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Love it!

Best Erotic Poem I have ever read.


.... as a reader, I liked it.


Dress to please... strip for pleasure. Sensual descriptions of intimate washing and sexy ensemble. Nice images.

This protein-rich , DNA-rich poetry would be any

Nutritionist's or Forensic investigator's dream !!!

The empty house and hot sun fueled by deliciously fragrant fruit drinks with alcohol as a mate made me dizzy, made me fall asleep after my swimsuit wound up on my ankles.A few minutes later I awoke from a repeated dream of a sexual charged , forced incident of my innocence. I couldn't help it. I felt afraid the strong grasp of my nuts would be squeezed even harder if I said no. It was just enough pressure to control me, just enough pain to wonder what's next.Yet as afraid as I was the pressure on my sack had my warm breath escaping faster and faster.. I couldn't stop being violated, hoping it wouldn't stop in that hot car smelling of smoke, whisky, and male sweat in between the school buildings.

That's what started todays pre-come as I spread the sticky, ropes of passion all over the hood of my turgid and hot thriving member.The sun was so bright I t made the sliding glass door look like a mirror away from this area where I had swum nude in the pool earlier.So maybe in memory of that exciting first forced blow job I played and pulled on my banana shaped penus


Just beautiful, been there, wish I still was..

Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.


...you for this but I would like to see the statistical evidence to support these claims please ;-)

This a fair and honest strait forward depiction of incest in its social surroundings and connotations, Ash!


I'm a girl, and I loved this. Being degraded like that really turns me on, and reading this made my pussy so wet.

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