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Incest/Taboo Stories

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Cai Xia's Secret Longing

 — Literotica fan's story of lust. by redtoad08/24/034.23

Cain and his Sister

 — Cain: I took my sister into the desert and cheated on her! by biblerotica09/28/143.80

Cairin's Quest

 — A girl begins a quest for her father, finding far! by SarabethW12/04/134.69HOT


 — Siblings & female friend discover their mutual lust. by Pyro10/14/054.67HOT


 — She’s a black belt and you’re a geek. by markelly06/01/114.71HOT

Caitlyn Fucks Her New Daddy

 — Sub daddy gets earful of daughter with stud. by NonStopFunGuy07/13/043.64

Caleb Woke Up Ch. 07

 — Good morning - day 2 - Sister wakes him up. by McBacon07/24/124.67HOT

Caleb Woke Up Ch. 08

 — And then there were ninjas. by McBacon08/23/124.72HOT

Caleb's Advice

 — She gives Caleb some sexual advice. by KawGuy09/25/064.34

Caleb's Story

 — A descendant's love brings her Rebel grandpappy back to life. by Pornguin12/13/084.38

California Ch. 01

 — It was an inside joke what a fuckbunny her daugher was. by velvet hammer03/21/124.23

California Ch. 02

 — I caught a glimpse of what it was she'd been watching. by velvet hammer03/22/124.36

California Ch. 03

 — Lauren reveals some really dirty family secrets... by velvet hammer03/28/124.34

California Ch. 04

 — The Afternoon of Shirley. by velvet hammer04/13/124.34

California Ch. 05

 — The Afternoon of Shirley Continues . . . by velvet hammer05/30/124.32

California Ch. 06

 — The Holy Grail of Sex. by velvet hammer05/31/124.29

California Dreams

 — Sandy gets to know his niece Colleen much, MUCH better. by BrettJ06/07/134.34

California Heat Wave

 — Father & daughter are stuck with no A.C. by AnAmericanDarling05/16/074.12

California Love

 — Sister visits her West Coast brother. by ANNE24005/04/064.44

California Nights Ch. 02

 — Mother and daughter get it on with him. by espeteroh02/26/054.45

California Zephir

 — Strangers discovery intimacy and a secret on the train. by Schaka02/18/154.46

Call It Whatever You Want

 — After getting a boobjob, sister moves in with loner brother by zaxxon11/05/114.44

Call It Whatever You Want Ch. 02

 — Colin and Kayleigh decide to make love. by zaxxon01/16/124.40

Call Me "Mom" Ch. 01

 — She wants to play a taboo fantasy with her younger man. by simonspleasure07/10/074.43

Call Me "Mom" Ch. 02

 — Tim learns more about Angela's taboo fantasy. by simonspleasure07/19/074.47

Call Me "Mom" Ch. 03

 — Tim finds his "mom" was waiting for him to arrive. by simonspleasure04/16/084.36

Call Me Charlotte

 — A masturbating mother gets swept off her feet. by nathanfane606/08/114.42

Call Me Charlotte Ch. 02

 — After a wild night, mother and son wake up in bed together. by nathanfane606/16/114.51HOT

Call Me Charlotte Ch. 03

 — Mother and son enjoy some quality time together. by nathanfane606/26/114.49

Call Me Charlotte Ch. 04

 — The last week, through Emma's eyes. by nathanfane607/18/114.12

Call Me Daddy Ch. 01

 — She finds her long lost father and hopes for a new life. by sinfuldeeds09/28/144.29

Call Me Daddy Ch. 02

 — Daddy sends her off shopping, but everything has a price. by sinfuldeeds10/03/144.27

Call Me Liah 01

 — Deliah changes herself to seduce her older brother. by Logistically07/05/123.87


 — Rod gets horny for his twin sister. by C09/01/002.95

Callie's Milk

 — Sexy daughter breastfeeds her daddy. by nasty_dan06/10/054.53HOT

Calling Mommy and Daddy?

 — She calls Mommy and Daddy, or does she? by imaginitiv108/10/024.30

Calliope's Daddy

 — Uncle bails whore out of jail and becomes her Daddy. by xelliebabex11/05/124.55HOT

Calliope's Daddy Ch. 02

 — Shopping with Daddy and friends. by xelliebabex11/25/124.67HOT

Calliope's Daddy Ch. 03

 — Calliope meets more family. by xelliebabex12/12/124.68HOT

Calliope's Daddy Ch. 04

 — They fight and Callie has her day in court. by xelliebabex01/15/134.71HOT

Calliope's Daddy Ch. 05

 — Callipe's family had some fun together. by xelliebabex03/17/134.72HOT

Calliope's New Life

 — Testing the boundaries. by xelliebabex05/01/134.48

Calliope's New Life Ch. 04

 — Calliope pushes Padraic too far. by xelliebabex02/05/144.64HOT

Cam Slut Mom

 — A desperate mother is caught trying to sell her body online by DirtyMindedMom07/20/144.46

Cam Slut Mom Ch. 02

 — Mom convinces her son to participate in her webcam sex show. by DirtyMindedMom08/16/144.47

Cam Slut Mom Ch. 03

 — Mom struggles with her desire to sexually exploit her son. by DirtyMindedMom12/05/144.62HOT

Cam Slut Mom Ch. 04

 — Mom gets an offer to put on a special show with her son. by DirtyMindedMom01/10/154.80HOT

Camel Toe Incest

 — Tight thong outlined her perfectly. by cantdog06/25/044.26

Camelot Ch. 01

 — The legendary story like you've never heard it. by Quist2306/30/113.70

Camera Action

 — Camcorder & slut daughter lead Judge Harris astray. by Parris05/27/024.58HOT

Camera Skills

 — A picture is worth....? by bassbelly02/21/084.28


 — Matt only has eyes for mom. by stevie362402/27/084.52HOT

Camilla Ch. 068

 — At a party, Camilla fucks the wrong man--or does she? by MawrGorshin03/19/124.45

Camilla Ch. 070

 — Camilla fucks Alex, Candice, Father Josiah, and her father. by MawrGorshin03/22/124.66HOT

Camilla Ch. 073

 — Camilla fucks stoned dad...twice; he's getting suspicious. by MawrGorshin04/01/124.39

Camilla Ch. 076

 — She fucks her dad again, but the priest interferes. by MawrGorshin04/14/124.29

Camilla Ch. 078

 — Camilla fucks her stoned dad, but will he find out? by MawrGorshin04/20/124.45

Camilla Ch. 080

 — She fucks her stoned dad, and he knows it's no dream. by MawrGorshin04/27/124.41

Camilla Ch. 088

 — Camilla fucks her dad one last time; then she gets pregnant. by MawrGorshin05/30/124.64HOT

Camilla Ch. 108

 — 18-year-old Eros finally drugs and fucks his mother. by MawrGorshin09/04/124.16

Camilla Ch. 109

 — Eros drugs and fucks his mother a second time. by MawrGorshin09/06/124.08

Camilla Ch. 110

 — Eros fucks his mother a third time. by MawrGorshin09/11/124.12

Camilla Ch. 111

 — Eros fucks his mother a fourth time. by MawrGorshin09/14/124.13

Camilla Ch. 112

 — Eros showers with, fucks, gets a golden shower from, his mom. by MawrGorshin09/20/124.29

Camilla Ch. 113

 — Eros fucks his mom again; the masked men complicate things. by MawrGorshin09/25/123.93

Camilla Ch. 114

 — He fucks his mom again; she runs naked in downtown Montreal. by MawrGorshin09/26/124.00

Cammie's Memory

 — Brother and sister have some fun. by xSadiex12/14/044.23

Camming My Sister

 — A brother's lust for sister creates a cam for the ages. by pdgsister04/03/093.88


 — Trip with sister-in-law & stepson turns wild. by Canary06/01/014.25


 — Dad takes daughter & friend on a trip. by L.A. Wicker11/05/024.18


 — A family camping trip takes a turn for the better by TryAnything01/26/034.71HOT

Camping Ch. 01

 — Siblings who seduce who or is it seduction? by Rinmer-Dalle09/02/024.29

Camping Ch. 01

 —  Uncle takes nephews camping with Dory. by horny_in_NY07/28/043.97

Camping Ch. 02

 — The seduction is complete, but now what? by Rinmer-Dalle09/18/024.29

Camping Ch. 03

 — Parents don't know, or do they? by Rinmer-Dalle04/16/034.19

Camping Ch. 04

 — Mom & daughter are lovers in yet another twist. by Rinmer-Dalle10/18/034.08

Camping Ch. 05

 — An unexpected twist takes us down into the SCI-FI. by Rinmer-Dalle11/09/033.80

Camping In Style Ch. 01

 — Daughter and friend take dad while camping. by A_4_playboy12/16/024.47

Camping In Style Ch. 02

 — Daughter & friend play game with dad. by A_4_playboy12/17/024.56HOT

Camping In Style Ch. 03

 — Dad watches daughter & friend get together. by A_4_playboy12/18/024.57HOT

Camping Incest

 — He dreamt of Jon having sex with him...until he returned home. by DasXyM4N03/05/134.15

Camping Surprise

 — Normal camping trip with father turns sexual. by kenzielive07/11/06

Camping Trip

 — The family has an interesting time in the outdoors. by robodud05/11/054.34

Camping Trip

 — Vacation becomes something more for a mother & son. by Phaetonlive07/30/094.54HOT

Camping Trip

 — Camping vacation turns to family orgy for group of guys. by daddyslittlebitch05/05/114.28

Camping Trip

 — Brother and sister go on a hike together. by Lillivenus12/05/124.42

Camping Trip Ch. 02

 — The fun continues for guy and friend's sisters. by smithE10108/10/094.59HOT

Camping Trip Pt. 01

 — Daddy/daughter go camping at the Lake. by arandol1707/17/144.31

Camping Trip with Dad

 — Daughter goes camping with him and 'finds' herself. by Aussie_Teacher12/04/05HOT

Camping Weekend Ch. 01

 — End of summer family trip. by Without Boundaries09/11/104.51HOT

Camping Weekend Ch. 02

 — A family weekend of discovery. by Without Boundaries10/14/104.66HOT

Camping with Chelsea

 — Mom and daughter are cum-sluts for Chelsea's boyfriend. by Coto233203/23/094.37

Camping with Daddy, 2011

 — She finds her father's diary, and his early bi dorm days. by Sumddy08/06/114.50HOT

Camping with Daughter Ch. 01

 — Dad comes home after 5 years to go camping with his daughter. by HarryPerry04/23/094.48

Camping with Daughter Ch. 02

 — After 5 years, dad goes camping with daughter. by HarryPerry04/24/094.71HOT

Camping with Daughter Ch. 03

 — Part 3 of dad on a camping trip with his daughter. by HarryPerry05/03/094.53HOT

Camping with Daughter Ch. 04

 — Continuing story of Dad and daughter camping together. by HarryPerry09/03/094.55HOT

Camping with Daughter Ch. 05

 — Dad is still teased to the extreme by his daughter. by HarryPerry12/25/094.69HOT

Camping with Daughter Ch. 06

 — Dad is finally able to enjoy is daughter to the fullest. by HarryPerry03/07/104.73HOT

Camping with Grandad

 — Phoebe is in for a big shock when she goes on a camping trip. by AlyssaLove11/28/113.84

Camping with Mom

 — Mother and son almost freeze, but find the heat of love. by Doug68901/17/154.53HOT

Camping With My Mom

 — A mom and son go camping without leaving home. by Woffen01/23/074.21

Camping with SIL

 — Camping with sister-in-law turns sexual. by stlimanika11/07/114.08

Can Family Members Love Each Other?

 — An uncle shows his love for his niece. by UnderCoverLover07/08/064.17

Can Family Members Love Each Other? Ch. 02

 — Niece brings a friend. by UnderCoverLover08/30/063.81

Can I Help, Daddy?

 — Tag-along becomes lover. by Bhob06/25/064.33

Can I Make It Up?

 — Tammy just wanted a day to herself, but Dirk... by SSobotkaJr11/04/054.47

Can I Make It Up? Ch. 02

 — Tammy's day got better - but, there's a twist. by SSobotkaJr11/11/054.59HOT

Can I Make It Up? Ch. 03

 — Tammy learns something. by SSobotkaJr11/12/054.64HOT

Can I Make It Up? Ch. 04

 — The "cat" is completely out of the bag, now. by SSobotkaJr02/04/094.65HOT

Can I Make It Up? Ch. 05

 — Tammy crosses the 'last taboo', to the climax! by SSobotkaJr09/01/114.42

Can I Touch It?

 — A woman finally fulfills her fantasies of her father. by Sexylee03/09/104.10

Can I Watch?

 — Mom enjoys seeing her horny son masturbate. by HeyAll04/30/124.60HOT

Can Mommy Help?

 — Mom teaches son the ins and outs of sex. by Seanathon10/21/134.54HOT

Can We Snuggle?

 — Injury leads to passion between siblings. by SecretTaboo12/25/124.27

Can You Help A Brother?

 — Brother moves in with sister after house fire. by eroslit01/08/124.51HOT

Can You Keep a Secret?

 — Siblings have their first time together. by expression_writing02/09/084.46

Can You Keep a Secret? Long Version

 — Siblings share their first sexual experience. by expression_writing05/23/084.72HOT

Can't Fight Temptation

 — Younger sister's tempting is too strong. by mike446904/08/064.07

Can't Have Too Many Cocks

 — Alex fucked her brother: who will she fuck next? by Greenlock82705/12/103.87

Can't Resist

 — Sam can't resist Jane any longer; at the end, a suprise. by gt_bear01/21/093.78

Can't Stop Living!

 — A family's turnabout from a dead end. by bangopee01/06/074.21

Can't Take NO For An Answer

 — Abby reaches out to her step-brother. by rlb385512/26/084.33

Can't You Knock First?

 — Sister needs to learn to knock. by citguy0007/10/114.29

Can't You Knock First? Ch. 02

 — Mother needs to learn to knock as well. by citguy0001/18/124.10

Canadian Adventure

 — Billy and his aunt Lisa discover a forbidden love. by biteme4512/12/094.52HOT

Canadian Sunset

 — Sibling lust awakened by a crash. by bassbelly09/23/074.46

Cancer Therapy

 — Helping my brother recover from cancer by Carol197310/25/094.24

Cancun Candids Ch. 01

 — A brother takes explicit photos of scantily clad sister. by EricBanner11/11/094.43

Cancun Candids Ch. 02

 — What happens when brother gets caught? by EricBanner05/15/124.67HOT

Cancun Ch. 01

 — Stepdaughter's charms become apparent to stepfather. by texaswade05/04/074.44

Cancun Ch. 02

 — Stepfather's plan works to perfection. by texaswade05/12/074.54HOT

Cancun Ch. 03

 — Stepdaughter repays the favor. by texaswade05/31/074.54HOT

Cancun Ch. 04

 — Stepfather and stepdaughter grow closer. by texaswade08/12/074.56HOT

Cancun Ch. 05

 — Stepdaughter pays for her desires with her ass. by texaswade08/22/074.46

Cancun Ch. 06

 — Stepdaughter gets her revenge. by texaswade05/21/104.35


 — He watches his daughter & her friend. by buzltyr11/15/044.53HOT

Candace Ch. 02

 — He talks to his daughter about what he saw. by buzltyr12/03/044.59HOT

Candace Ch. 03

 — Father & daughter share an intimate moment. by buzltyr02/04/054.56HOT


 — She confesses feelings for her brother. by William DuPayne02/21/04HOT

Candid Camera

 — Smoking results in son blackmailing parents into sex. by tamol05/04/023.65

Candledim Ch. 01

 — A ghost seduces Jamie. by AmoralAuthor09/11/043.99

Candledim Ch. 02

 — Into the past, as Rose corrupts her stepson. by AmoralAuthor09/17/044.34

Candledim Ch. 03

 — Back to the present, and the monster wins. by AmoralAuthor09/26/044.23

Candles, Cake, & Pussy

 — Mother & son give each other an incestuous birthday gift. by Frenchman08/07/084.36

Candles, Cake, & Pussy Ch. 02

 — Mother & son the morning after the night before. by Frenchman08/16/084.41


 — Daughter discovers unexpected lover. by Pablojr207/22/104.52HOT

Candy Cane

 — She falls in love with adoptive father. by Kitten2005708/01/024.58HOT

Candy Cane Cocked Cousin...and Mom

 — Visiting cousins awaken passions at Xmas. by scouries12/06/074.62HOT

Candy Canes and Peppermint Lattes

 — Starbucks, Christmas Music, & a Christmas story! by blackstallion2111/10/093.68

Candy Ch. 01

 — Candy and her brothers. by nymphh06/06/064.32

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