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Found this quite by accident, and glad I did.

Had me hooked by the third paragraph. :Sweater puppies, indeed. Playfully written, a delightful read.

what a ball less sissy

And yet another story where a zero experience girl turns a MAN into a little boy with no balls. Damn there a re many stories about men who are submissive. What a load of crap

Wow !!!

What a great story, with no long paragraphs of unnecessary drivel. Keep on writing.

Good work....

and need to develop the story further.This does have a lot of potential.

From the author. Thanks but

...as i noted before "he's dead, gone or condemned to the hell that his paramore has wrought. Please read the comments in No Going Home."

Jack Sr. can't meet his son. Sometimes there is no happy ending. Although arguably having a healthy Jack Jr. might be small consolation.

That was a fun day at the fair

While also being wildly unfair to just about everyone, readers and characters alike. :)

Kidding aside, solid writing job. All the character interplay was an enjoyable read, and you've certainly piqued my curiosity for the (lamentably inevitable) last chapter. Between this chapter and the last, there's certainly myriad possibilities.

Looking forward to the conclusion!

Fucking weird

I don't know how I felt about that story, but it was weird

Not quite as good

The big difference is in the first two, she was trying to resist him but having such a hard time. That made the story so much more fun. Now, with her chasing him, it's kind of pathetic and not as enticing.

Part of the fun is reading about how she tries to resist him and stay away yet she can't. Still, I want to read the conclusion

I can't wait to see where this goes. :)

Lord love a duck!

KC, I just gotta complement you for the torrid floridity of your lusty locutions.


Fuck this is hot, please update asap


We know that life can never be completely in balance, but these two stories are crying out for a finale to offer some healing to the bruised characters - maybe through the son eventually traveling and coming across his father? Just saying.

As always it's great to read more of your work, this entry was great! I liked it a lot better than Anaconda and I hope you upload more soon. The one thing I do hope you do is make it harder for the guy to get the girl. Fill the story with more sexually tense situations like Devon went through in the first Ms. Jiggles instead of instantly giving up the sex scene. All in all great piece and hope to see more very soon

Best chapter so far!

Who's teasing who now ;) Where's the third chapter?

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