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For you

Author's note: (warning: could be considered disturbing) Read note at own risk.

Some years ago, I knew a man who's deepest sexual fantasy was to watch a woman in high heels step on a man's testicles until they "popped". He refused to tell his fiance because he was worried she'd be disgusted by it, and wanted me to write him a story. Due to our "honest with each other" relationship, his fiance got jealous and told him she wouldn't marry him, so long as he was on speaking terms with me. Needless to say, he chose her over me.

I never got a chance to write the story, so this scene is for "that guy". If you happen to come across this story, know that this one is for you, buddy. It may not be high heels, but...

Posting Schedule

I actually meant 'That's unfortunate' more with 'Sorry about that' so that's what I should have said, but I agree with not apologizing.

This is a quick posting schedule which will be updated and posted on the tail of my upcoming post / on my author page:

Terra-33 EP 0.0 - 3/23/15
Terra-33 EP 0.1 - 3/26/15
Terra-33 EP 0.2 - (3/27/15 Initial Submit Date)
Terra-33 EP 0.3 & 0.4 - 4/15/15 Planned Initial Submit, this will start my double episode structure which I plan to continue, or I'll just lengthen the words per episode, not sure yet.

Thanks for reading! Hopefully everyone is as excited as I am about this story. Look forward to some solid sex scenes and much less teasing now that we're past the initial conflicts.

Sure, sweetie

It happens to nice one-size-fits-all judgers like you, SpA. And you asked if the author was French because you were annoyed not understanding what a zero chapter is. A prologue. Clearly you do not read enough comics. Why are you in SciFi again?

Just ignore my personal stalker

I've no idea who it is; but it has repeatedly attacked and attempted to obfuscate my comments. Please don't think it's deranged ramblings represent my thoughts in any way, shape or form.

Eh, don't apologize

There is a precedent for "Ch 00" indicating a prologue, which is usually a fast-paced, eye grabber scene, before the actual story starts. It helps against a slower first chapter.

But ol' Sweet Lips SplitAces is easily disappointed by any author, because he expects perfection to his expectations and is kind of ill-educated. Just add another woman to your story and he'll tell you how you've let him down. Definitely don't apologize then! ;D

Re: Unfortunately - SplitAces

Sorry about that. I'm actually not French, I just work in IT currently. The numbering system was a bit of a joke between my wife and I since frequently things are numbered in a 00, 01, 02, 03, etc. fashion.

I'm glad you liked it and rest assured that I won't be using Hex or any other weird numbering system beyond the leading Zero!

Punitively Punny Paronomasia!

A brilliant abuse of the english language to deftly skewer modern idolatry of penis substitutes..

As usual, the proceeding analmousie did not understand either the author's wit or his writing.

The pillars disappeared chemical based explosive weaponry. The author was pretty specific about that.

Most nuclear weapons are attached to chemical fueled artillery shells, rockets, ships and aircraft.

Did the separated and stored nuclear weapons also disappear? Could those be set off without chemical explosives?

The posts disappeared individual persons who attempted to commit violence against other persons. The author made no other observations.


I read episode 01 before I found episode 00. Annoying, but it still works. Why start with chapter nothing instead of chapter one? Are you French? Their first floor is our second floor. Other than that, this is an outstanding submission. Can't wait for episode three...

Heafty First Chapter

It was hot and I liked it. I am looking forward to reading part four of the Goddess but Chapter 1 of this story would also be a good read. Probably one of those situations where whatever you write will be fun to read.

Great Story!

I sincerely hope this story is finished. I think it's a great story, and I'm looking forward to the next chapter!


Dream within a dream... What will happen next...

Love the story line

Another reader who cant wait for the next chapter. Will those milk thirsty Allens try a sex change in the major to hell induce higher yields?

Great Setup!

I really admire how you framed your story in this way. It got all the characters moving and conveyed information quickly without resorting to annoyingly blatant info dumps.
I often think how fast a story gets interesting is a good metric for how good it is. I don't usually read a story while it only has one part out because once my interest is peeked I find it hard to wait. But if you want feedback I will say this, I can already tell I will probably reread this story 2-3 more times. It has the right kind of makeup for reread value. It touches on a lot of ideas.
The one good thing about reading an unfinished story is that if it has a good start then it has a lot of potential, that is fun to think about what might happen, in a way that seems more real than speculating on a story that is already completed and set in stone.
As for the no f/f m/f/f that is a little disappointing because that stuff is hot but I can see how the dynamic you are setting up lends its self to just m/f. It is probably easier to flesh out a full on romantic infatuation between two characters then for 3+ though I have read plenty of stories that pull that off too.

Heads up

is there anyway that you can let us know when the next chapter will be out

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