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Very well done

Just the sort of story I like to read. Very well done. And I'm flattered by the tribute to my own work.


One of the best and funniest series on this site!
Even if the most characters were already used, could you please add Starfire, Lois Lane, Huntress & Black Canary in future chapters? And maybe a final reunion with the Sirens?

This series is amazing! I love it.


so turned on, best story I've read, what heaven it must be to really fuck her. best ass of all time

A continuation?

I do hope you don't stop here, after all, Britta hasn't got hers yet.

I like your characters, you develop their inner life very well in both this and your Halloween entry. Very vivid imagery.
Now you have a comment.


Wow! Rather naughty and very hot. You have an obvious talent and a fascination with bottoms, Thank you very much! CJV60

I hate to be the kind of d-bay who first comments with a criticism, especially when I've been enjoying the series so much so far, but Starfire? The most sexed up woman in the DC universe? Gets fucked off-screen? Dude...

Good trade!

Thumbs up! Good story add more stories right away

Justin a sex symbol?

Well I never thought he would be, and as per the other comment I never thought I would see him here. That said what a touching story the author Has to be in a similar situation to have understood the challenges of being a single patent with an autistic child. I needed some tissues and not for the regular reason when reading on lit. I hope there can be a second part to this story.

Thanks for the suggestions

I'm working through DC's characters slowly but I appreciate the input and will use your suggestions in future stories. Stay tuned!

Annette should've shaved Kitty's puss too and then you could write Reds reaction. He'd like it and probably go to town eating her bare pussy. I can even imagine kitty rubbing herself and getting her cum all over Reds bald head. Hot stuff you've written nonetheless. Add more asap


Of all the things i thought i'd read here, I never expected Mr. Tumble, but there you go.

Really smokin stuff.your stories are the best continue writing them

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