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some really great descriptions

I love how the author describes 18 year old David's first explorations with his busy fingers of that wonderful hole between his mother's legs, the same hole he came out of. "Her hand closed over mine and eased it up to touch the soft light hairs surrounding her wet pussy. My fingers made their way to the folds of her cunt, slipping slowly inside." Equally great is his description of how he used his greedy mouth all over his mother's body, especially her cunt. David's motto is, "as long as I have a face my mother has a place to sit." Then finally the main act. The boy climbs on top of his mother, sticks his hard young cock up her warm wet twat, and fucks her with all his youthful energy and strength. He's in a fuck-frenzy as he drills away, his ass moves like a machine, and he ends up blowing his young balls and giving his mother the best that he has to offer--a huge twatful of his creamy semen. A boy's penis and his mother's vagina--the perfect match.


I hope you kill yourself you dumb hoe ass bitch. People like you (if it's real) are the reason for diseases & fucked up kids. Do the world a favor & get rid of yourself dirty bitch.

Too many holes

Look, if he's nailing the PA regular how come he has no idea she moved in with his sister? Rubbish continuity and you wouldn't put 24s on a street car either.

loved the way you kind of skipped over the sex after their trip. the way you described their first time was highly romantic...loved it so much. please keep writing...john

sequel still missing

The break is already too long....i am really really longing to read how the story continues.
Please do not stop writing!

the shopping basket

Great Storie!!!! Tell Burnie to take the daurter out to the mall. He could take her to a Loungeray shop. And foil the baskeet with kinkky loungeray.

Would be soon hot!!
Bust it now brother!!
If only it's endless what his dirt mind could do with her father bystander.
We all aggree
Piecr ny Gfunk.

Ohhh my!

You should fuck her!

an erotic and engrossing tail.

Thanks, I enjoyed even if some of the out comes where predicable. I had a mental image going of her, as she panicked in the opening, to the naked brother then to the sister. The punishment was a grand idea and yeah the virgin thing was predicable, so what. She became in my mind what you intended, a full on do everything nasty fuck n suck women. I enjoy especially tails that show a women being as lust filled as any man. Thanks for the enjoyable read.

Holy Shit!

Wow... The first few chapters were a little heavy for porn -we get it, they're in dire straits financially; you sold it- but... Holy shit! I would have banged her in the office! LOL! You REALLY sold her character well. I hope our duo have more sexy times beyond the next chapter.

Fuck the Uncle (not literally). Let him find his own Milf.

Sexy thought: what if Mother/Son become masked porn duo for his company?


That's a fucking hot story. I cumed so many times. My pusy is so wet right now

I Love this story, the daughters naivety gives it a hotter feeling to the story & the dad is not overly aggressive. He gives pleasure as well as he receives it. I'm 22 years old & still say mommy & daddy so I have no idea what other people are talking about.

Great Story

Love your entire story line. Please continue it.

Keep up the good work

You have done the best effort I have ever seen. Perfect narrative, immaculate roles and superb details. You should keep writing about feelings, desire, and love. I adore reading it, so beautiful and intimate.


hope you continue this story. you could have the father use his daughter and gracie as sluts for his business clients. you could even bring in the other daughter as a slut to help out and also set up the fuck dates think about it

Great Story

Calls for more chapters. Thanks

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