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can't figure out the timeline

were these guys both in high school? and who is Taylor?

This series is awesome

I'm not big on strait up love stories but for some reason this story is tender and gives me goosebumps and butterflies in my tummy and has such a suspense and thrill that I enjoy it very much. Keep up the good work!

I get a kick out of the character names that you use. This time it was Jack Daniels and Adam Schiff (inspired by old Law and Order episodes?) but I have noticed names of actors and various fictional characters throughout the story. It's heartbreaking that Even will leave Jennifer and his son behind.
Good luck with your treatment!

not liking how half the family is trying/not going on the trip now.

Keep on Keeping on

Don't let it get you down. Keep doing what the nurses tell you and keep you chin up. A positive mental attitude is just as important as the medicine. A great chapter and I hope to read many more chapters of you great writing.

Re: Magda

Even if her going to the precinct was innocent, as I asked when we thought it was Nina, why didn't she have a photo of Tony?


When Martin spoke to Frank nothing was said about Tony's "murder", but when Martin spoke to John he said that the FBI thought that Tony was dead.

Was there another conversation that we weren't told about?


I'm STILL confused, LOL!

Besides my earlier thoughts that supposedly nobody was looking for him, how is it that she didn't have a picture of him?

Presumably a wife looking for her missing husband would have photos of him.

i hope the treatments are doing you good keep writing as i am enjoying the humor and comments in the chapters

another great chapter

firstly keep you health up and ALWAYS look on the bright side of life (unquote)
then carry on writing there are literally hundreds possibly thousands waiting for the next chapter best wishes
James UK

You have created so many possibilities

Maybe even too many to use in a single sequel. Perhaps, if you were to adopt the practice used by SW_MO_Hermit, the way the Fieldings, Steelville, the Feed Store, the resort, the military, etc. appear in individual, stand alone stories, while still being linked to a recurring common theme? The Winstons, Nicholls, the banks, cab co, printing, the moors, dales, featuring a family member from this side, that side, married into, you could tell all the stories without having to be tied too tightly in a ball of string? You could tell the stories of families and family members we have not even met, yet.

Sad story

I liked the running away story. This one is much more difficult. On one hand, Sheila was weak, amoral, and a slut. On the other hand, she loved her husband and her daughter and was trying to reform herself. She should move away and start over somewhere different and get a life.

stay tough

Hang in there Bob. Your story is awesome and your deserve to finish it. Did you rush this chapter? There were a lot of editing mistakes this time around. If you need editing services I would be privileged to offer mine. Thank you for another fantastic chapter.

Another Great Chapter...

Another great chapter and very easily worth 5 stars. Thank you for sharing this amazing story with us.

great stuff!!

Keep up the good work, this stuff is fantastic.

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