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Made me smile

Very well written. I liked the playfulness, the hint of innocence still showing despite the naughty act. Short and sweet.

gave it a 5

and will keep doing it!

please stop writing erotica

your stories are racist and talent-less

what the actual fuck?????

Not only does this story suck, but it is miscategorized and should be in the homogaysexual section

top 1

The best I've ever read on here. Hands on.


She reminds me so much of Denise, my ex wife. I am writing another story about Dee right now and your story reminded me of the first time Denise fucked me with a strap-on. I so clearly remember her saying "DAMN! You can take more up your ass than I can take in my pussy! I'm impressed!" Sounds like Beth had the same intentions as Denise. Love your story.


Always come to ths story when nothing else can make me cum

Not my cup of tea.

Not into the pliers stuff. Written okay, just did not like the cutting and blood.

Hi! big fan of everything you've written, i keep checking back waiting for more! Please write more soon, it would really make my day!

Loved this story

However I am not much into the dom/submissive theme.

The anal area of a woman's body is an erogenous area but not normally not viewed as such.

This can, but does not have to conclude with anal sex. Ass licking foreplay & anal sex are two different subjects.

From my experiences I have found that when you are down between a woman's wide spread legs she is expecting to soon be feeling your tongue on her pussy.

But next time surprise her, push her legs further up & start licking her ass!!!

She may be surprised or even shocked but just don't stop.

I promise you, the next time you have sex & get down between her legs, don't be surprised when she turns to get down on all fours & offers her ass to you first.

It worked for me !!!


Sole Brother Jeff

Nice, but...

To me, at least, it would have been better to start the anal sex more slowly. More touching, more fingering, more tonguing, perhaps a little butt plug (or vibrator) insertion, more teasing, more getting used to and then really liking it -- than jumping headlong into it.

I gave it 4 stars.

the bit was not it

what awakening...there was nothing but anticipation. There should have been much more than this.

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