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re: To be continued???

If you don't know whether or not to continue your own story, don't bother.

As for the "Please continue" comment, keep one thing in mind: the others commented on the story while this nimrod primarily commented on them and cannot stand it when others dare to have a differen opinion. Which is a better example of an insecure little pussy?

A great Job

Right up to the end - like any real investigation - when it gets to a certain point it steam rolls and concludes - hopefully with solid arrests like yours did -

Carrie was almost as foolish as Brian - she knew she was pushing beyond his tolerance just as he pushed her - one hopes their partner will be better able to communicate in times like that - just like real people these two failed there - but worked it out -

Nice job thank you


"This is a story of my boyfriend (now husband) and me, and how we got into the cuckolding lifestyle. If you don't like this genre of story, please move on and let us live the life we both enjoy."

To the author, I'd remark that if you don't like the comments about this shitty, fucked up story, please move on and let us read the stories we enjoy.

They're both a piece of work

The one comment that started with "How could she be pissed..." pretty much summed up my thoughts. Starting with how their relationship started, what's happening is hardly surprising.

That said, your one big hole is that you don't have him bring up what happened with her and Liz. There are some who would argue that she didn’t cheat because it was with a woman (kinda like the porn stars who do only girl/girl so they can say they aren’t cheating on their boyfriend or husband). She labeled as fucking, so that pretty much blows that excuse. As this person said, she could have joined. Having him be silent on this matter makes no sense and may have been the one thing that could have saved this story.

Also, if you’re not going to post an entire story, a little warning (such as a chapter number in the title) woulda been nice.

Second time around

I reread this story recently and it was as good if not better the second time around.
The story just shows what a talented author you are.
Gripping all the way through even though it was previously read.

How could she be pissed, he went to get drinks for them and her friend and comes back to them going at it . She tells him what she's gonna do and he could do nothing about it. She has no right to be upset she could've joined them like he did and they would've been even. This was just an excuse to act like the pig she really is and wants to be. Once a cheater always a cheater . He should never had married her knowing what she was doing with him behind her fiancé s back

to bad didnt end

To bad the story was not finished. Needs the last chapter.
Sure sounds like she has or is planning on cheating.

not exactly the same...but..

Some time ago my wife, cousin and myself were driving toward home from a night out. My cousin Roger was in the back seat. I was fooling around with my wife Gina, squesing her tits and trying to get to her pussy. I jokingly said if you don't cooperate I'l get Rog to help me. He immediatly volenteered to hold her. Gina was a little sloshed, and said if I was not careful she would climb in the back and fuck Roger. I told her I didn't care if she did. She said "really!!!", I said go ahead and she did. I kept driving while things got hot and heavy in the back seat. She really gave him a ride. We finally pulled into a rest area and the three of us continued. This satarted a long relationship between us.

The stupid was strong with that one.

"Second, murder is a little off the scale when it comes to retribution. No slimy bitch is worth meeting Bubbda!....." a commenter posted.

First, I know not of the Bubbda of whom you speak. I know a Bubby, who washes cars, and a Budda, some fat assed religious figure....I will assume you meant the second, I don't think Bubby is a religious figure nor do I think Budda with his fat ass ever washed a car.

Second...murder is a little off the scale, you say? Hmmm. I almost assume you're an illegal alien from another planet. Last I checked, murder is pretty commonplace, and given the way the human race is formulated, murder will be around for quite a while yet. Some may murder for money, some out of a sociopathic deviance, but there's a few who will do it acceptable reason. Say, to keep from harm another person they love, no matter how foolish or misplaced the love. Some may do it out of vengeance, and we've got lots of that in this human race of ours as well. Murder may be off the scale, but cheating might be too. Hell, when you go to Vegas, you're playing the odds, knowing the odds are against you. Fucking around with a married spouse is also playing the odds, because there is no way to determine if or how much retribution will be delivered. So, to sum up, if you think something is off the scale, try avoiding the scale in the first place.

Only problem is you said he was jealous when others flirted or groped you so I would have expected him to never allow that to happen

Skirt to jeans?

She was wearing a skirt when you started the drive - now all of a sudden she's wearing jeans?

skirt or pants????

At beginning you say she has a cute skirt on, but hitchhiker takes pants off her????


please continue... great start..

absolute brilliance

this story is probably the best thing I have read on this site. I honestly think you need to do a follow up or something with this story simply because it had me reading it at all times just to finish three pages not enough.

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