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Author here

My regards to the latest Anonymous poster. Thank you for keeping your comments civil, at least up to the last sentence. I really do appreciate getting feedback from readers, but it does seem convenient that comments with a negative slant rarely if ever have a name attached. My thoughts : if you don't want to defend your viewpoint, keep it to yourself.
That being said, and not being the point of this response, I am going somewhere with the adoption bit. It was intentionally meant as a surprise, and was planned from the very beginning. There was no backpedaling.
Also, the category is, after all "Incest /Taboo". While him being adopted may push the Incest into the background, they have lived together as brother and sister for their entire lives. I can't think of too many people who wouldn't think that was Taboo.
At least now, if they wanted to be together as more than just lovers, they could.

just another story

just another story posted by a hack that can't finish what they start. this would have been better off unposted since half a story is worse than no story at all and this is much less than half.


eye'll love thatun 4ever...

adventuous is too mild a description

How soon before dad ships out again?

I somewhat like the story

Although you can't even keep your characters straight from one chapter to the next and when you change story lines there is nothing to say you have changed and it makes trying to follow the story very confusing. I can't even figure out who this story is about. I don't think you even know.

Regarding the whole "adoption" thing: some food for thought.

Just for shits and giggles, I deleted everything from "Well, I'm not sure if Mother - Daughter.." to " blood relative." I also deleted the following phrase: "the fact that you are adopted," from a bit later on the page.

I then read through the chapter again. I couldn't even notice the absence. Nothing was harmed, nothing needed rewriting. It's like the whole adoption thing was grafted on as an afterthought.

It's your creative choice, and if you are going somewhere with this development, far be it for me to criticize. But from where I'm sitting, it's so jarring and forced that it kind of spoils the mood.

My two cents: if you're going to write incest erotica, there's no sense in backpedaling four chapters in, at least not in such an unnatural and half-assed way.


A bit short but i had fun

You got promoted!

You are my new favorite autor.. You do have some unique writing skills, well played!
I think this chapter might be a good ending too but if you want to continue it I am quite curious about the turns you're bringing.
Would be nice to read it as a love-story :)

great read

wonderful story please add more soon

Extraordinarily good writing, a very different slant on the story from the usual but very good all the same. I'm looking forward to where this might be going.

What the hell? I'm mean very good story but what the hell is with the ending? Truly sad to see such a blossoming love story end because of society stupidity. Plus they were just steps nothing illegal there. There respective parents would have understood, they had only been steps for a couple years. Man, wanted the happy ending i'm just flabbergasted after all that reading it ended with heartbreak.

Grossed me out

Last thing i want to read about is some giant breasted cow.What the hell is wrong with writing about some succulent B cup's or even a C cup.I do have a freind who is a cow lover but it is disgusting to me.

To fast pace for me

Seemed a bit rushed. No build up. **

Simply Outstanding. Nothing more need to be said. Every one of your stories is fantastic and they have ended well, but I'm sure your fans wouldn't protest if you decided to write additional chapters for any of your stories. Thank you for what you do.

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