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Elizabeth - "Yeah, they wanted the glamor of it, I guess. And confidentiality definitely.”

That reminds me of a celebrity who was asked why he had to pay to get women. He said he didn’t pay to GET women, he paid to get them to go away!

Re: Elizabeth running into a former client – they’d have as much to lose as she would! To expose her past they’d have to say how they knew her! And now that Will is living in Armitage, the chances of meeting former clients is almost nil!

Cynthia and David should probably go to a marriage counselor if they really want to work things out and stay together.

David and Cynthia

I'm not sure how I feel about them getting back together.

I understand how he feels about his part in things, but she still owed him COMMUNICATION before cheating on him!

I guess it's his life, and he will be happier with her than without her then he should go for it.


Cynthia – “Without a thought of anyone but herself, she'd gone out and taken what she wanted without regard to the man she thought she loved.

What the hell was wrong with her?”

Um, she’s a selfish slut?

Cynthia and Aimee – Cynthia had a lot of nerve getting smug with Aimee, given what she’d been doing!

Cynthia - David, the ceaseless worker who, no matter how tired, would talk with her at night, listen to her, patiently hold her and hug her.

And it NEVER occurred to her, while he was hugging and listening to her, to TELL him how she was feeling?

@RonRWood – I disagree with you re: Aimee “communicating”. She wakes Tim up with a nice blowjob and he pushes her away and calls her disgusting? What is left for her to “communicate”? That she wants more of the kind of sex that he just ripped her about


“Will realized she'd never answered his question. Was there something more there?”

Does it really matter? He said it himself – she’s right that he’d be done if anyone from his professional life knew her from her business.

David – Maybe he was spending too much time at the office and not enough time with her.

Maybe so, but that’s no excuse for her cheating. If she felt that way she should have TALKED with him!

Cynthia and Sean – I can see under the circumstances her jerking him off, but a blow job? Seems a bit unlikely.

Cynthia and David – Maybe demerits for him that he didn’t realize they had lost the excitement, but it’s worse for her because she DID realize, and didn’t try to work it out with him before looking elsewhere.

Sex Scenes

Two thoughts -

1) Why so much criticism about sex scenes? This IS Literotica, after all!

2) Having said that, I DO admit that in the better stories I often get so caught up in the story that I skim the sex scenes to get back to the story. David's threesome though was HOT!

very well done

For once erotic literature that isn't afraid to take its time.
It's strangely hard to find work off this quality on this website but I love the effort you put into the descriptions. I'll be checking this story again ;-)

Aimee and Tim

Isn't it time for Aimee to confront Tim?

Many Thanks

I truly appreciate the comments and support that the readers on Literotica have shared with me.

To those who have asked about other stories, I can tell them that there are others - just not on Literotica. I find the submission process here ambiguous, especially where chapter submissions of a book is concerned, and have been hesitant to fight the fight required to get my work posted.

If I can find the time to format additional stories in a manner acceptable to this site, I will do so. The alternative is to post complete books in a single file as I did with this one.

Will and Elizabeth

These two HAVE to end up together!

You can't have them start off so HOT, and SO in tune with each other, to not have them betogether.


Give it time.

This is obviously a long story, and the author is introducing many of the characters we will be following.

Over time it should all make sense, if Rehnquist is up to his usual standards!

I agree that this series is great! And Wonderful!
Please write more.

Thanks for the feedback!

This myth endless fascinates me, and I want to write another retelling. Thanks for the encouragement; this is my first submission and I'll get to work on another story soon!

ok but poor ending

Ok story...good character development and plot...but you fell off the cliff st the ending...too briefly and devoid of details....did you simply tire of the story!

this is great

Just read all the chapters. So hot. Love bunny. Can't Wait to find out about Anne and bao

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