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Why not add in the talk about the grade

Thus is the best Storie up here if u ask me but you should add in what they said about the grade Idk something like Now about that grade if you want a passing grade come back here tomorrow after school for a"one on one study season" and secret mea behind it being another fuck season and it take on to something more Idk this ur Storie I just suggesting it be nice though

the Fermata

I don't know that one, will check it out - some of the reviews sound intriguing.

Thanks for that

Fuck your goddess. She looked like white trash. Fucking gay ass tats


I would settle for a passionate kiss.

Sounds like a scene in "The Fermata" by Baker.

Thank you for all your stories this year- like all your fans I will continue to watch for your monthly postings!

A very far more appreciative anonymous reader ;)

Dear anonymous

how, pray tell, will anyone know before reading, if they like it or not?

having read it, I now know I didn't like it.

I loved it.

You did a great job of writing this story. The seduction scenarios were
deliciously erotic and entertaining. In fact I love everything you write.
So keep it coming! As to the other people who decide they didn't like this
story. If it didn't float your boat, why bother reading it?


This was a great series...three orgasms.
Thank you!


What in the world? This story went in the toilet when I read the words "buy a husband." Get serious, that is just not believable.

dear anon,

At least I have the courage to write something.

You, on the other hand, hide behind your anonymity and your opinion, therefore, is worth exactly nothing.

Try writing something yourself, zero boy. :)

me too

great story. I love eating my own cum, too. Sometimes, at work, I'll masturbate in the bathroom right to the edge where I am a split second for a full orgasm. If I stop at just the right moment I'll get just a little bit of cum. I'll lick that right up and hold in my mouth, savoring it, and swishing around a little bit in my mouth. my dick will stay hard and I'll stay aroused. Then I'll button back up and walk down the hallway with the cum in my mouth

Just leaving a note

Hey, everyone. Thanks /so much/ for your support. It really means a lot to me and I'll never be able to thank you properly, but I can tell this needs to go places, so I'm going to try and get more catgirl maid up next month. I'm trying my best to get in doors somewhere, then I'll be able to get more done.

I put up an ebook version (including revisions and some other stuff) on my site and I wanted to spread the word around a bit, so if you enjoyed this story and you'd like to help support the next book, please check out: https://payhip.com/b/D0s8 and use the code Literotica to save 25% instantly.

Does not read like a draft.

This not not read like a draft. Instead it reads like an erotic story with a trace of humor. Liked it a lot! Look forward to more with these characters. What changes, mental or physical will happen to the maid?

Just awful.

Lacking creative writing and exploring a subject you managed to make boring isn't the recipe for a good story. Poorly conceived, badly told drivel. Never continue.

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