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Absolutely fantastic, it's totally entertaining.

I just couldn't get enough of this story. As a reader, this is exactly the kind of story I enjoy. Of course, if you knitpick you can find spelling and other errors, which quality proof reading and editing will certainly clear. I rated this five stars because I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Well Done

This story is about the power of love and the strength of real family values.

Very well done and deserving of the score of 5.


Another story with a good plot. Please continue writing. Your stories are always excellent, although the narrative style is preferable to this one. Love the moral lessons in your stories; that's missing in so many other writers' plots.

Made Me Emotional!

My hats off to a fine author and story!

I can imagine that this happened and two found love by accident!

Great story-telling and I enjoyed the story written from both sides of the main characters.

More I hope

I noticed no new stories for over a year. I know life gets in the way but I hope that you are able to continue Wippy & John's story soon.

How old are these chatacters? I know they are out of high school but why were they still playing childhood pranks. And the fake love letter was stupid. They all are idiots, including Jill for cheating if she didn't break up with her boyfriend.

5 star from me

why is it that good authors only write one or few good tale/s. while the worthless cuck, fairie, perverts authors write many worthless tales.
5 stars for the tale,,don't concerned with the typo's

Great Romance story with sex and on this site that distinction needs to be made. Way too many Romance stories are entirely a-sexual or alternatively, all about sex and somehow since they call it making love in the story it becomes a romance story. This had a plot, characters, dialogue and progression and included well written sex scenes. This and Charity are my 2 favorite Romance stories on this site by far.

I have you as one of my favorite authors on this site. After this story, probably my favorite. You done good!

i guess rape

is a turn on for some women

so it's a

Ffmff.. Whaaat? How does that even work?
sounds like a porno...
which I'd totally watch...
I'm a fan of studs who can please more than one woman at a time...

loved them all!!

I've almost read and loved all your stories, I still have trouble reading when Claire got killed but that's real life, sometimes real life sucks. That's from someone who has buried everyone that sat with him as a young boy opening Christmas present. It has been tough at times, but we all have to do it. Still have really enjoyed your works of love. Thanks loads.....


Like reading a old western paperback novel. I give you a big FIVE.

Anonymous Should Start Writing

Another five for Kezza67. I have noticed in the comments after several Kezza67 stories that Anonymous writes a comment that would actually be a good story if fluffed out a bit. He/she should publish one here on Literotica.

great story

I have read this story many times and it is in my favorites. B.B. really makes the story what a smart young lady. Will there be a follow up story possibly about B.B.

Ron in Texas

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