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prosperous and healthy. TK U MLJ LV NV

Just WOW!

Love the deep feelings expressed. Your words illustrate feelings like paintbrushes and the sounds of the words are various hues/colors of paints. The equivalent of an artist (like a Mozart or a Leonardo Da Vinci) orating commentary on how they created their masterpieces. The audio says what wants to be said and how it needs to be spoken and why what is said is felt. The play-by-play was well done and the use of moving and progressive transitions are silky smooth. Appreciated, too, are how key crescendos of actions are resolved as peaceful as they are introduced. Liked, too, is the psuedo-choreographed style of the moment. Actions are structured, yet the listener can interpret for themselves how moments are to be. If there is a way to save the world with an aural piece, this should be among the selections! Methodical timing of feelings expressed are done well, too. Thanks for taking time to compose and exhibit your talents!

loved it

Read it all day and kept an erection :D ready for a part 8 bro!! Loved the sex part #popgoesthecherry


the whole family should prosper. TK U MLJ LV NV

make more plz

Awesome story, it said,"to be continued" so I suppose that there will be a part 8

"Sticks and stones...

will break your bones, but words will never harm you." Ignore the negative, nasty comments from the pathetic, spiteful dweebs who are hiding deep within mommy and daddy's basement where they dream of finding a job, and a meaningful life. Otherwise, its a good story so keep up the good work. Gave you a five star rating.

I think I know why they were staring...

You mentioned Kate put on a black bra then a white shirt over it, that's likely why they were staring (and she was sexy). That shirt would have to be darn thick to not allow the dark bra to seep through, especially on light skin...

Wow x2

I posted on your original story about what a wonderful writer you were, and I still subscribe to that. To the very first poster "Anonymous" (who made the disparaging remarks), I would suggest you stick with comic books...they are probably more your forte.

You are truly a talented writer, and I personally hope to read more of your stories.


there should be some type of euphoria for the parties. TK U MLJ LV NV


Well done plot keeping the mystery of the other women and its importance. It was five star until his self pity and settling at the end. One of the most disappointing endings I have ever read for such a promising story. If I had permission I would write the sequel. This story begs for the sequel. I have had too much world experience to believe even a person who has the belief of black cock being the end of sexual pleasure would have a come to Jesus thought process of her own. Besides that I have known too many cops from state trooper to county sheriff to relatively large town cops and no one I knew would take what this character took. Begs for a sequel.


The ending was really cute abd I just want more outof this series, I love it


U all are d same , tease us with the highlights of ur work then none... Leaving readers to keep waiting ... U are all bullshit... U just don't know the "thrilling monster" u built within us. FUCK U, but i like d way story runs here... FINE!! THANK U, k? U got me hook up in one sitting and made me forgot my meeting. Im fucked up now, happy? So u better finish this, please??

I Just Have To Wonder...

...If 'Mr Vanderson', after telling a maid to place herself over his lap... ever had a maid explain that she'd really rather place him over her lap. She then spanks the wanna-be-Dom until she has HIS waterworx flowing nicely. Then has him dress up in her undies and leaves him tied to his bed. After which she could snap a few pics, pack up her stuff and walk out the door. He needs to remember that he might be hiring an ex-Pro Dom trying to make it in a straight job, and that has several years of martial arts training. But then again... he might just enjoy it ;)

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