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looking for hot and sexy action?

You have been warned in the intro!
The story is not as bad as you describe.


Why is this in Romance???

Loved the story

I have enjoyed reading all of your stories. More than once and would enjoy reading more if you would post again. You are a favorite of mine a d hope to read more in the future.

Very Enjoyable*****

Thanks for sharing this very entertaining read.


OMG - does this man have not one ounce of self respect or any cohones?

The funniest thing is.....

....that the immature jerks and punks who have failed to learn the lessons the author brutally reveals, would never, ever read a story like this one.

And if they accidentally did read this tale of sadsack losers, their ego's would never admit this story describes their pathetic lives.

impressive writing

I must compliment YDB95 for this entire 'Elizabeth' series of stories. Truly skillful craftsmanship of a brilliantly imagineered plotline.

Too perfect for words.

I've loved this story so very much, and I just don't even know what to do with myself now that I've heard the end. I feel like when you walk out of a great afternoon movie from being immersed in the experience in the dark theater to now standing, blinking in the sunlight thinking, "Golly gee, look at this mundane world and isn't my life so boring after watching [reading!] something like that!" This is how much your story transports a reader. :) As writer it both makes me want to buckle down and try even harder to improve myself, and to also just fold everything up and go home because there is no way I could ever be at this level. So good. Just so, so good. A million stars!


Off all your stories I have read this is by far your nices. You need to,write more like it.
George in Omaha

Jeans? 1867?

Did it bother anyone else that she was wearing jeans as pants in 1867? Hard to read further than that...

He's not a lord

He's a knight... So she wouldn't refer to him as a lord... Only as a Sir... Really ruins the whole thing.

This one and

Sales Team, are in my favorite top 3 or 5

It just got better and better

Some may have issue with the cop end, the adoption end, the relationships -

I just liked it all -

Thank you -


You are one hell of a crappy writer. With am ending like that it needs to be moved out of the romance category.


Absolutely fantastic writing YDB95.
These first three chapters of the Elizabeth chronicles are a masterly expression of your writing talent.

I am green with envy at your creativity and how you developed your fictional characters into persons I would want to know personally.

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