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you can't possibly leave it like this!!!!!

Firstly... you don't finish this one and then you don't finish Orphan!!!! come on you have to let the characters run their cause you cant hold onto them by not finishing........
please, please, finish your stories!!!!

Great story so far!

After reading 30 chapters ... it's a really great story! I hope the rest will be just as good.

What About Becky?

First you dump Tina as fast as we meet her, now Becky appears to be history. Once Nick finds out Kyle has been fucking Tina and Becky I guess he'll be gone too? Well its your story my friend, write on.

Great Fun

Only one miss fire: No empty chambers in the serious gun carrying business. An empty chamber in a defensive handgun is a small part of a large ungainly paperweight.

Otherwise, loving the tale. Keep up the good work.


Glad to see your putting your version here too. Cant wait to see what you have planned for your story.

Best Friends??

Looks like there is trouble ahead for the best friends!

Tom and Sue

Looks like Tom is going to finally have a fling with Debbie! Been expecting this since Chapter 2..

It's a great story BUT

your grammar is awful, for example: "Her and Amy kissed ..." Why not "She and Amy kissed..."/

Unbelievably good!

I have never read anything like this--it grips me, I want to be Phillip...keep going, keep going!

Fun series

Keep up the good work. I look forward to the next installment!

This is the way to write a story

Perfect timing, great character development' I can't wait for more.


I am really enjoying this story so much so far. It has me in its grip! Looking forward to more!



i also hope u write some more 2 this story! love it! thanx =)

2 funner!

i can't wait 4 u 2 continue this story! i like tht she is not ur typical female in a story.. he is but isnt as well.. @ least he wasn't in the last few paragraphs.. lol anywho love it! thanx =)

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