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One of your best

Absolutely LOVED it, Gorgeous story, hit hard at the start, beautiful ending. Two thumbs (one dick) up.

Good Story

I like the story but i will take notice with one of reviewers.

When a Crossdresser is dressed up En Femme, it is proper to call him a her and he a she.

The first reviewer does not have a clue what the proper gender ettiquttte is.

That was one amazing story!

There has to be more of what will happen to Dan. The Knight bows to you!

Hot, Hot, Hot

I loved it. Sure wish I had an uncle Jack.


What a wonderful, sensuous ride! I can't wait to read the next chapter...


OMG!!! I am Robert Jordan of the 1st paragraphs/chapter!!!! This is my ultimate Fantasy!!! Thank you so very much!!!! I dream about this, I masterbate about this, I have had this fantasy for over20yrs!!!

I would love to be the sissy in this story. I would love to start off a day dressed as a male, maybe in a suit and tie, and be taken shopping by a Domme Female, at a busy mall and be publically transformed ONE item at a time in the most humiliating order possible.

I love shopping too

It's wonderful to go shopping for women's clothes and letting the salesgirls know the clothes are for me. They always giggle at first but then they are usually really helpful because I've let them in on my secret. I love trying on clothes and "accidentally" letting other female customers see me dressed in my new sexy clothes. I love the feeling of getting "caught" by others. I can't wait to read the rest of your stories.

please continue

I can't wait to read the next chapters. I too love to suck my male friends' cocks and get fucked by their big dicks. I'm a sissy faggot CD who only wants men and I love gay sex, especially when I'm dressed as a woman. Please tell us more.

nice story

yes i was caught taking some panties off the clothes line the old lady next door sat a trap as i remove the panties she yell at me you are the one that sole my panties and don not lie i said yes well that i caught you come with me i went to her place it was a nice home she put me in a room it had a wash tub in there as i look there were clothes on the floor now the lady told me you can wash these clothes by hand or i call the cops i told her i wash them get at it well i wash the dresses first then the bras i toke my shirt off and thought well if i doing women work i should dress as one so i put on a pink bra next i did all the panties it toke three hour when she came in i forgot to take the bra off she look at me now you are in my bra i told i take it off she said no leave it on and come take the pants off i did i was in a pink panties well i see you have good taste then she and me a red and white maid outfit put it on she help me with it there you are all dress now then she put two fake breasts in my bra i can not have you look like a male well it been three week now and i become her sissy girl and to day she told me i will have my own breasts

A really well written story.

You are a PRO. I'm searching for ispiprations about how to be a good Mistress and you are providing me so many ideas ...

Predictable. Somewhat erotic


id love to be that guy and I so very would want to kiss you after.

Glad you're back

I love your futa stories, and I'm looking forward to what comes next. Just a request (that you obviously can and should ignore if you don't like it or it doesn't fit or whatever; it's your story after all), please don't turn the douchebag into a futa, he doesn't deserve it. I'd be nice if only semi decent folk get to be futa sex goddesses.

Either way, I'll probably keep reading since your stuff is hot as hell.

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