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Hope I can relate

I'm in a new relationship now and so far this story seems very similar, I hope our relationship turns out the same. A great read :)

One of the best stories on these pages.

An exciting, suspenseful story, well written; it grabs you from the first paragraph and you can't let go. I can't wait for the next chapter. Good job, Jay!

Oh my god. I need chapter 3!!!

That is a masterful display of literotic skill

Your storytelling skill is impressive, but the vivid images you discribe make us feel every sensation. Fabulous.


I believe I have made this comment (Sublime) on every story I truly liked (I don't make the comment very often, to be honest rarely), but this is the only time I really believe the story deserves it, it is a mastercraft, a honestly sublime piece of work! Good Job!

Rubbed my kitty while reading it

Ygh, couldn't get past the first half page.

What a mob of crankiea !

As always the negative comments come from negative producers.
Gotta admit I don't know how they (the characters) managed to hold off so long.

Rubbish ?

Hey 'Anonnymouse' put your abilities where your fingers occasionally rest and play with your keyboard instead to prove you know what you are saying.
Anita that was sweetly said.

I liked your approach.

Two eager lasses determined to dispose of that stupid bit and quite rightly enjoying the hell out of their change of life,

Not Your Average First Time Romance!!

Really great story and writing. I amy so drawn in that you have written a set of believable characters. While Rose's Mom is by no means the presidnet of the PTA, she is not slut of the week either. She is like so many women who derives her sense of worth from the validation of a man, so any man will do. And while Dales' folks seem Ozzie and Harriet Nelson perfect, his Mom wants to gossip but has compassion enough to realize her son is becoming a man and doesn't try to browbeat or forbid him into staying away from Rose. His Dad remembers being a horny teen but can see his son really cares for this girl, no matter how damaged she is. Like I said a really great story, well written. 5*s. Cant wait for the nest chapter.

Young Love

Thank you for such a great story of two young lovers, you didn't hurry it along to get to the sex and when you did it was very loving, they didn't just fuck they made love.
You wrote a story that was very believeable and without the huge cock or DD tits.

All of you assholes; leave this girl alone. I went to school with this writer and I would like to say that she actually has an learning disability and can't work with grammar very well. Everyone of y'all should apologize to her! She was worked on this story for a whole month just trying to fix the problem, and what do you do; criticize her work! Sweetie all of your stories are the best things I have read, don't let these idiots call you a bad writer when they are bad writer themselves.

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