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More like it disgusted me. Terrible story from a sick mind.

Pure erotic excellence!

6 of 5, brings one to an erotic state almost from the first word. Super sexy scene!

Load of crap...

Really? Two guys that won't fuck and 18 yo's ass? What a joke in terms of reality...

Sorry but is English your first language?

Did you proof read this or have someone else read it? This was impossible to read it was so badly written.

Very compelling.

This was a great experience, well thought out, and eloquently presented.

Please strop writing

Please stop writing. Thank you from readers everywhere

Hey if you want grammar buy a fuckin book they get paid to write other wise stfu

Improvement needed

I don't think walterio is using a proofreader or editor. Spelling and grammar stink. Sex is barely ok but he did start at the bottom of the scale, I think. The explanation of the rating system was really confusing. I thought from the initial statement that #14 would be the most exciting, because that's what he said but obvioiusly, he meant the complete opposite. We shall see if this improves.

Good potential but not long or developed enough! Take your time to build the tension..

Hey great writing

Story is on point. It's a must read and a great cliff hanger for all the back door lovers. My wife showed me the story and went upstairs and got ready. When ever she sleeps on my side of the bed she wants anal attention. We fell a sleep spooning and some how my cock finds its way in her ass. I start to notice that she sleep with out panties and baby oil between her sweet as cheeks. Hey great story waiting for his return and thanks for keeping us safe.

Felt true to life

A) thank you for writing well done and realistic anal sex.
B) your heroine reads porn the way I do. :-P

just another illiterate, lacking grammatical polish ...

... thus proving that writing and wanking don't mix. either way, unless you improve your skills, you're fucked.

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