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Transsexuals & Crossdressers Stories

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Jo and I

 — He falls in love with a tranny. by DanGlingcock04/09/094.49

Jo, Shemale Goddess! Ch. 01

 — Jo bids Ricki a tearful goodbye. by LexyHarper12/02/104.55HOT

Jo, Shemale Goddess! Ch. 02

 — Jo initiates a willing male 'virgin'. by LexyHarper03/15/114.49

Job Interview

 — Secretarial candidate proves to have something extra special. by britneyfan02/13/074.61HOT

Job Magic

 — New job new look new feel. by MichelleA03/08/154.34

Jobe, Cross Dresser Extraordinaire

 — To get dream dyke, he pretends to be a she. by YANKEE DAN08/08/034.20

Jobsite Surprise

 — Landscaper gets more than he barganed for. by A. Giordino10/19/034.43

Joe Surrenders

 — His new partner finds his feminine side. by phantome7105/12/113.86


 — We meet by accident and I end up sucking her. by Jay Richards05/06/104.54HOT

Joel Gets Caught by His Wife

 — Joelle is caught and dominated by his wife. by Downforeverything08/25/134.46

Joel Gets Caught by His Wife Ch. 02

 — Continuing adventures of Joelle and Stacey. by Downforeverything09/19/134.54HOT

Joey Becomes JoJo

 — Mistress turns slaveboy over to Master Ed. by polishjoe09/05/034.13

Joey Says Ch. 05

 — Mat and Beth meet a woman of mystery. by MDesign06/19/104.52HOT


 — Daily jog leads to an unexpected experience for male. by call_me_dana03/09/114.60HOT

Jogging Partners

 — In the park, he makes a new best friend. by WhiskeyIsGood01/29/134.38

Jogging Partners Ch. 02

 — He finds out the truth about Lauren. by WhiskeyIsGood02/04/134.53HOT

Jogging Partners Ch. 03

 — The final straw. by WhiskeyIsGood02/13/134.50HOT

Jogging Partners Ch. 04

 — Changes. by WhiskeyIsGood02/14/134.70HOT

Jogging Partners Ch. 05

 — Experimenting. by WhiskeyIsGood03/01/134.65HOT

Jogging Partners Ch. 06

 — Jennifer plans her revenge and Tyler gives Lauren a party. by WhiskeyIsGood03/17/134.47

Jogging Partners Ch. 07

 — Jennifer crosses the last line. by WhiskeyIsGood09/25/134.59HOT

Jogging Partners Ch. 08

 — Jennifer finally gets what's coming to her. by WhiskeyIsGood12/04/134.69HOT

John D

 — My meeting with an assertive guy. by SamanthaUKCD12/09/124.21

John's Mistake 01

 — John tries to attack a woman. He picks the wrong one. by JDBones10/11/124.10

John's Special Day

 — John is humiliated by two girls. by amy_lynn10/30/044.31

Joining a Fraternity

 — An FTM, curious about cock, joins a frat and learns loads. by realpussyboy07/22/144.64HOT

Joining a Fraternity Ch. 02

 — A stealth FTM frat brother continues his adventures by realpussyboy07/29/144.61HOT

Joining a Fraternity Ch. 03

 — An FTM frat brother continues his adventures in brotherhood. by realpussyboy08/16/144.78HOT

Joining a Sorority Pt. 01

 — Joining for a bet. But how far is he willing to go? by Feinux01/28/154.26

JoJo Becomes A Maid Man

 — Mistress Del and David go on vacation. by polishjoe10/20/034.26

JoJo Finishes Her Training

 — You take JoJo for her final training. by polishjoe10/31/034.46

JoJo Meets Del At Special Club

 — Del suspects JoJo of having sex with David. by polishjoe10/09/034.56HOT

JoJo Meets Diane

 — JoJo meets her first love. by polishjoe01/01/044.51HOT

JoJo Meets Forrest

 — JoJo has new adventure. by polishjoe01/31/044.43

JoJo Receives a Letter

 — Mistress Del's letter tells why she left. by polishjoe02/20/043.85

JoJo's Weekend Ends

 — The rest of the weekend with Master and Mistress. by polishjoe09/18/034.41


 — A struggle with heteronormative culture expectations. by Timewell06/06/134.43

Josephine Ch. 02

 — Josephine comes out to play. by Timewell06/27/134.63HOT

Josephine's First Day

 — Joe learns about himself after a practical joke. by Misslexia05/22/054.50HOT

Josephine's First Evening Out

 — Josie explores her new identity some more. by Misslexia05/16/094.50HOT

Josephine's First Job

 — Josie starts work. by Misslexia07/07/094.50HOT

Joshua Gets Fucked!

 — A guy calls a company to send a prostitute to his house. by LizSexFever301/26/144.25

Journey Down the Rabbit Hole

 — Some times the path to self discovery is a slippery slope. by griffin5707/17/134.59HOT

Joyce is Surprised

 — A man, a TS, a girl and a woman change a wife's life. by Brookell04/05/084.65HOT

Joyce's Jeff Goes Further

 — Joyce's husband Jeff spends the weekend with Miriam. by Brookell05/21/084.57HOT

Judy and Dave's Vibrator

 — Wife moves husband into crossdressing adventure. by bottom4blk04/27/074.28

Julia's Rose

 — How loving husband becomes wife's girlfriend. by MarkThyme05/05/044.14

Julian Falls in Love

 — Julian finds fulfilment with an older man. by BabyPink08/09/084.43

Julian Falls in Love Ch. 02

 — Julian appears in public as a girl. by BabyPink08/20/084.74HOT

Julian Falls in Love Ch. 03

 — Julian is transformed with the help of a beautiful girl. by BabyPink08/27/084.52HOT

Julian Falls in Love Ch. 04

 — Julian goes on holiday as Emma. by BabyPink02/03/094.76HOT

Julian Falls in Love Ch. 05

 — Julian suffers heartache but things turn out well. by BabyPink10/06/094.70HOT

Julian Falls in Love Ch. 06

 — Julian decides to live his life as Emma – permanently. by BabyPink02/15/104.63HOT

Julian Falls in Love Ch. 07

 — Emma – formerly Julian – begins her new life as a woman. by BabyPink11/30/104.58HOT

Julie and the Cherry Patch Ranch

 — A sissy receives a makeover and a strapon. by SissyJane10/29/094.25

Julie Gets Her Name

 — Early days for Julie, both willing and forced. by juliegomez12/05/064.02

Julie's First CD Internet Date

 — Wearing girlie underwear, she visits a 'Daddy'. by juliegomez10/17/063.75

Julie's First CD Night on the Town

 — Julie takes a stranger's cock for her pleasure. by juliegomez09/01/064.19

Julie's First Date Ch. 01

 — A feminine crossdresser's first time. by maanmathan_playboy12/21/054.43

Julie's First Date Ch. 02

 — A feminine crossdresser's second time. by maanmathan_playboy07/24/064.56HOT

Julie's First Date: Wedding Night

 — A feminine crossdresser's wedding night. by maanmathan_playboy01/14/094.16

Julie's Story

 — A love story with delicious transsexual & bisexual tones. by Lisa43306/19/014.68HOT

Juliette Gets a New Dress

 — Wife takes charge of CD hubby. by Dreamstime01/23/154.34

Juliette's Surprise

 — Juliette gets a surprise on top of her public pleasure. by bindme03/02/143.88

June Meets Dale

 — A new Crossdresser meets with June for Kinky Bi-Sex. by june61309/08/114.24

Just a Dream

 — He's home alone, and then... by Shauna_Wood07/27/114.12

Just a Dream Ch. 02

 — I could barely believe anything that was happening to me. by Shauna_Wood08/04/114.38

Just a Fantasy

 — Fiance finally indulges in his fetish. by maidashley7005/08/094.40

Just a Game Ch. 01

 — A "harmless" game changes Stan's life forever. by Dark_Rose9012/27/124.36

Just Curious

 — Half woman half man he had to find out for himself. by Bakeboss04/08/103.85

Just Like My Friend

 — I'm my girly friend's girfriend's girl friend's girlfriend. by purekink07/18/104.67HOT

Just One of the Girls

 — Oh, come on now! by Tonio Kroger 5510/31/054.59HOT

Just the Job Ch. 01

 — Sissy office work. by andyp741407/09/083.93

Just the Three of Us

 — A couple share their love with a unique and beautiful woman. by komrad115601/17/144.31

Just the Three of Us Ch. 02

 — A couple share their love with a unique and beautiful woman. by komrad115601/24/144.26

Just the Three of Us Ch. 03

 — A couple share their love with a unique and beautiful woman. by komrad115601/31/144.52HOT

Just the Three of Us Ch. 04

 — A couple share their love with a unique and beautiful woman by komrad115602/09/144.52HOT

Just the Way You Are

 — Family relations change after a divorce. by Sandwiches_Are_Good_Too08/21/144.16

Just What I Always Wanted

 — A man's first time tasting transsexual love. by the_apocalypse09/23/094.41

Justin and Erin - A Spark

 — Eyes meet over a crowded bar... a spark... and more? by matthewa11/28/14

Justin in Lace

 — An erotic night together. by Church3307/03/124.52HOT

Justin's Secret

 — Justin starts college still infatuated with Jason. by ameliawrites110/18/13

Justin's Secret Ch. 02

 — A drunk Justin gets walked back by Jason. by ameliawrites111/03/13

Justin's Secret Ch. 03

 — Justin and Jason get to know each other a little better. by ameliawrites111/09/13

Justin's Secret Ch. 04

 — Threatening texts lead Justin to Jason's dorm. by ameliawrites111/15/13

Justin's Secret Ch. 05

 — Jason takes Justin out on a date. by ameliawrites111/22/13

Justin's Secret Ch. 06

 — First kiss and spilled secrets. by ameliawrites111/30/13

Justin's Secret Ch. 07

 — Will Jason find out tonight? by ameliawrites112/05/13

Justin's Secret Ch. 08

 — Jason finds out. by ameliawrites112/18/13

Justin's Secret Ch. 09

 — Justin makes progress. Jason has a plan. by ameliawrites112/31/13

K is for Karla

 — I’ve always said British policemen are wonderful. by BethanyJ03/26/124.32


 — You want society to accept you but you can't accept yourself. by Tara_Neale09/22/144.06

Karen's Story

 — A wild tale of threesomes, crossdressing & femdom. by Lisa43306/19/014.66HOT

Kari's wish Ch. 01

 — A small man's change awakens a more sexual side. by cd4girls05/31/054.61HOT


 — My work takes me to Washington where I see the sights. by kingkull06/22/104.47


 — What I hope my first time would be like. by WhiskeyIsGood04/22/124.48

Kate's Christmas Surprise

 — Michael gets a surprise from his wife Julia at Christmas. by Kateinlingerie12/25/134.46

Kate's Mom Comes To Visit Ch. 01

 — There's a surprise. by Catytheghost07/30/073.82

Kate's Mom Comes To Visit Ch. 02

 — A mystery then play time. by Catytheghost08/05/074.23

Kate's Mom Comes To Visit Ch. 03

 — The fun continues. by Catytheghost08/14/074.23

Kate's Mom Comes To Visit Ch. 04

 — Plan B, a question, and a surprise. by Catytheghost09/30/074.22

Kate's Mom Comes To Visit Ch. 05

 — A wedding to plan and a what on the way? by Catytheghost10/12/074.47

Kate's Mom Comes To Visit Ch. 06

 — Jenna's party. by Catytheghost10/18/074.53HOT

Kathy and Surprises Ch. 01

 — I move in with a transgender shemale. by LorenzoAbajos09/02/144.48

Kathy and Surprises Ch. 02

 — My transgender she male lover and I have fun. by LorenzoAbajos09/05/144.54HOT

Kathy and Surprises Ch. 03

 — My transgender girlfriend enjoys her own mother. So do I. by LorenzoAbajos09/09/144.54HOT

Katie's Journey

 — Man wakes up as a woman. by SilverDrake08/06/143.85

Katie's Journey Ch. 02

 — Man wakes as a woman. by SilverDrake08/09/144.09

Katie's Journey Ch. 03

 — Man transformed into a woman. by SilverDrake08/10/144.10

Katie's Journey Ch. 04

 — Katie's journey continues. by SilverDrake08/15/144.42

Kayla and Tracy: A Day in the Life

 — Take a tour in the ordinary life. by BrettLynn10/22/064.47

Kayla and Tracy: Change of Pace

 — Our transgendered heroine picks up a girl on the stroll. by BrettLynn12/01/074.36

Kayla and Tracy: Good morning

 — Transsexual & her female lover enjoy a morning workout. by BrettLynn09/16/064.30

Kayla and Tracy: The Layover

 — Kayla lets a chef sample her huge chocolate bar! by BrettLynn11/23/084.67HOT

Kelly Ch. 01

 — A dry spell gets a lovely remedy from an unexpected source. by xerxes1003/13/134.26

Kelly Ch. 02

 — Jim and Kelly consecrate their newfound relationship. by xerxes1004/02/134.47

Ken and Ayala Ch. 01

 — Ken & Ayala find love at the gym. by fyredreams02/11/054.68HOT

Ken and Ayala Ch. 02

 — They spend day exploring each other. by fyredreams02/21/054.74HOT

Ken and Ayala Ch. 03

 — They wash away their past in the shower. by fyredreams05/21/054.74HOT

Kendra Is Born

 — A sister cares for her younger brother. by komrad115601/19/124.17

Kendra Is Born Ch. 02

 — A sister builds her little brother's wardrobe. by komrad115601/25/124.44

Kendra Is Born Ch. 03

 — Kendra goes public. by komrad115607/09/124.40

Kenny and the Interview

 — Kenny's interview. by kenny69va10/05/094.16

Kerri's Costume Party

 — Halloween Party leads them down a new path. by CorsetCutie6901/26/064.24

Kerwin's Decision

 — Does he want to be his wife's tranny cuckold? by colonellunchmeat12/21/143.51

Kevin Ashley

 — A young cross dresser's first time. by BradBigBrain11/24/11

Kevin Ashley Ch. 02

 — What goes around comes around. by BradBigBrain03/22/12

Kevin's Sordid Surprise

 — A stag party prank backfires... by CarrieQ07/14/143.90


 — A man taking a run in the country stumbles. by LaurenWestley01/19/074.04

Kidnapped Couple

 — Young couple are taken to a strange island. by Karenkay09/26/054.08

Kim & Laura

 — Transgender girl dominates her best friend. by bestower04/15/124.40

Kim Gets Caught in the Act

 — One day, Master Jim drops by unannounced. by Master Jim02/26/044.13

Kim Meets Master Jim

 — Finally, she meets her pimp daddy. by Master Jim02/20/044.33

Kim the Cheerleader Ch. 01

 — Shemale Kim tries to become a cheerleader. by vic_elor08/26/053.43

Kim the Cheerleader Ch. 02

 — She gets initiated at the football team's party. by vic_elor02/10/063.94

Kim's Facial Abuse

 — She wanted his cock so bad. by Master Jim03/16/044.00

Kim's My Best Friend

 — And now my t-girl lover. by michael1k03/09/084.49

Kimmy the T-girl

 —  A transvestite gets dominated by a stud. by sissy_in_denial01/07/094.23

Kiss My Ass

 — Man realizes he enjoys playing the part of a woman. by TheGentleGuy04/08/054.49

Kisses for Kelly

 — She has the key. by Master Jim03/06/044.34

Kitten: A Pantyboy Story

 — First-hand account of the birth of a pantyboy. by pantyboy4mistress05/14/114.34

Kitty Ch. 01

 — He becomes Kitty, and takes his first man. by ts_candi03/08/064.35

Kitty Kat Nip Ch. 01: Mile High Sissy

 — Young man gets on a plane young woman gets off when it lands. by FoxTrap02/23/144.49

Kneel Mother

 — A futanari daughter comes home to make her mother submit. by Sonatatre03/05/154.45

Kristen's Cum Party

 — Marlene and her genetic girlfriend do a gang bang by Marlene01/10/034.49

L Is for Lucy

 — Lucy is - My Mother! by BethanyJ03/22/124.50HOT


 — A man discovers the truth about his woman. by Bully_Hayes03/01/104.56HOT

Lady Grotesque's 'T' Party

 — Lady's friend Marlene has a sleek, slim cock. by istanbulnoir07/06/074.43

Lady In Red

 — Lady in red has more then she should. by iser2110/04/024.40

Lady In The House - Reprise

 — An imprisoned transvestite prostitute revisited. by MicheleNylons07/03/074.46

Lady In The House - Reprised Ch. 18

 — Transvestite prison prostitute Michele continues her saga. by MicheleNylons08/30/134.74HOT

Lady In The House Ch. 01

 — Man in jail is transformed to prison slut. by MicheleNylons05/08/044.26

Lady In The House Ch. 02

 — Crossdresser is forced to comply with jailhouse heavy. by MicheleNylons11/01/044.50HOT

Lady In The House Ch. 03

 — Michele continues to be used by the inmates of a prison. by MicheleNylons11/15/044.37

Lady In The House Ch. 04

 — Prisoner's transformation continues. by MicheleNylons11/27/044.46

Lady In The House Ch. 05

 — Crossdressed prisoner is forced into prostitution. by MicheleNylons01/02/054.56HOT

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