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I don't understand this at all. I understand her desire to be a cowgirl, or wet nurse. But not the ownership concept. I don't understand the submission idea. I don't understand why a human would want to dominate, whip, train, or strip anyone of their individuality. And how could Ben do that and not blow his own head off? This, to me, is a story of an unthinking thirst for wealth regardless of anyone else. It is a convolution of mixed up emotions and needs. None of which are ever resolved. And Matt, the experienced trainer all of a sudden feels guilty that he has ruined Ginny's life irreparably and goes to Ben? For what? Absolution? As if being a milk sow physically, mentally, sexually, and now have been bred - that she could ever exist outside of her herd? This is a story of the worst abuse of all. That is betrayal. And how can you write this crap? I finished it all (hopefully all of it there'll ever be) because I had to comment and I don't comment on what I haven't read. You know, some sick shit might read this and actually try to get the drugs to try this. Some people think everything in print or on the INTERNET must be true.

What a good start...

The foundation for a long and interesting story was laid. Unfortunately you didn't continue and it is not very likely that you do it now after almost 10 years. Wish you would continue given the enormous potential.
Regards, olga... :-)


you have described my panty fetish in a way i have not been able to put into words. well done.


My temperature just reached boiling point! Thank you. Please write more.

So hot

Wow I so wish this was me . Or with maybe4 or 5 guys

best story about cum ever

well 1 of the best i have read in the 12 years that i have been alive fucking hell im young

Kind of unnatural how the wife and the twin sister acted, but I still liked this story.

i liked it but..

you have to watch story tense. you went from present at the beginning to past. stick with one or it makes for a tough read. i liked it though..got me nice and hard

loved it nice gentle pace please write more


How did you two not get cached

omg yes

that was great I want more!


And then the dildo went in cockeyed and his rectum ripped wide open. Blood gushed from him and he laughed. She doesn't even know I'm a werewolf, he thought.
Grandpa watched and licked a squirrel monkey's sweet asshole.

Fun story

Many guys indulge in sniffing. Often it begins at home and the smell can be intoxicating. a hard habit to break.

Interesting story

Some very good ideas. Quite a few guys have taken the dildo but will not admit it.


I really enjoyed your story. Though I am not so much an incest fan I couldn't stop reading. Well done. Please do more. D

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