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Very Good

Tantalising and atmospheric. I liked it.


Really enjoyed your story ... brought back a lot of memories. I spent 1970 - 1976 in Thailand ... Udorn, Nakhon Phanom, and Bangkok, as a member of the US Air Force. I had almost the same experience at a massage parlor in Patpong but it cost me only $15 plus a tip - but it was 1975.

so hot! will you write more?

Positive strokes from another newbie

You had me from the beginning, how could I resist reading when my name is in the title ;)

I found your story charming and light-hearted. Your wittily clever and tongue-in-cheek writing style appeals to my personal taste as a reader. The text flowed well and I could not help but smirk and snigger in places that I found myself relating to. I particularly enjoyed the reveals of the little thoughts going through the man’s head.

As your first submission you should be proud of this piece and I look forward to reading your future writings.

I read it twice through by the way and as a female reader, not that I represent all or even any other females, it did hit the spot and thus, I gave it a 5 :)


Talk about keeping it all in the family. Luckily he knows. Now he can plan his revenge.


Seems to be not the woman you want to spend you life with. Let's see what our hero has up his sleeve. I'll continue...

I like being able to praise your story! 5 stars

This is a great story. You captured the male voice perfectly - something you rarely do. The reader like Michael doesn't know where Valerie's head is. The way you used a common dilemma, bumping into an ex that ended badly with a twist that the relationship involved Michael's best friend/her brother Tom. Shifting the relationship from the cock man to the now nervous changed man and Valerie from the blushing girl to a mysterious woman.

I'm content with leaving this story where it is. It is highly unlikely that a future relationship will workout well. Both of them have changed. Michael has changed into a more loyal, mature person (I liked the scene where the aroused Michael was willing to stop and prevent Valerie from cheating on her new boyfriend). Valerie has changed as well. She has apparently healed herself from the damage Michael caused but in the process is clearly not a loving person. Is she honest? Did she have an open relationship with her current boyfriend? If she loved Michael why wouldn't she communicate with him in a normal way?

A highly entertaining story. Thanks for your work.

Definitely amusing.

Nice story! Altough, you should have work on the details for some more. The last thrust was the last one? Please....

Good story with good characters! I fucking loved it!

Good to see Bao and Matt at it again. I look forward to more stories featured those two. ;)

Good Story

Very original! Nice Change Up - I liked it - ThankYou


What's with the "Daddy" on Page 2?

Sam's line line, "I love you, Daddy" came out of NOWHERE. I double checked and found nothing that indicates she called Malcolm this name before...Either you should EDIT it so that:
[A] she calls him something else (like "Baby" or "Malcolm" or "Honey" among other simple options).
...or [B] you find a way to actually FORESHADOW the "Daddy" line. If that's supposed to be Malcolm's high-school nickname, you need to establish it back on Page 1.

~William (April Smith Sucks)

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