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Well, well

So Steve had a 13" penis. I take it that in his case FBI stands for Freaky Balls Incorporated!

So hard

I was so hard reading this. Wondering what it would be like to be an "art piece." I love being naked in front of clothed people anyway.

MORE MORE PLEASE and hopefully it stays lesbian unless you show another male how much fun it is to crossdress without the 2 males having sex

I own one of these.

I am lucky enough to have a wife that likes to be used by me and loves to be fucked and used by other men. She is a few pounds overweight but very curvy and has large nipples that when excited are 20mm in length and 12 mm thick and look fantastic on her 38dd tits. I found out about her fetish to be used after we went to my friends 40th birthday party and stayed over the night at his place because we lived 80 miles away and had been drinking heavily. When most of the guests had left my friend and myself plus two other couples were sleeping over at his place, the couples soon retired to their rooms and my wife and myself plus my friend Harry and his friend Philip were in his lounge and harry put a blue movie to play in the dvd player it showed a bbw being taken by two men and really having her cunt reamed out by one of the blokes huge cock. My wife was sat by harry and I could see her nipples straining against her blouse they stood out like chapel hat pegs. I looked at her and winked when she caught my eye and I excused myself to go to the bathroom. I took around ten minutes or so then went back to the lounge to be greeted by my now naked wife and friends on the sofa having sex. She was on her back with harry pounding his cock into her wanton cunt while she was sucking Philips huge cock and I mean huge, It was around nine inches long and as thick as a coke can she noticed me watching and smiled as harry grunted and held his cock in her as he spewed his cum into my wife's pussy. My wife released Philips cock and told him to fuck her now because she was lubricated with enough spunk to take his huge cock. Philip smiled at me and my wife grabbed his cock and placed it at her opening and Philip pushed the fat cockhead into my wife's soaking cunt when he was halfway in she told him to fuck her like the whore she was and cum inside her because she wanted his baby. Philip did as he was told and fucked my wife hard making her cum twice on his cock Philip increased his speed holding my wife by her hips as he drove his huge cock into her and held it inside her releasing his sperm into her stretched used pussy. I just stood and watched playing with my cock as the two of them fucked her senseless until 4am. My wife then grabbed me and we retired to our room where she slept until midday. Philip had gone by the time I went downstairs while my wife showered and Harry thanked me for a great present adding that he hoped we could do it again, I said that it would be ok but he would have to ask my wife because it was her cunt that was being used. Harry went upstairs and was gone for 20 minutes, when he returned he said that my wife was ok with it. We left to go home and as we drove into the countryside my wife pulled her skirt up showing her trimmed pussy with the words thank you Mark inked onto it plus a load of cum leaking out of it onto my wife's thighs. She had let Harry fuck her again before she dressed to go home. She is a Fuck pig but my sex life is great and so is hers we fuck like rabbits whenever she has let others use her cunt as a cum dump though she is now so slack that I can fist her when she is soaking wet. But I love the fuck pig whore.

Anonymous 2

Well, thank you very much for keeping an open mind! I will gladly and readily admit that this isn't my best story, far from it. It certainly has its weaknesses, but it also has some things I do like, and that's why I've kept it on the site. Anyway, hope you like others of mine you might read. ;)

"Been there"

my name is jo ann. What the previous commenters do not realize is that bathroom habits being controlled and supervised like that, are part of the intense training of a true submissive. my sister in law was my Mistess for well 35 yrs. During that time, She watched me shit almost every time. The intensity of sharing something so intimate is what helped create the strong bonds that She and i still share. Some of our best conversations were held with one of us shitting as the other watched.

Fun read

Don't listen to the other guy. Great work. He's obviously never heard of fantasy..


Strange, but well wrtten. I will read your other stories, with pleasure.

Keep going please

Very good start to this story

Would like to see more about what she does to him.

Waiting for part 3.

I hope this story will get a continuation. I really enjoyed it a lot!


There are not enough hippie-stories here. And this is the best this far. Thanks!

Makes me wish for the same

This story is quite captivating and makes me wish it was a reality.

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