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I like it.

I like it, but I wish it wasn't as short. I feel like it is an intro.

Can't wait to find out why Sal appeared as a spirit.

Pathetic 1* garbage!

Nearly Perfect

While the twins being that connected was a trifle fantastic, it was the perfect fantasy otherwise.


A very entertaining tale that takes you to rural England. Loved the setting, the characters and the sparring between them. Thanks for your time and effort. You have given this site a gem hopefully discovered by many.

Great stuff

My favorite statement in this whole story: "I want you to be kinder to the world leaders. Play nice, Steve," stated Paula sarcastically as Steve dropped her off at her table." Play nice! I just love it.


Ok I cannot resist. Is it possible that Mr. Sec. of State set Steve up to avenge Steve calling him on his behavior toward the love of his life? Is it possible that the now Gov. family was OK'd to go Afgan. by CIA knowing that security could be lax? Is it possible that the state department and perhaps the CIA knew the delegation to Columbia wouldn't be safe and thus OK'd the trip and provided insufficient protection?

Is it possible...? Oh the conspiracies that this story leave on thinking about. Lovin it!

You turned this story into crap!

It looks like that the 3rd and 4th part were written by another author, otherwise there couldn't be any reason why this once good story went down to hell. A pity...

Full length book!

I want a full length book of this wonderful romantic gem! If the book is as great as the story I can guarantee a best seller!


Look, I am all for a storyline buildup. I cant' stand those stories here, (and they are the majority), where there's no buildup, no character development, and the grammar and spelling are heinous. So you're doing a great job on that front. But at some point in these erotica stories, you do need some actual erotica. You have put out three parts to an obvious multi-part story, and the only sex was between Elle and Ariel right before they went home for summer. I do like the buildup, but can we see some lips on labia please?

Please next chapter

Your story is so sexy, I want a next chapter.
Pleeaase. What makes Ginger,....


pity it's only a fantasy *pout*


Great as always 5* but a bit short. I and I am sure other of your readers would love a short action chapter where you flesh out some of the other characters like the guys involved in the fire fight and what happened there. Thanks again for a great read.

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