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Aw finally end. Great story, i hope some one make this story for hentai manga or futa movie.
Ty Sonatatre.

Shieet keep better and better, love wrestle sex, to bad no action on shower.
Futa teen vs MILF = 1M% WIN.

Damn love the story, i love futa teen fucking MILF, keep 'em cummin. Please no futa-futa.

That was really bad

Nothing in this mess "felt" right. Everything seemed strained. She was a terrible character. Not enjoyable to read. No stars.

More please!!!!!

Why do so many authors get you real going on their stories and then stop writing. I really liked this story. It made me so wet, imagining myself as the maid. I do wish you would continue .


Much more please.. just getting going..


Thank you for this chapter

The first one was hot but the mother-son interactions made me so angry. This chapter was as hot as it was satisfying

Good but too short

Good but too short, it screams for a sequel or an extension.

The only thing

The only thing that bothered me was how he managed to suck the remaining cum out of Chrissy while doing her. He did say she wasn't huge, which made the story all the better, but Kieth is one flexible guy.


I'd love to be any one of those gurls !!!
Nicely done


That was amazing!!! That made me so horny, and I definitly need more. I'm so wet now and the story is done. So many of these stories end, say to continue, but never do. I sure hope yours does.

kinda agree

Gotta agree with anon. It's okay to have a dominant girl but the guy should still hold some dominance (as in not being a wimp). But it was a good story.

Love this story

This story has so many possibilities. You really should write Chapter 3. I want to see what happens with Cheryl and it seems as though Liz wants to get to know her top sales woman better. Please continue this theme.

would love to have a understanding guy help me

simple i need to find a guy who would help me with my crossdressing

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