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Another enjoyable read

However, to be a bit picky, you, like many other authors, have trouble using "that" for "who". "That" references non-human animals and objects, whereas "who" refers to humans. Big deal, right? Sometimes the misuse affects the meaning of a sentence. For example, in this story you wrote "...not out there on the make like the sluts in the movies that I at times longed to be like". Using "that" instead of "who" makes it read that she longed to be like the movies rather than the sluts.

Sit on me Mum!

Please continue. They must do more outrageous exhibitionist stuff. Its so horny!

A waste of time I'll never get back

Sister in law is not incest of they are not related by blood.
It has to be one of the worst and unbelievable stories on this whole site!
Please do not continue to write these stories!

as soon as she fucked or did anything with dan mark should have got up and left.she lied and used him for her own ends and destroyed any trust he would have had in her.then for her to protect dan just made it worse.


Unlike others, I wasn't put off at the rapid change in relationship. It was obvious. I thought it was refreshing to break up the sexual moments with the night out at the bar. The conversation was right on.

re: To Anonymous

While you are correct that in-laws fit the category, she's not his in-law. I guess you schtupping your girlfriend’s sister could be considered taboo.

so dad was a pussy whipped cuckold and the son grows up and is a pussy too?what a fucking wasted life he will never have the balls to stand up for himself if he always crawled around his own family.

fucking your girlfriends sister doesnt make her your sister in law just the next girl on your dick.

To Anonymous

I suggest that you look up the definition of taboo.
Sex with an in law fits.


It was a real turn off that the sister was doing this due to boredom. Then involving the other brother. Then when they get caught, she's all "no big deal." I also feel like making this incest was pandering and just doing it for the taboo and being lazy about making there be real tension. Certainly none of the siblings were worried. I still have it a 3 due to it still being technically well written. The plot though was meh.

Sex with an "in law:"

Is not taboo or incest. Find another catagory. Fucking an in law is just fucking.

The story was pretty good until you involved the older brother after that I lost all interest in the story. Sorry I just don't find it appealing or realistic to involve a third person in the way that you have.

Nice story!

I was bummed out when it ended, hopefully there's more to come!


I feel sorry for the poor wife who would be Devastated to find out her miserable wanker of a husband was shagging her sister. If they were Married then she & him had declared oaths to be faithful to one another & here he is f.....g the Ist bit of strange that offers her to his cock ! SAD Hope his balls wither & fall off & she has her
c..t heal up & close over !
Not A nice story.

I personally would not have stayed in the same room while my brother and sister or any two people jacked each other off. I'd would have gotten up and went to bed with out saying a word and after seeing them have sex I would have given them both the cold shoulder speaking no more that absolutely needed. The sister was a hypocrite implying that he was special to her and that she would never do such a thing with the older brother. He has every right to feel jealous and betrayed. This is your story an you should write it the way but take into account how human emotions work.

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