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What a garbage !!

Another British degenerate and talentless wimp (aren't they all ?) present its pathetic attempt at a story. How sad. "1*" !

In Response

Keeping with my usual ridiculous habit of never finishing anything, I will not be writing another chapter for this story. But I do want to just say that this story is supposed to be cheesy, it's not supposed to make all that much sense, and it's just supposed to entertain my mind.

you can't stop the story now!!!!!!!

can't wait for the next chapter

Please continue this story, it's so hot. I would love it if my best friend's wife dressed me up as a sexy sissy slut and then her husband (my best friend) would feed me his juicy cock to suck and then he would fuck me deep and hard while she watched. That's my fantasy (I'm already a CD, so I just need to get my friend & his wife to agree). I can't wait to read the next chapter of your story.

Masseur v. masseuse

I regularly get a massage and more from a gay masseur, but to have a really feminine TS do the same has got to be a wonderful experience. Wish they were in Florida!

great series!

I love it! I can't wait until the next one is out.

Taboo misgivings

Really liked the addition of the dream scenarios, added a humorous counterpoint to grappling with his own sexuality

Just awful

Stop now before any more drivel comes forth.

I liked this series up until the point it was revealed that she had been drugging him and he kind of just accepted it. You wrote that they had a talk about their future but I think it would have been better to actually write their argument or conversation into the story so you know better how the characters feel. Especially him since she had been drugging him and was basically forced out of his job after he helped get her a job there.


Why is it always the woman hooking up with a black guy when the husband was in the KKK? How original.

a bit disappointed

The story started out positive. However when you got into what the woman Linda and the Pastor had taught her, I could see that she had been taught wrongly. That's why she felt such conflict. I'm glad she didn't chuck what little she did know about God away. I would have preceded to see het win over Eve than a fuck fest. There were a few errors but they didn't take away from the story as a whole.

it sounds like you found a wonderful man who knows what you like doing and is willing to give you what you have been looking for relax and enjoy //.....I have for 30 yrs now


Oh my sweet Jesus... this was HOTT.


Fantastic story, very deep

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