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Short sweet and nice

See above. Is this part of Mal and Tom story?
George in Omaha

Perfect as is!

I really enjoyed the story and the characters. If you were to do a follow-up, I would read it. But I think it stands on its own as is.

Great beginning -

Like so many of your stories - it is nice, happy, loving, and fun -

But there is a full life to live - I want to read some of it LOL!!

I tried very hard to read this story. With all if the grammatical errors, syntax errors, lack of cohesion, and the jumps in time, I could only make it to the fifth chapter. This has the potential to be an excellent read. May I suggest getting an editor to help with the story? I would love to read a more detailed and descriptive re-write. I wish I could rate higher. Perhaps a rewrite will earn more stars. Good luck.

I love you!

Okay, I love......... Lust your ladies.
They always see that their needs are taken care of!

I must

Sit beside you next Sunday

Maybe Too short

I pictured Eddie as Marv from Sin City.

Best ever!!

I loved this. Its realistic and for me that's one of the hardest things to maintain in any story. Great job!! I hope this continues for many chapters!

loved your writing

Being toyed with and teased in public and/or in unexpected situations is the ultimate turn-on for me! Great writing.

This Time Maybe...

@Anonymous ....hope you keep reading...the best part about being a Domme is getting to trade off dominance with another alpha...something you can't do with one of your submissives...

nope, it is a mental problem

not physical.

maybe egotistical.

it only becomes physical when you have to move out after the divorce.

i think you may be geographically confused

"a French grape called Gewürztraminer . . . "

do you not think it might be German with a name like that?

Enjoyed it...

Well written, and I hope to read more!

I enjoyed this thoroughly !

I was in the mood for something trashy, campy and shamelessly over the top. This scratched that itch and then some with even a happy ending (of sorts).

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