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I LOVED this story. I have discovered over past few months that I have a smoking fetish, this is type of story I love. I hope there is more, please do more.

Fuck me....

I love being a guy with soft tits and ass, taking it both ends at once. I love it when a man's rough hands squeeze me, roughing up my nipples, making my tits swell and spill over in his hands. It is so good to have his friend or a stranger -- I don't care which -- squeeze my soft ass cheeks, then pull my panties down, and stick his hot cock up my soft ass hole. My cock is so floppy when I am being fucked in the mouth and aaas at the same time. Anyone who doesn't like it, well, they can go fuck themselves. I'll stay with my boyfriends and get fucked every sway, and I'll suck them both off. Jealous, ass holes? Me, IO'm a girly-guy, and you can't have any if you sneer at me. I give it up to any guys who want it.

New episode on it's way

For those who have been asking, episode 7 as been submitted and should be here in a few days :)


after the first time i wanted more, it was easy to do after that

i had a similar situation

I was looking on the internet for if anyone has ever done what i did. im only 16 years old, my friend had just fucked his girlfriend. my friend fell asleep an his girlfriend was just under a blanket in her pajamas. then one thing led to another and before i knew it my face was buried in her crotch. i removed her pajama bottoms and buried my tongue in her pussy. and too my surprise, a big thick white load of sperm landed in my mouth and trickled down my throat.

Ha ha ha boy that was bad!

He removed the cage the minute they weren't looking and jacked off. It's a toy. A fool removes it without the key in less than a minute. Then he turned around and kicked Mr. Big Dick in his dick. That ended that baloney. Get a clue. How stupid can you be?

Boy was this dumb.

Much more likely when Lucifer tried to get Phil to suck his cock, Phil bit a chunk out of it and ended this whole mess. What a waste of time this was.


I do hope there are more chapters of this series to come

Nice, I like to fantasize about wrestling other guys in pantyhose.

I'm hooked

I need more. How do I buy this story.


I don't generally read this type of story. However, I have to say, I did somehow enjoy the damn story. I could almost envision the whole thing as seeing it happen. Regardless of the subject matter of the story. it was a story that was quite well written. I don't know if that say's to me that I have a sick mind or a great imagination but wtf. anyway again I say it is a pretty good story.

The dialogue between the mother and daughter could have been better, but otherwise I liked it.


Hot story! Thanks for sharing

Grab a Dictionary

Anonymous said: "I'm STILL laughing at how bad this mess was. Grab a dictionary."
Anonymous, get yourself a dictionary with more than 1,000 entries. Get yourself a dictionary with at least 59,000 entries and use it, otherwise your comments are MEANingless. And don't bother with the on-line dictionaries. They are merely a good place to start.

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