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Well, We Can Tell

that your major wasn't Creative Writing!

so far good story

A gut wrenching story finding the love of your life in bed with another than killing him. It seems Erica gave up on Evan. 5 stars. I have read it before . In my favorites


don't listen to the trolls

This might not be a traditional romance but it IS romance, and one very well written.
I might wish the protagonist is a little more assertive but it works within the story of flipped gender rolls.
I for one would be very glad to read the next chapters.

Thank you


had to rate this story 5 stars for the truly remarkable quality of the writing.
had to rate this story 5 stars , it is outstanding in it's simplicity & beauty.

i don't like cheating or betrayl .
yet somehow the tale told here was transcendental .



Bro, you rock!!! This was by far one of the best stories I've read so far and I do believe that if you'd made a novel on this with you're own ideas, dialogues and prose, it would be a best seller and probably made into a movie.


Great story that really sucked me in. Usually do not read longer stories, but this one grabbed me through the end. Would have preferred a bit more sex, but this is a great story.I will read some of your other stories. Keep sending new one in!


I Loved the pace until the ending, which felt a little rushed. But still a great read.

Couldn't get past the first half of the first page

Femdom is a FETISH and belongs there not in Romance which is "Candlelight, wine, and a soft kiss".

By your standards everything should be posted in romance. Gay, BDSM, Cheating Wives, Lesbian etc. I notice you have been posting all your femdom shit in Romance.

People looking for romantic stories don't want to find Femdom crap posted there.

The simple fact is your stories will suffer comments like this and low ratings if you continue this stupidity! 1* (only because there isn't a negative rating system)


I could easely relate to the first couple of chapters,her alcoholism could get cured after some time and they would live happily ever after
But then you choose to go into surealisme with gangs,mind control,lesbianisme; the main hero gets to be allmost forgotten ,not exactly my kind of a romantic story


Im glad that there is a sequel. I'll be patiently waiting for the continuation of this story. I love how you formulate the plot, though this is a literature site for erotic stories, its not all wham bam... I really got hook to the storyline. The sex scenes are just a bonus.

Real Life?

All of your stuff sounds like real life. A pilot, a pirate, a cop..... And you write of death as though you have experienced way too much of it.......


Gosh, a wimpy boy story. And some slugs who read (and post) here like it?
Guess that tells us how sick our society is.

An unusual story ...

... but one I feel I could come to like very much indeed. This was certainly an intriguing start -- I look forward to seeing where it goes. Thank you for writing so well for us and please have five stars.


So good!! A wonderful story! Probably the only one I've ever seen where the stalker gets the girl & it's actually ok! :) Lol! Really! Such a good read! The chars were real (funny, stubborn, anxious, self conscious) & the writing was clever.
Would make a good short web film. Author has talent! Keep going!

Couldn't stop...

I couldn't stop reading! The characters were so relatable & the writing made me feel like I was watching a movie. I could see it all in my head. This was such a pleasant read, & so very romantic-- not trashy smut. Kudos! Please don't stop, you have a wonderful gift! :)

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