningLily07/23/104.62HOT

Wings of Fate Ch. 04

 — Nyte wants to lay his cruelty on the beautiful Liriel. by ShiningLily10/28/114.50HOT

Winner Takes All

 — Damon and Tavi play cards to determine the slave for a week. by Rinjo07/27/084.79HOT

Winston's Witch Ch. 01

 — Salem thought that they had a witch problem. by Inosolan12/19/114.67HOT

Winston's Witch Ch. 02

 — An Interlude within the story. by Inosolan12/24/114.41

Winston's Witch Ch. 03

 — She was pure as the driven snow, but she drifted... by Inosolan12/27/114.78HOT

Winston's Witch Ch. 04

 — A girl who will be a legend. by Inosolan01/02/124.59HOT

Winter Dreams

 — Nichelle and Jean-Marc...revisit in a dream. by browndream7211/24/023.91

Winter in the Mountains Ch. 01

 — Why would a girl spend winter in the mountains? by ozland23408/04/054.44

Winter in the Mountains Ch. 02

 — Ship of Fools. by ozland23408/16/054.46

Winter in the Mountains Ch. 03

 — Piercing eyes. by ozland23408/23/054.61HOT

Winter in the Mountains Ch. 04

 — The stake. by ozland23408/25/054.64HOT

Winter in the Mountains Ch. 05

 — For the people and the land. by ozland23408/26/054.65HOT

Winter in the Mountains Ch. 06

 — Inner Sight. by ozland23409/14/054.65HOT

Winter in the Mountains Ch. 07

 — Dark and stormy. by ozland23410/05/054.74HOT

Winter in the Mountains Ch. 08

 — The King is Coming. by ozland23410/17/054.71HOT

Winter in the Mountains Ch. 09

 — The Battle. by ozland23411/03/054.74HOT

Winter in the Mountains Ch. 10

 — The King's Gift. by ozland23411/12/054.72HOT

Winter in the Mountains Epilogue

 — The portrait. by ozland23411/14/054.77HOT

Winter Night

 — Werewolf & kin brother & sister find love. by Infinate Desire03/05/024.38

Winter with Jack Frost

 — In winter. love melts Jack's frozen heart. by fairysong11/23/044.21

Winter Wonderland

 — A world-weary woman is rescued by a forest elf. by DangerKat12/13/014.29


 — Humanity at the brink of extinction. by Kolrin12/31/104.22


 — A young woman's adventure begins. by SarahD8805/08/114.49

Wish Granted

 — What if you gained the power to grant other people's wishes? by The_Technician07/14/134.62HOT


 — Careful what you wish for. by zouzouni04/26/104.69HOT

Wishing: A Sex Genie Story Ch. 00

 — Walter's life changes after he saves a Djinn from a Sorcerer. by NukeEmFromOrbit01/13/114.35

Wishing: A Sex Genie Story Ch. 01

 — Boy meets Genie. by NukeEmFromOrbit01/14/114.60HOT

Wishing: A Sex Genie Story Ch. 02

 — Walter and Ruri's first day. by NukeEmFromOrbit01/26/114.71HOT

Wishing: A Sex Genie Story Ch. 03

 — Walt gets a Job offer. by NukeEmFromOrbit07/16/114.75HOT

Wishing: A Sex Genie Story Ch. 04

 — Walt finds one of the Sorcerer’s victims and helps her. by NukeEmFromOrbit08/21/114.75HOT


 — Witches & warlocks & gargoyles...oh my! by Gojenngo03/14/034.48

Witch Hunt

 — Avenging his wife's death turns into something more. by n2life06/10/103.48

Witch in a Clock Tower Ch. 01

 — Björg meets a stranger and nothing is ever the same again. by seelo01/25/094.62HOT

Witch vs Thief Ch. 01

 — Round One. by Dazzle102/20/134.09

Witch vs Thief Ch. 02

 — Round Two. by Dazzle102/24/134.37

Witch vs Thief Ch. 03

 — The Gift. by Dazzle102/25/134.25

Witch vs Thief Ch. 04

 — Ariel's Revenge. by Dazzle102/26/134.32

Witch Way Now? Ch. 01

 — The new lady of the castle secures her hold. by Xatiqua04/20/044.30

Witch Way Now? Ch. 02

 — Her powers become unlocked. by Xatiqua04/28/044.39

Witch Way Now? Ch. 03

 — The final chapter: the deciding battle. by Xatiqua10/08/044.58HOT

Witch x Succubus

 — It all started in a dream... by hunter199007/28/103.88

Witch's Cure

 — Sexless marrriage helped out by sexy co-worker. by demure10102/14/124.24

Witch-Hunter General

 — The deeds of an evil man. by xelliebabex10/01/144.52HOT


 — Time travel to a witch's inquisition. by Orion Quest05/23/034.01


 — A quest fulfilled, a kingdom saved... a witch vanquished. by Kingmaker71110/10/144.48

Witching Day

 — Prequel to The Fall of Prince Charming. by Kingmaker71103/29/134.82HOT

Within Ch. 01

 — Something was different about this house. by LuthienEllesar04/04/064.29

Within Ch. 02

 — The breeze was back. by LuthienEllesar05/03/064.50HOT

Within Ch. 03

 — Names in the moonlight. by LuthienEllesar05/09/064.26

Within the Forest

 — Shika finds love in an unusual way. by LiliumK07/27/11

Within You

 — A water demon tortures her. by pyrowriter01/28/134.18

Wizard's Bane

 — Sword and Sorcery Erotica. by KoreGoddess07/30/134.38

Wolf Cry

 — A new beginning for a woman and her wolf god. by Dshannon02/09/064.69HOT

Wolf vs Vampire vs Zombie

 — Haitian werewolf fights off zombies and vampires. by Samuelx08/28/122.33

Wolf's Bane

 — The continuing story of a woman and her wolf god. by Dshannon06/09/064.78HOT

Wolf's Tale

 — Samantha and Fenris face new dangers, and temptations. by Dshannon03/02/094.81HOT


 — Girl discovers her man is much more than he seems. by PenanceS03/07/034.08


 — Sleep brings a dark stranger. by oo0_Master_0oo01/11/033.78

Wolves in the Woods Pt. 01

 — A bandit gang's last night of blood and sex. by FantasyX05/24/094.17

Wolves in the Woods Pt. 02

 — Harl and friends face new challenges and gain new allies! by FantasyX08/06/124.90HOT

Women are from Venus

 — Mahi chooses her Mate and they ceremoniously fuck. by Fyen12/31/104.22

Women of Gordor: Alisha Ch. 01

 — The fantasy city of Gordor staring a busty amazon. by lilguy03/14/043.17

Women of Gordor: Alisha Ch. 02

 — Amazon & Elf fall in love. by lilguy04/12/043.20

Women's Worth Ch. 01

 — Luisa enjoys a horned man. by valerisque12/30/054.45

Women's Worth Ch. 02

 — Val meets an amorous succubus. by valerisque12/31/054.48

Women's Worth Ch. 03

 — Val and Linda test a magical machine. by valerisque01/06/064.33

Wonder in the Wood

 — Two elven lovers find a getaway. by Hex Witch11/04/044.24

Wonderful Berlin Ch. 01

 — Futuristic & explicit sexploits set in Berlin 3030. by BunnyHart10/03/103.60

Wonderland in Alice

 — Alice was a naughty girl and still is. by TwistedPlayr10/05/034.47

Wood Nymph's Revenge

 — Nymph gives human taste of his own medicine. by P_V04/12/043.44

Woodn't ya know

 — Being a land developer isn't as easy as it seems by Anthonybthomas03/28/084.33

Working For Death

 — Death's immortal henchman takes a day off. by Samuelx10/12/081.80

Working for the Goddess Ch. 01

 — From death's door to Aphrodite's agent. by SunValleyRat09/20/144.78HOT

Working for the Goddess Ch. 02

 — Aphrodite offers feedback, and opportunity arises. by SunValleyRat09/21/144.74HOT

World Literature 101

 — A Fantasy Train visit to five masters of world literature. by vargas11107/26/042.75

World of Clones

 — The Professor explains. by Dick_B_Hardon02/26/144.14

World of Sexcraft Ch. 01

 — Human woman & female gnome find love together. by SmithCommaJohn11/30/074.07

World on a String

 — Loss and redemption in a world without hope. by Catalingus200502/12/084.25

World War M

 — Vampires fight against Christians, Jews and Muslims. by Samuelx10/29/122.47

Worlds Apart Ch. 01

 — Housewarming party turns into sexual awakening. by secretsxywriter04/25/124.59HOT

Worlds Apart Ch. 02

 — Danae discovers the truth about Vincente. by secretsxywriter04/26/124.68HOT


 — He left her to die, and die she did. by Feotakahari09/14/124.20


 — The Dragonborn and Aela spar and invite Lydia for the fun. by Allyrion03/02/144.72HOT

Wowwing in the Desert

 — A Night Elf Druid, a dwarven hunter and a mage celebrate. by Whynot197510/20/103.62

Wraith Ch. 01

 — The fight of controlling chaotic otherworldly powers. by Nex212/16/144.11

Writer's Block and the Magic Wand

 — Writer encounters a strange sexual phenomenon while blocked. by captainhappy08/08/144.44

Wyxt and Sia Sinblade Ch. 01

 — Wyxt meets the lovely Sia, and decides she must have her. by Purrversion07/08/092.86

Wyxt and Sia Sinblade Ch. 02

 — Wyxt continues to court (and break in) the lovely Sia. by Purrversion07/08/093.50

Wyxt and Sia Sinblade Ch. 03

 — Wyxt finds an old friend and has a little fun. by Purrversion07/09/094.00

Wyxt and Sia Sinblade Ch. 04

 — Wyxt breaks in some of the boys at the Lube and Booty Inn. by Purrversion07/10/093.67

Wyxt and Sia Sinblade Ch. 05

 — Sia decides to put on a bit of a show for her newfound love. by Purrversion07/11/094.67

Wyxt and Sia Sinblade Ch. 06

 — Wyxt and Sia enjoy a few blessings from a paladin. by Purrversion07/12/094.50

Wyxt and Sia Sinblade Ch. 07

 — Sia is ambushed in Ashenvale by a rather large alpha wolf! by Purrversion07/13/094.88HOT

Wyxt and Sia Sinblade Ch. 08

 — Wyxt and Sia are waylaid while traveling by brigands. (#1) by Purrversion07/14/095.00

Wyxt and Sia Sinblade Ch. 09

 — The bandits continue to have fun with the Sinblade ladies. by Purrversion08/17/094.67

Wyxt and Sia Sinblade Ch. 10

 — Wyxt and Sia are taken to the bandit camp for a while. by Purrversion08/18/093.50

Wyxt and Sia Sinblade Ch. 11

 — Some quillboar attempt to breed with the troll ladies. by Purrversion08/19/094.20

X-Men, Angels, Devils or Aliens?

 — They are here and have always been here; they walk among us. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER05/18/074.11

X: Xanadu

 — Researcher gets a taste of the experiment. by intriguess02/19/034.40


 — Miriam buys immortality with 500 years of service in Xanadu. by JukeboxEMCSA07/24/114.12


 — He wakes with amnesia, unremovable make, and a sword... by Dionysosk02/26/124.44

Xander Ch. 02

 — He wakes with an irremovable mask, a sword, and amnesia... by Dionysosk03/06/124.75HOT


 — Thorald's adventure continues. by sexnovella02/07/153.25


 — Xenobiologist gets explored by her own subjects. by dreamtalker06/25/134.22

Xenobiology Ch. 02

 — Xenosomnography: the study of alien dreaming. by dreamtalker04/01/144.18

Xenobiology Ch. 03

 — Conclusion: to learn the truth, Celira must look within. by dreamtalker06/29/144.00


 — Jill confesses her alien abduction dreams to a therapist. by JukeboxEMCSA07/31/113.88

Xianyu: Jade Dragon

 — What -really- happens when virgins are sacrificed to dragons. by Miralage11/15/084.48

Xii-Rider Hyl’ena Ch. 01

 — Hyl'ena screws space orc Leader ThraxNob & learns a secret. by Hylena03/28/084.29

Xii-Rider Hyl’ena Ch. 02

 — Hyl’ena returns to Gra’ndoline to screw a maid. by Hylena03/30/084.12

Xii-Rider Hyl’ena Ch. 03

 — The Rider, the Rich Girl and the Stable Dwarf. by Hylena04/24/084.25

Xii-Rider Hyl’ena Ch. 04

 — Hyl’ena is trapped by Lesbian Space Pirates for bondage fun. by Hylena12/17/084.39

Xtcnymph: Intimate Diary Pt. 01

 — She's transformed by endorphins. by xtcnymphette09/11/044.57HOT

XXXecil's 'The Restock Fee'

 — Burning with the incendiary desire to surrender her body. by xxxecil05/21/134.49

XXXecil's: Blank Slate

 — Is she mad from being changed into a Predatory Sex Goddess? by xxxecil02/02/114.28

XXXecil's: Silverfox

 — They had warned her about the dreams. by xxxecil02/16/084.47

XXXecil's: Silverfox Ch. 02

 — If a man were in the car, he would be forced to fuck her by xxxecil02/25/084.43

XXXecil's: The Siege Book 01

 — A Quickie wouldn't be so bad. by xxxecil08/31/054.37

XXXecil's: The Siege Book 02

 — Male semen had become a drug to her. by xxxecil09/01/054.25

XXXecil's: The Siege Book 03

 — "The Rumors are false! There is no sex plague!" by xxxecil09/02/054.64HOT

XXXMas Santa-sy

 — Santa & his elf pay visit to lonely housewife. by itzlmtntry md watson12/11/024.55HOT

Year-The Future

 — The Finale by EgyptsGoddess12/14/114.24

Year-The Future (After)

 — The 3rd Chapter. by EgyptsGoddess11/20/114.59HOT

Year-The Future (The Beginning)

 — The Beginning. by EgyptsGoddess11/06/114.41

Year-The Future (Then)

 — Part Two of The Future. by EgyptsGoddess11/12/114.55HOT

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