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Incest/Taboo Stories

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Sean's Weekend Visit

 — Brenda gets to know her grown up brother. by SexyBeast07/03/024.35

Searching for Daddy

 — She searches online for a sexy daddy. by DaddysBabyGurl42005/25/044.34

Searching for Daddy Ch. 04

 — Fantasies become reality. by DaddysBabyGurl42007/28/044.50HOT

Searching for Daddy Ch. 02

 — She finds what she's looking for. by DaddysBabyGurl42005/26/044.58HOT

Searching for Daddy Ch. 03

 — She finds out who her online Daddy is. by DaddysBabyGurl42006/01/044.57HOT

Seasons with Samantha: Autumn

 — Bryce decides whever or not to tell Sam the truth. by OldKingClancy10/13/114.62HOT

Seasons With Samantha: Spring

 — One relationship strengthens, another weakens. by OldKingClancy11/10/114.49

Seasons with Samantha: Summer

 — Insomniac Atheist vacations with his hot Catholic Cousin. by OldKingClancy10/12/114.45

Seasons with Samantha: Winter Pt. 01

 — Bryce unwillingly ruins his relationship with Sam. by OldKingClancy10/15/114.22

Seasons with Samantha: Winter Pt. 02

 — Have the icy waters consumed Bryce? by OldKingClancy10/21/114.47

Second Adventure With My Daughter

 — He loves family Christmas. by randy2some06/12/064.41

Second Chances

 — Alone with handsome grandson, grandmother finds love. by jessy1909/27/034.55HOT

Second Chances

 — Making the right decision can still leave you with desire. by humantouch04/19/124.37

Second Cousin Katie and Aunt Polly

 — A social visit leads to more. by yesterdays12/10/144.18

Second First Time

 — Son gives mother a sex life after 14 years without. by blitzz0508/07/074.03

Second Lust

 — An online game. What is dad's secret? by autoeroticrobot02/06/074.24

Second Lust Ch. 02

 — Online games continue. by autoeroticrobot03/26/074.38

Second Night in Panties

 — More mother love to a recovering adult son. by SissyJane10/24/093.80

Second Thoughts

 — Mom's second thoughts give way to something special. by parkk8410/25/064.57HOT

Second Time Around

 — He gets a second chance with his sister and his daughter. by James Henry04/15/084.48

Second Time Around

 — Lizzie wants Danny a second time. by pussekat12/14/044.50HOT

Second Time Around With Mom

 — He sleeps with Mom while Dad's at war. by nwm3602/26/043.95

Second Time On Bi Side

 — Son returns home. by TUCSON RED10/23/034.13

Second Time On Bi Side Ch. 02

 — Son and mom get together. by TUCSON RED10/28/034.41

Second Time On Bi Side Ch. 03

 — The whole family joins the fun. by TUCSON RED10/29/034.25

Second Time with Mom

 — A son and mom story. by Momstheboss04/19/134.44

Second Time with Uncle

 — After so long, uncle gets to take advantage of her again. by aishagrey06/15/094.01

Secret Admirers Ch. 01

 — Nikki has a secret admirer; it's not her husband. by hotdm6908/21/064.45

Secret Admirers Ch. 02

 — Nikki has more admirers than she thought. by hotdm6908/30/064.47

Secret Admirers Ch. 03

 — Nikki finds another admirer. by hotdm6911/10/064.64HOT

Secret Admirers Ch. 05

 — An unplanned threesome. by hotdm6910/29/124.39

Secret Admirers Ch. 06

 — Emily's revenge. by hotdm6911/09/124.42

Secret Affair

 — Marina's lust toward her father-in-law can't be denied. by RDeLajour12/02/144.36

Secret Affair Pt. 02

 — Is the desire still there one year later? by RDeLajour12/03/144.57HOT

Secret Brotherly Lust

 — Lusty cravings of a married sister for her own brother. by DonAbdul12/05/093.87

Secret Hiding Place

 — Secret leads to passion of a lifetime. by xyster12/25/034.50HOT

Secret Lives

 — Daughter tries to cheer up her father. by EmmaWatsonNude11/16/094.53HOT

Secret Lives Ch. 02

 — Stacy discovers her Mom's dirty little secret. by EmmaWatsonNude11/20/094.54HOT

Secret Lives Ch. 03

 — The family gets together for one final day on vacation. by EmmaWatsonNude12/04/094.65HOT

Secret Lover

 — Chance meeting brings Kelly & her uncle together. by satyr_13200310/14/034.57HOT

Secret Lover Ch. 02

 — Dad's Computer is down, Kelly & Uncle play. by satyr_13200310/21/034.55HOT

Secret Lover Ch. 03

 — Kelly meets up with uncle after family get-together. by satyr_13200310/25/034.59HOT

Secret Lover Ch. 04

 — Kelly comes by to pay up. by satyr_13200311/25/034.63HOT

Secret Lover Ch. 05

 — Kelly leaves her uncle a note. by satyr_13200302/19/044.41

Secret No Longer Ch. 01

 — Two wives' drift into bisexuality leads to much more. by ShadowWriterCa12/08/074.29

Secret No Longer Ch. 02

 — Fred learns of his wife's Sapphic trysts. by ShadowWriterCa12/17/074.29

Secret No Longer Ch. 03

 — Jason: Completing the Exposition. by ShadowWriterCa12/18/074.31

Secret No Longer Ch. 04

 — Jannie's first secret, and a painful decision. by ShadowWriterCa01/05/084.29

Secret No Longer Ch. 05

 — Jannie and Jason, with Mom on the Sidelines. by ShadowWriterCa01/06/084.58HOT

Secret No Longer Ch. 06

 — Janine's second secret, and the "Evil I" rears its head. by ShadowWriterCa01/07/084.52HOT

Secret No Longer Ch. 07

 — At the crossroads. by ShadowWriterCa01/08/084.37

Secret No Longer Ch. 08a

 — Surrender: Jason's account. by ShadowWriterCa01/27/084.41

Secret No Longer Ch. 08b

 — Surrender: Linda's account. by ShadowWriterCa02/02/084.67HOT

Secret No Longer Ch. 09

 — Surrender completed, & the Decadent Period begins. by ShadowWriterCa02/03/084.35

Secret No Longer Ch. 10

 — Jason: completing the surrender, and some changes. by ShadowWriterCa03/17/084.26

Secret No Longer Ch. 11

 — Linda: Jason's Changes, Shirley and Timmy, and trouble looms. by ShadowWriterCa03/18/084.59HOT

Secret No Longer Ch. 12

 — Three plus one makes four. by ShadowWriterCa03/20/084.54HOT

Secret No Longer Ch. 13

 — All bad things come to an end, too. by ShadowWriterCa04/02/084.13

Secret No Longer Ch. 14

 — Face to face with the unthinkable. by ShadowWriterCa04/03/083.48

Secret No Longer Ch. 15

 — He knows! by ShadowWriterCa04/04/083.59

Secret No Longer Ch. 16

 — When the Body of Friendship houses the Soul of Love. by ShadowWriterCa04/05/083.84

Secret No Longer Ch. 17

 — Waiting for the Axe to Fall by ShadowWriterCa04/06/083.71

Secret No Longer Ch. 18

 — Shock Treatment: The Setup. by ShadowWriterCa11/08/084.00

Secret Nudists and a Family Secret

 — She and her brother discover their neighbors' secrets. by MatthewVett06/20/114.62HOT

Secret Obsession

 — Son plays with mommy's panties. by how_YOU_doin04/29/084.02

Secret Obsession

 — A taboo relationship between brother and sister. by SocratesPlato10/29/14

Secret Relations

 — Indian guy has secret relations with aunt. by sunnyboyz09/25/023.36

Secret Santa

 — She gets a buzz from her secret Santa! by mzzqt11/23/084.45

Secret Santa

 — I take my wife to visit her family for the holidays. by dainii01/09/154.25

Secret Sister

 — Spying on my sister. by Ed Rogers04/04/143.88

Secret Slut Soccer Mom

 — A suburban Mother lives out her incestuous fantasy. by HeyAll04/10/124.42

Secret Summer with Melinda

 — Secret discovery leads to more with sis. by youbadboy11/07/044.78HOT

Secret Surprise

 — She's in for a big surprise. by ANNE24012/23/034.45


 — A family goes to the forbidden desires. by ronnie1102/14/114.51HOT

Secrets in the Night Pt. 01

 — A son cleans up his father's mess. by mothersstilettos08/26/144.15

Secrets of a Desi Mother

 — A desi mother has a secret revealed by her son spying on her. by amita_4u06/07/143.71

Secrets of the Deep Ch. 03

 — Chastity's return to normal life. by Lady Malachite09/24/064.41

Secrets of the Mother

 — 18 years after Strangers in the Night. by -Sadie26-11/10/054.30

Secrets Spill in a Threesome

 — A story about me, my husband and my mother. by ua31506/08/103.91

Secrets Untold Ch. 01

 — Sequel to Born to Love. by Mistress_of_Passion08/21/124.30

Secrets Untold Ch. 02

 — Sequel to Born to Love. by Mistress_of_Passion08/25/124.34

Secrets Untold Ch. 03

 — Beth gets shown the same affection as Rachel. by Mistress_of_Passion09/03/124.30

Seduce Me Ch. 1

 — Mom fights attraction to son. by Anonymous Author11/19/004.00

Seduce Me Ch. 2

 — Son lusts after Mom. by Anonymous Author11/19/004.12

Seduce Me Ch. 3

 — Mother-son chat nearly gets intimate. by Anonymous Author11/19/004.14

Seduce Me Ch. 4

 — Son questions his feelings. by Anonymous Author11/19/004.11

Seduce Me Ch. 5

 — Mom begins to succumb to her feelings. by Anonymous Author11/19/004.15

Seduce Me Ch. 6

 — Close call between mother and son. by Anonymous Author11/19/004.39

Seduce Me Ch. 7

 — Passion erupts between mother and son. by Anonymous Author11/19/004.56HOT

Seduced by a Stepdaughter

 — He never stood a chance. by blondesubmission04/07/104.33

Seduced by a Stepdaughter Ch. 02

 — He tried to resist her, but he couldn't. by blondesubmission04/10/104.32

Seduced by a Stepdaughter Ch. 03

 — Step-daddy takes control. by blondesubmission04/12/104.48

Seduced by a Stepdaughter Ch. 05

 — Stepdaddy introduces her to anal sex. by blondesubmission05/03/104.30

Seduced by Auntie's "Story"

 — He realises he and she are its characters. by nortythorts02/10/134.35

Seduced by Auntie's "Story" Ch. 02

 — Out-of town trip to shop, tease and sleaze. by nortythorts03/02/134.08

Seduced by Auntie's "Story" Ch. 03

 — Naughty role-play at the seedy hotel. by nortythorts03/05/134.31

Seduced by Auntie's "Story" Ch. 04

 — Enjoying & flaunting hooker role play at the seedy hotel. by nortythorts04/17/134.32

Seduced by Auntie's "Story" Ch. 05

 — Peeping at Auntie as she reads and touches herself. by nortythorts04/20/134.08

Seduced by Auntie's "Story" Ch. 06

 — She phones him on the bus, and awaits his return. by nortythorts12/13/134.15

Seduced by Indian Real Bhabhi

 — Indian Bhabhi seduced her dewar by anilsahotra02/27/032.86

Seduced by Marisa

 — Friend's daughter gives him a night to remember. by Dandyone12/02/04

Seduced By Mum & Her Stockings

 — His mother fantasy comes true. by Ian Sinclair03/27/044.61HOT

Seduced by My Aunt

 — The story of how I seduced my nephew. by tightnpink03/14/094.26

Seduced By My Daughter

 — College professor's daughter fulfills her fantasy. by AGreyFoxxx04/12/114.28

Seduced By My Daughter Ch. 02

 — Trina gets kinky with daddy. by AGreyFoxxx05/10/114.39

Seduced By My Daughter Ch. 03

 — Trina introduces me to her virgin friend. by AGreyFoxxx05/31/114.51HOT

Seduced By My Daughter Ch. 04

 — Trina and her friend have a special surprise for me. by AGreyFoxxx07/15/114.43

Seduced by My Kinky Aunt and Uncle

 — Auntie Sheena, uncle Mark and daughter Sarah seduce me. by fantasyboy11/19/094.15

Seduced By My Mother-in-Law

 — While wife is away my mother in-law took advantage. by Toolmo02/03/084.41

Seduced By My Son's Friend

 — My sons friend seduces me while my family is out not home. by darknessfalls4809/02/103.81

Seduced By My Virgin Daughters

 — Lot: I was seduced by my virgin daughters. by biblerotica09/27/143.83

Seduced By Samantha

 — Horny guy seduced by sister. by josephdm01/07/114.22

Seducing Aunt Ellie

 — 18 year old plans to seduce his 33 year old aunt. by sawandsword10/28/144.54HOT

Seducing Ben

 — Do you really know who you are sleeping with? by scorpiosting08/25/034.43

Seducing Big Brother

 — She teases her brother until he gives in by Hollow_Eyes11/03/064.31

Seducing Brother in Three Steps

 — Adam's trail is a good one to follow. by earnie6508/21/094.17

Seducing Dad

 — Sisters both want their dad and plan on getting him. by Giveandgetoral11/03/114.53HOT

Seducing Daddy

 — Horny girl targets her father. by sweet throat(f)09/02/014.44

Seducing Her Daddy

 — A daughter's need drives her to seduce her Daddy. by lilliterotica04/07/114.31

Seducing Her Daddy Ch. 02

 — Shelby continues to tease and seduce her daddy. by lilliterotica05/26/114.47

Seducing Her Father's Father

 — Courtney simply loves older men. by MisterReason05/11/114.46

Seducing Jen

 — Brother seduces submissive sister. by horny_giraffe11/02/01

Seducing Jen? Never Again

 — Submissive sister toys with her brother. by horny_giraffe09/14/02

Seducing Jennifer Pt. 03

 — Mom wants to be fully involved in daughter's sex education by jacktar4805/11/144.46

Seducing Jennifer Pt. 04

 — Jennifer's mom tries to teach Jack self-control. by jacktar4805/12/144.39

Seducing Katie

 — A hotel room, my teenage daughter, a king-sized bed. by CindysBob09/13/094.31

Seducing Little Jan Ch. 01

 — Man falls in love with his 18-year-old niece. by jim1kp08/21/073.93

Seducing Mom

 — How I seduced and made my mother my sexual slave by bamaguy6409/19/094.41

Seducing Mom

 — Teen uses a photo shoot to seduce his mother. by centrum100001/02/114.33

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