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I want one. No I want two. Wait I think I want a whole truckful
Damn. All right I'll settle for just one.

Nice funny fantasy

She could divorce him, but...

It would probably make more sense to have him do some research on what it's like to be committed to a psychiatric hospital for electroshock therapy.


you have to prime it with fresh water,,TK U MLJ LV NV


he has to keep his juevos and say adios to the ex. TK U MLJ LV NV

Know her purse?

Hi Anonymous, hopefully I can address your issues. My wife has two "everyday" purses, a green one if out shopping alone or with me, and a bigger black one with room for spare nappies, wipes, treats, drinks, etc, if we are looking after one or more of the grandkids. As for evening bags, my wife has an unknown number of other bags, which tend to match her shoes, dress, or eyeshadow for all I know. If I am working nights or at a football match and have no idea what she was wearing when she left the house, I couldn't even guess the colour or style of her bag. As for driving licence and ID, in the UK we haven't have IDs since about 1955 and have no legal requirement to carry a drivers licence; if we are stopped by police we have 7 days to present our documents to a police station of our choice.

Crazy story! We found some stirrups online that we now incorporate into our love making that fit on any bed or portable massage table. They are called economy exam stirrups.

Similar Stories?

Certainly qualifies as Satire. Humor, well, different strokes for different folks.

Were I the author, I would think about protesting, if not suing whoever decided the "Cindy's Filthy Gangbang" and "Hunted" were "similar stories". Do not believe that categorization. I do not recommend anyone reading those stories. I didn't, a very, very quick scan found nothing humerous or satiric.

Wouldn't he know her purse?

I mean most men recognize the wife's purse unless they're totally oblivious to what's going on around them or their wife is a purse whore with dozens of purses. And amongst all that garbage that fell out where was her wallet with her driver's license? Just a couple of holes in this one.

Wow! Thank you Anonymous-from-England

To have a piece compared to Roy Clarke, well! Now you mention it, I am reminded a little of Uncle Mort, who did have a potting shed. I hope I wasn't unconsciously referencing that material. I think Uncle Mort was sharp as a tack and used his allotment as a refuge from home life. My Solly Tree is a rather plodding and individual character, (more of a grotesque in the Tom Sharp mode than Clarke) that will be confused and funny. I want him to be regarded sympathetically by the reader, so he will win, or think he's won, more often than not. He regards the potting shed/allotment as more of a concentration camp rather than a refuge and is always trying to dig himself out and get back into Mandy Tree's favour. The names are deliberate and I hope to return to this character from time to time, as I think his situation and mindset is fertile ground (if you forgive the pun). I realise that this story would not appeal to the more insular of the American reader, but being an amateur writer keen to expand the subjects I can word paint, I hoped this piece might broaden more than my humble horizons.

Loved it

I get the humour entirely. But then I'm English, living firmly in the area where you're writing about.

This is worthy of being compared to something by Roy Clarke.


You have a uniqueness to your humor. I can't wait to read out those "Wild, Wild Horses."

Five Moons


You've a sick mind author. Is that why you have so many names?
Hardy Har Har


Now I'm getting bored. Someone please fuck this guy while he still thinks he's alive.

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