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This is what the fuck I'm talking about. I have been waiting for your return and when you did you seriously made love to my mind. This is why you are my favorite author. I am quite literally counting the days until I can read more of your work.


Where the hell are you when we need you?

Lost in translation

The problem is you can't think in English. Translating from your native language seems to be a hard task for you. I would suggest that you ask for help from someone who is well versed in both languages.

omg the sequel!

Of course I'm impatiently waiting for part 3 but let me just say how amazing it is you started posting again. Your first set is hands down my favorite bar none. Well written, plot driven, exciting and these next chapters don't disappoint. And the Sex Scenes? Steamy isn't the word! You have a gift and I'm just happy to reap the benefits. Don't forget to post any upcoming ebooks on Lit. I'll def support!

1 star

What trash and if trying to be funny FAIL!!!

Well Good

This had me coming back for every chapter and feeling sad when chapter 29 was the end. Probably the best piece I have read on here!


id say if you enjoy writing, keep doing it and i will keep reading it. GOOD JOB!!!

Good story

I liked the ending. I think Gwen got off to easy, but I like that he did not hesitate to get rid of her lying cheating back stabbing ass. And he got a better deal with Mary. Nice!

Not Not Not

Not sure how you got these reviews on this crap.

How the guck did she become an assistant principle without attending university?

Or being a teacher, for that matter? Seriously, if you can't at least make that work, why the fuck bother? Why not just make her the local cat lady?


Not because if the subject matter but because you clearly don't have the foggiest motion of human physiology or psychology.

First, lets talk about nutrition, oatmeal doesn't have all the nutrients a body needs and you will end up starving. Next, the adult knee is not designed to carry weight in a direct manner. Try crawling o. Your hands and knees for 15 minutes and see how much agony you're in, it compresses the cartilage and grinds it into dust.

Next, what do they get out of being gaped, bred, demeaned and humiliated? Besides a prolapsed rectum, that is. You ever see that? Ugh, NOT very attractive and where the fuck has her foot been? The vaj is a delicate breeding ground for bacteria and you jam a dirty foot in there and you're likely to get a nasty case of yeast infection.

So again, I don't care what you choose to do but everything still has make sense, it still has to follow basic rules.

You simply are brain sick

Spare us your stories and get castrated, you idiot!

Thoroughly enjoyed it!!!

I don't give out a lot of five star votes, but I did for this one. I have a son with Aspergers. I couldn't help but see this story in my mind with Jim Parsons from "The Big Bang Theory" playing the part of Anthony!

SW_MO you do seem at times to be a bit brutal with the fate of your characters. I would like to ke to see a continuation of this story.

what a nonsense!

this story obviously was written by an IQ nearly to zero...

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