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Great chapter

Probably the best story I've read here. Was really hoping there was another chapter. Too bad you were last online some 2 years ago.

Thumbs up

Let's hear it from the belly button fetish crowd!

I've got to be honest, the genre is pretty vomit inducing for me. It's not that I dislike you're writing style; I kept reading because your writing is very good--I just wish the ending would've went in a more positive direction for the main character. This is the problem with NTR as a narrative genre; the protagonist is who we relate to and while I understand the appeal of being humiliated for some people, it fails typical narrative norms.

The obvious "true north" ending Jessie standing up for himself and confronting Colin and/or his mother; the incest bit can happen if you want to take it there, but I don't really care about that as much as seeing the guy who has been humiliated for weeks by this meglomaniac to FINALLY take agency and be proactive. Also, it's just not believable that his mother--not matter the level of attraction toward Colin-- would ever pick some brat over her son, no matter how embarrassing he was being.

If you feel his mother MUST be a naive cunt then fine, have him make the choice to move out on his . You then have further potential with the character with him going out and becoming a dominant himself--giving the character agency and allowing himto be proactive without completely throwing away this bizzare relationship you're obsessed with his mother and this air-breather having.


Not my cup of tea. Love pee stories but this one is a little far fetched for my taste.

What dreams/nightmares are made of.

Obviously not a true story, but a fun erotic read. Like some dreams, we awake to the cold facts of life, realizing the the fun was unreal. Hope the guy enjoys his adventure for some time and then finds his true love.

It hurts so good!

Loved it!

Great writing as always and great dialogue. I love that your main character with the tough decisions to make is a guy and I especially love the last test. In particular, I love the way you wrote it - with the proper amount of pain for someone who doesn't want anal penetration. Great job!

For me, out of all your other stories I've read, this is your best description of anal sex - it hurts, it's uncomfortable and then slowly - it's not anymore. Well done!

Like your other readers, I too would like to read a part 2 to this story - perhaps about how the staff gets along and what kind of trouble they get into. I'd also love to see Wilson administering test 3 on an unsuspecting candidate for a position.


Nothing like getting the day started with a good shit pile. Is this some kind of joke? I weep for the person who came up with this stupid idea

Great !

Excellent , well done and Bravo !

Tx Cracker

Amazing SPH Story

The story was great. I always loved the idea of a woman in power such as a doctor or teacher humiliating a guy. I also like how the guy actually gets to fuck the woman with his little penis as many stories dont have that.


Thoroughly enjoyable, I was a young guy in Germany at the same time and had some very kinky experiences - this seemed so real to me, good effort!

Doctor needs a new chart

The story was good but the good doctor needs a new size chart.

i really like this story.
there are to few things in the world that i still like. but i really do like this story.

i have been a long time for the next chapters.
but i will wait forever if i must.
because i am patient.

Adolesents fetish about legs - Loved IT

I was also an adolecent with a huge leg or pantyhose or nyloned fetish. It was great how you explained in the start that looking at boobs naked women is great. But there are a huge population of men like me that absouletly love legs, women with legs encased in pantyhose or nylon stockings. Great Story! I wish there were more stories like this in literotica.

Sweet Reward of Long Edging

The edge is where I live. I will often jack off at work many times throughout the day but never permit myself to cum. When my cock is starting to get sore and the precum is leaving wet spots on my pants I usually go for "just one more" tug session and add one more pull after I hit the edge. It usually makes me ejaculate a full load into my had without that deep gut, ball squeezing orgasm, so the urge to luck my hand clean stays strong. I usually lick the full load and finger swipe any final pearls that I can coax out and add them to the party in my mouth. I like to let the cum swish around in my mouth as long as possible. Sometimes I just nod and smile when headed back to my desk. Inlet the cum dance around and slowly swallow small amounts that mix with my saliva. I have made it last 20 minutes like this before just guzzling the rest of my load. Usually by they I have to head back to the loo for a final blast that I just send straight into a tissue with a full release. Amazing. My personal record in one day was when I edged out tasty cum 23 times before the final cum dump. Still can't eat it after the full orgasm but every ejaculation up until that point usually end up in my mouth. Just started eating my own about 3 years ago. Spewed on pizza at a hotel one night to try it. Loved it so much now can't get enough. Only problem with edging out cum several times to eat before orgadm is that I get less and less with each mini-release. I want a full mouthful sometime. Anyone else try this too?


always surprises me
there are so many cuckold storys here on Lit.
& lots of storys about men useing/abusing women in reluctant/consent
but very few good cuckquean storys .

i think it's a topic/genre way under rated ,
that most Authors seem unable/unwilling to explore.

well written , ty for sharing it with us.


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