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This chapter made me cry...
You write so beautifully...

don't see it that way

Chris was not so immature, he was hurt by the actions of the one person he thought never would.
Chris was more the victim than Lorelei.
She chose to ride with prof. King instead of waiting for the man that was supposedly her "soulmate".
That was her decision, as was allowing her head to be turned by the prof.'s flattery.
She put herself in place for what happened, she was not kidnapped.

That anyone would draw parallels to abusive relationships is unreal.

Best literotica story ever

Usually I'm more into longer stories multi chartered stories but this story is the best on ever. It has perfect amount of romance sex humor business so tht one doesn't supersede the other. KEEP WRITING STORIES!!!! 10/5 stars


Thank you for sharing.

"Evil (Crazy) Twin" Story.

Sorry, but the main plot is so hackneyed at this point that even soap operas are too embarrassed to use it.

Technically well written, but I just couldn't get past the "cheat" of their being a twin nobody else in the story knows about and she won't talk about. Disbelief won't suspend that far.

Hot but I would have said this is a group sex story, not romance

Thank you...

Thank you for another great story. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your tale... it's easily worth 5 stars.

Very enjoyable read

Thank you for sharing this one I thoroughly enjoyed reading such a light and loving tale. Hope to see more like this from you.

reading it again

Just a good old boy that got lucky and is RFR ( really fucking rich) and his long time crush a beautiful A type personality woman . He has loved her forever and maybe just maybe she is coming around. A+ in my favorites list.



Thanks for the feedback, critical as well as complimentary. Your point about Kaylee is a very fair one, and while I didn't intend to leave anyone with the sense of unsatisfactory loose ends, I did deliberately stop with full knowledge of there being more story left untold. For me, this one is Denny and Gloria's story, with Kaylee in the role of a major supporting character. In contrast, I think what comes next would really be Kaylee's story, with Denny and Gloria in the supporting roles. So I felt I'd reached the end of a dramatic unit, and that continuing on directly might produce a more meandering, open-ended serial than I wanted.

I'm definitely interested in where things go for all three characters, though, and a sequel is certainly a possibility. But if and when I write it, it will be its own story, and I'll want to have a strong vision of what to put in it. I hope that's not too disappointing an answer for those who want to know what else happens in these people's lives.

Thanks again for your thoughtful response!

@Anonymous (A very human story)

I really appreciate your use of the word "human." It nicely sums up what I was going for in the story. Thanks for picking it out of all the things you might have said, and thanks for the other compliments as well!

Very good story BUT"...........

Mr ISW: Wanted to complete this story before commenting. I really enjoyed the 3 characters you introduced most of all. The story's plot came in second. It was out of the ordinary and held my interest until the very end. While I enjoyed the happy ending, you either intentionally or not left me hanging in one significant respect. How did the daughter do in replacing her mom? How did the experience affect her mentally? Did she have to be rescued? What happened to Stanford since she would have exceeded a normal break? Closure on 2 characters and zero on one
Still the "good" really outweighs the bad. Thanks

A very human story

Sexy and heart warming at the same time.

Damned good tale

Once again, a very good plot, but slightly spoiled by the speed of events. There's no means of showing time passing between happenings. I think you might like to think about slowing things down a bit.
Bloody Good yarn, though.

this seriously bugs me

Lathe is a noun, a name for a machine tool.
You do not "lathe" anything, you do an operation that is called turning with a lathe. /end pet peeve rant.

Silver is really too hard to work with the rifling in a rifle or handgun, it would work better as a shotgun slug.
Alternatively a silver bullet could be sleeved with copper tubing or paper patched.

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