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Forced or seduction?

Was it rape? or seduction? She didn't protest all that much but she did protest and told him to stop what he was doing so it can be call rape.
Now the question: was she looking for something to happen by the way she was dressed and walking alone on the beach? Top with her breast ready to pop out shorts cut so short there was nothing there.
Many will say the way a woman dresses isn't an invite for rape and I agree, but I think he just took advantage of the way she was dressed and really didn't rape her.

nice but...

It was nice and refreshing but it feels like something was missing throughout the story, maybe some romance ('cause yes Im a romantic at heart even through I know how to appreciate raw sex)....perhaps something else, either way I hope theres some kind of continuation to this. ;)

Pratice made Perfect !!!!!!

Thanks to a wonderful older woman at age 14, eating pussy was a wonderful
art, that became my favorite, Practice !!! At age 69, also one of my favorites !!
I have found it to be an art that many, never experienced, much to
my surprise and enjoyment !!! I have loved quite a few women in my lifetime
and discovered that previous men, in there lives thought it was " dirty or
not interested in doing " Wow, I had found that pleasing a woman to 3 or
more orgasms, made me... In there eyes, a " Wonderful Lover " !!!
So...I say to all that read this.. A path to a woman's Lust Full Heart
that will Forever Endear you and Proclaim you to be the Best Lover
Ever !!!! EAT MORE PUSSY !!!!!!!!!

NOT mind-numbingly stupid

Anonymous's comment is quite wrong. This could be the story of any devout Christian couple in the 1960s in England. I know, because my own experience was very similar (except that I was as naïve as my wife).

Part 2

Hmmm, need a part two and describe Mrs. Taylor and Reuban and how big he is. Give us some more details with their play. Looking forward to the next part.


Hope there is going to be a second part to the story

2nd time around

Enjoyed reading this again, I only hope that it's your story and not someone else that you took as your own. Thou Shall Not Steal


So hot. Never went to Sunday School or church but if I had, I would have been on the lookout for a Mrs. Taylor. Look forward to more installments. Maybe a little incest scene between mom and Cherry with Reuben watching/participating?

Damn! Is there a Sequel!!!!

I sure liked that story!
I hope Your planning on writing a sequel to it!!!

beautifully written, I just wish it was longer and that there was a sequel to this though =)

She's a bit too skilled

A good story. I would have her be a little less certain/skilled at what she was doing in future stories; she's only had sex 3 times (4 now), and even with some internet research, she's going to have a learning curve of her own. I did like the story, and I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

This is the edited, revised version of the original story.

The first version was a rough, first draft I should never have submitted, and for that I do apologize.


Really liked this story. Great idea with the top three. I'd definitely want to see separate stories going in-depth with all three women on other occasions. Especially the Tina character.

Good flow, needs some serious editing.

This is a fun story -- but really, did you have ANYbody edit this? This is like a rough draft of a story. Lots of words wrong or missing. Punctuation errors, misspellings. Get somebody else to read it and mark it up and hand it back to you. Print it out and read it yourself using a ruler under the lines to limit the words you see as you go down the page. Find the places you left out words or used the wrong words. Read it WORD FOR WORD out loud and make sure it makes sense.

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