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Is that your real name? Pretty stupid one.
Now for the comment. The cunt had no remorse, she would have stayed as his whore if he allowed it. She just wanted someone to take care of her so she could continue to look to move up.

Intriguing So Far

Interesting SpecOps so far in a civilian setting. I just had a really weird idea how this could make a 180 degree turn. Just wondering if you went there.

However, I do have to add to, IIRC who it was, Bullet375's comments. A S&W .500 especially, or for that matter any revolver, is a poor choice for a suppressed weapon. Due to the air gap from the cylinder face to the forcing cone, a lot of noise is going to escape sideways even if you try to suppress the gun with the muffler from a bus. Despite what you see on TV, revolvers just don't suppress that well. At least you didn't have him flipping off the safety on that Glock as other authors have done. Good choice on the .45 ACP Glock 41.


Only one thing to say. I am enjoying this story, but dragging it out two page's at a time

SUCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually the bitch is nothing but a cheating cock sucking cunt, who hopefully will get knocked up with a bastard baby and they both die in child birth

Wow, one of the Best!

Different to others I've read and not usually my style with an unfaithful wife but very good work.

Should be more like the nigger mans wife being satisfies by a white man as maybe he would take her away from her lazy black husband so she could be treated right rather than like a crack ho

Lady, I effin love your stories!! I am currently re-re-re-reading this one with a nice glass of cheap pinot noir and some not so cheap chocolate. The only negative thing I will every say about your writing is "than" and "then" are not interchangeable. I'm not one of those crazy grammar Nazis that's going to preach to you about proper sentence structure, the eight parts of a sentence and blah blah blah snore. However, I will say this when you hopefully, eventually, please ,maybe with all the kindness in your heart finsh Tempestuous remember than is used for comparisons, think "less than more than" or "Redwitch is a better witer than most" and the word then usually (but not always) refers to a point in time think "now and then", "alrighty then" or " Redwitch should start writing again then Nuerotiklyinclined would be happy :)

theres an old English song about a drunken husband always forcing himself onto his wife then him sleeping it off.
Then one night after a session like that, and him in his drunken stuper, she sowed him into a blanket and then beat him black and blue with a frying pan, he swore he would beat her! She said you might but the next time you come home drunk you will get the same treatment. the song from Yorkshire's called "wrapped up in a blanket"

Hope the cheating slut getsd AIDS and DIES IN CHILD BIRTH

He forgot?

After watching both guys with his wife, taking pictures and a voice recording, he remembered the pictures of one "friend" but not the other?
as the saying goes, that dog don't hunt.

Seldom . . .

has so much be written, with so little content, and even less interest. You have put an incredible amount of work into this saga. I hope you will try again, with more skill and wit. Beating a dead whore, don't you think?

Chemistry indeed!

The Bunsen Burner as a phallic symbol...well I shall never look at one in the same way again!!!

Oh no she didn't!

Oh man, I can't believe Jenny didn't learn her lesson!
Such wonderful characters and soooo erotic and sexy.

Ok story

But do we really have to read over and over all the things that ryan did for audrey? And then read them again a couple of times? Along with the uncanny personality resemblance of ryan to his uncle? That would have cut a few pages down the story without sacrificing the overall plot.
Also jerry doing the same thing twice and getting jailed again... I think once you've made clear the personality of the character you don't need to reinforce it with superfluous situations.
Also as others comments mention, it needs consistency on the names, specially when you have lots of characters.



Harry inVA's Witness

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