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Agree With the Timeline

Story was a bit rushed. From loving wife to slut on the hunt? Maybe all wasn't well in the marriage to begin with? It wasn't like Brenda. No parties, schmoozing etc. A little back story first in the sequel please. Such as how did he end up with a trust fund that will pay for everything. Then his meeting Alli and getting married. Of course using the clone phone to bust Marconi. And the coup de grace, Brenda having her way with Billy boy. No nonsense response was very good. Looking forward to the sequel. Thanks for posting.

So does that mean Kyle can fuck some younger, hotter girl with bigger

Tits and a tighter pussy?

Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you? It's one thing to be in a relationship where you agree to certain events, it's another thing to have your spouse come home, make you clean the lovers cum and then insult you afterward. I what ducking planet is that even remotely considered love?

Fuck me, why didn't she castrate him and then make him into some cock sucking homo? Because that's what she did emotionally.

Didn't even bother reading:

Gave you a 5 just because you finally ended this shit and I don't have to worry about you stinking the place up worse than some of the other excrement that pollutes this site. Really. You write so well but it's always :Mike and Jen. He wants her to fuck other men, he wants to be hurt, she wants to be some irresponsible teenager without a fucking care in the world and frankly, I want to take a gun and make them both eat a bullet. Even thinking about your asinine plots is getting me pissed off and I haven't read the story.

So thank you for ending it. Good luck with some other stupid ass plot involving another Mike and Jen.

You make it sound like this was the first time he had a long case.

As a cop, he would have had his fair share of long nights, stakeouts and all sorts of whackass hours. No one becomes a cop or marries a cop because they work 9 - 5 so why did she suddenly star cheating on him within the first week? And what about the other wives? They form a pretty close group because you never when one spouse will end up where's the other wives? Also, you never explained why she cheated! As the saying goes, men need a place to have sex but women need a reason: so what was her reason?

And throwing in the hooker/ex wife of the DA...Da'fuq are you smoking that your story makes even a lick of sense!!! Texas is a no fault divorce meaning she would make out like a fucking bandit EVEN if she had a felony charge.

Next time, don't be in such a rush to make the wife the adulterer. That would be more likely to be her husband, the cop.


Great tale. I look forward to the next chapter.

Needs some work

Your timeline is far too cramped to be believable. Wife starts to complain about late nights at work after 4 days? Immediately starts an affair that first week of late nights? Too much.

I liked the ending

I do think it definitely lost steam on this arc, but overall great story.

Didn't Take Long

You do love me and want me to be happy, don't you Joel?" Answer: Not any more. How about a quick divorce? Yuck. 1*

mate, you need help.

I have empathy for you. No sympathy. Why did I even bother reading this. Not my scene, so I should just shut up. Your fantasy, not mine. Each to their own.

No more Jen and Mike shit PLEASE, ffs surely you have more brains and imagination to come up with another story line!


Absolutely stupid...

Nice Tale

Wimp free zone. Or no cucks here. Good little story with a happy ending? Welcome back. 5*'s.

Oh come on...

The bastard rape gang got off way to easy...

Just a relaxing day in the woods.

Funny, just a nice hart warming story from one of my favorite authors.

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