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And you...

...Lived to tell the tale.
Made me smile and titter!

Don't Like the Concept.

But I like the writing and how beautiful the woman is and the vibrant colors that pop into my head. Thanks for posting!

Truly . . .

. . . very touching. Thanks, Ellie.


Thank you so much for passing by and appreciating :-)

I love this!

As much for the image as the words!

@ JWren...you are too kind *wiggles* :-)

@Painedlove...If my poem has made you smile, then in turn I am smiling back at you :-D

@Tazz...Pleased you enjoyed the scenery ;-)


Hmmm...Of all your poems, this one leaes the most questions. Your slime bucket one makes me curious, but this one makes people really wonder...whats the change? I like your short little poems by the way. :-)

Sincerely, Payenbrant


First off, it's funny. Second of all, this reminds me of Haiku...except it makes a whole lot more sense! :-)

Sincerely, Payenbrant


for visual enjoyment, TK U MLJ LV NV

i hv a smile on ma face...

Still there.........
yeah....sti ll there....
one of yur bests......

One and only

Yes, some things you can only do once. So simple and subtle, I almost choked. Nice one!

@ HoneyAdored

In answer to your question:
does my bum look big in this???
Turn around and let me look. . .of course not, how could it when they're "constructed with care"?

@ Jwren

Thank you so much for your comments :-)

Regarding fit; I thoroughly enjoyed creating this poem because of the creative thought processes that went into it with engineering everything to fit perfectly, it became very 3-Dimensional. I wanted the line endings/material edges, to be natural breaks, to fit the rhythm, meter and length required, not just cut to fit the design mid-flow as I have seen done to other shaped poems. I wanted the typeface to give the impression of the fine filigree of lace and in an ideal world the image would have been 12 inches across unstretched.

The most important thing though is...does my bum look big in this???


Nice idea and a verse that fits.

intriguin' lines'n illustration .

I offer love
i'll be your wife
& once we are done : i'll take your life !!
alongwith the Unicorness's pic sets the reader a Riddle .

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