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I cant wait to read more


I totally disagree.

What possible good can come from revealing Veronica's affair? I don't see how knowing their mother had a cheap fling after 18 years of marriage is going to help them in ant way with their future relationships, and it will only darken their memories of her.

The only possible use I can see for sharing the letter at all would be if her parents kick up too much of a fuss about his relationship with Connie. Then, showing them the letter should get them to back off and bless, or at least accept, him and Connie.

Great story and thanks for the explanation at the end. Five stars for sure.

Great read!

Thank you for such a wonderful story, so much of it real and emotional.

If you were looking to reach inside of your readers hearts and minds then...well done!

Can't wait for more submissions from a very talented writer.


Wonderful Story, Good Plot For A Movie

Fine story, great detail, especially the plot.

Made me bawl

Your story made me bawling my eyes out, it should come with a 'Have tissue box at hand!' warning. I really only have two complaints, my usual too short, and my other all too frequently voiced get a dictionary! brought about by the use of feint when it should have been faint. Although it would be nice if you could go back and redo the opening to make it clearer as I thought it was repeating there for a bit. Still, it was a lovely story and one I will be rereading often. Thank you for the gift of it.

Great as usual.

Excellent story again as usual.
Great story line.

Gut wrenching

And painfully beautiful. Few stories (or much else for that matter) have ever brought a tear to my eye, I'm simply not a very emotional person either way, but this did, so, Thank You.

I read the story a second time.

And I loved it as much as the first time.
Thank you again


The naysayers be damned. It was sexy, witty, and just all around, a fun read. Five stars. Well done!


Why are you so cruel!? I wanted to know about Tracy and William!
I was hooked since the first chapter and waited every week just to read the next installment. Thank you for such a great story. - Some Random Reader.

Thank you

This was a good story. It was hot and fun. I really enjoyed reading it. It also was one of the rare stories on literotica that I feel truly touched me. I've never lived through anything quite like your characters, but I still found myself really relating to, and investing in them. Thank you for this art.


Enchanting, wonderful, exciting and the superlatives could roll on until the author's head grows so large it bursts. Honestly though I almost passed on reading this lovely gem because I feared it was going to be filled with the darkness that accompanies the light side of art. It did have some of the dark, but it did not let it destroy the people or the art in this story. I will be rereading this treasure often I can assure you.

A Thank You

Just thank you for an informative but also entertaining read. I hope that you keep writing and will watch out for your next story!

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