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Damn, Ashesh

Terriffic. You semen-t'd without smacking her ass? Great fun well done

That was wonderful

Sexy and fun. "Make your own panty potions" Mmmmmm.


Now that's spicing things up.

Older Lovers ....,

Older women don't swell, they don't tell,
and are greatful as hell.
Here's to the snow covered love tunnels !

I laughed and squealed

my irresponsible cock

my phallus semen-ts
downstairs .........

This tickled my fancy, I just loved it Ash


Glad you enjoyed the narrative. Thank you so much for your honest critique and advice.
At one stage, the poem was going to be 33 lines of 3 words per line but my three theme was not possible as there were a couple of 4 word lines I had to use. I suffer from fiddle factor and I am aware I over worked it.
Quite a bit of my stuff has that nursery rhyme thing going on actually :-/ lol


flapjack's, lard and tripe??? Are we even on the same page...of the recipe book?
Ya right though,'Once consumed it is done' it went down the same hole as my avocado, just a flush, I mean flash in the pan.
Though I have been offered two jobs off the back of it, writing for fortune cookie and Crimbo crackers ;-)
I really do appreciate your critique, 1201 and I will try harder to write a poem that is more to your taste *Bows reverently*

@ Oldbear

Thank you, so happy you enjoyed. A lifetime of love triangles for you :-)

@ Trix

Once tasted, you'll keep coming back for more

@ Ash

Glad you enjoyed, Food porn always tastes better in exotic climes.

lust is just a quick Fix

but Total gratfica-'shun comes only with the Complete mix !!
----immortal lines Alex : 5-ed .

So Tonite was Not about your Orgasm 'twas 'bout hers

: U gave her a great Time , Mookameli ( person in charge took charge of Her pleasure'n Orgasm ) ?! 5-ed.

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