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Superb!!!! except for....

The story is wonderful and I cannot wait for the rest of it. But PLEASE do something with your spelling!!!!!!! Have you ever heard about homonyms? They sound the same but they have different meanings. It's getting so bad that it lessens the joy of reading your superb story!


I had a thought (Really!). Tony has said nothing about having Jennifer keep secret their tryst. Did I or the author miss something? Cheers!

Fucking pussy main character

Ok look, all that needs to happen for Alan to finally fuck the ALL the older women in this story (what's up with that, anyway? Whiny, jealous Katherine getting first fuck totally wrecks the early part of the story), is for him to tell his mother: "YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP AND SIT DOWN UNTIL I'M READY, YOU'RE CONFUSED AND NEED MEDS"; to Katherine: "YOU SHUT YOUR WHINY FUCKING MOUTH BECAUSE YOU'RE GOING LAST"; and to Suzanne: "I'M FUCKING READY, FUCK THE OTHER TWO THEY'RE COCKBLOCKERS". Seriously why has this taken 27 fucking chapters??? Are you TRYING to give me an aneurism?

Your Story or Football?

I must be crazy because I decided to record the Dallas Cowboys game instead of watching them live because I couldn't stop reading your story. I like the way you write and describe very delicate details about security, computers, and sex. It's an amazing story and I could definitely see myself buying this book. Please continue.......

Grear work

Another great work by a highly favorite author of mine and many others, great person and greater writing

One great series by a great writer

Tara's writing is above the rest and this is probably one of the best on here

struggling with the timeline

help me reconcile planting a new garden,
having already planted the fall crops
late harvest peaches that need to be sold or preserved

just exactly when did all these simultaneous events occur?

wonderful just wonderful

This story is just wonderful. I love all the twist and turns it takes.It gets even better with each chapter. I'm glad you didn't end it. I like that his grandson talks to his sister and how she is looking out for the family. So keep up the wonderful story. Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

definitely no mistake

Amazing, just amazing. I enjoy this even more and more with each chapter. I laugh lots and just get wrapped up in the story.

Great story.

I find myself checking to see if a new chapter has be released every day. I would love to see this in book form someday. I love a story with a good plot and this is one of the best I've come across in a long time. Thank you for such a well written work of art. I look forward to reading more of your great work.

Good job dude

I cant say this enough, each is just as exciting and i look forward to each and every one of these :). You've been hammering out a few chapters too! Thanks man!

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