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Stunning, Astounding.

I am agog, Wait, that's not what I meant, damn, I'm a total trembling wreck. Cat's got my tongue. Can't even wrap my brain around the words I need to express how wonderfully playful and arousing this was as I read it. I was perched, tightly wound, waiting as you teased and sprung every word and phrase.

This is one of the most erotic pieces of writing I have read. Wonderful. The playfulness, humor, sexiness, wow...I am rambling, I know, but if I wasn't running at the mouth and gushing, I'd be breathless and speechless.

Thank you.

To Painedlove :

Bewajah taareef karna , aap ki aadat toh nahi ?
Aap se bhi khubsoorat aap ke aandaz hai ......!!

Happy Holi !


Good, but breaks the Haiku rules in a couple lines.

Sister fuck

Always wanted to fuck my sister.....never got to tho. All my friends did their sisters. So did I. Now my obsession is watching my wife fuck strange cock....whether she wants to or not.....

I enjoyed the feelings brought through your words. I could gain a sense of the mood and excitement as I read it. Well done.


This is intense...took my breath away. I seriously hung on every word. good job!

I'm glad that you're working with rhyme and meter. The "stream of consciousness" approach that many resort to strikes me as just sentimental wanking. Rhyme and meter make it musical, and the musicality enriches the content -- I think it somehow compels you to refine your ideas. I think it would be a good challenge to write something that is completely strict -- force yourself to stick to a rhyme and metric scheme. Of course, we are writing smut here, so you might say, why bother. But you do have a guaranteed audience at Literotica if you are writing smut.

Well done... a very lovely interlude

Here here second that entirely!!!

A voyeurs' treat.

Beautifully written, very good imagery and the action flows as if one can see the protagonists teasing under the sheets.

My favorite: "black eternity". My mind associates it with crashing over. That instant when time somehow dissipates.

That is one very brief but intense moment.

I can see myself there, either watching or feeling. It is a palpable emotion there and I have enjoyed reading it.

Thank you so much for sharing.

Where my dream man?

Yeah, right

Profile says gay female. Poem says "looking for a dick." And oh, look - you favorited your own poem, too. The whole package screams teenage boy. Back to MySpace with you.

Your muse should be euthanized.

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