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@ freeman

I am glad you like the shape, I wish the image could have been a bit bigger so it was easier to read but it works.

Nice shape

Nice words and shape which reminds me of... or do I have a dirty mind. :)

@ AsteroidBlue

Thank you again for favouriting my poem and your lovely comments


I love the shape of the poem and I think it's well-written, sexy and sweet.

Cheers Tod

Pleased you approve of the final version :-)

how did i friggen miss this????

Sensually written and is that a shape poem in there some where.....

5 freak in stars

Thank you all

Bless you! I am grateful to you all for your lovely comments, ratings and favouriting :-*

Ya already know

I love it. More love never hurts though.


Okay, I'll say it again
MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm. Beautiful!

Beautiful visually and verbally!!!

you know...

while this undeniably works as a whole, what caught my interest was the first part; after that i felt there was little room for thought, for my imagination to play. the first part, though, works for me as a brilliant metaphor for revisiting our writing to edit/polish - and how that process can sometimes feel.

I wish you would

With writing like this I want more, lots more.

Really simple

But extremely enjoyable. It's one of the few poems that I've seen that seem really natural, like it's not trying to show off. Well done, indeed.

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