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A huge pile of shit

Continuing to write crap like this have led to a baboon to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW


Now that's one punishment I would gladly take and look forward to.. Everyday! LOL!! Great job! I can't wait for the next post, please bring on more :D

Great story so far, can't wait for the next chapter & the following chapters. Keep up the great work. & a big thumbs up for your stories.

I was so excited while reading the beginning and got depressed as I kept scrolling because it was coming closer to the end lmao

Anonymous 'anal because all black me are bisexual'

I'm guessing your mother is your grandmother, sister and cousin because you sound as ignorant as an inbred Redneck!

Lilly, oh dearest...

...Wow! I'm fracking emotionally twisted & exhausted; God, what you do to me takes my breath away, leaves me stunned and aching yearning for more. Don't care about the sex, I'm hooked on the characters & the plot, all the backstories...DAMN, if you fuck as well as your prose you must be awesome in bed.
So it's a couple few years now & you've not posted any other writing, is it to much to hope that this will be continued?
If you are out there, Lily, you are deeply cared for & dearly missed; & if not, I pray to the goddess you are well, loved & bountifully thriving.




Just yes. That's all I can say about this just one giant yes.

OMG! A TRUE story?

I'm still laughing at how bad this was. And the "true" part just makes it worse.

Fav story

Probably my favorite story to jerk to, wish I had a few heavy loads to clean from a used pussy

Good start

Realistic dialogue and scenario. Don't let the haters pull you down.

This can't be a true story . No man of any race would put up with that


Why would you not only hide behind your anonimity but make a blatant rascist statement like those?
A well written story with a nice flow; my only problem is a 54 year old man cumming a half dozen times in a few hours! Lucky guy to get the cherry of an 18 year old

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