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Chapter 3

What happened to chapter 3? I read it yesterday and now when I go to your page it's not there


I LOVE that she had four other trees!


I've lasted over 3 hours inside all of a hot, super-tight, married Latina stripper, and I'm 7" long & 6" around...

still reading...

I'm enjoying this so much! Thanks for writing it!

The Fantasy Part

I am sure that the part of this story that is a fantasy at least includes the part where her son continues to see her after she shows him once again what she thinks of him by abandoning him in the restaurant. I suspect he really never wants to see her again after that.

The author painted a picture of a very sick and pathetic woman. I really hope that most of the story was fantasy. What a waste of a human being and a story.


Can't wait until the next chapter!!

I'll take over and re-write this story.

Probably because the lil dude is racist. I think I may make a better virus, one that makes all races except for blacks become more intelligent and unlock the use of 100%, and seeing blacks as a lesser species, enslave the black men, and use black women as anal sex toys.

I don't know, but as a black guy, i feel this is just a dumb story.

I am pleased you shared your story with us. I had the chance to participate in a gang bang, I took it, I was 24, the lady was quite a bit older, she knew what she wanted, there were 5 of us, we all wore condoms except when in her mouth. I treated the lady with respect, I didn't realize how I would react to watching another guy fuck a woman, I now realize I am a voyeur. I was lucky enough to fuck her pussy but the highlight was fucking her arse after another guy had just done it. She was open enough, but tight and because I had fucked her pussy, I lasted quite a long time, in fact she had 2 orgasms before I unloaded. I didn't realize the woman was one of the guys wife. I found out when 2 days later the guy from work who invited me, told me the couple would like to talk to me. I rang them, he answered, Mick and invited me over. I went, as I said they were older, in their 40s,He said Sharon enjoyed the other night but asked could I come over as she thought I was nice and really enjoyed the way I fucked her. Now I get together with them,and i get to fuck her without a condom. I did my first d/p with them, me in her tight arse and i get invited to any gang bang they go to.


good story....try using first person..it's a much better read..otherwise very good

i like it but...

The sex scenes are great and deliciously hot but... personally i would scratch a bitch's eyes out then castrate my husband.


Can I have a bit more please? Waiting for part 3!
He satisfies her like no other! Wish it was me!

love it

I love this story and would love to see it continue :)

hope the wife was not passed out but faking to get proof of his cheating and Olivia is in on it so they can run away as a lez couple

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