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Incest/Taboo Stories

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Lust in the Loft Ch. 02

 — Velvet is cozier than ever. by sirhugs02/03/034.50HOT

Lust In The Sun

 — On holiday, a mother becomes a slut for her son. by DSDS199307/30/114.14

Lust Is Fulfilled

 — Father-in-law takes all. by hahayes11/25/033.71

Lustful Anne Ch. 01

 — An uncle helps his niece unload in more ways than one. by AphroditeReborn05/21/084.33

Lustful Anne Ch. 02

 — Anne teaches her sister how to have fun in the sun. by AphroditeReborn07/11/084.32

Lustful Mom

 — Mom and Son Discovering lust. by hardmouthfull8507/17/113.63

Lustful Revenge

 — Son gets revenge on spying mother. by indy_pop11/19/014.26

Lusting After Janay

 — Widowed father gives in to lust for daughter. by kwamae05/17/094.37

Lusting After My 75 yo Mum

 — A true account of my frustrations and minor successes. by RustyDusty06/11/123.63

Lusting for Brother

 — Sister is sick of just watching. by xojasonssisox04/20/134.19

Lusting for Eva

 — Learning to love my sister-in-law. by mountainbikeman06/08/034.45

Lusting for Grandmother

 — Visiting grandmother stirs a guy's desires by ffarkus11/10/064.77HOT

Lusting For Him

 — She craves his affection. by x0DespicableMe0x05/11/113.82

Lusting for Mom

 — Son has a deep yearning for mother. by black saphire01/10/084.35

Lusting Lonnie

 — These guys are much more than kissing cousins. by CHOKLITDONKEYDIK09/24/044.34

Lusty Blue Eyes

 — Jilted professional woman comes home to Daddy. by KillerMuffin03/04/014.54HOTEditor's Pick

Lusty Blue Eyes Ch. 2

 — Sister gets a taste of the action. by KillerMuffin03/17/014.45

Lusty Blue Eyes Ch. 3

 — Dad & daughter dine in. by KillerMuffin06/16/014.23Editor's Pick

Lusty Busty Sis

 — Their parents went away for a weekend. by chuchipuchi09/05/042.84

Lusty First Time with My Sister.

 — Four-week build up gets sprayed on his beautiful sister. by LesterFoxhunt10/11/124.05

Lusty Lord Millhaven Ch. 07

 — Aunt Rosa offers her magnificent body. by dass445011/08/054.46

Lusty Red Riding Hood Ch. 03

 — Red's revenge on mama. by Honeymuff05/14/064.35

Lydia's Surprise

 — Seperated when they were young, united as adults by bassbelly01/29/094.33

Lying in the Sun with Ellie

 — His little sister follows him to a secret spot in the woods. by addieQ03/29/104.38

Lying in Wait

 — Will one brother's revenge be another sister's triumph? by mrwings08/09/133.72

Lying There

 — Jill's wish to please makes holiday a success. by senwood03/30/054.43

Lynda Ch. 1

 — Brother learns to love gorgeous sister in a new way. by Explosion6106/13/014.15

Lynda Ch. 2

 — Lynda returns to NY, & gets an unexpected call. by Explosion6106/15/014.42

Lynda Ch. 3

 — Lois returns from New Orleans. by Explosion6106/23/014.44


 — Brother catches her in the act. by Pablojr203/04/134.17

Lynn and Bobby Ch. 07

 — Lynn helps a mother who has a problem with her son. by LynnGKS02/18/104.38

Lynn and I

 — Daughter wants to be Dad's sex partner. by orvette110/30/104.27

Lynn and I with Mom

 — Mother comes home for a night of sex. by orvette101/12/114.26

Lynn and Jake

 — It started at the Ball. by Jena12112/27/074.13

Lysette's Gift

 — A Fantasy about Love, Death, and, maybe, what comes next... by beachbum195812/14/144.83HOT


 — Lyza learns to mind. by StarGlyderz02/14/024.16

Lyza Ch. 2

 — Lyza's lesson continues. by StarGlyderz07/31/024.43

Lyza Ch. 3

 — Lyza asks for more. by StarGlyderz12/13/044.28

Lyza Ch. 4

 — Lyza returns home. by StarGlyderz12/20/044.53HOT

Lyza Ch. 5

 — Lyza and Maria. by StarGlyderz12/21/044.52HOT

Lyza Ch. 6

 — Lyza and Mother. by StarGlyderz07/16/054.50HOT

M.I.L.F. vs Stud Ch. 04

 — My further domination of a stud. by mrsmillwood12/10/124.15

M.I.L.F. vs Stud Ch. 05

 — Mother's Intuition. by mrsmillwood11/23/143.78

M.I.L.F. vs Stud Ch. 06

 — Kyle's Beginning. by mrsmillwood01/05/153.84


 — Frustrated after date, he overpowers Mother. by hotpup05/30/054.18

Ma's Outlaw Sons

 — Holed up, Ma & the boys need sexual relief. by Axeltheswede03/07/024.24

Maa Bani Randi

 — sex story. by ajitsexy08/24/113.20

Maataa's Duties

 — Unquestioned obedience when their son bathes. by KaeyMee12/15/113.57

Machine Language

 — A mother and son story, with a twist. by MarciaRH10/14/063.91

Mackenzie's Bed

 — Barely legal Mackenzie makes her cousin's bed her own. by jallen94409/27/064.43

Macy and Tom

 — Step-brother and step-sister explore each other. by SmallTitFan07/09/144.64HOT

Macy and Tom Ch. 02

 — We tell Mom and Dad. by SmallTitFan08/10/144.62HOT

Mad about Mark

 — Cousins Mark and Amanda have their turn at passion. by Chased07/26/12HOT

Made For Loving Me

 — Dria discovers what beautiful cousins are really made for. by velvetslit10/24/044.18

Made in Pakistan

 — How he seduced his girlfriend's sister. by nakoo08/25/012.75

Made in Thailand

 — Vacation in Thailand ends in incest for mother and son. by sanilas05/19/133.86

Made To Love

 — She is forced to accept that her son is her lover. by MarkThyme11/09/034.11


 — Daughters show their mother a good time. by Lillyflower7211/17/014.28

Madison and Daddy Ch. 01

 — I am a cheater, and my daughter catches me. by LorenzoAbajos10/08/144.17

Madison and Daddy Ch. 02

 — I am a cheater, and my daughter catches me. by LorenzoAbajos10/11/144.45

Madison and Daddy Ch. 03

 — My daughter loves me, loves mommy, and mommy loves girls. by LorenzoAbajos10/14/144.49

Madison Ch. 01

 — Sexy revelations from my sister. by CABONE03/08/094.51HOT

Madison Ch. 02

 — More sexy revelations from my sister. by CABONE03/09/094.68HOT

Madison Ch. 03

 — My trip with my sister concludes - but does our story? by CABONE04/25/094.64HOT

Madison Ch. 04

 — Now my wife has a sexy revelation. by CABONE04/28/094.63HOT

Madison Ch. 05

 — Mysisters and my wife for the weekend. by CABONE06/23/094.72HOT


 — Aunt and nephew, the ultimate reality. by easylivin03/05/064.13

Maelstrom Ch. 01

 — Long lost son causes chaos. by rachlou08/25/084.56HOT

Maelstrom Ch. 02

 — Long lost son causes chaos. by rachlou08/26/084.54HOT


 — An age of yearning finally ends. by Witchazel04/18/114.36

Maggie & Her Mom

 — Daughter discovers her Mom's a hottie! by happy_man_now06/29/04HOT

Maggie & Her Mom Ch. 02

 — Mom helps Maggie to her hardest cum. by happy_man_now07/04/04HOT

Maggie & Jim

 — Brother discovers sister playing by happy_man_now06/14/04HOT

Maggie & Jim Have Fun At The Gym

 — Group sex & incest in changing rooms. by happy_man_now08/12/04HOT

Maggie & Jim Play Some More

 — The siblings remember a camping trip. by happy_man_now04/05/04HOT

Maggie Ch. 02

 — Brother and sister cement their love. by Witchazel05/19/114.50HOT

Maggie The Marathon Runner Ch. 01

 — Use the measuring stick by daddygoesdeep10/27/124.37

Maggie's Farmyard Stories

 — Maggie is unfairly punished at her Aunt and Uncle's farm. by oolala07/02/123.26

Maggie's Secret Wish Ch. 1

 — She wanted her daddy, & got him & something extra. by honeydew06/23/013.79


 — Father and daughter love. by fadedgiant03/19/13

Magic Ch. 02

 — Father and daughter love continues. by fadedgiant04/09/13

Magic Fingers

 — Father has a special gift. by Noah03/28/02

Magic Fingers Ch. 2

 — Rouen: the holiday continues. by Noah04/25/02

Magic Wanda

 — Hot stripper shows virgin nephew some new moves. by amsterdam12/29/024.71HOT

Magic Words

 — A sister finds love for her brother after reading his story. by islandic04/23/134.19

Magical Incest Ch. 01: The Black Candle

 — Son finds a way to magical seduce his mother. by bob0356707/01/144.49

Magical Incest Ch. 02: Oily Love

 — Son seduces his mother with a magical back rub. by bob0356707/04/144.49

Magical Incest Ch. 03: Black Mirror

 — Son seduces his mother in her dreams. by bob0356707/07/144.54HOT

Magical Incest Ch. 04: The Talisman

 — A Mystic helps a son fulfill his darkest desire. by bob0356707/11/144.56HOT

Magical Incest Ch. 05: The Hex

 — Son and mother unite after being tricked with a spell. by bob0356707/13/144.57HOT

Magical Tea

 — Sisters share a mystical tea in the deserts of southern Utah. by addieQ07/09/074.72HOT

Mai, Mother

 — The joys of having sex with an Asian stepmother. by pennylesspauper10/22/124.44

Maid on Terrace to Mom on Bed

 — Indian married maid fills husband's void with mom & son. by sansar05/23/094.41

Maid to Fuck

 — Son walks in on dad doing the maid. by Veronica Sweet10/27/024.14

Maid to Measure

 — It all started with the Philipina maid. by Poontanga08/17/083.89

Maid to Slave

 — Sexy Mom submits to husband, son, and...? by Wildfire42702/08/034.22

Mail Call

 — I get a surprise after getting it on with my cuz by Art Martin07/20/034.59HOT

Maisie's Halloween Trick

 — Maisie has plans for her brother & it's not Halloween candy! by ilikeitlikethat1810/02/144.52HOT

Make Love Not War

 — Feuding brother and sister find a fun way to make up. by SEAWATER109/23/144.42

Make Me Into An Anal Whore, Daddy

 — Brittany gets her ass trained by Daddy and Uncle Billy. by DrMick04/10/063.98

Make Me Man, Mum

 — A gay, fetish son makes love to his mother. by coley_3312/06/013.85

Make Me Man, Mum Ch. 2

 — Mum and friend Lisa do son with strap-on. by coley_3312/22/014.10

Make Me Pregnant

 — Sis-In-Law wants a baby. by grantvigor04/05/084.34

Make Me Pregnant Ch. 02

 — Hot couple decide to make sure. by grantvigor04/21/084.39

Make Mommy Cum

 — Beth is such a good girl. by -Sadie26-05/18/044.31

Making a Baby

 — A family discovers incest while trying to have a baby. by bob0356711/05/134.51HOT

Making a New Decision

 — Max and Melanie's adventure continues on National Nude Day. by petuchi1007/06/124.39

Making a Slave

 — Incest, facesitting, and Femdom. by Jerre11/05/033.85

Making a Whore: A Surprise Awaits

 — An otherwise normal trick gives her a great surprise. by black saphire05/17/114.51HOT

Making Amends

 — Kara recieves punishment from the whole family. by BeccaAnn08/09/024.30

Making Amends Ch. 2

 — Kara continues to please her family. by BeccaAnn08/14/024.39

Making Art with Mom Ch. 01

 — Mom models for son in art project. by psalmuse04/07/133.08

Making Aunt Rayne Ch. 01

 — Young man and sexy elder aunt enjoy sex for years. by SECONDSTORYMAN01/15/144.12

Making Aunt Rayne Ch. 02

 — My Slut by SECONDSTORYMAN01/30/144.09

Making Dad Cum in My Mouth

 — Mom and daughter suck and fuck with her dad. by Giveandgetoral12/06/104.62HOT

Making Dad Cum in My Pussy

 — Daughter makes love to her dad. by Giveandgetoral12/13/104.45

Making Dad Cum with My Hand

 — Daughter get's paid to give her dad a helping hand. by Giveandgetoral11/25/104.21

Making Dad Cum with My Hand Ch. 02

 — The hand job turns into much more. by Giveandgetoral09/13/134.36

Making Daddy Happy

 — Emily takes her father's love to the next step. by candyfloss6903/10/083.98

Making Daddy Hard Ch. 01

 — He wants his daughter. by Daddysgirl4112308/28/143.67

Making Daddy Mine Ch. 01

 — James is starting look at his daughter in a new light. by Thyckness01/10/084.27

Making Daddy Mine Ch. 02

 — Daddy finds out what his slut daughter wants from him. by Thyckness06/04/084.39

Making Daddy's Little Cum Slut

 — Stephanie gets what she deserves after missing curfew again. by Kitkat10309/07/104.05

Making Daddy's Little Cum Slut Ch. 02

 — Stephanie get's Bs, and a reward. by Kitkat10309/16/103.98

Making Dessert

 — Lifelong friends enjoy themselves while making cookies. by Foolishbutsaine04/23/074.11

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