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next chapter please

look forward to him taking two well hung cocks at once, been there and it was great, she loved me being a cum slut for her

Nice short story

With a little encouragement women can get guys to try anything. Once a women give a guy the dildo, things change for the better.

Great Story

Wow That was a great story very intense and really had me wishing I had a friend like that to learn with. Thank you for sharing that story with me.


People this is FICTION! These are STORIES on this site. Can't you just comment on the story without critiquing the author and acting as if the CHARACTERS are real?


Love to-be used like this with the wife there watching, have them fuck her so I can become her CUCKOLD and do CLEANUP on all. YUM,YUM,YUM

Great Story

Hope there's more parts to this story. Can't wait to see what happens next.


The guy comes from the gym and they do anal right away without any preparation (like enema)? Unrealistic.

A fantasy of mine, good series.


Loved how your wife encourages it and you get cum everywhere like a whore and eat it. More please.....

took a bad turn

I get that the mother was a bad bitter person, but the mother/daughter sexual contact was some gross shit. you are one sick sicko


I was expecting an unexpected fisting to happen prior to the pegging.

Loved your first story. I am waiting for your next one.
Love MMF stories!

koved it

write more soon, spent a few years with a woman who had a 10 in, strap on and I totally loved it, we eventually added one then two men and I became such a cum slut for them, and she loved that, our sex life was fantastic with or without the other men

What's in a name?

The name changes were explained in Ch. 3 & Ch. 6 (You did read them didn't you?) It is a technique to help a young woman face her death. If you don't read my stories from the beginning then you will be confused in the later chapters.

WARNING! There will be lots of additional characters in the next chapters. If you're already confused, you should stick to stories that have no more than two people in them. I promise not to change any more names until the end of the series but by then it won't make much difference.

One more piece of advice, don't go to Texas. Everybody there has more than one name: Joe Bob, Sue Ellen, Carla Jean.

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