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the hell..

naaa i cant read this, these 2 grown ass people acting like lil ass kids while cuddling nope cant hang LOL wow.

Will you please update this story?

Hot Story

So easy to tell how you love to be used and taken like this...yet cherished for what you give.

I hope Claudia gets her hormones under control and don't start the pursuit of Tristan. Why want someone who has already stated who and what he wants. Which is Kimi. And she didn't take notice of him until an after thought.

An excellent first story. You have real talent. Your descriptions are vivid and your voice is very strong.

for real!!

Okay I really hope that you update soon I want to know what is going to happen

Ready for ....

Chapters 1-5 but will settle 4. I'm enjoying the story so far. Miranda may be young but she is smart who can handle arrogant Alexander. Good chemistry...

OK dark it is

Very different writing -

But the same intensity - these characters all had - well - major flaws let's say LOL

Ann got screwed - more than just literally as did our hero but much of it through their own design intended or otherwise -


Whats a love story!!! I'm sitting here reading and crying!!!


One of the best written stories I've read on this site. I just hope you'll continue with Part II.


This story constantly held my attention and almost cost me my job! Great author! (:
Thanks, Mickie!


Everything @Blastwizard said lol.

P.s Please don't make Jazz parents be racist.

Great chapter!

Way to go, Riley! I love this chapter! Very touching and heartfelt. I hope the best happy ending comes of this between Jeneda and Gary, but even if it doesn't get to that point, at least there is a chance, however slim, for some sort of reconciliation. Can't wait to read the rest of this story.

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