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Direct yet well built

A hell of a ride. Not fond of mother partage so i'll wait your next installement (spike)

will she become pregnant?

will she become pregnant? will they fuck over and over, even when she's pregnant?
will she have a boy or girl? will they teach their child(ren) incest, and how to satisfy everyone?
will they keep pissing into each others mouth, or asshole?
(we are so twisted and kinky....great story!!!)
i'll continue reading your story while jacking off!!!

not bad

called it right only hoped they all got pregnant especially mom couldve been longer though

more, please

Keep up the great work! I can't wait for chapter 2!

Not bad but needs some polish

Not bad. Hot. Very kinky. Therefore entertaining. You have good plotting, however you need some work with grammer and word usage. The grammer mistakes are mostly small almost un-noticable mistakes. However, word usage, i noticed a couple whoppers. You used accept twice, when it should have been except. Also, you used virgina (is that a word?) when you meant vagina. Always keep a dictionary and a thesaurus handy when writing. Also, always use patience and proofread multiple times. Lastly, feel free to critique my comment. I wrote it while a bit innebriated. Now for my request, keep working at it, the world needs good writers.

Five stars

Made of humour, originality and hotness, excellent coktail (spike)

Well written, erotic, nice descriptions of sex. Mom is hot.

5 stars. The plot of the story is wild. Their sex is wild!
I would fuck his mom. His mom's sex drive is turbocharged! She is only 36 or so. I hope she had two or three affairs prior to the very interesting car ride.
The son is a lucky mother-fucker to have such a hot mom. He should keep her away from his buddies.
The following is a true confession:
As a teenager & earlier, i exibited strong Oedipal tendencies. I was a voyeur son!
I usued to jerk off to mental picture of my naked mom: she was turning me on so intensely i did not have to imagine the penetration itself. Just touching and kissing and licking her thighs and ass in my mind was enough.
My parents entertained a lot! Guests were couples. Some of the husbands paid attention to my mom big time. The husband of her work friend was once sitting beside my mom on the couch. It was summer, she wore shorts. His hand was on her knee petting it ever so gently. His hand stayed on her knee for a long, long time. The room was full of people and my father was in the room sitting opposite them. The man's wife was in the roon too. I felt jealous and engry but was also turned on beyond belief.
As an adult i tended to date, and later have affairs with, women who are older than me.


wow i just rocketed all over


the. best. response. ever.


Like the incidental plot (spike)


awesome story hope theres a part 2 cumming this was hot hope they all get pregnant at the same time keep writing its been great so far

keep going

i know many people are saying that she is becoming the family whore but I don't think so she is just progressing a different relationship with each of the and you are doing a great job at writing it, love the way the story is going (especially with Eli) don't let peoples comment change the way you want the story to go !!:)

Loved it!

Another great story Jim, loved the domination of the sister and although I saw the niece/daughter twist coming it was no less enjoyable for it. Another of your stories favourited, the list just get's longer and longer and I look forward to your new submissions starting to appear now your illnesses are more controlled. I always skip to your list of stories when I need to be entertained as I know I will always find something more than just titillation in the well thought out plot lines; I have never found a bad or even mediocre one amongst them and I am sure I never will. I especially appreciate the humour you write with; it makes the stories flow so much easier when my smiles are elicited by more that just eroticism. Thanks for all the pleasure you give.


wow wish that would happen to me and my sister shes hot 36dd 5'6 blond and an ass you would love to pound


I held back

I held back from giving you four stars even if it was a good story, just because your dragging it out.
She let him finger fuck her what more does he need to know that she wants to fuck him?

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