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Great story! Can't wait for the next part!

made me wet!

Amazing story.. waiting for the sequel pf this story.. cant wait to read nicole lisa reika and other girls takin on jasmine together! Fucking her cunt ass nd mouth !!!

Parts Of This Were Very Familiar...

...And the story was well written. I wish there was a little more background, actually where we come from is varied and all over the map, so to speak. A lot of us you would never know and work incredibly hard to hide in plain site... because we had to in order to stay alive, let alone safe. Of course she was scared, and written with just the right level of hidden paranoia that's always there. Thank you for a nice story, and you should write more... because you write well. Unfortunately Cheers! --- Josie.

I know it's Karen

Yes, it is Karen but the writer can interchange it if he wanted to. No it does not disrupt the flow of the story, because it is told through both third and first person point of view. Besides I like how the story is going so keep it up.

Thiis is a good start

I like what you have written. Please keep the story going I would like to read more.

when is next chapter

hi Rik, When is ur next chapter. We are eagerly waiting for it.

I read all of your stories in one sitting and I'm loving it. I'm glad I stumbled on it. Good futa on male stories are hard to find and this is scratching that itch just right.

The way you set up the slave auction bit as rental opens a lot of room for one offs for anything you want to write about. I'm really looking forward to what you come out with next. :)

love it

yes, pierce her ears and glue on the breast forms.. then do me next

If the shoe fits

If the shoe fits, wear it! I know as a small guy this story just seems so right. Thanks for writing.

guess you dont dig jimi


This is very Hott story, need more...

more chapters

Possible alternative ending!

Teresa had also invited one or two genuine lady friends and when Michelle came down from her rendezvous with Steve, going downstairs saw that Sharon, her sister in law was one of the friends. When she saw Michelle she immediately recognized him and....................

I just love girly twinks - who wear sexy lingerie - this story does for me.

short tale

a short tale with a hint of sex. not much else going on.

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