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Get real, people!

If you want reality, this ain't the place for you!

You all accept stories where the husband is a computer genius, ex-Navy SEAL who can make any woman melt with his magical tongue, but a story where he becomes an NFL superstar, now THAT'S unrealistic!

Great read, oshaw.



Extremely moving for me. For the story to be so emotionally powerful, it must be at least partially autobiographical. Thankyou for letting us into your world :)


Excellent story the kind that makes you say it could really happen. Please keep writing.


This was a very nice story. Thanks for sharing.


Trina liked him better, but decided to marry the first guy that asked? How does that work? Desperation? If she was passing a pet store, and a parrot squawked "Polly wants a marriage", would her kids have feathers now?
And trust me, if a guy is as nice and gentlemanly as this guy is portrayed, then he wouldn't associate with, let alone be best friends with, a guy like Joe. Not unless he is a douchebag himself. People of morals don't tend to be best friends with people that completely go against their sense of right and wrong.

This is a fantastic story. It is so good to read a romance around characters and events you know well. Seeing Achilles' quote from 'The Odyssey' about preferring to be the slave of a slave over being the ruler of the Underworld was a wonderful surprise. Thanks for such careful attention to your story!


Take it down, and put the garbage in the correct toilet, asshole.

Liked it a lot

Romantic, fun, and keep writing.

Strange parents

She couldn't marry all the guys that had asked previously, because she didn't want to hurt her parents like that, she said. Yet it wouldn't hurt them by her being a worthless whore? Strange parents.

So Sweet and Sexy!

I loved every moment spent reading this. What a truly sweet story and hot sex too! Thank you for writing this. I was surprised by the line "rusty crackle of my cum", lol. Out of context, not sexy, but it worked!


I really love this story, please write more

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