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So horny wow what a wife

I wish my girlfriend was like this.

I only have a small cock and can only satisfy orally.

Thank you!

Long and detailed, I loved every word. Five stars.


Do all the guys get to suck gooey shit Popsicles out of her stanky butthole?

Once again

Great writing. Thanks.

Another 5 from me!

Great to see you continued this one! I love your work. As always, please ignore the idiots that read chastity stories then bash them. Afraid of their own fantasies, they are the ones in true denial!! Thanks for sharing,

Great history!

That's the way boys must be trained!


I've read all three of your submissions so far, primarily because of your excellent writing. Thank you, you have a great talent.


This was such a wonderful read!! I am hoping to read more by you in the future. Especially if there is more pee drinking! I'd love to read a scene from you describing Beth drinking Glenda ' s pee and Steve drinking Beth ' s pee! Maybe a part 2!

always sniffing

Dude when I stay at my gfs place it's awesome BC at certain times I get her whole house to my self and she shares a room with her sister who is a year younger and fine as hell and only wears lace thongs, she leaves them all over as does my gf and the mom is just as bad. So go a few hours a day I get my choice of who's pussy I wanna taste and smell it's awesome

Understanding Wife

One part of your short story struck a personal chord with me: his wife acknowledging being smaller leads to a natural cuckold relationship. I too enjoy when my wife receives attention from other men, knowing in my own heart, they are more than likely much more of a man than I can ever be. I really hate seeing and feeling how inadequate I am when my wife permits me the pleasure. It just seems so unfair to her. Thanks for writing.


Any chance of a sequel? (Or perhaps an extended version with more sex at the end?) I'm not sure if your even active anymore Katie.

great story. please continue with more


Good story, man!

Could i ask you to write a story about female who hates the hygiene and proud of her stink and dirt(fee, hairy pussy etc), so her friends decided to give her a forced bath slowly eliminating all the things that made her different from the casual ladies?

I would very appreciate it and also I think it's close to the themes you are writing about.

And again, thank you for the Great Stories!

Wanting more.

I like this story and would love to see more. Imagination, fantasy, or past ;)??

I like it for even more than innuendo. Will Kim break down and ask for food? Will they find out how Kim is money wise and discuses that they have no wish of force / circumstance. Can Kim become a good catgirl? Will she learn how to cook well; what misadventures could happen? Neck less really missing, Kim paranoia, or test / trap?

Love the hairy parts

I'm not much for the waste parts but I loved the humiliation and while I would have loved more attention being paid to Rajani's bushy armpits any story that has hirsute woman gets my attention and support.

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