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What a load of garbage.

I can only imagine it has such a high score because very few people read it and 2 or 3 liked it. Trust me. This was terrible.


in my haste to give you a five, I did not notice that the the scores rise from the left.
I gave you an undeserved 1 for writing that had me laughing so hard that I could not see straight.


I thought this was absolutely hilarious. I laughed so many times and could actually picture the events happening. Loved it, and hope the Olympics can be like this one day! Well done.

Real life

Real life can suck big time sometimes. Still, bad as this sounds there are many who have it much worse. This guy has a living faithful wife, kids, a house and he can walk on his own. No matter how bad we have it we always need to think of those who don't have it as good as we do.


I'm amazed by those readers who failed to see the humour in this. Well done!

Bless You!

I look for your stuff on here all the time. You have made my summer. I'm old too, I like to read wonderful erotica that's written well. I get it. Keep up the good work.

Loved this story, whether loaded with bull or not. ;-)

LOL Funny!

I'm from the South, born in Georgia, raised in Tennessee and now back here in Georgia and let me tell y'all everyone down here knows someone like this guy. Not the believing in Santa bit but the being dumb enough to think he could cheat and not have to suffer his wife's wrath bit. As for the feel of the story I thought it was dead on for a small isolated Southern town where everyone knows everything and most are related in one way or another.


"Well, he can always change it--or put one back if he wanted one. If you can turn boys into girls and vice versa--"

Jean Chardin in his book "A Journey to Persia" (17th century) tells of an Armenian Christian who converted to Islam and had to suffer circumcision, painful recovery for two or three weeks.
James Michener in his book "The Source" about the history of the Jews and Israel tells of a Jew who wants to convert to Christianity (2nd-4th century AD?) and finds a "doctor" who says he can recreate his foreskin. As I remember, he demonstrates how he would do it on wooden or stone phallus. Can't remember if the man let him remove the evidence of his being a circumcised Jew. Fiction, but "Michener was known for the meticulous research behind his work."
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_A._Miche ner

"modestly concealing the head"


as Jane Austen or Jane Eyre would say.

I like mushrooms (& I don't mean as drugs!).

I don't think women or parents should dick tate--sorry!--how males' sexual parts should look.

But if the guy gets old enough and feels cheated that he had foreskin and it wasn't cool now to him--

Well, he can always change it--or put one back if he wanted one. If you can turn boys into girls and vice versa--

surely a good plastic surgeon can give you (& friend/s) the dick suckable head you and loved ones want.

Oh my goodness

You gave me a roadmap! Now if I don't get north and south wrong I just might..........


Written with all the subtlety and refinement of a Mack truck..

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