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It will happen

Im in LOVE with SERENA WILLIAMS ik in the future we will be married


Amazing, I've been looking for a story like this for aaages!!

Thank you!

Kate is the best and you rocked her!

You should write a second chapter that tells what happens to Alpha-17.

pun on words..

Is that a pun on the Japanese pronunciation " fairy well what was said" ?

The idea was good but you missed the details.

I've never really liked The Bellas, but this was hot. Love to read some more WWE stories from you.

What a waste. You had good character but ruined by throwing your stupid ass in it. You might as well had them fucking Dave Hester

so much love and emotion

I was so happy for the couple, Im a sucker for a happy ending

it made me happy

it was a really sweet story that had lots of sexy time. I could really feel the desire
xoxo, candi

What an unexpected crossover but a hell of a lot of fun. Can't wait to see where you go with this.


Super Sexy story...made me cum after reading it!!!

Not that familiar with the characters, but this was damn hot

Just imagining Jennifer Lawrence in that situation was hot. Imagine if a Porn script of this was written so well as this was.
Well done.

you should continue on with this it was great stuff

Come back to this & write some more it was really awesome & we wanna know how big they get eventually

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