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Another fantastic story. Thanks.

Looking forward to a fourth.

Thanks for the comments

Honestly, I struggled with the verb tense when writing and editing it...

Needs editing.

This had so many problems with verb tense and grammar that I stopped reading it. I am not the grammar police but when it is so bad it distracts from the flow of the story it is a problem.


I'm in love with this girl. What a talent you have for creating characters and sexy situations! Thanks for sharing it with us.

A wonderful love story

What a nice series. I could have used a little less ass fucking. ( I wonder how many women enjoy that in real life). I can see how Hero and the girls could be a model for threesomes. WELL DONE!!!

Wow, wow, wow

I normally don't have time to read stories of this length, but I'm SO glad I did! One of the best I've read on this site. Now to tackle Chapter Two!

Loved it

The reverse of how a relationship usually begins, but hey--in the end, it all worked out.

An uncommonly good romantic story, with some hot sex thrown in for good measure. It doesn't get much better than that.

Thanks for posting.


Though the Sir was a bit early and out of the blue, all the other actions and reactions are just right. Love to see where it'll go.

HO-LY Crap...

Fan-freakin-tastic. Hands down the best story I've read here. As a 40 year old guy, this was just epic. By the end the sex part was a distant second to the story. You nailed what a lot of people miss... the build up. 15 stars for you for sure.


That is hot! I wish I had a girl like Molly!


Thanks for the hot story -- and your service to the country.

Speak for yourself

Actually, I spent 27 years in the military and I know exactly how it works. I also know of many illicit relationships that occurred between officers and enlisted while I was in, but this story is what we call "fiction" although it's based on real characters and situations. Lighten up.

Thank you!

What an erotic story. And very touching. Stuff that dreams are made of. Please keep writing.


I confess, I expected much better english from you since you are from England. But I have scrolled to the bottom of the story since you were driving me mad sorting through your lack of punctuation and your run-on sentences. I believe I would prefer reading your husband's 3000 word treatise on how to set a jib. I must say, however, that your bio picture ia rather nice.

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