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Very well done!

Another fine chapter of a great story -- and another five stars. Thank you, and please keep them coming!

5-6 is actually the average, not 6-7.

Idiotic indeed

Of course the doctor has to have double D's and not be wearing a bra. That's how all the teenage jerkoff fantasies go. I suppose the dude has a tiny penis so you won't feel so bad about your "small" one.




Take care with editing

"She had to have been around 35, but she was beautiful"

I think the word you were looking for was and, not but. Unless you really want to annoy women over the age of 35. The way it is written suggests that you wouldn't expect a woman of that age to be beautiful.

This is where he sues her

And retires before he even has to work. Idiotic story.

Slut pussy

The professor should have fucked her abused and tender pussy and shot his sperm into her cunt and not her ass.

You killed this story - good move

Other reviews sound like they wanted the story to go in a more "forced to be gay" direction. Glad you didn't. The storyline hit rock bottom with chapter three and in four you started digging. Glad you recognized that the story was headed way away from fetish and into something else entirely. Could've been a good series because chapter one was fun

foot licking

i always wanted to worship and lick the soles and everything else for a perfect black stiletto. if i had a teacher like that, i would drool at her amazing stilettos and get detention on purpose to see more of her flawless feet

Short, sweet and hairy!

Debbie is my kind of woman: older, experienced, and hairy. Such a bittersweet ending, too.

delicate . 5 ***** transcendent .

very engaging story , written with alot of care & consideration ,which is quite unusual in this genre , remarkably deft .

nice change from the Raw & Brutal tales that fixate on humiliation & anguish .


Then he got some pride

And told her what to do - get the hell out. I'll send you the divorce papers. No woman of mine is going to cheat and then expose me to every disease known to man. We're done! Stupid story.


In each chapter I loved the blend of the discreet and lack of explicitness with the dirty talk and the excitement it caused, and the potency of the memory. Also loved the way the dialogue unfolded and the description of how erotic their naughty behaviour was - and how it shocked yet delighted each of the participants.

Like the best stories the scenario is pretty far fetched (if it wasn't it wouldn't be imaginitive) yet it seemed perfectly credible in the way in which it was described.

Your best series so far!


It scares me that her apartment was just arbitrarily packed up and her things thrown away. :/

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