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but she's my cousin ch.01

I think you telling your story to fast. But its a very good tale just need a little more work

to prev anon:

I do delete. I dont disable bc there's been non-trolling, non-hateful comments by anons. Any comment that insults me based on a fictional story I wrote or complains that the story didnt cater more to their fantasies (whatever they are) I delete. Constructive feedback is welcome. Whiney, petty complaints or hateful insults are not.

I have no comment on the story itself, but if you, tw, fell that way, then maybe disable comments? Or delete the ones left by trolls?

get over it.

They've all been done before so relax



ohhh to have a family like that would be so hot

Katy's smell has to be the absolute best writing that I have seen on this site to date!!! I have thoroughly enjoyed your prose and style. Do not change and please keep writing. I thank you. I have been reading stories here for about 8 years, so, well done !

It was a great story !

One question.....what was the son's plan with the boat?

One suggestion ...your hand has a thumb not a thump !

Thanks Don


Really good story, It wasn't just a jerk-off story, it was a really well written, well layed out story. I really hope you continue your work.

Melissa IS a slut.

Very, very nice.

My first read of yours, and I was impressed, delighted, and horny. Good grammar with just 2 or 3 wrong or misplaced words. Very sexy story. Looking forward to reading you again.

Hope there are more chapters.

I feel like we were left out. Does Mark get to Fuck Alice? What happens?

heart touching... :'(

Really touched my heart .... Couldn't stop crying... Especially while reading the last two pages .....

you stole this story it was done before

you stole this story it was done before

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