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I couldn't get through the first paragraph, the spelling mistakes are atrocious. Please have someone proof read your writing. I'm sure its a good story but the spelling..oh the spelling... :(


I've been a Literotica reader for years and this is the first time I comment - that's a bit of a compliment for you. I just had to tell you how incredibly cute this story was. And hot, of course. But so cute. The ending had me grinning like a fool. I love it!

nice story

This has turned me on so much..any one wanna cum on cam with me so I can finish off? 26/female.. email me if you wanna - alvahoss at yahoo com


Hey its really great to know others are having an Anal sex. When I first got married my mother sat me down and told alway make your husband happy and he will keep you happy too. My mother have a nice round ass just a little bigger then mine. So she told me to give my ass to my husband but he is not to know that you enjoy it too. So act up set when ever he take it. Squeeze your ass cheeks together to keep him from entering. And squeeze them together to keep him in as he cumming. And remember to act upset when he cumming in your ass. That will give you so much control of him. She control my father that way for years.

Great story.

My husband and I call it ass nite. The kids stay home. But I move around the house exposing my ass and pucker to him as he watch football or something. After the kids in bed a sleep. He is so turn on from all my teasing. And the first thing he dose is eat my asshole for about two hours I cum so much. But now my ass hole is so ready for his cock. We both love it. My girls don't do anal and I don't tell them what goes on in my house. We love it.


What a unique approach with the friend without benefits on the phone and the husband having the time of his life.
This really needs to be continued!


My favorite type story, great work Susan, makes me think you have been there.

Eagerly awaiting the next chapter, I love this story! We need more!!!


This was beautifully written and the reactions of the maiden made this a beautiful story. I was starting to think she might decide to give up her vagina to him as well. She was certainly enjoying the experience by the time he climaxed. Excellent job once again by you!

Terrific Tale (Tail?)

Great story! Much better writing than most such. My only suggestion is all that anal sex needs some real lubrication because spit is never good enough. Poor Abby definitely needed some AstroGlide.

WOW Oh Wow

Excellent, such an erotic story and from a woman's point of view. I wish I were Jeff!!


Really good story, slow build up but that was nice to and long enough to make me cum.

are you there?

have you given up on this story? I hope not.

nice job!

Very hot. I enjoyed it quite a bit!

damn funny

it was a great little funny story with a lots of excitements. loved it.. all five stars.

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