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Oh god so hot. I want a tongue on my pussy and I want to taste my first pussy after this

Well Written***

Good read wish it could have been longer, and more about the revolution. Thanks for sharing.

...still an awesome read!

I think I've read this one at least three times now! I'll see it pop up on the side and I just can't resist re-reading the sisters love for her brother :). The only thing that damn near ruins the story for me is him using the fucking vibrator to take her virginity., it really does kind of ruin it. (Sigh) That and him pulling out at the end! His first time inside his sisters sweet virginity that she's been saving just for him and the loser uses a piece of plastic to take her with and then he tops off that massive once in a lifetime opportunity by pulling out instead of burying himself flush up against her cervix and painting the walls of her womb with his hot liquid heat. What an epic waste!! ESPECIALLY since he knew he had the pills in the cabinet! Think how much harder they both would have came had he done that while they were both thinking in those precious few seconds that he was getting his sister pregnant!
I tragically love this story and hate it at the same time, ;(. (Guess I need to copy it to my computer and rewrite the ending for myself:). should write a version two ending!! I mean really, its so out of character using the plastic and then pulling out! Still gets a five, but damn!

I do wish that you dragged out the story more but still loved the mother stumbling upon them. I don't think you should end it though. Please continue with this.

another chapter would be nice


This series was fantastic.
. It was a definite 10 but since the top is 5 I settled for that. Keep up the good work.

I just have to say it is SUPER weird reading a story written by someone who is from where I am from! Your use of mcneese and shhs felt strange. Haha. Very uncommon on the site. Good story though!

a well written story

gives the reader pause think. according to some of the posts left anonymously, that might be painful for a few.
Is there room for the story to move further forward? Yes! Could it be interesting for the author to share their concept of the future that awaits Mattie and Amy? Hell yes! Is it necessary? Absolutely Not!
Are they related? Does it matter in the greater scheme of things since they have just met? How large is the trust fund? Does Mattie share in the inheritance? If they decide to initiate a relationship who will move to be with the other? What are their occupations? Hobbies? Interests? What did Debbie hope would happen?
These open ended questions, and many more, were left open ended by the author.
Kudos WantSomeFun1951, well done.

Want some opinion?!

If you put this as a dream you can take it into a more... Erotic Direction. If you lead us into a reality-based situation the story will die and you will be limited on how you can write it. Please know I am only trying to give you honest comments as I liked your story.

This story was ok but it would have bin better if the mother and son ended up together. After spending all day making love then the mother says it's wrong and won't happen again, if I was the son I'd be really pissed

great story!

I loved the story and hope that you'll write more about them.

Love the hair

I love the hairy armpits as well. Met an old fashioned Italian girl back n the 80's in Italy. Very erotic.

"Princess Ch. 02" - Twenty-ne Year Old Sister Madeline Simone Sheppard and Eighteen Year Old Brother Steven Randall Sheppard, and His Girlfriend, Twenty-one Year Old Shelby James.

Well, I must confess there are two things I like about this story. First, the sex, and the details being very descriptive and steaming redhot, is never ending; and second is the convoluted atmosphere running throughout the theme and context of the story. I find myself scratching my head in wonder during the continuity (lack thereof) and jumping from one scene to another where there is no reasoning from the previous to the next.

It's very confusing that Steven "Stevie" has never had (hot steamy) sex prior to his eighteenth birthday...and suddenly every gaping pussy-hole wants him, his nine and half inch dick and his sexual acumen and pussy eating abilities!! He's smallish, not good looking and blase' in appearance...but the best looking women in his side of the world wants him permanently, seriously and constantly. I only wish I could have half his luck and pussy!!

There is no emotional attachments with any of the characters, although each person confesses their lifelong love and devotion to their sexual partner at the time they're getting their pussy pounded by Steven!! He and his sister Maddie (the Princess) have an unconventional on again and off again relationship now that he's of legal age, neither of them can hold their emotional attachment to the other past their roll in the sack; prior to Stevie reacing eighteen his sister Maddie could give a shit about her brother, and suddenly she's in love with him every week or so!! I'm very disappoint brother and sister can't hold the friendship and deep love consistently for each other!!! Although Shelby seems to be a good mix and partner for Steven, I am wishful the Steven and his sister build their relationship to a solid foundation of love, respect, attachment and consistently enduring--because I'm a romantic I relish a great love and emotional, sensual attachment and enduring incestual family-style life between the male and female, blood-kin partners!!

Great Story!!

Love your story. Very hot, made me soaking wet!!!

Final part

I suggest that final part would be similar to "Baseball Cougars Take The Lead" by George VI. I also suggest that the next pat would be more emotional than just a description of mothers-sons orgy...

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