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good but...

That was a pretty good continuation of a pretty good story. But you seemed to gloss over the mother/daughter pairing when you gave so much details on the other trysts. Could we back up and explain that little incident please?

secret sex...not knowing who your partner is...priceless.

More chapters

Please don't stop, continues with this story . There's so many options you can go with this

i diddnt care for the subject,writing, or the filthy aspects of the sex in general. i gave it 3 stars but i think it deserved fewer.

Who made you king?

In response to anon below, who put u in charge? Unrealistic? As opposed to what? Stories where the son seduces mom and they fall in love and live happily after? Is that what you want on the "incest" category? It's a fiction site moron. Most of this is unrealistic. Though i would say ssl is as real as anyone else. If you take a look at her reads, faves, etc, she is one of the most popular authors on the site. I read somewhere she is the author with most favorites. So apparently, many more people like her than don't. If you have a way to tell her, or any writer, how to be better do so. If not dont read it. Either way shut up with the useless negative comments. As if you could even write your name.

Please Continue

It will be a good story if you continue it .Please

Thanks To All -

I want to take a minute to thank everyone who has sent me an email saying how much you've enjoyed The Morrisons saga and inquired about chapter 25.

I know Fat_Dad and I had planned on having our respective chapters ready to be published by the early days of September but due to life in general, both of us have bumped into some small situations that made it necessary our attention be focused elsewhere. I have chapter 25 almost finished and each day I type a little more. I hope I can finish the chapter soon.

Fat_Dad and I have been shooting our unfinished chapters back and forth to each other so we are in sinc with each other's chapter, I can only hope you'll enjoy our combined efforts.

Thank you again for all the support I've received since starting The Morrisons.


Oh dear!

No part two? I loved and went looking for more...

Sandi Sweet.

Naming one of your characters in this story after an incredibly sexy young porn star was a really nice touch. Sandi Sweet may not have done too many scenes, but she looked amazing in those she did do. I couldn't help but picture her while reading this story. Tiny, petite, and oh so feminine, with a breathtakingly beautiful face. I half-expected the rest of the girls featured in this story to also be named after other porn actresses.

Ah. Sweet Sandi Sweet.

Thanks, everyone

I am really touched by the wonderful feedback. And I promise to at least try to write more. Busy with other kinds of writing at the moment, however. Back some time. I hope.

Great Story With an Abrupt Ending

While I won't belabor the point that many others have made regarding the abruptness of the ending (too much anyway), I wanted to take the time to thank you for a wonderful story. This has been one of the best I have read on this site. That being said, I think that with some fine tweaking, you could easily publish this as the beginning novel to an series. Of course, the incest would need to be minimalized for it to go mainstream. But even that would require only minor rewrites. Smoothing out the ending would also need done. You've left enough plot threads open to easily start off a second book (allow me to suggest starting it with the beginning of college). I would note that I have paid for books that were not as well written as this story. I eagerly await a follow-on story.

Great story

I hope there wil be more chapters coming.

Snother Great One

Yet another great story by one of my favorite authors. Love the insight into how Bree got started. This is the second time you have written a story with Bree submitting to her mother. I am begging, please, please write another chapter where Bree finally turns the tables on her mother and puts her in her place. Namely, on her knees worshipping her daughter's superior body.

it soon became too much

It might have been a bit more believable if you had split it into 3 different stories. Amber, E V, and mom. but putting them all together, and having it all happen in 24 hours or less, made it hard to accept as even remotely possible.

one of the merits of a great story like this is the comments it elicits

The comments from fathers and daughters, that is. Dads who want to snuggle their big hard cock up that pretty little hole between their baby girl's legs. And daughters like the ones who wrote "way hot" and "just what I want my dad to do," who are real interested in what their dad's got jumping around in his pants and want him to use it on them the way he uses it on mom. There's the father, like the last commenter, who's been aching to fuck his little girl for years. Nothing gets him as hard as this own baby girl's sweet slit. He's itching to shove his fat daddy-dick up her adorable little coochie, give her the power-fuck of her life, and blow his heavy, loaded daddy-balls up inside her. Everybody knows how normal and natural it is for a boy to want to stick his young cock up the same cunt he came out of, and nowadays more and more of them are doing exactly that. It's just as normal and natural for a dad to want to slide his big hard cock up his darling girl's darling honeyhole, pump away like crazy, and shoot her full of some of the same sperm that made her. I hope that last father gets his wish and fucks his daughter till she faints.

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