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Like a juggernaut you keep on coming

Great chapter, asianToy, I don't know where your ideas come from. A scary thought!

I liked the story very much

I only wonder whether readers with no relevant technical and/or business background won't be put off by the abundance of specific detail.

Reply to Redlion 75

Thank you for your feedback, unfortunately Redlion, I probably won't be able to please you, but I am sorry that I left it as a cliffhanger... you are probably right, I should not have done that. Part of the reason I did though was so that people like you would motivate me sooner than later to get on with this story as it has been sitting neglected for far to long. So, I make you this promise... it will be weeks instead of months for the next installment! :) As far as Jules and all the characters go... they are evolving and are far from there ultimate carnation yet.
Thanks again for "pushing" me to finish this... the fact that it upsets you is encouraging because at least it brought out some emotion, even if it was negative. :)

I'm impressed.

Skillfully written, erotic, and I agree with Anonymous about the O. Henry ending.

don't stop


At Last

Finally a writer who has given tiny tits the recognition they deserve. I Hate big tits, It drives me up the wall how often I read stories where big tits equal a hot woman when I think the opposite, I wish more writers would have Scorpid44's imagination and at least write half the stories to big tit women and half to tiny. Sorry I will get off the soap box now.
And yes it was a feel good story I agree I gave it 5 stars.
Well done

very good story

Very good story would love to

My goodness!

You are quite the talented author. Usually, such descriptive sex scenes I find
rather boring. You, however, make them a part of character development.

Thank you for your sacrifice!

I realized upon reading this great and lengthy story, that I have taken advantage of you, and for that I apologize. I just never thought that you like most readers have a day job and probably loved ones that you have sacrificed time with to give us this great story. I just wanted to say thank you for giving so much of yourself for our enjoyment. It adds a whole other level of appreciation for the stories I read on here. Again great story and thanks.
Sincerely and respectfully, Rob

i didn't like the switch in jules,she goes from being a strong woman to being a submissive because the dick played on her family history. then you completely leave us with a hanger about may and say it might be months before we see an update. so not cool to destroy a person or leave things open like that .

if they are married

just because he is leaving does not mean the husband is not off the hook. and it would seem he has a 1 in 3 chance of being a father.

Needs a better ending

Story was good. But that can't be the ending. Should end with hem settled down with children.

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