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that was a tease!

Stopping at that point and leaving us hanging....tsk tsk tsk.....

Part Ii is done and has been submitted!!

She has NO proof, only the fact he didn't come home? Well why would he want to, to a bitch like her? She's setting Jack up.

You floozy LOL

With your husband upstairs tsk tsk LOL x x
Lovely chapter again, Mmmm got me going now x

very nice

Glad i found you Tracy x
Very sexy and nothing beats a good sized cock! x

Great set of stories

This set of stories have been fantastic! You are an excellent writer!


I loved how Olivia ran off Susan. That was hilarious!

I also loved how they got married, although I think I would have enjoyed reading about those details in an extra chapter previous to this one. ;)


Easily 5 stars. Incredible detail to their lovemaking. I'm very impressed.

Some reality

Great to see you understand a guy can't "get it up" right after ejaculating like too many others love to resume with.

Great build up revealing their thinking and how they really felt about each other, and I love how they're enjoying each other now. I'm looking forward to reading Ch. 5 and seeing what he does with her. :)

Very interesting...

...kisses to be sure. I'm loving the buildup and getting to see their thoughts.

I like...

...the buildup you're doing, although I'm quite surprised you've only done 1 page per the last 2 chapters. What you have is good, and I'm glad you're willing to take your time on the details.

I knew she was setting them up so they could have sex. Jack fell for it. He has no proof she is telling the truth, not saying her husband isn't cheating but this is asking for trouble.

don't quit your day job

your writing lacks creativity and detail. the pov is lauded as being from the white girls perspective yet, clearly the author is a black male. would be improved if your perspective and the characters perspective weren't competing in the writing.

I stopped reading

at the augmented tits. Total turnoff.

Nice Start

You have the beginning of a very interesting story. There are many directions you could go with this. My suggestion would be to create a multi chapter story/novel. You have the audience on the hook run with it.

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