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Great work!

I really love this story, very original and sexy. I can't wait for more work and I hope you bring them back for a little flash of their family. Please keep writing and I hope you had a great Labor Day weekend :D

Moe please?

It seems that devilspy isn't the only moron in this group.


Please finish it? I gotta know what happens.

What a heartwarming LOVE story!

Their love allowed them to redeem each other from low self-steem. I really enjoyed how you developed both Michelle as well as Mark's characters. When she commented to Mark after her encounter with Mandy that she was tired of all the drama, it let the reader know that she hadn't had a great history of being resepcted and appreciated in past relationships. In the end she has to learn to trust even more than Mark. A really great read. Thanks so much for publishing as a single edition.

That's HOT!

I'm a white guy who loves (ABSOLUTELY LOVES) the sight of a beautiful white woman worshipping a big black cock. Hey, I don't decide what turns me on. Something either does or it doesn't and white women getting blacked out of their minds is the hottest sex of all, bar none! There...I said it! Now write some more hot stories!

Great story!

L really enjoy reading this story. There is good character development and a great believable story line. I hope you can continue for many more chapters and take them through several years in Africa!

This is sick

How on earth, do you sickos get off, having your wife fuck other men....
And why just black ... there are plenty of us white guys with big tools and stamina to match...
Too much hype on BBC....
Do you think a black guy would get turned on with a white guy banging his black wife...
Of course not...a real man wouldn't
Sick fucks like you...are an embarrassment to white guys globally..
You cuckies aren't real men


I love this story but I wanna know what the fuck happened to Caroline Jameson????

Great story

I really like your story. Yes, there are some editing issues, but the story is still really good. I'll continue to read it with or without an editor. I understand constructive criticism, but yelling at the author anonymously??? At least create a screen name and then offer your criticism. You've obviously been reading stories in this site for awhile. This is a great story...please continue!!!

I Think

That Micah and Crystal should go together. I think they would be cute.


I want to call you a insert bad word here only because I have to wait to read more I love your stories. Nothing else to say but HURRY PLEASE!!!!!!!

stopped reading when the author was too lazy to put any thought into the plot

"She also liked to flirt with them, and they would flirt back, sometimes right in front of me. I shrugged that off, but I was a little annoyed by that blatant disrespect." Really?????? Dayspring69 go fuck yourself.

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