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all the best Todski!

still erect..., I mean erectus

Power play is my life's blood

I'm such a whore ..........
Total Power Exchange seems to be your raison de etre ........these words , lines .....whatever are very BD & SM :Faved 'n 5-ed !

Keep writing .

You are so forward with your writing , It is so stimulating , I have felt this way myself. tnbimale


There is a sliver in my mind through which I see you when you close your bedroom door.
If I could, I would expand that line into a poem to complement your poem. Like so many of your exceptionally gifted erotic submissions this poem transcends into those mysterious realms where yearning and sexuality blend into the human experience.

Todski, a shared feast indeed. Everyone bringing something to the table and feasting on the bounty before them.


your feeling of your first time was intimate yet open


I was touched by her intimate words

not bad as far as bdsm poetry goes

submission as art. I think you could take forever off of the final line, and simply state it as own me

i always enjoy your pieces

the amount of information compacted into these lines is brilliant, 5ed

So when are you bringing

that attitude round to my house? hot as hell trix loved the way you have edited this piece from the forum.,

I don't like the phrase "big girl panties" for some reason, but the rest is stunning and a fine feast to share

welcome to the poetry forum and new poems :) I gave this piece a five

my mind is wandering in strange directions, the mention of exits, and arrows and bottoms, a kiss on the back, with the duality of it, it could as easily be a literal kiss on someones back or conversely a kiss on the back of the note, it's as if you are intersecting a bad erotic anal experience with a break up,

Last kiss on the

Back of an apology note , Playcatch ?


Oh my...i can so relate..winks..

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