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Well the story was good but it it came to a rather abrupt and drab end
I would've preferred a longer story. Perhaps with the preacher catching them in the act.

more please

Dave you're easily my favorite author on all of Literotica and this has just gone down as my all time favorite of your stories (so far). I'm fairly sure TTTT bra size is the highest you've ever gone, and I'll have high hopes that Barbra will grace my computer screen in the future. Lastly, and you may have addressed this in a previous comment...is there any chance of Barbra lactating in the future? She could hold unending gallons in those massive mammaries!

Ok you are entitled to the cliff hanger but......Penny better be out of the picture and not holed up in that institution, or Andrew just went from "Mr.Sensitivity" to "Mr.....well you know (and it isn't complimentary )

Hot !

The title says it all. Why read the story if you don't want to read about a cheating bride? One lusty bitch.... I loved t.



Don't give out 5 too often.

I did on this one. I'm also ok with the harem ending, although at this point the twins characters are so undeveloped it makes little sense to include them. Tina is a great character.

I also like tina

I DO hope it ends in harem. The rewards of the righteous have always been multiple.


This story is incredible, truly moving and feels very real, despite it sounding quite far-fetched! Come on here expecting a bit of smut but all I've got is happiness (and some tender love scenes)


I am really liking this story. As everyone else I am hopping for a real "happy ending".

Fun story

I've tried jogging, its not near as much fun as Becky is having.
Love the panty code, Kim and husband's adventurous nature. Nice that Kim is willing to share. Was this the first time, he's been training for sometime.

One F******g hot story I loved!

WOW!!! That one was brief and to the point - and the point was fuck on baby I want my cock in your pussy again and again! You obvously have experience in "things fuck" and know how to describe them very well! Fuck on, youngster - I'll be looking for more from you!!


I remember that time very well.
The introduction of Debra and her grabbing his ass just clinched it- this story demands continuation.
So far in my reading here, no one, NO ONE better presents realistic emotion to the reader.
Thank you.

I love the sex!

Contrary to some of your other comments, though I do agree that there is a lot of sex, I actually quite enjoy it (I LOVE IT!!!!!!!). This story revolves around sex so I can see why there's a lot of sex written in it. However, I think it's the snippets of conversations, the secrets revealed and Gina's thought process that makes me come back again and again, hoping against hope that she comes to her senses and realizes that, "hey, it's not all about the sex!" There's room for a relationship here, for BOTH of them, however the only problem that remains is that Andrew is still attached to his still lingering wife (wherever she may be) and fighting his own demons and Gina, well, she's fighting her own demons as well. So, as long as there shall be story AND smut, I shall keep reading! This is a GREAT story! I'll follow your story for as long as you keep writing! Thank you!


One of the best erotic stories I've read in a while. Can't wait to know what will happen to Gina, Andrew and Penny. Best of luck!

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