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Great story

Perfect ending! I had read all the other chapters before reading your profile, after I did I knew it would end nicely. Well done!

Good job, Wayne.

I have not seen any of your stories recently. Thank you for writing.

Why Not?

This story was well written. It held my interest all of the way till the ending. Surely this is not the last of it. If it was then the story was ruined by the ending. Why would he be worried about their money problems after he was fired from his job? Should have been a slam dunk as soon as he got back to the apt. Pack his things and let the ex girlfriend worry about her own money problems. Why not?

Given an enema

My wife, like yours, keeps me shaved and in panties. She is a nurse and regularly delights in giving me an enema. Enemas are always embarrassing. Last week she brought two student nurses home and explained they had to learn how tongue enemas. At least she didn't let them see me in panties. I had to assume various positions while they practiced. It was exciting at first but also very embarrassing knowing they were watching me squirm trying to hold it in

Great story, hope you will continue with this. Will be on the look out for part two, until then good luck.

Good job, excellent story.

I will look for the next chapters when I cruise the Breast Milk category again. Thank you for writing this.

I can relate

When you wrote: "Wank yourself off," she demanded with a sly grin. "I don't think I'll feel you if we had sex. So small ... so very, very small," I could relate. Although I am a cuckold wannabe, I certainly am very small and my wife does not deny it is easy for her to play along, since she fully agrees. We have truthfully found our harmony. She will tell me to wank my little dick or simply take care of myself about once a week, if I am lucky. We might go several months before she finally has the desire for my little dick inside her. It works for us. Small guys need to first accept what they cannot change, then enjoy it. I have. Jimmy

A great story, thanks.

Kill the bitch

She's manipulative and deserves to be put down

Continue this story!!

Fantasy is one thing but to be stripped of all dignity is just sad

I think that she should continue to lactate for several months.

Longer if it requires the milk to keep his dick hard. Whatever works. Thank you for writing.

Yes, a lot of us love lactation sex stories.

Mom/son are my favorite lactation stories but I love all of them except when the woman is turned into a cow. Those are not for me but if others enjoy them I have no criticism. Goooo Mom!


write more please. I really enjoyed this. please write more :')

i loved it awesome story written well...

Well written hope to see more from this author...

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