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I of course plan on coming to the party.
I'll be sad when Pipit's story is over, though.

I would be super interested in a prequel sort of story on Mouche, though. She's a really mysterious character but I really really like her. I'd be interested to get a more detailed account of her life before Daniel and Karen, or early days with them, how she came to find them, etc.

pretty good read

it does need more detail, and a part two... .. the coach take him on day one is hard to believe.. maybe on the second gym class.. just letting the new guy know what he had to look forward too...

inticing and real

that was well written and thought out. obviously you took the time to write while thinking about all the little things it needed to become real. I wonder if this is some how real in some way. I my self have had a similar situation with a escort that fell in love with me. Just see the side here that is real and I know the escorts miss out on the real side of love and know for a fact this is some thing that can be identified with. I think all woman like Rhiannon have the same chance at love as the rest of us. Interesting read and thank you.

straightforward story

but looks like a reconciliation ending.

This could never happen to me.......

.......I live miles from anywhere and/or anybody, but I will leave my dirty car on display and stay on the lookout now for sure !!! :-) Cute story. Great lead-in, action, and outcome. Thanks,

One of my favorite stories of yours.

Thank you.

Call me MR Passive-Agressive.

I wouldn't have gone on the cruise with her. We likely would have split before the in-laws bought the tickets. But this was a very good SP story.

Good story...

Good story, good reading...Thank you


For the delay I'm going through some personal shit at the moment and I just haven't really felt like writing or gotten inspiration but I will update!


india the land of cuckolds
nobody knows who their biological father is

Small mistake

"Not anymore. Phil and Rosa were covered in his remains."

I guess hat should by Nyte in that sentence ;).

great chapter

5-star story. Looking forward to more!!!

yeap gut and then grave

Will could not care less about. He will just use her until she is of no more value then sell her ass off the a lower rent pimp, and so on until she has no value or life left to live. But she choose so what do we care, meat grinder for her. Will, well there is no punishment to dire for him. Break one arm and though him into a pit of hungry rats sounds good. Drop him into the middle of the ocean with a lifeboat and 2 gallons of stinky water (no oars or sails).

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