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to teedeedum

I went back and read part 5. It's been a while...and you're right it is pretty strange. And thanks again for seeing pass the ugly typos.


OK - I admit 101 pages is a lot of writing but if you search for a phrase you like & find this story - good luck finding the phrase in 101 pages !@! MAYBE easy for the author to never break into chapters - to never come up with a different description for each chapter - to just write write write but how inconsiderate for the reader. AND from my scan talk about taking 100 words to say a 4 word phrase !@! JUST TOO MUCH Darn effort to try to find anything. PLEASE BREAK THIS UP, if you have any consideration for your readers at all.

Thank you

Sadly I think this is exactly where my marriage is heading. All too common a story these days.

All too true...

Sadly, this tale is all too true these days. Thank you for sharing and bringing into the open an all too common problem that is never talked about.

mmmmm, an itsi bitsy bit of plagiarism there

Cutting and Wikipedia, you naughty boy! Or did you write the Wikipedia entry? Tch! Tch!

Wow powerful stuff there

She drove him out -

She made it clear he was not welcome - so went elsewhere - not strictly kosher of course - he did try everything reasonable and more to get it fixed .

Now he can love and enjoy life again - Bon Chance!!

Yep - it moves along -

The wife will wake up at some point and be confused -


Working on part two now. Would like to have it up in a few weeks. Thanks for reading and commenting!

Totally improbable...

...but who cares? It's satisfying to have a story where the bad guys get punished and the good guys live happily ever after.


very well written .
enjoyed it immensely ,
far superior to the other "scratching" story.
this one left me with a smile ,
instead of the conflicted / confused feelings & sense of wrongness i had with the other tale.



There but by the grace of.........

This tale is so real - yes he cheated, but the erosion of his self-esteem is dangerous. Been there, fortunately a compromise was reached and 30+ years weren't wasted.

Part 2

Good. Is there a part 2. if so when?

I hate you, I hate you, I hate you....

You, sir, have spoiled it for me! I cannot appreciate other stories now, sadly... I am hooked and looking forward to the next installment. AND - consider writing for perpetuity! I want a more substantial commitment from you, like Amy, and I suspect Sam, need. Fuck, we ALL need this!!

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