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short and sleek story

It's lucky he found out early what her standards were. Its almost worth buying her another phone because she would have cost him more down the line. Hey ! The key word being 'almost'.


It is a shame this story never continued to completion. The writing is fantastic. Hilarious most of the time, but with its moments of sexy, sad, and heartfelt joy. I love all the characters and enjoyed reading their story.


Great job Sandra, I like the build and love the subject matter. Looking forward to Chp3


This is genuinely the best thing I have ever read on here.
I couldn't believe how realistic, yet disarming and unbelieveay, enticingly erotic it was.
Thank you!


Thanks to everyone who's read and voted so far.

Please feel free to leave feedback or comments, especially if you'd like to see a sequel to this story.

What happens now?

Let us see what happens when the biker meets the woman in what would be the third encounter. Very interesting. The story builds up nicely.

Well written

Enjoyed it as it is well-written and to the point. Had she helped him, the story would have lost its beauty.


Loved your story. Great writing!
Reminded me of a sexy coworker I had.
I really like the way you described the pleasure each one felt,
not a one sided story, very well written.


Keep your racist silliness north of the border.

ha ha we;; done

pretty realistic, nice pacing.. if it is going to happen like this -- this is how it will happen ! thanks

Well then...

... let's just see what happens in Chapter 2. :)

More please!!

Omg! Best story ever!! Need more! :D

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