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Good story!

I'm not sure if I had glossed over the detail or not, but I noticed they didn't use protection. Not sure if it's something you missed or are intentionally doing for the plot. If it's the latter, I'm calling it from now :)

So you say IR2R. Except my dear, I know better. You use others, and claim them as yours. That is why the styles are different. I know....

Chew on that you faker.

A meaningful story

Your story could have used more proofreading (e.g. ' He loved is nephews') but I liked it. It was a lovely romance, I liked the daughter being included. I would have enjoyed more about the native american traditions. I read it as a stand alone; I plan to read the series later. I hope you continue writing.

nicely done....

not my usual fare but once I got into it - I liked it a lot! Great start....hint hint

Nicely Done

Good story, with a touch of humour.
Thank you.


I couldn't put this story down! Please write more stories. Your stories are like a dream!

good attempt

Just my opinion but, it just got more boring by the chapter. Looking back you could have ended it after one or two. I hung in there till the end, but it was tedious.

Can you fuck me?

I'm getting ready to go study criminal justice, I hope my professor is sexy so I can get him to fuck me like this.. Yummm my pussy is so wet right now.. I would have sucked your cock for a while after that mmm

Nice one. Totally plausible - in fact been there.....

It doesn't all have to have penetration. Nice story that reads like a true story. In fact I am having deja-vu!

Bogged a bit from the start.

Your quote; "My child support was pegged at just over $1500, with the kids on my health insurance. Even though we weren't married long enough for alimony to kick in, I was paying another $500 a month just to make the kids' lives better..."

Question: Did you specify what job you were able to get that paid you $75,000-80,000 per year? It seems like a fundamental oversight to the back-story by that point in your work. You never mentioned college/training at that juncture, or how old the character was when he got married, had the children, etc., etc.

If you mention it later, be aware that this is probably a mistake, as these loose ends need tying up much earlier in the work in order for the reader to be able to understand your world construct.


This was a great story. I don't want to repeat what others have already said but, yes, this was a sweet and loving story. Too often do Lit authors introduce too many characters or add too much drama. This was simple and sweet. Enjoyable to read, and it leaves you with a warm, happy and fuzzy feeling.

Thanks for writing.

great for the soul

I am a man and not a bit proud to say I teared up more than once. It helped me to again realize life is worth living. Thank you. Steve

I just want to read the whole story again for

Gods what a roller coaster of emotions. And what an ending. You are amazing.

3 Days

I like that. I actually know a couple that has been married for 23 years now after only knowing each other for one day. It's possible! Sometimes, you just know. I wanted to know what happens with them all next though...

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