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Keeps Getting Better & Better!!!!!!!!

1 Word

Upon Further Reflection

The more I think about it, I think that maybe the shock of nearly losing her marriage (and at that point it was still in jeopardy) wore away at her lust for Chris, till it was effectively gone.

Way to go! Good for the story to bring in a good amount of ambiguity between Peaches and Bane, and to bring in different kinds of creatures and personalities. The road is wide open!

chapter one???

really good writing but the story is only starting. You got my emotions stirred up, which is the result of a good author. If you don't finish it promptly however, I, among many others request your permission to finish it in chapter two.

Redlion75 I am sorry for your loss and the fact that my story brought back bad memories for you. My condolences to your family and I hope that time brings healing and lessens the pain of your loss. We never get over the loss of a loved one and I know there isn't much I can say to lessen the pain. All I can do is send my hope for the loss to be easier for you to bear.

I absolutely loved the story. Big cocked tern fucking a hot older woman. Fantasizing about his mom sucking him off, though, doesn't mean this should have been in the incest category. Should have been in the First Time category instead.

change of birth control?

In the earlier pages, it was stated that eventually the Mother would have her tubes rejoined so that she could have a child with her Son, as she had had them cut and tied as a birth control. Now you state that she has been off the pill for some time but has not got pregnant by the Son, surely this is a slip in continuity?

Great Job

This is a great story, one of my personal preferences is to swallow loads of hot cum.


Just working through the chapters of this story and had to walk away for a few hours after reading about what Alice went through, excellent story and a tough subject matter.

How stupid can you be?

Even after finding out that the whole lie detector bit was a scam and that she really had never loved him, he still gives her half a million? Because she had the integrity to not sell out the man she was cheating with whom she was cheating with? Maybe if the daughter begged him and we found the daughter was a decent person despite the mother's influence, I could see it.

Argh. The only sensible thing he did was not risk his love for his daughter by checking DNA. At least we saw a male character that wasn't told he needed to be a cuck.

And that whole gun scene ended up pointless. But then, so was the rest.


Well, that was unexpected. Okay, I hadn't tried to think of all the loose ends and options to consider where you would take it, but often I find a next chapter 'something logical'. I had nót expected to find Harper's wife here, or the head-rebel to be nuts and killed.
Although I must admit that the former commenter, what's the name, was right about killing Priestesses being a strategically good call... it's not very prolific. And certainly not very acceptable for Mila.
I guess Mila will have to find some way to make up with Asher, they have to get in a sort of relationship in which the two versions of their power can be united....but then again, that would create a whole other atmosphere in the story, more like adventure, politics and no more non-con. Hmmmm.... What to do, what to do. Or rather, what will you do ;)

Excellent writing!

I haven't read many of them, but I always enjoy the LW/thriller combo. I read the 1st ch. some time ago. I don't know why I stopped. I don't plan to stop this time.

Women's world

This is all written in a world designed by women. They get to pull all the nasty things they are capable of and use so well. Emotional attacks. Cutting remarks. Withholding of sex. Even acts of abuse.

Meanwhile, men fight through physical acts. In women's world, they are disarmed. Men are not supposed to get physical with women no matter HOW nasty the woman is. BS! Not all females are "women". If you act like a vicious bitch, you deserve whatever happens to you.

Now, I think the best thing a man can do is recognize a bitch quickly and put as much distance between him and her as possible. But that is not always possible. Being a man doesn't mean you accepted a suicide pact. This guy worrying over standing up for himself is pretty sad.

Revenge for what?

The sense of entitlement of the husband is outrageous. The only thing he is entitled to is what the wife gives him, and if she wish to withdraw her favor from him then that is her right. He has the same rights as hers. If he didn't like her cheating then he has the right to separate from her. That's all. There is no cause for revenge. Taking revenge on the wife leaving is like taking revenge on the government for losing social assistance. The husband didn't lose anything, only what was GIVEN to him. The premise is stupid. 1 star.

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