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Incest/Taboo Stories

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Pageant Slut Ch. 01

 — Uncle blackmails his cock-loving niece. by onyxessence05/03/084.46

Pages from a Forgotten Diary

 — A young man's university education starts at home. by syemun12/11/133.86

Paid in Full

 — Younger sister pays her rent the old fashioned way. by sex2xs11/30/073.95

Paid to Seduce His Mother V. 02 Ch. 01

 — Previous story with alternate ending. (multi chapter) by julybear707/06/134.58HOT

Paid to Seduce His Mother V. 02 Ch. 02

 — Mike's adventures with his Sister and Mother. by julybear707/07/134.59HOT

Paid to Seduce His Mother V. 02 Ch. 03

 — Mike finally gets Maggie, plus his aunt and grandmother. by julybear707/13/134.69HOT

Paid to Seduce His Mother V. 02 Ch. 04

 — Mike learns of Evie's incestuous past; is seen fuckin Maggie. by julybear707/17/134.70HOT

Paid to Seduce His Mother V. 02 Ch. 05

 — Life throws Mike a curve ball. by julybear707/27/134.63HOT

Paid to Seduce His Mother V. 02 Ch. 06

 — Mike and Maggie move on; new plans made. by julybear708/15/134.70HOT

Paid to Seduce His Mother V. 02 Ch. 07

 — Sara gets to know Mike's family. by julybear709/12/134.67HOT

Paid to Seduce His Mother V. 02 Ch. 08

 — Mike meets and fucks his future MIL. by julybear710/27/134.70HOT

Paid to Seduce His Mother V. 02 Ch. 09

 — Mike meets Evie again. by julybear711/06/134.64HOT

Paid to Seduce His Mother V. 02 Ch. 10

 — Mike recovers; impregnates wife and sister. by julybear712/10/134.74HOT

Paige & Lily

 — I can't say no to my girls. by Ghostwind01/13/154.06

Paige Ch. 01

 — Uncle discovers love for niece. by psylic07/13/084.16

Paige Ch. 02

 — getting my neice safely home and tucked into bed by psylic07/18/084.38

Paige Ch. 03

 — He awoke up in Paige's bed. by psylic07/19/084.47

Paige Ch. 04

 — Paige and I rise and shine. by psylic07/20/084.40

Paige Ch. 05

 — It was time to come clean. by psylic07/23/084.33

Paige Ch. 06

 — Munch a bunch o' brunch. by psylic07/25/084.44

Paige Ch. 07

 — Paige sleeps with her best friend. by psylic08/22/084.33

Paige Ch. 08

 — Coming to grips with his neice. by psylic10/02/084.42

Paige Ch. 09

 — Aunt Lizard Breath arrives. by psylic10/07/084.24

Paige Ch. 10

 — Cuddling with aunt Beth. by psylic10/15/083.85

Paige Ch. 11

 — With a vengeance. by psylic10/19/084.18

Paige Ch. 12

 — Sarah, is that you? by psylic10/29/084.28

Paige Ch. 13

 — Confessions. by psylic12/28/084.25

Paige Ch. 14

 — We have to decide if Megan goes along. by psylic02/02/104.12

Paige Ch. 15

 — A goodby kiss for Megan, and a little more. by psylic02/24/104.30

Paige From Her Diary

 — A lost diary reveals shocking secrets about his sister. by RejectReality09/30/094.69HOT

Paige Loves Daddy, Really

 — Daughter's love for Daddy meets her general lust. by BlewWater6910/26/074.38

Paige's Men

 — She finds lust with dad & her uncles. by hotpup12/13/044.25

Pain Relief

 — Son relieves mom's leg pain, and more. by Ragin Dave11/15/004.28

Painting the Flagpole

 — Brother and sister work toward a common goal. by amyss01/13/104.63HOT

Pakistani Family

 — Letting loose in the summer! by isloobagpipes08/28/103.86

Pam & Ethan Take A Chance Ch. 01

 — Hot off the keyboard. by jallen94404/16/044.38

Pam & Ethan Take A Chance Ch. 02

 — Even hotter off the keyboard. by jallen94405/06/044.21

Pam & Ethan Take A Chance Ch. 03

 — He's writing this stuff as fast as he can. by jallen94405/07/044.40

Pam & Ethan Take A Chance Ch. 04

 — Just one more chapter to go. by jallen94408/14/044.51HOT

Pam & Ethan Take A Chance Ch. 05

 — Finally, the one you've been waiting for. by jallen94410/03/044.65HOT

Pam and Me

 — He gets hot with his sister-in-law. by alabamacowboy06/16/084.17

Pam and Me Ch. 02

 — They continue, taking more time. by alabamacowboy06/20/084.37

Pam and the Drill

 — Pam gains new experience with friend...& her brother. by jallen94403/14/014.29

Pam and the Test Drive

 — Ethan takes his GTO and his sister for a test drive. by jallen94403/24/074.30

Pam Has a Hidden Need

 — This cute girl I work with needs my help to live out a dream. by davidmcman05/09/144.48

Pamela's Plan Ch. 01

 — Sister's planned seduction of brother backfires. by eltron3407/12/034.42

Pamela, Pippa, and Me Ch. 01

 — Triplets discover each other one summer. by Storm6211/15/114.59HOT

Pamela, Pippa, and Me Ch. 02

 — The triplets summer fun continues. by Storm6211/24/114.60HOT

Pamela, Pippa, and Me Ch. 03

 — Last weeks of fun for the triplets. by Storm6212/22/114.58HOT


 — She takes care of daddy as only she can. by Shysquirter02/14/144.29

Pancakes and Sausage

 — A mother and son have an encounter in the kitchen. by WaryMom11/08/104.36


 — Michelle works in an adult video shop. by No Panty Girl12/12/053.81


 — Danny and his mom deal with her disorder. by Mikelh04/05/054.62HOT


 — He enjoys his mom and sister's panties. by Erosness05/14/034.17

Panties for Mom

 — He goes shopping for panties. by EmilyBune07/28/093.56

Panties, Green

 — Roger and his aunt put in very special extra time at work. by Tom Soup12/23/024.45

Panties, White Floral Niece's

 — Maya comes over to watch a movie with her uncle by Tom Soup12/09/024.20

Panty Play When Mom's Away! Or Not!

 — He plays while mom and boyfriend away but gets caught! by kebbyman11/25/124.16

Panty Puzzle

 — Surprise group sex with some incest. by Mr_Magnificet10/25/074.59HOT

Panty Shopping with Penny

 — Penny takes me shopping. by pdp6812/10/134.56HOT

Panty Sniffer Ch. 01

 — Under daughter's control after getting caught. by pantysniffer_sub05/09/074.39

Panty Sniffer Ch. 02

 — His sniffing leads to mom becoming his sex queen. by pantysniffer_sub05/10/074.35

Papa Ain't Big Enough

 — Dad can't control Mom's lust for Ben. by nebthor01/30/053.79

Papa and I Ch. 01

 — Erin wants to fuck his Papa. by cockaddiction01/24/144.43

Papa and I Ch. 02

 — Papa can't get enough of his son. by cockaddiction01/25/144.53HOT

Papa and I Ch. 03

 — Papa and Erin's relationship begins to develop. by cockaddiction02/14/144.43

Papa and I Ch. 04

 — Father and son fuck in the dining room. by cockaddiction02/24/144.64HOT

Papa and I Ch. 05

 — Erin experiences the dark side of Vampirism. by cockaddiction12/29/144.60HOT

Papa Gets A Late Night Visitor

 — Pregnant granddaughter arrives during a storm. by Amyfriend04/21/064.25

Papa's Baby Ch. 01-02

 — Emma wants Papa to make her pregnant. by naughty_emma04/29/044.50HOT

Papa's Little Puta

 — A father puts his slutty daughter's desires to good use. by Ahabscribe06/06/134.47

Paper Walls

 — Close quarters lead to a new evaluation of behavior. by Bob Clark Jr.07/16/034.47

Papi's Girl

 — Virgin tease pushes daddy too far. by katnip_21f01/12/054.52HOT

Pappy's Wet-Pussied Granddaughter

 — Old fella gets some young pussy delight. by MrJack07/18/094.47


 — Father takes married daughter to island resort. by jaybee04/11/02


 — Aunt and nephew on a Tropical Island. by HarryOrwell08/12/114.36

Paradise at Home

 — She finds gratification with the twins. by Moondrift04/30/064.24

Paradise Ch. 02

 — Aunt's adventure takes a turn. by HarryOrwell08/25/114.38

Paradise Ch. 2

 — Father & daughter consolidate their relationship. by jaybee04/14/02

Paradise Found

 — A young stranger leads a mother into her sons arms. by centrum100007/12/114.59HOT

Paradise Island

 — Blake & Eve find love on Paradise Island. by Starlight05/31/024.67HOT

Paradise Island Ch. 02

 — His sister explains the benefits of the island by asitsn05/07/034.56HOT

Paradise Island Ch. 03

 — A gift needs to have some value to the giver. by asitsn05/26/034.63HOT

Paradise Island Ch. 04

 — Another day on Paradise Island. by asitsn06/08/034.61HOT

Paradise Island Ch. 08

 — Every man deserves a Paradise Island. by asitsn03/20/054.68HOT

Paradise Island Part. 02

 — Anna and Zara go into the forest. by bustyslut105/06/143.62

Paradise Island Pt. 01

 — A mother daughter bonding holiday takes an unexpected turn. by bustyslut103/29/143.24

Paradise Lost

 — She loses her virginity in summer of many changes. by Kinky Rachel03/30/044.25

Paradise Lost...and Found!

 — Mother & Son find a new kind of love stranded on an island. by msfproject01/08/124.40

Paradise Mom Ch. 01

 — Mom is confused when son says he wants her as his wife. by brooke3002/10/054.59HOT

Paradise Mom Ch. 02

 — Mom gives son an answer to his proposal. by brooke3002/11/054.62HOT

Paradise Mom Ch. 03

 — Mom practices nudism. by brooke3003/25/054.64HOT

Paradise Mom Ch. 04

 — Mom models lingerie to entice son. by brooke3006/08/054.73HOT

Paradiso Ch. 17

 — We meet the Archers; a very unconventional family. by SlyKink10/22/144.62HOT


 — Ray and Cristina, step-bro/sis, get together. by PVodogaz01/22/044.36

Paralyzed Mother Fucker Ch. 1

 — Mom cares for injured son. by PMF11/18/004.02

Paralyzed Mother Fucker Ch. 2

 — Mom brings home a friend. by PMF11/18/004.17

Paranormal Research Club Ch. 01

 — Family, friends, a road trip, a haunted church, and dreams. by GPLockwood12/13/124.80HOT

Paranormal Research Club Ch. 02

 — My favorite cousin, my best friend, and a road trip. by GPLockwood02/10/134.81HOT

Paranormal Research Club Ch. 03

 — Adventures with ghosts, gods, treasure, and beautiful women. by GPLockwood02/11/134.81HOT

Paranormal Research Club Ch. 04

 — Kim loses her virginity, and some mysteries are revealed. by GPLockwood06/04/134.76HOT

Paranormal Research Club Ch. 06

 — Bonding with my soulmate. by GPLockwood08/26/134.79HOT

Parent Teacher Conference

 — Mom found out how I was messing up at college. by Frenchman06/24/124.16

Parent Trouble

 — He sees his parents in a new light. by arodz08/29/054.14

Parent Trouble Ch. 02

 — Dad's refusal makes son think twice. by arodz09/05/054.33

Parent Trouble Ch. 03

 — Son's scheme to seduce mom. by arodz10/04/054.46

Parent Trouble Ch. 04

 — The final conflict. by arodz12/30/054.29

Parent-Teacher-Student Conference

 — Mr. Peters and Miss Harding meet the parents. by Charles Petersunn07/15/114.71HOT

Parental Control

 — Selfish boy learns to contribute to family. by LucOuarm07/17/024.25

Parental Control Revisited

 — Young man accepts his responsibilities. by LucOuarm10/18/024.47

Parental Discretion is Advised

 — Mom seduces son eventually involving the whole family. by Eroscott02/28/134.79HOT

Parenting Ch. 01

 — Erika teaches her daughter good lessons. by BlackSnake02/16/064.14

Parenting Ch. 02

 — Justin enjoys his mom. by BlackSnake02/16/064.30

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