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So sexy!

Hey, I'm a t-girl and I have to say that I LOVE this story! I read the version here, then saw you had an extended version on Amazon. Just finished in and it is SO freaking sexy! I love the extra scenes. Jenna is adorable and James is exactly the kind of guy I want to meet. God I want to be fucked and dominated like that!

What An Amazing Gift

Wow!!!! I would absolutely love to have a girlfriend like Sarah. I have for a long time, like Tanya, fantasized about having sex with a shemale. This story has made me realize I need to make my fantasy a reality!!! Thanks for a great story!!!

I like your style - witty, without being jokey, and at the same time, tender. More please.

Hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to suck a huge shemale cock and be fucked like a little slut.After that I want to take her in the ass and fill her up with hot cum.Then I will suck her she cock and swallow the whole load.
Super hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a fantastic story

Very well written and very hot. Wish I could find a neighbour like that!!!!

I haven't read this one in a long time, but it got me just as turned on as it did the last time lol

For some reason, her making them tell her they wanted her to get them pregnant really did it for me....not quite sure why haha


I wish it would have been me on my knees sucking his cock I would not care if there were people watching me

Fucking Jo and me

Hi Michelle, love you to fuck Jo and me. Love to see you in Jo's sheer black stockings and pink panties sliding in and out of her pussy. Then when you ejaculated I'd eat your cream pie from Jo's pussy and then lick your cock back to life. Then, as Jo gave you oral and flicked your nipples, I - wearing my navy blue nurse's uniform, black stockings and red silky panties and push-up bra would put my sissy cock in your lovely ass and fuck you into my naughty's wife's mouth xxxx


i would trade my current job for that job offer RIGHT NOW !

Ropes of cum is the right phrase people, good choice of words actually. So you go and tell them "learn to wright." Your the one who doesn't know your english buddy. Ropes refers to a shot that sticks together as it exits and makes a line, so it looks like little cum ropes. A liquid that has a stream in the air that is narrow but long can be called that. So go learn you english before getting on here and bothering other people with it, your probably a kid anyway.

Touching Story

First off I have to apologize to all the other great authors here.
I have never before rated or commented on a story in my 6 or so years of visiting here, this was my first.
It brought a tear to my eye. I didn't take it as a fictional story, I read it as the story of a torn person reaching out and sharing their life with us, and it was very touching to read.
Too real, and oh so unfinished. Please tell more of your story, i'm sure it will touch the hearts of many readers.
And thankyou too for sharing. 5 stars.

More please :)

28 year old guy here completely turned on by your story, wish I was as lucky as him! Haha. Hope you continue it soon!

Wonderful Situation

I really liked the way Rick had doubts and hesitated. Anything new is a challenge especially when it's "taboo". Your people were people. Good job

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