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Well done!

A good tale, and by no means too long. Another chapter would be nice, but this story can stand on its own very nicely. I have only one negative comment - and this is meant as construtive - when a person asks a question, end the quote with a question mark, not a comma.

my fantasy

While I have never had a three-way, your story brought to mind an old fantasy. I wish my husband could be as bold as you were in inviting a friend to share your wife. I identified with her. Lucky girl.


re: Re. "the same story over and over."

"... if you come to Loving Wives expecting to read a story that doesn't involve extra-marital sex, you have a serious reading comprehension issue."

Interesting comment since you obviously didn't read what I said.

"I come to this category on the hope I will find something original, something that isn't pretty much the same story. All too often, my hopes are dashed."

I never said ANYTHING about not expecting extra-marital sex, just about hoping to find something original. Anyone with any reading comprehension skills should have inferred that this included -- in fact required given the context of the comment -- originality in an extra-marital sex story.

He said it all in the end...

He said it all in the end: "The marriage was moribund long before this weekend", but for me was death not moribund. So no need to hire a P.I.

turn the tables

Give Sarah all the control turn her into a dom thay controls them and maybe pimps themm out..


Wow, another magic dick story, how original. Was the slut shaming really necessary?

Omg omg

It's sooo good. You made my day. I want to dance right now :)))

Can't stop now

You can't stop the story now!! The story is just getting really interesting and you need to tell about the week of July 4th. Also if the parent find out and if so what happens. So please don't let the story end here. Will be looking out for the next installment.


She won't be having nightmares about his monster, she'll be having wet dreams. Well done really good story

Friday Night?

Very good story and can't wait to see what happens on Friday night!!!

Good Start

I think this was a good read, even if all the grammar police say it wasn't. Waiting anxiously for pt 2

Very good!

This was an enjoyable read that made me feel connected with the writer, whose profile is non-descriptive but I conclude to be female. I often feel distant when reading many of these stories, but for some reason, this one felt personal, as if the writer was penning more for longing than from experience. More please. :)


Oh my!!

Daddy's little girl has Daddy where she wants him! And this daddy needs to know how often she needs him. I bet he knocks her up the next time. And like any good little girl she should supply him with young, locat, talent for her 'no-fuck' days. Also, they will be needed for the nights when she has 'company' or a sore pussie.

Really like the extra humor in this chapter
Instead of brief stroke tales, you write well rounded stories of love that just happen to also be very, very sexy to boot.

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