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Part 4

With such hot action in the first three, I do hope you will keep your word on part 4!


You telegraphed that well! I'm enjoying your slower pace. Thank you!

Love it. So very exciting.
Looking forward to more...

Please for the love of god finish it

I love the way you started the story with love, then betrayal, and then when everything looked like it wouldn't get better, you just threw in a whole twist I wasn't expecting. I loved how he had to hide his emotions and then letting them come out in one paragraph, and then coming back to life, little by little.

Editor required.

"Yes! Dear God yes! It's good!" Hillary exclaimed seemingly historical

Surely you mean hysterical? Please use an editor, it really will make a lot of difference!

Not typical

Hi everyone,
This story is not a typical on Literotica, but it is already a fine one. I wish the sex part is more explicit and i think this is boring you too.

Great story, but it's not a bribe, it's blackmail.


This was really good. Keep writing. My only disappointment was that she was on the pill. But i'm sick like that. ;)

I feel this has been a very well written series so far. I can't wait to read the next chapter.



My name's Steve, As a man (Although I am bi-sexual) I can only imagine the level of emotion you have with your family but, I think you're an amazing woman. I thank you soo much for the insight into your wonderful life. I empathize with you in both the joys and pain that you've had in your life. I have had many lustful feelings for women in my family over the years. (Cousins, my mother my 2 sisters.) I just never did anything about it. :( Anyway, I've found myself not just masturbating to your adventures but actually feeling something for you and the others in your family. That is the sign of a truely great writer Lucy. Someone who can bring her reader's real emotions into the story as the read it. BRAVO!!! I hope that you are truly happy and feel deeply loved. I wish I could meet a woman like you (only bi) that has a relationship with her family like you have. I look forward to the next chapters I'm only on 29 so far. HUGS and KISSES and congratulations on all your happiness (And all the amazing sex) you lucky little minx :P


Please write part two! That was so hot, I was cumin like you can't believe when he fucked his sister!

Great writer.

Do you write under another name? Looks like you haven't posted anything for a couple years. Too bad, because I just read a few of these stories and you're an excellent writer.


Couldn't put it down!......A best-seller, in anyones terms!

Nice story

Best story in at least an year.

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