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I want more!!

We just got to the good stuff!! ;-) Thanks for a lovely story.

So good, perfect, fabulous, outstanding. I love this story, these characters and your writing. It feels like this could happen in real life which is what makes it so good! You've written a wonderful romance story that hasn't turned out cheesy. I cannot wait for the next four chapters although I wish it would never end

I can't help but sing you praises

I don't usually comment, so I guess when I do, it kind of says how good of a story I think this is. Seriously, I can't help but love this story so SO much. In the beginning, I saw two guys who wanted to experiment. I had this mental image of a sex filled/driven story, but as I read each subsequent chapter, I found myself liking the characters more and more. That's of course not to say that this story isn't full of amazingly hot and well written love scenes, but the way the sex not only compliments the character development, but also adds to the overall story is really astounding.

The pacing of the story is so well managed, I feel rewarded with each new chapter but also yearning to know what happens next. I feel, and I really mean this, the characters as human beings in real life and not some perfect cutout of fictional Magic. The emotions conveyed through your writing definitely shines through, and even though I'm not a very emotional reader, I found myself feeling compassion and love for these two characters.

I mean I can seriously go on and on here, but what I'm trying to say is that you are definitely an AMAZING writer and for a first story on here, you've definitely earned my respect as a writer. I wish I was as good as you.

P.S. I'll go so far as to say this is probably my favorite story on Lit, even though I don't know the ending yet, but I'm sure no matter what it'll be great.


I like the basic idea but I find it hard to believe she couldn't prove he'd made a mistake and still paid him... more thought should have been put in to that detail.

Also, that bitch of a daughter still never got broken... the mom is still a trained helpless slut too.

How did the trainer even find out about this and what does it have to do with the piano instructor?

I guess he want to marry the mother and the daughter cares abut her more now? Sort of a happy ending I guess, but not fulfilling.

Is there a next?

This one is a long gap. Is there an update for when you will post next?


Believable and very hot!

Rye and Ginger Ayle

WOW Iknow just how she feels. I once met a guy who had a huge cock, even soft it was bigger

than any I had ever had before. When I finally gave in and let him take me he did it 4 times that night. Each time I screamed with joy!!! So you get a 5 now!! A 5 for making me remember him and for making me masturbate to our story!!


It's amazing how much you can forgive when you really love someone.

Ricky's a very lucky lad

This is a very clever, well-written and funny story by a first-time contributor. 20 year old Ricky's pants fall down and everything the kid's got between his legs is out in the open, right in front of his mother. Mom's the kind of mother lots and lots of boys'd love to have. She casts appreciative eyes on her son's big fat penis and his heavy hanging balls and tells him outright, "I love the taste of semen and by the look of you there's a load that's going to go to waste, either in a handkerchief, a sock, a tissue or down the bathroom sink." What a caring mom, to be concerned that her boy's sperm might be wasted. Mom to the rescue. She takes Ricky's big throbbing hard on into her warm wet mouth, and gives her son an enthusiastic motherly blowjob. The kid blows his young balls right in his own mother's mouth, and shoots her the semen she craves. I bet that real soon mommy will show her boy another, even better hole in her voluptuous body to unload his balls into. And, dear author, don't think I didn't catch the pun in the subtitle to your excellent and very hot story. Ricky shouldn't drop the bowl because "it may affect Mother's head." You are a rascal, aren't you?

The Best!!

This was one of the best stories I have had the pleasure of reading! Thank you so much for all you put into it!!!!!

Ending #1 and also agree that it should remain fantasy

On this group, too many people get bent out of shape about these stories when probably 99% of them are fantasy in the author's mind. Good that this stayed in the realm of fantasy. Ending #1 would be better for her to come clean, and not add deceit and lying to her guiltiness, as Ending #2 would imply.
5 *'s
And thankfully you can spell and use words correctly in sentences.

I can't believe it! [Bad News]

I went to the most incompetent dental surgeon's office today. We arrived at noon for the prep for my surgery at one o'clock. The woman at the window informed us we didn't have an appointment. Then she discovered we didn't have an anesthesiologist so she'd cancelled our appointment ~ by calling the wrong home number - twice. She had my wife's mobile number, but never called it. The call to confirm the cancellation never came - because she had the WRONG DAMN NUMBER! My wife called to confirm the appointment this morning around 9 and they told us to show up ... Fucking Idiots! Best of all, the referred us to another surgeon on the opposite side of town, but they wouldn't call them. We had to. They will see me at 3:30 today for the consultation, not the surgery. I fasted for nothing. Better yet, the initial dentist won't renew my Oxycodone and Amoxicillin to help me deal with the inflammation on the right side of my jaw. The lower left and upper right were also infected. Those two areas are now under control ... until I run out of pills. So ... I remain in a great deal of pain, am depressed and waiting for the next full-blown manic phase to hit and ruin my sleep ... and in limbo. I apologize to everyone for making you wait even longer for Chapter 39. I am not in the mood for writing a happy ending right now and I don't want to ruin what I have found to be an upbeat, if cathartic, tale. FinalStand

Sorry BnB but I don't agree that Nicole is a good person

I was never interested in the Stolen Moments stories so I didn't read them. But recently prompted by a comment by BnB stating he didn't understand why so many of us didn't like Nicole, I decided to read these 4 chapters.

I don't think the jury is out anymore- Nicole is just not a good person... In SM chapter 1 we learn that  in addition to the nights Nicole snuck out of the house to be with Colin,  she was also spending either 2 or 3 weekends a month to be with him. How the fuck did that go unnoticed by April? Now Nicole is doing basically the same thing with Cynthia and  chapter 1 begins with her spending the weekend with Cynthia followed a short time later with the two of them going on an expensive 7 day beach vacation. BTW what person who lives in San Antonio  flys south in the summer (Spanish speaking location)  to go to the beach? 

I believe Nicole's character comes thru in many little ways and 3 big ones  in Stolen Moments.  The little ones first:

1) telling Nick the stripper dance lessons were for him when they really were for Cynthia. It's such a minor point so why lie about it?  Is lying  now some thing Nicole does without thinking?
2) before the vacation Nicole told Nick that she never told  Cynthia she loved her and  the two of them never talked about being together,  Now neither one of these things is true but she still hasn't told Nick that. If she's smart she may also not  want to tell Nick that her response to The being together conversation  is that "she's not ready yet".... Yeah Nick has nothing to worry about.
3) Cynthia is the one that told Nick about Nicole wanting David's baby and based on both of the "Ripples" chapters Nicole still hasn't told her husband this. Why is that? 
4) The 4 chapters have numerous instances of Nicole patting herself on the back for how  honest she is with her husband, something that makes no sense at all.
5) Nicole the woman who never cooks and the only thing she ever does with her two daughters is shop;   makes breakfast for Cynthia's son, hangs out with him all day, and is reading to him at night. 
6) Nick and Nicole don't drink in front of their daughters.  Well sorry but that's simply not true
7) "Nicole and Nick had decided not to hide anything from Jasmine, but they also were extremely careful that nothing physical or inappropriate happened when the kids were home."  Sorry but this one is definitely not true. This happened more than once... there was a make out session one night and a  chapter or two later Colin fucked Nicole in Nick and  Nicole's bedroom. 
8) Cute the way Nicole had so much difficulty getting  to actually talk to her husband during the entire 7 day vacation even though Colin was able to get thru no problem  But somehow on her way home when she makes several  hurried calls from the airport  while Cynthia is in the bathroom everything works perfectly.  This one reminds me of the problem Becca had  when trying to talk to her husband John after he left Disney World. This must be a problem unique to hot wives. 

Now the 3 bigger problems. let's start with money. From "Ripples 1" 

"Yes, I mean we'd both been raised poor. So one of the things Nicole worried about most was money."
 1)  Cynthia  is driving around in an 8 year old Honda Accord  (0h the horror)  so Nicole gives this friend that she's known for one year a brand new $100k Mercedes? Jay is his usual less than clear concerning  whether this car is the same one that Nicole's husband gave her. In any event whether it's one car or two cars neither is good and quite frankly if my wife gave away the $100K car I  just gave her she'd  be receiving divorce papers within 24 hours. If I had to guess though it does sound like two cars were purchased.  One by Nick for Nicole and a second one paid for  by Nicole for Cynthia. 
2) Cynthia agreed to pay for all  of the vacation but we can't have that so Nicole has to upgrade both the flights and the room. Not clear who's paying for all that room service.
3) An off the rack dress just won't do... 
" It wasn't in his normal catalog, or available for purchase anywhere else. It was an original, and the cost...well looking at her tonight, it was worth it."
4) this one is more for Jay than about Nicole: but way back in The One Less Traveled" you wrote that the two daughters would be going to college on scholarships, that is not the way things work now. Basically all college money is based on the parents income and assets. Regardless of what these two genius white girls get on their SAT's they ain't going to school for free unless of course they can dunk over Lebron James  or can out skate Sidney Crosby.
Yeah  Nicole  worries about money the same way she always puts her daughters first  

On to the 2nd big one. The awkward discussion that someone was suppose to have with April that either didn't happen or is being kept secret. This is another one that I think got away from Jay and he tried to correct it but  the correction didn't fix the problem.  I'm reading SM chapter 1 and it appears that the vacation with Cynthia was suppose to be a secret and the first thing that came to mind is how is she going to explain her sun tan. I could be wrong But I think jay also figured this out, (you don't have to be genius to do so) so he did a switch and now had Nick and the girls coming to the airport to pick up Nicole without any explanation of what he told the girls.

Why do I believe the vacation was initially suppose to be a secret? Well for two reasons: one Jay made a big point of the fact that the girls wouldn't be able to call home from this summer camp. Another BTW: what kind of summer camp doesn't allow at least one call back home to the parents?  The second reason is: nowhere in chapter one is there any mention that either Nick or Nicole actually talked to the girls about the vacation. 

Finally on to number 3 from SM chapter 1
"April, was too young to notice anything unusual with Nicole and Cynthia's relationship".  You can't be serious?  She is now 14 and  you claim she is still too young? How do I know she is 14? That's easy go back to The One Less Traveled chapter 1:

"Breakfast went well and the both girls had plans with their friends for most of the day. Being teenage girls, their plans involved shopping, boys, and more shopping."

Is it possible you forgot that way back in chapter 1 of The One Less Traveled you wrote that April was a teen? In any event The idea that this intelligent now 14 year old girl could have missed all the clues left by her mom, Colin, and Cynthia is just not credible. Let's also talk about Jas. It's good to know we agree that she would have figured this out a long time ago. But it doesn't bother Jas  at all that her mother just disappears several weekends per month? She doesn't worry about her parents marriage simply because they told her not to?   She doesn't worry about her Dad being left behind on those weekends her mother goes away?  If they do get a divorce who do you think the girls would prefer to go with? Going with their Dad would be the right decision, Nicole clearly doesn't want the  responsibility.
I  think I can come up with a lot more things from the 4 SM chapters that don't make sense but my brain is tired.

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