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Loving this so far.

I'm just hoping the following chapters live up to the quality of the first two !


You have left a few story lines dangling which would be good to see finished at least...

- Ange getting to experience a proper caning
- The fivesome with Todd, Trudi, Dana, & Ange
- What happened to the other original members of the club, and the video history of Dana's with the interviews
-Maybe even another reunion of family members and past performers at Dana's

The was fun

Very entertaining,funny characters ,thank you.

Yep, it's official

You have definitely jumped the shark with this story between the last chapter and this one. At this point the story is hilariously, outrageously, stupidly hoaky. Not really my cup of tea anymore.

it really is a good story

the erotic part is sincerely lacking, I found this thru a gay search, and was deeply disappointed, but I did read it all and enjoyed it anyway. It could have been deeply improved with more suspenseful sex

Deeply immersive and absorbing

This has got to be one of the, if not THE, finest story series' in Literotica. I'm glad I managed to get through all 42 chapters with my body parts intact. Raw, but intact! Honestly, this one of those multi-chapter stories where one didn't want to skip anything to get to the "good parts". The dialog was quick, the plot line was intriguing, the twists and turns were great.

Above all, at least one of my major fantasies, that of having more than one woman to deeply love, make love to and sleep with as one big happy "family" was awesome. I guess James' real life passions came through.

Among the various questions I have, here are some:

1. Are you really living this life?
2. How is your health now? I hope you're feeling better. No, sincerely, not for the obvious selfish reasons of wanting to read more in this story.
3. I think it would be a great idea for you to be paid for, quite honestly, unbelievably great stuff that you've written over the years in this story. Are you still contemplating that option?
4. As much as I'd like to know what happens with Mike and Jill and the girls' background, please answer one more question. Are you going to write about what Dawn and James did with the lawyers regarding the girls??? The suspense is killing me.
5. Are you a real-life psychologist? If you are, then I have some serious problems that I'd like to discuss :) !!!!

Hope you keep the stories coming.

Get well soon.

Bob, I could say that I know what you are going through, but even though I had Colon Cancer I do not know what you are going through. I was lucky by having a great Surgeon that got all of my cancer the first time, which meant no Chemo or radiation. Hang in there and do as your Doctors & Nurses tell you to do. I have really enjoyed all of your stories and looking forward for when you are able to submit your next chapter.

Love it!

LOVE hearing the continuing tales of these good friends! We play with some of our best high school friends to this day here. This series always brings back such good memories! This lady really knows how to write a HOT sex scene!

Ariesgirl it may seem like that but this is different she had actually fallen in love on her human side but her wolf side has established a mate in lucien and this is tecnically not cheating because werewolves actually have almost 2 people in them their wolf and their human

I would buy the book!

This story was spellbinding. One of the best I have read!

U rock OPELS!

I have read this story 21 times and still counting.
Please write more stories...they are so romantic and pull at your heart!!!

take care of yourself

good to know you are not retiring and leaving us hanging. understand being stressed as lost the love of my life after 60 years. consider arobics and a weight routine for and hour and half three times a week. does wonders for the mind and body and mine are old. ha. the lose and stress wlll always be there but use the excerise to help cannel it. I even have a dammit doll.

I really hate when the person that is cheating says they don't want to hurt the person they are in a relationship with but cheat anyway. Vera need to stop feeling sorry for her selfish self and make a decision.

his dad

Always did wonder what happened to his dad

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