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Murphy, typical male....nuff said!

I knew Murphy was going to do something stupid! I knew Ella was going to be the snake in the garden! Truman is having a mental break and Ruby needs to take her children and run! Cole needs to fine his own woman! Nandy needs to put her foot in Ella's Ass and kick Murphy in the nuts!

Please finish this story! Absolutely love it!

Great First Effort!

Don't let the bastards get you down. Keep writing. You might want to use an editor.

This is probably the best line I've read all year, "red velvet with cream cheese icing, southern girl kryptonite". As a true southern girl I can attest to the validity of this statement.

Lady Caroline reminds me of the English actress Helen Mirren.

Well done. I keep learning more from the characters.

I liked how this chapter talked somewhat more about Jacob as the previous chapters had leaned towards Bobby a bit more. I can't believe its almost over. Thank you for letting us know that the final chapter will be about Anne as a single woman in her new life. I look forward to it.


I'm sure she has more times of black cum..lol

is it just me or do we have similar taste in men!!!

Another excellent story! Oh God find me a man like that plz! Yes and we need more... your adoring fans are suffering from withdrawls lol

hooked for more

LOOOVEE UR WRITING can't wait for more



Harry i.V. Witness

If there is a vote, then......

I'm for a happy ending for Dani & Ryan. When I was a senior on high school, I had a teacher who was just out of college, who was rumored to be dating a classmate of mine. Turns out it was true and now 35 years later they are still married! God Bless them!

I'm rooting for this couple to be together, but one suggestion I have for you is this, BE TRUE TO YOUR ARTISTIC talents and to the characters you have brought to life! Don't look for our approval as we couldn't do half as well as you have!

5 stars!

Oh Hell! It is on an Poppin Now!

G-Frenzy, better be careful before he becomes G-Missing! You don't pull a B@$#&! A$$ move like that, in front of the paparazzi, you know they blow everything out of proportion! Now, Murphy, is going to do something stupid with Ella, and Nanda is going to do something equally stupid with Cole (g-frenzy). This makes my head hurt!


Omg yesssssss! So well done! Hot! Wow he's amazing fucking sexy as hell lol! Great job! Keep writing!

Keep It Going, Blush

This story is so sweet; simply wonderful. Sven is just what Cordelia needs after facing harsh rejection from her own family and abandonment by the one she thought she loved. She and Sven's relationship has progressed rather quickly, but it's nice to see these two feed off of eachother and the potent love they share; they both seems so deserving! And an even brighter future is ahead for little Morgan. I'm loving this so far, but I'm holding my breath until psycho student Melanie learns just how off limits her professor really is...

Kayden, Kayden, Kayden

I think Kayden is adorable. In a murder-for-hire, homicidal, suicidal, virginal type way. Lol! A murderer who loses his virginity with someone he sincerely loves....Morgani. How special is that! LOL! This is interesting. I really like Kayden's character actually more than Morgani's. I don't know if you are writing it like that or not, but in this chapter, it seems to me that his character is a bit more interesting and enticing and the others are there as "mcguffins" just to move the story along. In some places, I got a bit confused about who is talking because sometimes it seems like the author is narrating what is happening and then in the same sentence it seems like the character is narrating. Nonetheless, I am hooked! Can't wait to see who the intruder is! Keep writing!

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