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I stopped reading when it was obvious that she had been drugged

And the author wrote him to be so stupidly blind that he couldn't see it. I mean, why should I feel sorry for a guy who jumped to one conclusion and held onto like a starving dog on a none and for what? His pride? He talks about how much he lived her, but love demands action, it doesn't compel us to crawl away with our tail between our legs.

If I were Maddie, I would have told him to go fuck himself and hit him up for child support after the baby was born. He demonstrates that he DOES NOT love her and she deserves a man who will fight for her. Who will defend her honor. Who has her back when no one else does. At the first sign of trouble, he turned tail and ran.

ave it a 5 for the sex

well written and no errors in the names.


You and your husband have found a perfectly acceptable and creative way to keep the relationship new and exciting. I have always felt that consenting adults can and probably should, if they wish, bend and stretch the boundaries polite society has established for us. The longer the duration of the marriage, the better this creativity becomes and the more it benefits, provided there is continued communication between the two protagonists. Good for you. I look forward to reading your stories. I am

What the author wrote...

The author wrote: "Eric, you never know what may happen in life if you believe in serendipity."...and I say: Even that someone writes a so bad story has this...f he said this was in a parallel world the story was good...But in this world, never would have happened...

really terrific story

but I was so looking forward to the revenge against the rapist and at least a little virtual blood drawn from the asshole parents. Please consider extending the epilogue even though the story is complete as it is, I was just so looking forward to dessert, if you know what I mean.

fanny pack. really?

She still had sex with him after she saw that he had a fanny pack. I call bull shit. Never going to happen if she was even half as hot as he said. LOL.
But then I guess that she could have been a little more the a few bricks short of a full load. Kind of like Claire I'm guessing. ':~)

Interesting Story!

Boy, this was an interesting fantasy. I have no sympathy the guy that got tortured at all. Payback is a bitch. He had no redeeming qualities. As to the cheating wives, they should have been trained, used and sold. They didn't just cheat, they humiliated the husbands-no excuses. I don't understand why they would want them back after they were used by others during their training. Get rid of them and move on and live a happy life. Thanks for such an interesting story.
Another comment mentioned what would they do with men cheaters, that would be an interesting concept.

Holy smokes this is HAWT!

I haven't seen writing like this in quite a while. NICELY DONE! Excellent use of dialogue to build the drama, and the narrative filled in the gaps. I would have liked to know more about the protagonist, though. What he looked like? Obviously a stud, but some specifics would have been nice. I am happy to Favorite this one!

Simplistic is the story

And so I'll explain that more since you seem to be curious and have asked twice. I wrote this to be short and concise. It's not meant to be true life or explaine all the "what ifs" that would be associated with a real couple or real people in the real world. All the public ramifications of the events in this story never happened to anyone to the best of my knowledge. Just like when a little boy gets his arm ripped off by a killer clown in the sewer in Steven King's "IT." Or ghosts call upon Scrooge, or Conan has sex with a witch. All of those are great, entertaining full novels that take the time, are afforded to have the time needed, and were created from the start as awesome works of fiction.
This story has only one aspect comparable to those and thousands of other stories. It's fiction. No, I don't consider this little half done work to be in the same universe as far as literature is concerned. I have no delusions of grandure. Only an interest in trying my hand at it a little in my spare time. I wrote a story for a porn site that would probably make a half as script for a porn movie... At BEST
If I were going to truly dedicate my life to writing, I wouldn't be posting any of my work on a porn site like Literotica.
As the creator of the story, I have the freedom to do with what I want to, in happens. I realize some will like. Some won't. And if no one does, that's ok too. The purpose of posting it was to share it and if Someone does enjoy it, Awesome! But also to seek some guidance from more experienced writers on how I can become better. Whatever your opinion of the story is, post it. But be respectful as the guidelines of this sight state. Or I'm given the right and option to moderate as I have and shall continue to do.
Again THANK YOU for the comment and for pushing me to expound upon what I agree was a simplistic answer. I hope I've answered you question. If not, drop me an email and let's chat.


thanks for a really enjoyable read. probably more true to life than most LW stories. thanks again. keep writing

I really don't see that many technical problems

And I enjoyed the read. Steve with Parkinsons is mitigating though deception is still devastating. I hope that eventually there mind be consensus about John in the home. Keep writing. May i suggest that first person narrative might be more compelling? Thanks

Maybe I get this better than most BECAUSE!!!

Maybe I get the point of this story better than most of your previous readers because I am above average intelligence and have known some very intelligent people in my life.
I'm 51 now but I was very mature for my age and lost my virginity to a 30 year old lady who was a company accountant when I was 13. I always socialized with older people and I noticed something about, VERY intelligent people. They really do tend to lack in empathy towards less intelligent people.
The part I found interesting about the way this was written is how being so slow off the mark (Pardon the pun) Mark lets nature take its coarse and the intelligent wife screws up her own life with her arrogance and that is VERY true to life..
A particularly selfish very intelligent EX friend of mine used to have a saying for himself that was a take off from a sales slogan "Fuck ups Engineered Like No Other Fuck Ups" ( it was originally Mercedes Engineered like no other Car I think) because he would do it to himself. Just like This clever lady did.
Personally I See Gods hand when Intelligent people think that they can walk over less intelligent people and get away with it. We all have to face up to who we really are sooner or later, .What is sure is that our morals determine everything important about our lives.

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