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The Mod 1 Version is as good as (or even better than) the Original!

Excellent story, well told. Thank You.
Definitely a 5/5.

"WTF did I just read?" is a very valid comment. I intended

that kind of story. I like stories that involve fantasy, but I always want to offer a possible natural explanation of what happened. To me, it makes the fantasy more exciting: it really might have happened. For those who enjoy this story, try my book, on Amazon, "O Human Child." And thanks to all for commenting and rating.

Walter Donway

New gods

I personally think that some of the anwsers will lead as to dark elven former gods. They used to have something to pray to. Then they run to underdark and Lloth claimed them ( so to speak). I think that one of the "lost sisters" might be former dark elven deity. Or maby just some other beying on the level to spider goddes ( since relic queen refused to call spider queen a true god)

Love it!

I love the story - I'm only on chapter 5, but so far it's great. You have a wonderful imagination! I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the story


I worded it a bit wrong. Did not mean 'working together' but that they will fight them both.. and most likely in the underdark (even Brom I think).

And I'm so curious when we learn more about the Varasa... them once living in a land of sand.. the drow once living in a land of sand... their mind abilities... the drows 'far less potent magic abilities' nowadays...

Good job.

As usual a good job. Keep it coming.


U missed apparently the fact that Valsharess & Brom are conflicted and for them working together is highly unlikely

Great title for the chapter.

Great time with the three girls. This man should have been murdered before he got to his new job, but he would have died with an empty sack and a gleam in his eyes.

Re: Hey Schmuck!/grammer police

You obviously know what he meant. You spelled it out. For the the amount of money FS makes for writing and posting his stories here I'd say we get a real value. I for one am more than willing to over look a few typo's to continue reading this fine story.

To FS. Thanks for the time and effort and for posting the results here.


I think this is the first Chapter that made it quite clear what opponents will face off in the 'end-game'. We got deities working through mortals that want to bring change and we got old powerful figures that want to preserve the status quo.

For me it looks like "Sirana&Co vs. Valsharess&Brom" in the Underdark with a lot of parties/people being able to intervene (Ma'ab/Kurns dad, the Dragon, Vesram, Mindfleyers...)

Damn.. all this possabilities! Again a Chapter that raises two new questions for every question answered *chuckle*


I think schmuck is Yiddish for the foreskin of the penis that they cut off during a Bris. Brisk? Something like that. Anyway great story!

Excellent news!

The second chapter is now pending, and hopefully will be up fairly soon. Thank you all for your patience and I hope you will enjoy it as much as the first chapter.

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