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I hope you can develop the characters along with the sex

get ta writing and i'll be happy to read... so far pretty darn good

Lovely story

I like how much the prince cared for his new wife and how he made her feel. I also loved how you wrote the sweet interaction between the two.

Poorly written

For instance:

"I was footloose and fiancé‚ free"

Da fuck?

Not worth the time.

Poorly written

Clinical, detached, poor word choices, and lacking in dialog. Waste of time.

All the ammo

With her letter and the DVD he has all the ammo To go adultery and extreme mental cruelty for the divorce, as well as sue the center for allowing the affair between a client and staffer. Best that he stop dwelling on the DVD and their attempt to humiliate him. Burn them both.


Can't wait for the rest of the story.


I loved this story so much. It's perfectly beautiful and precious and just so many things. Thank you.


I usually love your stories, but the ridiculous preaching on abortion in this chapter was disgusting and awful. Makes me not want to keep reading.


Definitely written by a man.

And I'm with everyone else, why is this in first time?

Thanks for the feedback. I suppose I misinterpreted the First Time category. I thought it was appropriate considering that it was our first time together, but I see you guys point.

God that was hot

My cock is now rock hard and I need a release. Well written. Love hearing about an older woman giving a young guy his first taste of hot pussy.

Great story

I enjoyed your story thank you for writing it

A Blowjob?

Really? That's the story? Didn't soind like her first BJ, Was it his?

Nice short story

Many guys have hooked up with friend's sister. Usually not as fast but still works out.

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