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Thank you!

Clever and nice story. What happened to the snowmobile?

Sorry I found this sad tale.

Hope someday she finds a man to share her life with.

I rated this a 5

A similar thing happened to me at the warehouse, where I worked.

Nice Idea

But switch on your spell checker and get yourself an editor.

Let's see what the rest are like.

Great imagination

Wow what a story. I came several times as i read through.

The best i liked was when Kavya removes his rubber probably to feel his raw meat in her pussy even risking pregnancy !!!!!!!!!!

Every which way!

Tina does it again! Real sex with real people doing what most of us would love to do!


i GUESS the only comment i can make is what are friends for !

Thank you for a very good story.


I love a good daydream fantasy and this hit the spot, if you will. Great structure and perfect length. This should get me through tomorrow's meetings just fine, thank you! ;)

sexy but lacks the je ne said qui of your other stuff.

It seems like this lacks the literary style of Alice , Mrs J.and Word of mouth.

Wonderful Story!

This was a well-paced story that progressed right up to the erotic ending. You have prodigious story telling abilities and your use of the English language is very refined.

The theme is right on because every good wife has a secret whore within. With my consent, my wife has even done this a few times. We did not need the money but she needed the thrill.

The repeated use of the word “whore” in the story was very arousing, that would get to any wife hot and wet! Both my wife and I loved your story. Please keep writing; we can´t wait for additional chapters!

Thats so hot.

I love your dirty sexy mind if only I were the guy you were having the fantasy over. But if it were me I would do so much more to you. Your naughty thoughts get me so hard. X

Familiar sounding issue

I had mixed opinions about this story.
The sex was fairly basic, and I thought it might be better with a professional. There is no way vaginal intercourse would happen without a latex condom. She would want to protect herself and her livelihood, and he should want to protect himself before playing with a high risk partner. Of course, they may have used a condom and it was just not mentioned.
This is interracial sex, and that category might get a better reception.
The description of the wife reminds me of my ex-wife, with the exception that my ex-wife enjoyed sex and was still somewhat physically attractive. She played her own version of "Make Jeff wrong". She has not been a very good ex, but being an ex is much better for me than still being married. Perhaps Jeff should consider a more permanent solution also. Starting the separation with adultery does not play well in court, but he probably finds it emotionally satisfying.

Allison is one fucking cocksucking fucking cunt isnt she!

Loved the whole fucking series and the way Todd slowly made her into his bitch was well done and believeable .Keep the stories cumming and cumming and cumming and cumming I know I did several times in fact Im ready to come again And I hope yo write more like this .Thanks again

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