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Loved this series ...

.. and the tie-in to 'Whip it out'. The sex is hot, the story-line quite matter-of-fact - and the pace is great. I hope you're not going to leave it there!


I can only agree with what has been said by other readers. This story made insomnia something to look forward to....

When my wife reached 56, she changed, her hormones raged and it was at this time that we came to an agreement. I couldn't keep up with her, I licked her pussy, she orgasmed, I fucked her, she wanted more, I fucked her arse but really couldn't quite get hard enough. Now I watch as my now 62 year old wife gets serviced, you would be surprised how many young guys want to fuck older women, particularly in the arse, my wife tells them , do whatever you want and about 70% end up cumming in her arse. No, I don't feel neglected, she still blows me and any other guys who want to be blown, but mostly she talks about how a guys cock felt in her arse.

I fuck my wifes sister in the arse. She is older by 5 years, yes my wife will take it there but not keen. Sisters talk, she told her sister Heather, she rang me and asked could I call in next time I was going past. Whats up Heather, I need to ask you a huge favour. Yes, sure, what is it. This is only between you and me, if you say no then thats o.k. but I really hope you say yes. Well, for you if I can you know I will help you, whats wrong. Nothings wrong,i just want you to well, Mal wont do it, he thinks its dirty, I want you to, well Julie told me, shes not that keen, I want to try, maybe I wont like it either, please don't laugh, I want to try anal. I sat there stunned. With you, Julie told me you like to do it that way. I was speechless, she said well now I have said it, I am not sorry. I said , wow, I am speechless, I don't know what to say, she said just say yes. I don't know as my cock was feeling good, you said if I can you would help me,i know you can,dont you want to. Well, yes but, good then its a done deal, can I get you a coffee, no, o.k. so lets make a day, I stood, undid my zip, my cock springing out, now seems like a great time. She said, oh, I, I , now, are you sure, I thought I would need to get ready. I said have you got lube, well, yes, then lets go. Mal will be home in about an hour, I said I know it will not take an hour to fill your beautiful arse. We went into her bedroom, she went into the bathroom, I undressed, I heard the toilet flush, she came out, a tube of lube in her hand. I told her to get on her knees, I placed my face at her bottom and licked her hole, she jerked forward, I pulled her back, my tongue rimming her, she moaned, I pulled back, I gently rimmed her with a lubed finger then worked it inside, then 2 moving them around, then moved a third to her pussy, she was soaking wet. I said your pussy feels great, oh fuck me please fuck me, so I moved up my cock between my 33 year old sister in laws legs. She reached back and put it at the entrance to her pussy and pushed back. My cock entered her pussy,i didn't go all the way in, I had to push hard, she said my god what are you touching as I felt something give and I was all the way in. She groaned and froze then sort of buckled and fell forward, I was soaked. I pulled back, no, put it back. I pulled her up, put a big blob of lube on the head of my cock, please put it back in,she was trying to reach me. Hold still, I positioned my cock at her anal entrance, I moved back and forward 3 or 4 times then pushed, I felt her hole slowly open and close around the head of my cock,oh shit,oh shit, it hurts, I eased back out, put more lube on then pushed back in, I went in further this time, then with short little strokes I eased into her until I was tight against her. Touch yourself, she did as I pulled back, then pushed in, tight, so tight as I stroked in and out of her, she started to push back, I moved up over her and fucked her deep, oh fuck, what are you doing to me as I felt her insides milking me as I shot into her, her insides massaging me as she orgasmed. We both collapsed forward, I stayed hard in her tight bottom until I had to come out, my cum dripping onto her. That was the first, 6 years on and I still give it to her but I know I am not the only one, as I have seen a number of guys leave her house. I went in once after I saw a guy leave, she didn't know and I saw her lying on her bed, her hands working her pussy, I said wow, you look ready, she looked surprised, I lifted her legs, her arse was wet, I pushed forward and slid in easily, I said you already prepared as I fucked her sloppy insides, Town anal slut.


Haven't read this yet, just the introduction, and I'm already leaving a comment, so that doesn't bode well. Just wanted to say that this story (meaning the original) has THE MOST RIDICULOUS premise I've ever heard of! When you start off in a bottomless pit, there is no 'up'!


Nice story development. Protagonist would be a one in a billion to take it that fast that way, but still it flowed smoothly.


Look at how mad a mere work of fiction made you, and reflect on how weak you are

5 Stars

Interesting little story about upper management control. You give a good account of the action and the feelings generated by the encounter. Having her share the incident with upper management at the store was telling. Has she done the same with her upper managers? Well,I do not think so but what do I know? Thank you for the story

Holy Fuck.

You're "Satisfying Samanthat" stories are fucking amazing, they're so damn vivid.


This is terrible!

Love ass play

Would love to be fucked like that. Very hot story

Very hot story with simple yet steamy horny sex. Totally liked it!

A very nice description of the tension between the characters. Vivid sex and effective text! So hot!

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