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Request Granted

Please see Gotham Girls - Chapter Eleven for the part containing the Batman / Batgirl story. There is also voyeur element of Catwoman watching included to satisfy another reader request. I do, honestly, read and appreciate every critique (good or bad) and do listen to my readers requests and ideas. If you post comment with an idea just give me a chapter - or two - to get around to implementing your idea(s). Right now I am doing more research and am thinking of adding more chapters with the Rogue's Gallery. Because even the villains deserve to get laid every once in a while.


please, tell us when will you return to write new chapters. It's the greatest BBT story ;)!


Love this series.
May I request a Bruce (dressed as Batman) and Barbara (dressed as Batgirl) encore?

Suggestions for future chapters

Black Canary, Huntress, Caitlin Fairchild & Freefall (would love to see a threesome with them!), Giganta, Fire & Ice, Talia (!), and Maxima would all be great fodder for future chapters.

Do Dee Dee from Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker next chapter

Holy crap...

That was awesome! Hope to see more!

Good story. I would still really like to see a that 70s show one with Hyde and Mrs. Forman...

Really enjoying this story, but it got a bit confusing when you were jumping around from 1st person to 3rd person, etc.

Thank you!

This is going to be so awesome, I can feel it. you are a genius

R u gonna do another story like this? This is really goos

Id love to see a that 70s show story too with Hyde and Kitty. I always thought they had a similar relationship to Fonzie and Marion. Including a raunchy side like this. Woukd love too see Hyde eatting Kitty's pussy with her urging him on with dirty talk. I love your writing and hope you can do this story too, there is even an episode you could watch and base off of. It's called that disco show and it has Kitty teaching Hyde how to dance. Maybe she teaches him more too. Bob, the neighbor, thinks they're having an affair from the close dancing maybe you could add him into the story and have kitty get it from both guys. Thanks

More greatness!

This story rocked! Totally hot and sexy and I just couldn't get enough! I also like how most of your stories focus on the more mature women, not enough people give them the attention they deserve!


Great story! Very hot and even though I usually don't like the first person point of view it fit here. I luv the celebs you picked too! Awesome


It had hot sex, some heart at the end and a laugh. Everything I want. Keep it up.

Did not see that coming

The stuff with Ivy, Selina, and Harley...that was hot and the best part is I saw a picture that matched your scene perfectly.

The rest, I did not see any of that coming...and I'm really hoping that Barbara's spine isn't broken because they had sex.

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