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You need a map. Who knew that their was a country name Georgia


This is extremely close to another story on here, but I can't remember what it was. Any help?

Delayed... sorta

Took waay too long to start this series, and for that I apologize.

If only I had been reading this I might have known a month ago something that injects joy inside my brain: She's alive. (So you say, you say.) Anyways, enough focusing on the past, instead let's focus on the past:

Another story that I'm liking from you. Interesting concept and starter. Definitely has some room to move and I'm interested in where you're going to take this. I'm going to stop myself from gorging on the other 2 chapters for tonight at least, just to reacclimatize myself.

Random ooc comment: Any thoughts on PF?

@ joejacks

There is a reason for that which will be explained in the next chapter. Perhaps I should have at one point had Eric ponder that, like "where the hell are the other guards while this is happening to me?!" so that that concern is at least addressed with the readers, even if that question is not going to be answered until the next chapter.

Hello Tina

Or should I say Theodora?

Lovely story to reread. Please do continue this, I thought something seemed familiar when I read Demonic Tutor.

A good read but a niggling concern,seeing as he went to the aid of a sick inmate and was in communication with base at the time,how come there was no rescue after going silent for several hours

Kitty needs a licking

Actually I could read about Kitty's adventures even if she was celibate but please don't. Back to Osaka? How about Kitty rescuing the hermaphrodte sex slave neighbor she had. BTW, does this storyline still take place as a flashback from the incident in ch 3 when she's a fighter pilot? I was kind of hoping you forgot about that and her future was wide open.

I enjoyed your at story and hope you add lots more

Good but..

This is quite good, but you really towards the deep end with the purple prose huh? Specially in the last part. Waxley is a great character, his love interest, not at all.

Chapter 2 ASAP!!!

I really enjoyed this first piece, now it more introspective on the characters and some intrigue.

Still good reading.

I like where this is going. It's a shame this story takes a while between chapters. Dragon....... didn't see that coming. Ha!

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