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*smiles* very lovely lil story..... Thank you for sharing.


I liked this, it was well written and there wasn't any screaming or revenge or other BTB things. In a way it was humorous although it was a bit short, more like part of a bigger story. The N word did bother me, it was a jarring note. Still and all, full marks and I'll go try some more of this author's stories.


GigglingGoblin made me giggle!

It made me smile too!

Thank you for this whimsical little piece, Four stars.

I loved this!! Laughed my way through it. You receive the award for most creative writing of the decade, ya know what I mean?


Kinda saw that one coming

Throughout the read I noticed an odd similarity between it and some of your other works. The new ones are much better however, but I did think it was wierd you were ripping apart a work that had many of the same undercurrents that your current ones do.

Peter, Dick, and Rod--an interesting group of aliens

That was quite a dream--or was it a dream? Do alien abductions end this way? I'm surprised that one, or all, didn't offer to service Rosie.

Whatever, I enjoyed the innovative story and the humorous situation Rosie was placed in. Thanks for posting.

Walk away

No man in his right mind would marry this manipulative bitch. If he does, he can kiss any chance of a happy life goodbye, because she will dominate him forever.


I really hope that if she is so callous as to test him, ( only proving her own dishonesty), by using her sister to tempt him, that it backfires and he leaves her for her sister! It would serve her right for her deceit.

She obviously has no trust in him

So why should he trust her? She did a background check on him? Who does that? It is apparent that she will set him up in a "fidelity test", and if she does, he should walk away, and never look back. By testing his fidelity, she will show that SHE cannot be trusted, and cannot be honest! It shows that her love for him is conditional, and that she doesn't believe him when he declares his love for her, that it is something to be tested, something to be proven. It says that she believes him to be inherently dishonest. When you test someone's love, it only proves you don't love them back, it basically says; "I don't trust you at all, and I don't care if you say you love me, because you are a liar in my opinion, and everything you say must be proven beyond doubt before I'll believe it!"

That's a weird analogy if you're over the age of twelve

Is it just me? I haven't owned a stuffed animal since I was a kid, and if a grown man made an attempt to give me one I'd probably lift a brow, and think... "What the hell is wrong with you?" Are you dating underage girls, or something... because this analogy is really weird. I have a guitar a man bought me, and other random normal things. Stuffed animals... not a one.

Refreshing and hilarious

Just the right amount of voluptuousness and light humor. Mentally believable!

Excellent read.

POV is powerful. It can completely changet a story. I'm currently trying to salvage a terrible story by changing POV from 3rd limited to 1st. We'll see if it works. This was entertaining and educational. My favorite kind.

I liked the clear voice

...of the narrator. The mild expletives mixed with the big words made for a fun read. (You commented on a story of mine in March. Sorry for the delay in returning the favor!)

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