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Step 3, Step 4, Step 5

Simple, Yet Descriptive & Believable. When will you continue?

Fuck me now

Reading that has made me so horny my bf is abroad n he loves fingering my ass while we have sex doggy style. We have only had anal sex once but i can't wait for him to give it me "up the bum"

Sequel please!

It's a wonderful story, looking forward to Christine's growing up


oh dear

about as erotic a read as the owners manual to a blender

A nice and simple anal story. Well done!


Both of your series are great. I know it's been a while so I'm guessing you won't be doing more, but you really should! I would love to see the new girl get her ass fucked, and to see more watching. Really nice writing.

The only thing missing

The only thing missing is after the spanking, he needs to kneel in front of his misses and pay tribute to her with his tongue between her legs until she is satisfied.


Seems everyone here has a 11" dick.

So erotic

Wow. This story took a fun and very hot turn. Loved it!

good clean fun!

who knew insurance fraud could be so hot??!! ;)


More, please! fantasy, but nicely written fantasy!

Great Story!

I really enjoyed this series and am definitely aching for more. Hope you can finish the next chapter soon!

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