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Sexy Micah

Please continue this story! I hope Micah planted a good seed within her. Give a description of Micah: A hairy chest, a long, thick cock surrounded by a healthy pubic bush? A treasure trail to die for? Mary's been waiting a long time for a healthy man, and Micah could be just that stud!

dont you love anons who take it all so seriously

im pretty sure that anon comment was serious lol and, hey, you are australian ( i could go into more detail but i wont :p )?!?! i didnt bother looking at your bio yet i was too wowed by all the writing you have put on this site! hehehe i saw the title of this one & i was like ooooohhhh. anyway HAD to comment again

Bogart groans

Trite story and references to Casablanca are so wrong. Did Rick ever ask Ilsa if she was on birth control?

Avery, a friend of mine is 30f and she is not enormous. Her breasts are a good size (maybe bigger than average but not too much). It's possible that UK bra sizing is different from that in the US but the cup size (volume I guess) for each letter isnt the same: a 30f has the same cup volume as a 38b or c.

Sorry if the size description spoilt the story for you but I did base my description on a real person.

NO! She Doesn't Speak for "Us"

The following quote should be taken for what is worth - only the misinformed opinion of one person:
"Yes. We all know that most peoples first time, no matter who its with, will not go like this. Yes, it is impossible for a tomboy to suddenly pop out and be an experienced babe who makes losing your virginity awesome. Yes, 18 year olds don't think this way during sex (I was there myself)"

In fact, NO, "we" don't know what "people's" first time was like. And, NO, "we" don't know how 18 year olds think during their first time. I will speak for myself, thank you very much.
Thank you for presenting a possible path in your wonderful story. I could put real names to the characters from my own friends at that age.
Your development of the characters was realistic. In my case, I didn't have Sam's outgoing personality and had to wait until my best friend's marriage ended but I still got my best friend in high school as my permanent mate.
Keep up the good work. You have a fantastic talent and excellent writing skills. And, thank you so much for telling a story similar to my own.


This is a sterling example of the "First Time" category. I appreciate especially the genuineness of the emotional attachment on the part of both John and Libby. Sexual consummation means so much more when it follows from emotional/personal intimacy.
Ignore the naysayers!

Decent story

But you lost me when plausible realism left.

Thanks for the warm reception!

I had a chapter four written forever ago, but editors never seemed interested, I must have sent it to 8 editors, and I had two more installments ready and on hold before I realized their lack or response was probably a sign a rewrite was needed. So I have refocused the character, I've redirected the story to revolve around his highs school relationships and the upcoming party (like the title indicates), and any "mature" stuff will be delayed until after.
More will follow! The old rewrites wont work with the retooling, but I've already started.

Bra size

Sue, In my 73 years I have held, played with, and sucked on a hundred or more breast from size AA to EE and G, 32"s to 54's pert to saggy but never seen a woman 30" around with F size breast, breast of that size would make her more than 30" around.

Great second story.

I enjoyed both stories you have written and hope you keep going


I think you need to learn a little more about women's bra sizing - the cup size is relative to the band size and not a fixed size.


While I enjoy girl girl sex stories and this was good, the 30F bra size WTF was she thin as a rail with tits down to her belly?

Agree on wonderful stoy, I am just sorry that it came to a halt

Love the story,and totally agree with th others that have commented good characters, believable plot,just enough humor,and timidity. Please finish thstory

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