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That was absolutely amazing! I was really surprised and impressed with some of the eloquent descriptive phrases that I have absolutely never seen used on this site before, that made it even more delightful! Well done!!

Im with rightbank, he totally misinterpreted his buddys comments. What I got out of that was that brother doesnt want any guy, ever,so much as looking at his sisters ass, much less touching her, but if its gotta be someone then it might as well be my buddy, who I know is a good guy and has always been nice to her, just dont fuck it up or Ill beat your ass into next week ;)

Of course James just has the 'dont date my sister cause your my buddy' code stuck in his head, so he never even listened, heh.

She so owns his ass, he might as well start picking out names for the kids ;)

This was just simply exhilarating. Thanks so much for sharing - I think a lot of us have had similar experiences, and the whole thing rang very true.

Great story, and thanks for writing! It honestly reminds me a lot of my own first time, and was quite an emotional ride.

AwesomeneSs! :). I had totally forgotten that I'd read some of the other stories that tie into this one! I love this and the sweet romance and the slow sex. I wouldn't mind being the shy, nervous brother right about now, heh. (Not to mention my brain just remembering his 'sex education' class that he took, might be worth a reread!
Looking forward to reading the next chapter! Thanks for writing for us!


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It was amazing aand it keeps the reader in suspense at the end I loved it keep making more very interesting

Great read!

Hope you have another installment coming!

nice story!

I enjoyed reading this Ch. 02!
Just as an idea, before going into removing more body parts, how about playing with the single breast in erotic settings? Like asymmetric lingerie, maybe using an artificial, self-adhesive, breast and some sexy outfits? Then, during the mutual caresses, those things could be removed :-)
As a sideways idea, they could try spanish and see what happens!


Perfect combo of sweet and innocent and passionately sexy. Sounds like the beginning of a potentially great future for these two. Well done! You planning a sequel?

I found the transition from the character being a goodie two shoes, to suddenly propositioning the teacher VERY unbelievable.

outstanding in its own field.

Really enjoyed the detail thanks for writing this. great job

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