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when is the nxt part?.............upload soon...........

awesome series

Can't wait to what you have cooked up next

i am a big hillary fan,i jack off to her all the time,she is so fucking hot

i hope she isn't going to get rescued from the olivan

Love it

Keep writing man...Selena is my dream girl. Both her and Mila...I would literally shave off 20 years of my life, for just one night with her....one night to lick her sweaty body clean for hours and give her mind-shattering, soggy orgasms.

I bet her butthole tastes like skittles and her pussy tastes like marshmallows. Armpits must taste like caramel, her feet must taste like cotton candy, and her mouth must taste like strawberries.

More Power

When playing as the woman give her more power. Let her be in charge. Not once does a guy eat the girl out.

Pretty nice

Selena is my dream girl. I would shave 20 years off my life, just to clean her sweaty body with my tongue, and lick her holes clean.

I would even beg her to piss in my mouth. I'd probably even ask her to take a dump on my face too.

Love it!

Oh man, I laughed when Indra caught them. Loved this!

I should finish it on Tuesday so it'll likely be posted on Thursday or Friday.

good story

Fucktoy, got me excited and kept me there. Love the sex and love fucktoy's submission. Thanks.

dear annony!!! worst comment ever

so since it made you comment I gave it a 5


Worst story ever!

Have to have more Star Trek Stories

I enjoy your Star Trek Stories. I really enjoyed the story Blue and can you give an follow up on it? I would enjoy an story about Tol Pol, one that feature her and having an normal size body with c cups breast and her being hairy as an Earth Type woman should be, thou she is a Vulcan woman. Keep up the wonderful story telling. and thank you. "Live long and prosper."

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