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Interesting, but goes too far

He'd be dead from getting fucked so hard, by so many, cumming so much, so frequently. You have to be into this kink a lot to suspend disbelief. Too bad, really. The story was good enough without having to go so far over the top.

Waiting ----- Impatiently!

Where oh where is the next chapter? I am turning many shades of blue. The month is almost over.....


loved it. I'm a cd also, and have enjoyed a good relationship for a number of years. I've tried bi, but found there is much more love on the fem side of the species, but more trickery.

he couldn't stand up with if he had to

if he was capable of putting his foot down he wouldn't be in that situation. next time she will have him going farther with his dressing and then next time at the club he is going to be cleaning someone's cum from her pussy. hell he may even be stuck being her fluffer if the guy can't get it up

Even sexier

Wow ... the continuation is even hotter than the original story. Keep up the good work!

Amazing story

VERY hot ... I would love, LOVE to read more

Ignore the cynics.

It always fails to impress me when I see someone leave short, snotty comments knocking someone's story when they, themselves, have never submitted anything to the site. Those people have nothing of their own to contribute; they just like being negative. Don't let them get you down. You've got a good thing going here. It could use a couple of runs past an editor, sure, but you clearly have a solid idea of where the story is going and how to get it there. Keep it up!

Loved it, cant wait for Ch 2!

I really hope this doesn't turn into another one of those stories where the main character discovers all he's ever wanted is to be owned and humilitated for the rest of his life. This story has such promise.


Wish the pills were for real...Hope you write many more.

Thanks For Hanging In There With Me...

...Sin_Full_Metal, and it does get better. I don't want to spoil it tho... so let me just say this was my bottom... my "hell"... and I fought back. I'll give a quick resume at the end as to where I ended up and what I ended up doing, but basically I finally got interested in... writing. If all of this sounds too much like bragging, I have a boatload of 'issues' that follow me around. And I owe so much to so many who have helped me along the way. That was the reason for writing this, when I would ask how I could pay back their kindness, I was almost always asked to 'write down all these stories you keep telling us about your life'. After being begged over and over I decided to put it in Literotica to allow all the craziness... the sex, drugs, and rock & roll... all of it... to be told. Things get totally wild (with lots more fun) from here on. Cheers! --- Josie

Sooooooooo HOT

You have nothing to apologize for! Mt clitty was dripping through the whole story - can't wait for more kisses and licks

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