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I can say this bravo but need a Lil bit more grammar help but you can write plus it'll help me think next time I see a gal it not the exterior its the inside that counts but I've seen that myself but in this day in age you can't see that know kind of passion an that is all passion in know its a panty fetish but I'm a critic an I give you more stars but five is not bad I've done more but not critiking so I can feel you this lass or mate keep the good work but needs a Lil grammar work but In a 1 to 10 I'll give yah an 8 ok it needs work but your minds there ok but as on kink to another its not the fetish it's the sex an the soft sex that the real love you have for him or her ok so like me or not look me up sum Time look for a wolfdino some time it me but once I get a page on here then most will under stand kinky shit is kinky shit ay so good luck mate now I got to fuck so keep going but I'll say this damn ok that is all

Movie Version

Just watched the movie version, G Rated on Hallmark. Tag line in movie was Promise not to fall in love with me, rather than I cant have a boyfriend. But knew what was up from start. Both brought tears. Five from me.


@Anonymous: I have one or two more story ideas for Julie and Scott, which I hope to write at some point. In the meantime, my other current submission, Miles and Shanna, is very loosely connected to this one. (They all go to the same school, where apparently most of the seniors have something weird going on sexually...)

@Paradox: You're welcome, and I'm really pleased you liked it so much. I strive to be original ... or just odd, depending on one's perspective!


I like it. I am left wondering what is next! Don't take too long for the next chapter please!
Would like to see the sex scene drawn out a little more. But the anticipation

Loved it MORE please!

Loved it!

I don't recall ever reading a story like this and I loved it. Well written and full of heart. Thank you.


Would love more chapters!

Feedback please

Would love some feedback on this one. This character is from a novel i'm writing.
Please feel free to comment and let me know what you think or if you'd like to read more about him.

Ashon proves yet again they're really just a rapist probably in real life too, ALL the stories involve rape.

Your search and replace was too broad...

"Charlesorrow."? So originally his name was "Tom", I'm guessing.

True Ashson style

Wondered about that myself, one glass of sherry could not have put her in such a dream like state with her giving it up so easy.

I do so wish

I do so wish my first time had been like that.

All he wanted was his rocks off and no idea how to begin to make it pleasurable for me. In, out, cum,- before I barely knew what had happened.
There were no morning after pills back then and he didn't use a condom and had made no effort to pull out.

I worried until my next period.

Well done

A really well written story, it was interesting to see the same events from both sides. I was a little surprised to see a familiar setting on this site, most stories are based in the US.

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