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I liked this and felt it.
Meter and rhyme worked for me but that is because it's my thang ;-)

Needs editing

This is a good premise with lots of action, but I found it too confusing to read all the way through. The pacing and grammar need work. You can get an editor on Literotica to help you out.

Nice Read!

Good ending to the original.Always enjoy your postings.Look forward to more. Thanks

Anon .... "It's his Kink???"

Me thinks NOT!!!

It's ukresearcher's warped mind set to live in that cesspool called Cuckatopia! A fucked up vision where pea brained "wanna be" wimp authors dream of creampies to consume, testicles that never descend and fellow CUCKS who will celebrate the only thing lower than snake shit ... A cheating, WHORE, wife!

The Good News is, while Cuckorotica is overflowing like a backed up toilet with these Creepy Degenerates, their "so called" Loving Wife stories always receive the recognition (and score) they deserve!

A "1" ... Hope it pisses you off (again) uk"ASSHOLE".

Oooooooohhhhhhh, aaaaaaaahhhhhh, eeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhh!

Yes, I know---looks silly, doesn't it? And there are far too many of those in this story. Inarticulate noises of passion do not transcribe well, so why bother with them? Try using your powers of description instead. There are plenty of words which can convey passion, terror, pain etc, and they're all just waiting for you to find them and use them. The ooooohhhhhs and aaaaahhhhs etc, plus some silly spelling errors and some clumsy word use, spoiled what could have been a fairly good story. If you are new to writing, there are plenty of books on technique and grammar available. And if all else fails, find yourself a good editor. These comments are meant to be constructive and helpful because I do think you show promise. Good luck with your next story.

I just thought of something this reminded me of

I just thought of something this reminded me of in the book of Proverbs.
: A beautiful woman with bad Judgement is like a gold ring in a pigs nose
Stories of beautiful women who throw away their whole life for sex or in this case
a big cock are the ones I think Solomon was writing about.

You don't have to wonder

You DID make the biggest mistake of your life. What a bitch to say there was nothing holding her to him. So much for richer or poorer.

Fascinating {Classical definition}

MQA, I am truly stunned by this creation of yours. Mythology so well imagineered as to stir my mind and my heart.

I'm 64 too

I wish I could have joined all of you.


you made a mistake, a year of wondering.
Don't make us wait that long for some more!!!

From Duna

When I discovered the Revenge Stories I read Sociology Survays data about cheating statistic. If you look for on Net you will find these data. The figures were similar to this: minimum 1 extramarital sex for whole lifetime is 55% for wives and 60% for husbands. It means not only hetero connaction only..................

FTDS announced that he will not finish the story

He contacted the writer to ask permission to finish the story and was denied. The writer has no plans to finish the story either.


Well written and hot!

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