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Good story, I always wish I could act that way and come to think of it I did more or less. Now I'm getting old (65) but I remember my fun of my youth.

I'm liking the sound of Penny! Hope to see more of her in future installments! You have a great series going man and the big boob community seems to agree!

Please take your time telling how u and all your friends share these beautys

Fairly enjoyable...

but TONS of typos and grammatical errors. A Sandy where a Tina should be, words correctly spelled but incorrect for the context. Not sure why this would rate so high when it's a solid 3 at best.

Really good

But would have benefited greatly from more build up.


What an excellent story! Five stars from me. I find myself wondering if this kind of fantastic raw and powerful sex really exists out there. I hope that you're writing from personal experience, at least I wish for you that that is so. The happy ending was expected and well written. The entire story is novel length, and novel quality. :-) I hope that we'll see more from you. You're a very good writer, that's for sure. (A note on tense: You seem to slip into present tense from time to time. It's just a small style error, but you should stick to past tense even when describing something in the character's present.)

Both of these were very nice. I enjoyed them much...

By the way, for fear of staying the obvious... but Debra is a REAL bitch.

Great Work!

Thanks for adding another chapter!

The interview is a great idea and gives Justine an excellent chance to show off her talents.

I hope you plan on a third chapter so that we can see how that works out.

Although it sounds like Carl might need some help! :-)

Yes! Finally!

You definitely bring out the best of your characters - Would love to read other stories whenever you have time!


Fantasy or not, less words will do without lost of story content. Try it on your next story, Please.


Well done again, another great story. I particularly liked the inclusion of Enigma. You're quite right their Gregorian chant style and the husky voice of the female vocalist can be very erotic.


Your grasp of the grunt mentality is absolutely spot on.
No Marine will shirk his duty and will walk into the jaws of hell if needed.
But that doesn't mean he has to love it.
The training coupled with the never give up mentality is what sees them through.
Just loving your ability to write a realistic and compassionate story.
5 well deserved stars lady.

It's a 10


I really enjoyed this story also.

Keep writing.


Darla's medical issues

So Darla could finally bareback, huh? :-) Sounds like a medical issue she wouldn't want her husband to hear.

Tricky yet nice!

It's a romantic story with a twist. I loved it. Maybe I will do the same with my wife.

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