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Very fucking hot! I love stories where the son is the man of the house.

A gorgeous adorable juicy series.

This is a wonderful series of stories with such an erotic theme.
Voted 5 out of 5. Would have liked to vote more.

Mother aqnd Son

I thought the mother and her son's conversation was exquisite.
Votes 5 out of 5

Enjoyable, and brings back quite a few memories

I remember just how embarrassing and futile my attempts to be with the girl I wanted seemed until I finally figured out that first and foremost, she, and all the other pretty girls like her, represented the other 50% of the population, people first and sex-appeal on legs second, and maybe, just maybe she wouldn't bite off my head and puke with disgust down my neck-hole if I actually asked her out. The rest is history, and this story brought all that back; happy days indeed! I wish I'd been as together as Robbie; I suspect what my girl was seeing was a man-shaped blur, sweating and trembling with hormone-overdose, but she managed to get past that, so it all ended well. This story brought all that back, but in a good way. The dialogue can be a tad confusing in places, working out who's saying what, but I found it flowed well, and carried the story along at a nice, even pace, not too rapidly, but not lumbering either. 5 stars.

Tthere is much to say about this story ,it can never end up good ,allso there is cetrtain misunderstanding of coke,coke's high lasts not very long and sure as hell not the entire day ,allso someone under coke doesn't reason ,nothing is blurred but very clear ,too clear i might add
It's very well written and it's fantasy but still even fantasy has it's limoits

Fantastic story please write more

Great Story

Loved the story. Nice build up and the payoff was fantastic.

Lucky family

Great story well told interesting characters one that enthralled me Alex one lucky lad


I explored the website, found this, and when the story was introducing the characters, I thought, "This guy knows how to write!" This was by far the BEST erotica I have ever read! I absolutely love how slow the love took place. It wasn't a, 'Now you are fucking each other' type of story. Love it!!!

Part 2? Please!!!

This was frickin' amazing!!! You really need to make a second chapter ASAP!! This was so good! I love it to death! This has got to be one of my favorite incest stories here on this site! Please please please start writing again!! Your work is great! 5 stars DUH! Although I don't see how the other kids wouldn't hear Jason and Jessica fucking...that was the only flaw I saw in the story, but I absolutely love this one to death!! Please keep them coming!! WE WANT MORE...Right people!? (YES)! ;)

Perfect story!

Awesome story. I'm glad I read it through. If you haven't finished breaking bad oh well stfu. If you didn't have time to finish it on TV how are you gonna make time to finish it somewhere else? You can watch breaking bad on your phone, computer, or even record it on your TV with dvr or a dvd. That's if you really wanted to watch it. Stop making up excuses and being babies.

Joining the two together

And that's just what the writer did. Slowly and surely he joined this brother and sister together. The way it was written we all knew they were meant to be. The writing shows the insight the author has into a relationship of this type. Not easy to get behind the minds of the participants but he did it beautifully. Congratulations on work of art!
So very erotic.....I'll not tell you what it did to me.....blush!

I loved the story and...

I love the story and terribly disappointed that there was never more chapters written. Is a fantastic read I wish the author has continued to write the story.

Great! loved it!

just loved it how they're affectionate about each other and the way it is potrayed. it was just awesome


This is one of my favourite story's. It's just fantastic I love it from the beginning till the end. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 five stars with out a doubt

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