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It was an actual text conversation I had with a friend I knew a long time ago. These were his texts to me while my hands were busy elsewhere. I thought it was incredibly hot and wanted to share it... It was rejected from "stories," because the format is more poetic. But truthfully it isn't even my story... Just one I shared in.

So I appreciate your comments, but I couldn't change a word.

To clarify... I knew him years ago, but we started "sexting" about a year ago. Gotta love cell phones...


point, point, as to....
So good
useless, you are not supposed to tell us (the audience, we are supposed to feel it)
Also it starts out as a first person direct address
But if we camped ... there would be hikes.
Let's hold hands
And then shifts to First person description, I...She
What you had was a reasonable premise of a poem at first, that became cluttered.
I may be a prick, but I did not vote, And this was offered with the best of intentions.

am enjoyin ' a pipin' hot ,spicy

Samosa right now in the Monsoon rains HoneyA : thnx for sharin' ! 5-ed .


You can't beat a bit of food porn :-)

A fun read, l enjoyed it!

Tergiversations...for a minute or two! :-)

Tongue in cheek?

...and I ain't talking butt cheeks Ash. Who made HIM the boss?
Sexquisitely written though!

Hands on my ass

Behind me
takin' me
more please .......
.....my sweetest sin
spank my ass red
pull my hair ......
......I surrender
......Ambrosia to a Spankophile's eyes 'n ears, Sweetcaress !!!5-ed ..

Loved it

Funny and poignant and close to the bone.


Not much more to say other than the images and language rolled sweetly off my tongue. 5

Liked this! It's got a sharp edge to it. Still trying to figure out the apostrophes/question mark, although they do slow you down so "Wrong" and "Chicken" feel like they're being shouted.

Smart poem.

I envisioned being the object of your affection and could tell that you really love your man and get turned on by consuming him like this... your controlling him is a reversal as he is a powerful man. in bed, you are the powerful one.

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