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I confess my reticence.

I nearly didn't read this due to the nature of the story. Arranged marriage is distasteful to me, particularly a politically arranged marriage. I only read it because of the excellence of your writing in your other stories, and I had confidence you would not disappoint to terribly with this.

You have done an excellent job in setting the stage. Your end to chapter 1 did not disappoint, and now I shall have to continue, whether I care for the subject matter or not. Well done, sir! The requisite five stars have been awarded as they were earned.

I love it

I really love the longer story arcs instead of a single short one.


Nobody is that hard up and stupid. Surely

give and get lady

@GaiusPetronius, anonymous is referring to another story of mine- A Strange Arrangement. In chapter 7, the protagonist (Gina), who is a waitress, is serving a birthday party, which in this story we learn to be Noah's party. In A Strange Arrangement, we hear the conversation between Grandma Josie and the waitress, a conversation that greatly affects her and even gets referenced in A Misdirection of Affection (chapter 3, I think). So far, all my stories are interconnected, some more, some less. It's one of the fun parts of writing. Brian and Isa are very obliquely reference, though not by name, at the end of the last chapter of Of Hope Lost and Found. I had planned to bring that into this story, but it felt clunky. Maybe another time.

And the restaurant scene wasn't the only connection to Gina in this story...

Black Love at its Finest!

I wish there were more like this.

@ Anonymous:

"Give and Get lady & family?" Could you please clue in the rest of us?


I agree with William.
Loved it


Thank you for a beautiful story magnificently told. "I didn't have time to worry about opening up my heart to Isa, because she was too busy filling it up." What a lovely thought and how skillfully framed!
Occasionally on this site you come across a story that makes the reader a better person for having entered into it. You have nailed it!
1. Your story affirms life. It's hard to raise a child as a single parent. Sometimes that's a matter of choice; at other times a matter of circumstance. Whatever, the reward is worth the price.
2. You revel in the slipperiness of language. What a breathtaking literary device -- Mrs. Abella versus Miss Isabella -- that you exploit with consummate skill in the plot development.
3. The narrator has the clearness of vision and largeness of heart to love and cherish the memory of his first wife and to embrace the second wife as no mere substitute.
Thank you again! I am truly blessed to have found this story.

I agree with the others

Well written, romantic, and fun to read. 5 stars

Good romantic story

And who'd have guessed we would meet Give And Get lady & family?? What a nice surprise!


As always, I do appreciate the feedback and constructive criticism. Hopefully, it will make future stories better and more fun to read.

It's always interesting to read the perspective of others. This one, for instance, has the comment that Beth was an intruder and not very respectful. A valid point. At the same time, I had one reader comment that a sequel could involve her more.

I doubt that I'll write a second chapter to this. But you never know.

nice, and very romantic

I loved the word play with the name.

I would say that you did especially good for a guy. 😜 Usually we do not do well in the touchy, feely stuff. Nice romantic love story.


Wouldn't Beth's father have turned up for her graduation? Both parents usually attend even if separated, and it would have added some extra tension into the story.

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