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They made it!! I'm so happy I could cry!!!


If this is complete, I can't wait to see what that wonderful mind of yours will come up with next. Thank you for sharing.


You have made me one happy girl, lately I have had very few things that put a smile on my face and your stories and you are one of those good things I have to look forward to. I am so happy i had a chance to read your stories and get to know you. A new friend and truly hope one day that we can meet. As for Colton, I'm sure I will find one for myself, I haven't given up on love. So God bless you and i mean that truly. Thank you so much for putting my dear baby daughter, Savannah in your story. That's how I picture her to be. I'm always so happy to read anything you write about her. I love you girl Sincerely the real Kellane:)


I loved it. And I love how you ended it. I look forward to reading more from you.

Awesome read

Free girl,one word---- AWESOME. I have read published books that are no where near the caliber of this story. Freaking fantastic!

@ Kellane and Savannah

I love Lit because of the opportunity to interact with the readers. I have come to know some spectacular women who have survived with dignity and faith what most would think unsurvivable. It has given me the courage to believe in myself. To take a chance and live my only life.
Kellane I want to thank you especially for allowing me to share my vision of Savannah. I see her as full of life and curiosity. Being loved and cherished. I have to say that this story will always be my favorite because I know why it was written. In my mind Colton is the perfect father and husband and I know someday your Colton will come. Thank you for the honor of lending me your name and of course the very special name of your "Angel" Savie. I know she is forever in your heart. But also now in mine and many others. With sincere love I wish you all the happiness in the world. Most humbly...FREE GIRL


Please let them make love one more time.

No Words

What a great read! Glad to know it all works out in the end.
Can wait to read the missing chapters. Please let us know when and where your story is published. I will definitely purchase a copy. Thanks again for sharing your work.

It's over?

You can tell a story is awesome when it makes your heat cringe or tears swell in your eyes, or when the first thing you do when you wake up is check Literotica for an update.

Thanks for this. I am so glad it is working out for Colt and Kell. Can't wait until you publish.

I like it so far

It is starting out great with Serena being an underdog. But could she at least be an under dog with confidence. As a black female it is quite annoying and disappointing to read all these stories about black women with low self esteem and poor body image. I hope she realizes her beauty and gains confidence soon because she is really going o need it in her field. But the overall chapter was a great start and I look forward to more.

Are you one in the same

Are you one in the same as the author who posted this store on the chamber a few years ago?

@"Please! Do continue!"

You have been my very first and most loyal & vocal supporter. I thank you so much, especially for your steady & constant feedback!

Could you please write your email address in your next anonymous feedback you send to me, so that I can communicate with you more directly and in private?
I think we could have many exciting & enlightening discussions together.
I know I have much I want to ask you, as well.
Hope to hear from you! Thanks again, always love hearing from you and how much you like these AM/WF stories!

Thank You!

I love the way that you use music and song to weave these stories. I embark on a musical journey each time and it is enchanting. To think, I've rediscovered Kenny Loggins.
I love the idea of Colton and Kellane, Savannah, Luke and the little flutter. My favourite couple remain Ethan and Olivia. I look forward to more. Hope you are better! I remain a loyal reader.

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