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Great story!

Another scorching hot story!! The Hyde/Kitty part was especially a great scene as was the Jackie/Red part. It's too bad Kitty didn't get to join in like Red hoped. Next time maybe?

Great story!!


I read this while waiting on the new chapter of Aprons for Gayle and I was hooked! I did not expect that ending at all, and I am sitting here bawling my eyes out! Need to go read something fluffy or sexy now. But what a story! Love your writing so much xx

Poke her for me, boy!

F, i just finished this funnily erotic story you recently posted. Convinced me that i need to go back and read your other stories.

You have good writing skills and imagineer your characters too reveal individual character.

Very interesting development of Lt. Halvorsen. Displaying the person hidden from all (including herself) underneath the rigid formalism of a cliche martinet.

You mentioned that you were working on another story based aboard the Endeavor.
I have two additional suggestions I offer for your consideration. (can you hear Rod Serling's voice saying that?)

First: a prequel graphically displaying Adjur's rise to Command level in the Klingon space force.

Secondly: this new relationship between Adjur and Halvorsen has some potential on a personal level.

However, both women are honor bound to report their potential relationship to their Internal Affairs/Security functions. Or each officer would be vulnerable to blackmail.

Competently shrewd superiors would encourage a discreet affair of the heart. To open an unofficial, back channel of communications.

Too try to gather enough info to compromise them for future manipulation as assets. Or, if deemed necessary, accuse them of treason when politically expedient.

Come to think of it, that last possibility would make an interesting story in of itself.

Both on the run, both wanted as enemies of their respective nations? Perhaps individually, perhaps together?

Perhaps to get recruited into a third organization. Infiltrating an enemy too both StarFleet and the Klingon Empire?

f&*k yeah!

that was awesome.
you rock.
oh, and lara needs to read some van daniken. very interesting stuff ;)


Best story series I've ever read! Has a little bit of everything! You are truly an artist!

good show!

Well, it sounds like it would be. The appraise is for a great story! I have read all of your works thus far, leaving this one for last, as I didn't know the celebrity reference...I'm very happy that I read this one too! Light, airy, smiley funny. I will definitely be returning for new works!
Thank you Baron for sharing your gift of pen to page.


Anyone can PM me with a plot if they don't want to post publically


Is there any storyline you'd like written?

Late comment but ...

'kin' 'ell! Great story, Larry. Walking Dead standard. Who needs sex when you've got zombies. Did you ever write anymore after this?


Couladin27 your guess is correct

note to "anonymous"

Some people only appear to be morons...others insist on proving it.

Barbara Alyn Woods! She was super hot in Eden and also sizzling as the MILFy Deb in One Tree Hill.


Love your hollys stories . Would u like to chat on Skype about her and wank over her pics?
Add me kanokers@outlook.com

more but with the daughter,kate and rick

more but with the daughter kate and rick or all four

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