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Hot story but in reality this will never work out , they will eventually have to split up because they will only be looking for more from others maybe even jealousy with her sister when hubby starts to go for her regularly. As needs change they will drift further apart

Just let me say this (and you can't stop it, LOL). I have been married 59 years.

If my wife had treated me this way any time along the way there would have been no reconciliation. Respect is very important and then after disrespecting me and then continually lying to me would have been "out the door" no matter the financial cost.
I realize that this is just a story, I am just stating my opinion. That's what the comment section is all about.

Hey SH

What's up with your editing? Check this out. "In the end we sold our house at a loss and split the profit fifty-fifty". Is this what they call an oxymoron? Sell at a loss and split the profit? Have I got a deal for you!! No worries, love your writing and wish you had more tales to share. Thanks.

Thanks for writing. I'm sorry, but the husband is not believable as a character. Humans aren't like frogs in the pan on the stove. He's hurting badly. If he doesn't take some kind of action, he must be seriously damaged, and no past damage was revealed.

Jame bond level of spying ........

Well ..... We could have US Navy SEAL PUPS !!!!!! hehe

Shoot the Bitch

Enough said ? Just grab the old shotgun and blow that fucking cunt away


IF I were to stay with her, even on just a room-mates with benefits basis, it damn well BETTER be monogamous!

fun hot story

I really enjoyed this story. Keep up the good work, nice to take a trip to fantasy land in this form. Something every man or woman should do. If you get to do it for real bully to you!! go for it!!

Ignore negative people!

I always laugh at people who are critical of an authors writing, saying this is all crap or put us out of our misery end the story, while at the same time continue to read it! If you do not like it stop reading it. I hope this story continues because of the great development of the characters, I know them so well. I love the give and take between them and can not wait for each new installment. Don't let it end any time soon. When you do I hope it ends positively for all..

I Don't See It Either

Take the slut back because she has buyer's remorse?

No way!

And let the known womanizer have his way with poor Mel?

To Carvohi

Hi, Carvohi. I appreciate you chiming in, and appreciate the kind words.

Re. voting, it has nothing to do with being thin-skinned. Every story I've written for LW earned a rating between 3.9 and 4.5. I have no reason to believe this one wouldn't be rated just as well.

My decision to turn off voting is my own little form of protest. I not only turned off the voting for this story, but for every other LW story I've written. The reason is simple: there is a small, but rabid, group of readers who are attempting to hijack this site by using the voting system as a weapon. Thanks to them, ratings in this category have become absolutely meaningless. I don't write for the ratings, anyway, so it's not a great sacrifice for me to turn off that feature.

As an aside, I have also deleted several comments, where readers insulted the characters in this story, Toni and Pat. You're all free to criticize my story as much as you'd like, and normally I'd laugh my ass off at people insulting fictional characters, but because these are actual real people I decided to remove those types of comments. Toni and Pat didn't trust me with their story because they wanted to be judged by the Morality Police. This is an erotic website. Lighten up. Have some fun.

Happy Thanksgiving.

He gave her...

He gave her a chance, maybe knowing she was stupid and self-centered to not accept it...And he was right...

Don't I wish!

Hi, I loved your story. I too have a 50 something wife who doesn't think she's sexy any more. It drives me crazy since I think she's really hot. I know that she wouldn't consider what your wife did, but I wish she would. I know she could rock the world of any young man lucky enough to score with her, and I would hope that would start to turn her around a bit. I know I haven't been able to in spite of all I've tried.


Unfortunately there are too many extra people

If the author really thinks about it, the cat will be out of the bag before Maisie gets her turn before the camera. . They should have held off posting until much later. These regional directors will be wired in and quickly alerted.

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