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Loved it

Keeping it real
explaining the deal
making your mark
bringing light from the dark



Straining . . .

The use of consecutive "straining" jars a little - otherwise, I'm right there with you, savouring your talents.

Sensuous phrasing

Lexicon of evocative words and phrases sensuously compiled to conjure up sweaty, sexy, thrusting copulation. Nice!


Oh yeah
Feels so damn good
Over and over
Don't stop
Oh God yes

Builds to a nice climax. What more could we ask?

Impious indeed!

Naughty, naughty, lady. The urgency of the impending coupling flows through each line. Very rewarding!


I love the way the words speak out loud I really like it beautifully done.


Sharing love and desire via modern communication. Whatever happened to the penned billet-doux on lavender scented paper?

Brief time

We are here for such a brief time, we are together for a fraction - and yet the hurly burly and demands of working lives take their toll. We must make time to smell the roses and maintain the all-important passion. A thoughtful message.

Reminds me . . .

Of the song "Torn between two lovers." There's a hunger and a greed which can only be satisfied by both partner and lover. Sharp and incisive view of the games people play.

"Edited, amended, honed to perfection" . . . Agreed! Love it!


Recognise a theme here after first reading 'meeting in a car park.' This expresses similar doubts and fears in greater detail. Good stuff again.

Tension relieved

All the uncertainties and anxieties of 'blind' cyberspace dating are succinctly phrased. And the relief in the final two stanzas also left me with a warm smile. Thanks.

The dilemma

Ahh, the anticipation, the secrecy, the unknown - they all arouse the senses. And then? Climax or anti-climax? This is a neatly crafted warning. 5 stars.

Fruity limericks: 3 cheers 4 5stars

What a nice welcome home!

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