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Screw Anonymous

Great story. Build up was good and characters believable. Tell Anonymous to sit on the carrot she was talking about. Keep writing.

My sister

My sister caught me looking at gay porn with a dildo in my ass. Couldn't really hide that I was gay. She was cool about it. She loved watching me jerk off to porn and she even let me practice sex with her ass hole (no interest in the pussy). Best treat was when she let me lick the cum out of her used condoms.


The real douche is the author and this stink hole of a story!

I was dressed, it was semi dark as I walked through the park. I wore a blouse, a skirt, not too short but hip hugging, panty hose and a black wig that made my 45 year old body look passable. As I walked a couple of young hoons started following me and calling me a slut and yelling. A tall guy in a services uniform walked past and then stopped and said to the 2 guys, whats your problem, leave her alone, they stood, he said listen, did you not hear me, fuck off. They turned and walked away. I said thanks, he said let me walk you to where your going, I said o.k. and I linked my arm into the tall older mans arm, we talked ,he was in the air force, back to the car park. My car was parked in the far corner, I unlocked it and he opened the door for me, as I sat, I made sure he got a good look up my skirt, he stood looking, so I reached out brushing the front of his uniform, looking at him, reaching for his zipper. I undid it, his long semi hard cock bounced out, I stroked it slowly and then took it in my mouth, I felt him hardening, so was I, I loved sucking cock, then he put a hand behind my head, pulling me onto his cock, letting go, pulling me forward, fucking my face, pulling me to him, holding his cock in my throat as his cum shot into me, then letting go as i kept sucking him. He pulled back, I swallowed, you have a nice cock, reaching up, slowly stroking, leaning forward, back in my mouth, he pulled away, no, look I have to go,you o.k. now, yes, thanks. He zipped up and walked off as I reached down and with a couple of strokes released myself into my pantyhose.

More please

Please make a chapter 5 about your first day of school as Suzy

just a beginning

amber could do so many things to/for Brenda.
please don't keep us waiting long


I wanna be a sissy pansy
A buttfucking fairy
With a macho-man-sy!

like my wife & her friend

This story is very similar to what happened with me, my wife & her best friend. She didn't tell all her friends about my cross-dressing, only her best friend, Darlene. Then, one evening they both surprised me with some gift bags containing new sexy clothes for me to wear. At first I was embarrassed that Darlene knew but after she took off her dress and showed me her big tits in her see-through bra, I knew that she was also going to join in our sexual fun. Needless to say, my wife and I had a great time with Darlene that evening. I licked both of their pussies, sucked on their big tits, they made out like 2 lesbian schoolgirls, they licked each other's pussies, and they both fucked me deep & hard with their big strap-on dildos -- all while I was dressed in sexy panties, fishnet nylons, a lacy red bra, and a see-through pink teddy. Then, my wife gave me a sexy nightie to wear to bed while they joined me - one on either side of me. We slept like babies and then in the morning they fucked me again. Now I wish my wife tells all her friends so that we can have even more CD fun.

Pronouns consistency.

I'm not sure what you're trying to do with pronouns, but do your readers a favor: pick one gender for Nick/Nikki and stick with it. Or at least use some consistency in whether or not you use female or male pronouns. There should not be a sentence in which the same person is referred to as "he" and "she" without some kind of clear distinction about why.

Passages like this: "His body draped along her back as he rested inside of her, his hot breath on his neck, as he reached around and slipped his fingers under the rubbery false breast in his bra. The pads teased around the areolas and his nipples producing sparks he'd never felt before, moaning as her body shivered."

...are very confusing because changing the character's gender for no reason within the span of one sentence makes readers unsure who you're referring to. And there was also a few times you used 1st person pronouns to refer to Nikki, though I assume this was a mistake in shifting the perspective from 1st to 3rd.

Other than that it was alright.


Ruwild I would just like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this series, and will be looking at more of your work. It may have been a little more rough than some, but hey, it's not like this story is going to be for everyone. That said though I don't think it's right for someone to just throw out a comment of hate, or insult just because they didn't like it. The comments aren't meant for you to hate on an authors work. Just like any other place, if you don't have anything good to say, please don't put something "I hate u work." as a comment. I'm not even going to touch on the grammar issues that, that comment has. Look there are plenty of stories on here, and I'd like to think, there's at least one for everyone, so long as you're willing to look and read. If you find one you like, cool, those are the ones you should be commenting on, but if you find one you don't like, okay you have a right to your opinion, and can even leave behind constructive criticism if you feel the need, but if you know you have nothing good to say, just go about your day and leave the story. You aren't really accomplishing much by posting such words anyways, many of these authors write these stories because it's something they've thought about and want to share, they know not everyone will like it, but hey they're happy knowing that at least one person likes it, and that it's a story they're satisfied with as well. That said, keep up the good work Ruwild, and try to be considerate readers.


You didn't mention the fecal matter on his dick & your ass after he came & pulled out of you. There was no mention of douching beforehand.


you need to write another part this is an awesome story

Ground Hog day

Nothing like posting the same paragraphs over and over again.

I'm also a crossdresser and divorced. I have a gorgeous boyfriend who I am mad about. This story has really turned me on. I'm going to dress up in something special tonight and do what ever he wants. I can't wait to feel his big cock explode inside me. I couldn't live any other way.

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