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Excellent Story

It is turning out to be another really interesting trip. The small problem is that I have no idea where the destination is located.

Great View of a very ńormal gal

Yes, they are always insecure and need constant courting. They can get off in a private world without leaving entryways. I think his deceit is worst part of the story. I am not sure I like him but hopes he gets her pregnant with a lucky shot!

Sorry anonymous, you read me wrong. I spent 12 years in a communist system and I agree with you that it is an enchanting but thoroughly unrealistic ideal. Humans don't work that way. Yes, it takes a village, but the village doesn't get absolute control.
What I'm saying (excuse me, what Dottie is saying...) is that, until recently- specifically in the post-Enlightenment West- there has been a greater sense that our lives are inextricably bound up with the lives of the people around us. We need them, they need us, and not just as means to our own personal ends.
The pursuit of personal pleasure to the disregard of the wisdom and consideration of the people around us has usually been seen as an unhealthy aberration, rather than an ideal. There is much to be commended in the "American Dream," but the rugged individualism that perverts the idea of the "pursuit of happiness" has twisted my culture's view of the role of an individual in relation to the people around him, and thus distorted our whole idea of what a person is.


Will this turn into a part 2???? Would love to see what other defiant pleasures she can tease her neighbor with... Besides the garden isn't done... Loved the detail...good start to morning wetness

The analysis is good

We are slowly working through the dissection of human beings and their psyche in an interesting manner, while waiting for them to fall in love. Good Stuff.

Great story. But your ideology is showing, and disappointing.

"Humans have usually held the more sensible notion that we belong to the people around us, and they belong to us." Ah yes, It Takes A Village. Community. Which shares its roots with Communism. No, not the Russian, Chinese, fake communism, but the Marxist/Leninist ideal communism. Everybody owns everything, and no one owns anything. A virtuous and enchanting ideal. Requiring perfect people acting in perfect harmony. And like all aspirations for perfection, doomed to failure in an imperfect world. But this is fiction.

I appreciate your aspirations, but history shows you are wrong. Human organization almost always drifts toward authoritarianism, seeking an equally idealistic and impossible goal, the Benevolent dictator. What people seek first is not community, but escape from personal responsibility. In community they can hide, or at least obfuscate, their indolence or inadequacies: It's never my failure, its Our failure.

This is not a criticism. I agree that for a successful marriage commitment is the primary requirement. Love may ebb and flow, but commitment, and the personal responsibility that commitment requires, keeps the marriage intact. Adultery, cruelty, betrayal, are not failures of love, but of commitment.

Enough said, almost. This is a great thought provoking story. Thank you for the time, talent, and imagination it has taken to create it.

Fascinating Inversion

It sounds like she only had sex before and no love. I believe that forgetting the lube the second time was deliberate.

A very nice concept

The anonymous donor market became complicated when DNA identification became viavel. No agreement will stand up in court if the child has needs. The way it is described it does not sound like much fun... Let's see the rest of the story


It's so good, so so good I kept checking for updates. Plzzzz submit the next chapter already!

Would love to see more chapters to this story

That is an incredibly sensual and erotic piece of art! Keep up the excellent writing!


If you're asking that question, the world's got something to teach you.

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