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I don't give 5 star ratings very often.
This story deserves 10 stars...

The hypocrisy of modern puritans

Sorry A_E but this type of research, in human sexuality, is specifically forbidden taxpayer support.

No matter how much good sense it would be for our society to develop a scientific understanding of Human sexuality.

Lets face it the American right wingers hate and fear scientific progress as much as the Taliban. And, for exactly the same irrational excuses.

Funding for such research comes from private sources, bequests, trusts, foundations, etc. Usually with only the vaguest oversight or direction.

As the wealthy seeking to escape their Civic Duties to finance their Nation. Are generally too ignorant of the subjects tthey finance through tax avoidance.

Stanford University was originally financed by a wealthy crackpot who believe psychic phenomena was real. So in their charter is a legally enforceable requirement that they finance research occult legerdemain.

Now they concentrate on Probability Theories to get around those restrictions. The beneficiaries of that line of research turn out to be the Lost VVages casinos. An amusing joke on those who believe in the supernatural.

Another awesome chapter...thank you for sharing your wonderful writing skills!! I must say...we all are 'Blissfully Hooked' on your talent!!

I he read this story many times-with many different authors. I wonder who the real author is ?


this story is getting better and better. it would be interesting if she moved in and then had to work on a project with another guy or something along those lines.....

Didn't Buy This Ending Either!

This ending didn't work for me. First she humiliated her husband for the entire wedding reception. She knew she was going to get a piece of the big teenager early in the night. Then the tremendous f**k she got in the restroom would have sobered her up a little. Then knowing her husband was in the restroom. Second, on the way home she was kissing her loving husband with her lover's cum in her mouth and couldn't wait to get home to give her loving husband sloppy seconds. Then her first thought was to deny everything and keep lying. No, she would still be with Mr. big dick every chance she had if she wasn't caught.
He did the right thing with the 3 teenagers in his house. BUT he should have dumped his 'loving' wife as soon as he could. All the rest of her 'making-up' was just a smoke screen.

Lmao thank you

Well Monday id my last day i have to then it's O-V-E-R and already started writing and i jut might use that idea, if you don't mind. Thanks for love and the support.

Spitting on someone.

Creepy garbage. Therefore, I read no more, skipped to the end, and gave it 1*.

The best

This is the best story I've read on this site! PLEASE WRITE MORE!!


Your writing is improving.

Jackie, as you've written her, is a real piece of work. The main motivation that stirs her is simply to prove her mother wrong. She cares nothing for her mother's feelings, and my impression was that she is the same to others as well; it's an "I want what I want and I don't care who it hurts" attitude. Manipulative, and if not cold, at least very conflicted emotionally. Indeed, the one comment she let slip shows she holds a real grudge against her parents about the boy she was sucking off. As if her goal to seduce her father is revenge for the boy her mother drove away. "You hurt me, bitch, so I'm hurting you back!" I could see her becoming a black widow very easily.

Jenny seems almost asexual. Other than the blowjob for her husband, there is friendliness, even comradery, but no sexual tension between her and Peter. Many things can go wrong in relationships, but one of the most sad and cruel is differences in libido. She is concerned about her husband enough to talk to him openly about what she sees, but not enough to follow up her objections to what's going on with giving him any sexual outlets. She services him once out of love, but is uninterested in any satisfaction for her self. Spineless Peter, for his part, has simply dealt with the lack by surfing internet porn and presumably masturbating in private.

As the characters have been written, I don't see Jenny doing any three-way. She may turn a blind eye to it like she did with Luke's abuse, especially if it stops and goes no further. More likely she will separate if not divorce Peter. Peter, for his part, apparently only has enough blood for one head at a time. Neither he nor Jackie are doing this for love but for simple lust (Jenny described it as a "hungry look").

It's officially a train-wreck and the train hasn't finished crashing yet.

Nice character study, sad tale. Good luck finding an editor!


wonderfully sexy and insightful and lovely story, thank you darling.

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