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Hardly. Drawn out and tedious? Definitely.

FUCK YOU AND YOUR BULL SHIT STORY ,AND THE COMMENTS FROM SOME OF YOUR READERS THEY AND SUCK SHIT AND BARK AT THE MOON SO EAT SHIT AND DIE............................................... ...............................

Ian has caused so much damage in the past that its going to take a while for Sam to have faith in him from changing from a playboy. But Ian has no control over females that flirt with him, as long as he doesn't flirt back that will help.

Me too

Yes, I hope this is not the end as well - more please.

Great story looking forward to more

She kind of has an attitude and takes offense to everything Jarrett says. I guess this is one of those love/hate deals.

me likey!!

Is Xavier a criminal? How old was Jada when she broke X off a piece? She was legal right? So good, more please!!


Where is he hot black and white sex? Is this biracial? I don't think merely mentioning that one person has dark brown skin is what is meant by "Interracial sex".

you are all crazy

does anyone really wish they had a professor who dry humped them?

Has anyone anywhere ever gotten an orgasm from being dry humped, especially a virgin?
Is everybody nuts?

I a m waiting for Roxanne to grow on me

Right now hwe ever attitude really works my nerves!! Love Jarett, he cracks me up!!

love Alex

I am a little disappointed that they hadsex so soon, but damn it was hot!! I am glad that shes realizes her feelings for Alex now Alex has to get her to see just how serious he is. I love this story!


Great story, thanks for sharing it ...

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