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Same comments as for Chapter 1!

Again, extremely well-written, but it just didn't grab me as much as I hoped it would.

Great story, but... just seems so mechanical! The dialogue seems somewhat stilted, and rather too formal. I just couldn't get involved with the characters the way that I like to, which detracted from the final result.

I AM, however, very impressed by the standard of spelling and grammar - that pulled my final score back up to 4. Maybe Chapter 2 will do more for me.

Hi, readers! The comments so far are heartwarming, but the ratings kind of meh. If you thought, "Okay, but not great," please take a moment to tell me what could be improved. Thanks!


Perfect revenge. The whore ex-wife is now raising a multi-racial baby alone. The "father" took off for parts unknown. Our hero married the love of his life, the cunt's sister. And they lived happily ever after. That's the best you can get in a Romance tale.

Five Stars


Great writing, hope there are more parts.

more please

I'd really like more to this story. very interesting so far.

PUT YOUR WIMP SHIT WHERE IT BELONGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Franciszka and little Freddie both names for the child Franciszka and little Freddie both names for the child, next Chapter explains. Sorry about not making that clear.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMFG you wanker, you called it a son and daughter in the same damn paragraph, YOU aren't clear on the sex of the child either. Also POST your shit where it belongs in LW and face the music there you coward. Stop spreading this shit!

Convoluted garbage that should have been in LW you coward. This was in NO way ROMANTIC!

This one felt a little more formal than Rod's Quest. But an excellent story either way. Looking forward to your next foray.

Trigger warnings?

I really enjoyed the story and think your writing is fab, however, you might consider putting a trigger warning at the start: the first few chapters don't give a hint of the sexual assault - related content that follows.

Excellent Story

Clarifies the conflict with Cronus and his children; the injuries Hades received during that conflict and how all of them escape. So I really enjoyed this story and far more believable than some of the other “crap” some “supposed-to-be-writers” do. It’s obvious that you have done a lot of research on Greek Mythology.
I’m very impress :)

Can't wait!

Looking forward to the next chapter!

Jeremy is black!

I love feel good stories, but this one could have been much more. You missed all the nuances and complications that would be associated with Jeremy being black. You also missed the build up and neglected to show us why this was perfectly natural for them. Again I loved the story, but this was one shock too many without a foundation.


Please finish!! I am dying to know how it ends.

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