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Fun with the langiage -

And fun with the take off on the series -

Extreme it was but maintained -

So the remaining question in my mind is did Jeeves do Maude too?? He seems to have gotten every other functioning woman in the story - possibly excluding Millie of course as she never spent any time (that we know of) with him.

@"Well written."

You have been my very first and most loyal & vocal supporter. I thank you so much, especially for your steady & constant feedback!

Could you please write your email address in your next anonymous feedback you send to me, so that I can communicate with you more directly and in private?
I think we could have many exciting & enlightening discussions together.
I know I have much I want to ask you, as well.
Hope to hear from you! Thanks again, always love hearing from you and how much you like these AM/WF stories!


If this is your shot at humor....you missed.....by a lot

Even with the satire

Our down on his luck man comes across as a bit stupid and lame. It would be the ultimate folly to glibly reunite and marry into his old family. I guess all it take is 104,000 pounds and free pussy for him to forget the past six years and what her ladyship actively did to him during the divorce. Can't say I would be that excited to get back with her on the terms presented in this story. Can't say I would get back with any of them. Oh well, we already know he loves "taking it up the old poop shoot" based on his lackadaisical behavior throughout the story. Hell he would be better off suing old Henry's estate for destroying the marriage. His wonderful ex shouldn't have any problem with that should she? She would be happy to tell a court exactly what happened and get him a good settlement, right? After all, she admits how she has always loved him... right! I'll wager she loves Henry's money far more than she loves her ex. That's where the shit would hit the road.

It's easy for her when she gives up nothing and gains a boy toy. Lame assed British males.

Short and indeed sweet

As soon as I saw the pseudonym of Ogg the king of Bashan I knew that I an in for an enjoyable Read.
Thank you

Cute little story

I'm not quite sure what or who the website was being designed for but it served as a link for the two of them. And I'm also pretty sure she wasn't that sexy. But it was a read.

Puck-her Up!

Og, i enjoyed riding this school buss to the campus canoodle. Jocularity thru the Scientific Mathematics of Osculating inter-disciplinary research. Oh...Kinky!

Please Miss, may i have another?

funny & adorable

Ogg, i really enjoyed this little bite of trickery!

You Know

This is becoming an interesting tale. Still a little funny. Please continue...

After yet another read

I still thoroughly enjoyed this tale.

Do this many people really not get the concept of humor or fiction? Seriously? Did none of them read the author's name? Lol.

Tex, as always your story was well written and entertaining. It also kept enough reality to make it believable (as evidenced by the number of comments acting like it was nonfiction).


Katie's Favors

Great story please continue Katie's favors, that is the greatest series, I really want Carrol to come around for Lyle.

Fun Read***

Thanks for sharing this very enjoyable read.

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