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Keep it going

This installment really upped the ante, I really liked it. A good chapter, despite the minor spelling errors.


You are fucking amazing...this is without a doubt the hottest audio I've ever heard. Thank you thank you a thousand orgasms thank you!

Its TOO Common

This topic is SO Common in real life and the natural nature of the female SEX is Submissive. That's WHY its so Common in REAL LIFE.
My Father did that to my Mother. My father was a fitter and turner and my mother was a company accountant and had a whole staff under her. But she stayed home and my Dad went out alone and had Numerous affairs. She tells me she hated it and who is to say?
One thing is certain, If a woman did get off from that fetish she would NEVER admit it to anyone.
The reason that the Cuckold fantasies are so prevalent is simple. Its the Submissive female taking the dominant role sexually. That's a role reversal. In Cuckquean there is only a minor shift in perception but roles remain historically still the same as they always have been.
Still It was well written and not an easy topic to write about.
Good job.


I must say that since reading your stories which I think are really good I find myself wondering things like did she get pregnant again from her last trip unless I missed something. and I would like to say although the story was as good as the rest of your stories the ending in this one leaves a few things do be desired but never-the-les a really good story as with the rest of your stories I have read.

I liked this story.

BUT it could have been half the size and I would still have liked it.


Lovely-toasty-cute-tender-protective-sooo kind-sweet-generous-passionate-ardent ...

OMG I don't know what else to say about these two ! I absolutely love them; Danny is so kind and loving and lonely Moose is in dire need of the love Danny wants to give him. Beautiful! Awesome story.
Moooore pllllzzzz !!

love you

Love your work and always checking eagerly for the next update

Good Story

As another reviewer noted, the author has a little different writing style. I suggest you stay with it, though. The hot and well written sex scene at the end is worth it. Four solid stars.

He didn't give her enough rope...

He didn't give her enough rope for her to hang herself...He only gave her a little rope...But he was lucky listening the call...If he hadn't listened, she really would have hung herself...

I liked the bit at the End

I believe all GOOD Fiction is the result of someone trying to explain or explore one of Life's many mysteries or profound truths.
I myself have been thinking and writing different things that I am hoping will result in a collection of the truths I have discovered in Life and roll them into a story.
I thought you explained the situation well. I would like to add I noticed others made comments about your not going into any depth about the reasons for the wife's feelings. In my judgment there was no need for me to know more, about the issues the wife was having because they were irrelevant to the truth that you were sharing'. The story was primarily about HOW the character dealt with the confrontation and subsequent possible devoice. In fact I would like to say that it was very good, that as a writer you did not, because in real life the man would only have the information to cope with the situation that your character had.
Well Done
5 Stars

Good start...

... but the ending wraps up toooooo quickly.


I just don't understand the men and women in these stories. Is it the same stupid, stupid women in each story? Don't husband and wives in these stories ever talk? I guess if the women were not stupid and they actually talked to each other we wouldn't have stories. It was actually a good story until everybody kept telling him it was his fault. She planned this, she brought a bag with her sexy clothes, the brother called her at home to gloat over his conquest and plan for more. This guy needs a new daughter, wife and friends. It was not his fault. I would still blame her for not being there when the son had his problem. She is a cheat period. Another thing I don't understand is why the husband needs to know why she did it. She cheated, who cares what the reason is, she is a cheater. I saw the reconciliation coming and I kept hoping that I was wrong and he would keep some dignity.

More plz

Awesome series, plz continue

please continue

This was one of the first stories I read on Literotica and was disappointed to see that it was most likely going to be yet another well written first-chapter-only story on this site. Am glad to see you're revisiting this story - would love to see another chapter. Thanks!

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