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excellent, don't wait to continue!

Quick moving but well written and fun characters. Really a perfect start, keep it up!


Enjoy reading it. Please continue the story.

I Love the subtleness of this tale

The simple things Sara has started could become quite complicated. Great story!

Nice one

I need a secretary that will feed me like that ! I would never leave the office !

moar plz

This is amazing! We need more of Sonya dominating and pounding her female flatmates into submission until they call her Mummy!

good story

loved the dedication of the tormentor, to make his desires come to fruition.

That was hot

I wasn't to much into the idea of him hooking up with Mark, but the rest of it was really fucking hot. It was a good read.

good story

very lucky guy, finding a woman that not only accepted his desires, but embraced them. this story could easily go to chapter 2.

Simon/Sara to become a real girl

maybe Simon/Sara should get implants and begin hormone treatment so she can become the real bride she seems to want.

Great Job!

I loved the phone call from the wife during the session. I think that a phone call from the wife while engaged in sexual activity is one of the hottest scenes that can happen. I wish that there were more stories that had this type of scenario in it. There is nothing hotter than getting a blow job or getting pegged while trying to remain calm with the wife on the phone.

Thank you for posting.

Another Happy Reader

Thank you for posting and keep up the good work.


I wrote this story to show my wife.

To say that it turned her on would be an understatement. I am presently sitting in my new dress, black with butterfly print, knee high with a nice soft under slip mmm.

Underneath are my stocking and garter belt, MINE, not hers, she has bought me my own !!!! And heels.

I am wearing the red wig, and make up, waiting for her to finish her workout. I am under orders to lick her sweaty pussy as soon as she is finished!!

Part 2 to follow soon



Jenna 's call and commentary

I suspect that Mistress Diane has been secretly forwarding information to Jenna about this whole experience. So when the two weeks are up it can continue at home with Jenna taking charge of things.

"You're tied up? Oh, I see. Well, don't let me interfere with your bondage session then," she said playfully.


Would love a scene were he wants to fuck amanda in the ass, but she doesn't want to and it gets kind of rape rough sex! Love role reversals!

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