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That last line... So great!!

Very nice

Do not read much of the poems on Lit. But will have to change that. Really enjoyed this one. Keep up the good work

Thank you

Thank you for your comments and votes, guys
I will be writing more. Your support is very important and motivating.


keep it in the family. TK U MLJ LV NV


about Hope. TK U MLJ LV NV


This is a rarity for me, I almost never rhyme--actually I tend to avoid it. I'm trying to be more "fun".


Amazing. Wow. Stil,l watch punctuation, could be slightly better.

nice, but lacking

Capitalizsation and punctuation could make this great. It's flat because of that. Please fix this lovely piece.

I'm sure you have a few things worth keeping...

I'm sure you have a few things worth keeping Regina...and not just your writing here...hot stuff btw, reminds me I have to make it a point to read more (no pun intended) one of these days...

You came & went so now i know , as dreams cannot diminish,

in complicated form & mood an endless song may finish !

....whew Hat's off to Thee o great Pel : what an Immortal couplet reminiscent of Omar Khayyam !!!

i meant

Tantalizin' in Line 5 [ Not Line 4 ; sorry for the error ]

Seduction at its best. The vamp knows what she's doing!

GM , i was tryin' to counterbalance " enigmatic" in Line2 with

Tantalizin' in Line 4 but i am open to suggestions : maybe some other adjective works better there . ( would love to see your version here on NP or in any PFD thread )
I just watched Interstellar : it shows life's Enigma in all it's aspects ----Time , Dimensions , Gravity , Human Relationships , Christopher Nolan has dished out a Cult Movie Champ with this one !!!

Lie if you must

A tale is a tale
The bigger the better
Ensures larger sale ......!!
Immortal Adspeak worthy of Dr Joeseph Goebbels himself , Averageblkgurl !!
5-ed .

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