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Cassie seems to be progressing nicely. the party should be fun for every one.


Wow what a superb tale, if only people like me could have found a wife like yours!
Be fact or fiction a truly gripping tale, can't wait for the next chapter, I am so jealous, I have to dress when the wife is not at home, it feels great but would love to share this time with someone, its the only time I feel I am portraying the real me.
Keep it up, and lets have the next instalment.
Phil (AKA Samantha)

Please continue this story I would really like to see wear it goes. It's really good

More please!

Please continue this amazing story! I came so hard while I was playing with my dicklette and reading your story.


excellant story with a wonderful play on the emotions of feeling really alone. Thank you for the loving conclusion. All should be so lucky.

Fantastic story oh how i would just love to be like this little hussy.


Like I said before I wish it was really possible


Was thrown together like yesterday's left over...

want to be pregnant.

I so love the idea of being pregnant. Its one of the most feminine things I can think of. I would love to b a cd wife.


Cassie can sit for me any time she wants. I would get a real kick from that kind of finish

every crossdressers dream

every crossdresser's dream ... to be accepted as we really are. The majority of people out there will not "get" these stories as they are happy in their own skin/clothes. But to those of us who like feminine things, acceptance is a blessing. Not all of us want to go the route that Jason/Anna did; some (like me) are happy to just wear a bra, panties and a dress around the house, and undies with male clothes when we go out.
Thanks for the stories. Keep following your dreams.

Great transition

I was hoping this would be the direction the story would take. Nice job!

Superb and made me hard


Really enjoying this series. Definitely looking forward to the next chapter.

Dear Mr. Sub

You're quite right when you say that some of the Anon's (myself included) don't seem to "appreciate" your stories. I laughed myself silly when I read your last comment about not having enough blood to run the brain and the penis! Really? I'm surprised any man in your stories can walk and talk at the same time. Or even stand up. But as you point out, correctly I might add, this particular kink isn't for everyone. I note the incredibly low number of viewers currently reading this story. It appears you do have some dedicated fans. Different strokes for different folks seems to be all the explanation needed here. But as to the reason to read and comment on stories that are about things that don't seem logical, plausible or possible? One day you might see clearly that your pathetic wimpy male characters need some relief and you'll have them stand up for themselves, kick the manipulative, cheating sluts to the curb, the sun will shine, the birds will sing and all will be well in fantasy land.

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