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Jie enjoying black cock

I enjoyed the story very much. It is the kind of story most of us voyeurs enjoy reading. Myself, I would love to have the wife experience a nice thick black cock attached to healthy black man; while I watch her enjoy a thick cock that would allow her to fully enjoy her womanhood.

proof read your work

Good story and I will keep reading them but you need to go through and proof read what you have. You have the instead of then once and talker instead of taller. Do this out loud if possible. It will help you find some of the errors. Good luck!


Perfect, beautiful romance.
Thank you


I really hope to read about Devlin's Philly trip.


Ella AND Simon are disgusting. "Bad" mother or not, Patricia doesn't deserve to be treated like that. Ella, you're her daughter, not some a "friend" or some random on the corner.....the fact that she's parading herself out to Simon and poor Nolan is just pathetic and the fact that Simon is still LYING to Patricia is even worse. I cannot wait till this blows up in their faces. But of course, Patricia would probably be the only one get blamed for being so stupid or oblivious to the obvious. She needs to like get away from all of them. And i know this isn't real, but my god i can't believe some of the commenters on here are siding with Gabriella. That girl is messed up and Simon is just disgusting, messing with your wife's DAUGHTER!?! I mean come on...this couldn't be me.


This story was so erotic. I loved it that the girl took the black cock bareback as she should. All white women/girls should take black cock bareback especially while they are ovulating as evry white woman should have at least one black baby, preferably two before they even consider having a white baby.


This is a very nice story. It had just the right amount of dialogue in the sex scenes. You still need to let an editor review your story before submitting it. This story deserves a second and possibly a third chapter with Amy getting pregnant with a black baby.


Great story, pity that you didn't finish though.

Go back and visit. Set them straight. Leave Georgia.

Update soon.

it sure as hell would not have happened that away if it were my wife, i'm not going to say what would have happened but it sure as the hell would not have been a pleasant thing to look at!!! fucking nigger

I loved it, there isn't enough younger cuckold stories

Great Story

Written really well and I suppose that somewhere on this planet there be someone as f'ed up as John.


Very hot story. Yeah, you had some problems with grammar and spelling but it was like you were just sitting around with buddies telling the story. I enjoyed it. Got me rock hard. Hope you keep writing.

A bit of copy-editing needed. For example, "O" is spelt "Oh"

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