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So very erotic.

I loved every word of this story. Brought back lovely memories. Then the possibility of him having bred her took it up to another level. Bravo!

Thanks! Just the right type of experience...mmmm...

Sexy story

Really sexy. Wake up like this all the time, just never happens.

what is next?

Hope there are further installments. Maybe Jen and Alice can have a joint session. Maybe exchange diapers or panties. Looking forward to the next "accidents".

Loved it

Don't know if you're still around since I haven't read your other works yet, but this series has been amazing. Loved it, many schlicks were had~ Like the other commenter, I wanted to show some praise since you haven't had any others yet.

Keep up the good work!

Lame and badly written

Just one of the worst story on Literotica.

Please please write more!

I know this was written almost a year ago but you have to write more! This is the greatest story I have ever read. It is my greatest fantasy written out and written so well. (Could use more a little more description of surrounds, especially the room but still) This was just so hot. Please write more!

Brings back memories

Good story. When I was a teen working as a dish washer I would visit the employee unisex bath room after a good looking waitress used it. Often found pads and plugs to use for jerk off fun. I got so I knew whose pad it belonged to by the odor. My wife got into Dom stuff for a while and would have me face fuck her during her time. A wet ad or tampon still makes me hard.

Lovely start!

I love how she denied him at the end and ordered him not to masturbate! Great story!


Soggy wet leaking labia - heaven.


Crossing boundaries, dangerous territory - all arousing.

What a twist!

Amazing series! I wonder who gets Tracy's anal cherry? Maybe Sissy???

I approve

Great SPH fantasy wank material.

Consensual fun!

Who's to judge?!! Well done. Good story, hope you continue

Very Over Dramatic

More than half the viewers on this site are women. Your direction is going to make them all feel like lesbians if you continue to use the word "You" instead of "He". That's why your rating is horrible. That, and the fact that this isn't long enough to be considered a short story. It's a handful of paragraphs that add up to very little.

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