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You had me at red velvet cupcake

That was some freaky shit with the event knife, but the rest I loved!! More please!

I have heard of this phenomenon.

I even met a woman who told me her experience of it once. If you want to talk about it, contact me. My contact info may not be up to date at Lit., so

That was awesome.

The details are sublime, painting a colourful picture depicting the location, flavours and tone of a place I long to return to.

Always wanted to write something like this myself, but I've lacked the courage and perhaps the education... thank you author.

I really like where this is going. You've done a great job setting the stage and building suspense.
I can't wait for the next chapter of this story, please continue soon!

I'm "enjoying" this story.

Many of us saw RAAC coming in the first chapter. That was troubling enough, but now we've learned she followed Donald to his new home. Maybe CMS will surprise us with an ending we've never seen in a story like this. Speaking of Donald, no way he was paid enough as Mayor to afford his big, black Mercedes and the lifestyle which he apparently led. And now he's the Asst. Mgr. at a restaurant? Does not compute.
Oh, and the "tags" are very weak. I'll never be able to find this story if I use tags that would seem to make sense. (cheating? cheating wife? war hero? injured soldier? etc?)

damn you matt morau clones

Lately wimp authors seem to be multiplying. It looked that you had potential, but at the end you wimped out too. 1 star

totally enjjoyed this

I don't think this is how it would really happen, but holy crap, the read was wonderful, and yes, and another chapter would be great.


I'm usually not into multiple perspective stories....

But you make yours so well, it doesn't feel like I'm reading the same scene twice.... I'm actually getting MULTIPLE STORIES. LOL

You're awesome


Oh my gosh. This was the most boring story I have ever read. This is supposed to be about sex -- not sad drama. You need to write children's story. This was a cure for insomnia. How boring......zzzzzzzzz

HOT story!! I'm looking forward to the next chapters and seeing how everyone gets together in dad's big king size bed and sharing Colby's big cock....and hopefully father and son sharing their love in a whole new way.

Garbage. Not the least bit believable. Way too rushed. Couldn't the author have added another two pages to give us SOME resolution. I'm sorry, I won't be back to him.

that was close

For a while I was really afraid Harrison was going to call it quits. You have the ability as a writer to actually make me care about the characters in your story. I'm sad to say not many others have managed to do that. I look forward to reading more of your stories.

I ended up really liking this story but I did think you outdid yourself this time with the callously idiotic, self indulgent, and wholly prententious bitch of a wife. Incest was an interesting addition into the destruction of the family.

Laughing my ass of at krosis666

Get a grip dude. . .it is only a story. You're gonna give yourself a heart attack or have a full blown stroke. LOL

in real life

i would hate a person like don but in this story he is the only person who is real.

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