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You need to take a creative writing course

Or something. You simply can't write a decent story. Re-read your last few stories. Try to pick out the informational comments and learn from those. Read some stories that are highly rated. Your stories are badly written, lack anything original or clever and are just plain uninteresting.

Well you may continue to grow as an author

But use this as a learning experience. It was just horrible. Learn from your mistakes.

And he believes any of her crap?

If I'm in his shoes I begin to question what she's doing when I'm not around. I think she's already had sex with another man - and recently. Both implausible and unbelievable. 1 star.

Good start

Don't let him get KIA while worrying about his soon to be ex-wife and the jackass Mayor. Also - no reconciliation A wife that uses her maiden name and takes off her wedding rings knows FULL well exactly what she's doing . No forgiveness for that type of betrayal. I look forward to your conclusion.


She was built like brick shithouse

How is that a good thing? A brick shithouse has no shape, and tensds to be full of shit! So she is filthy looking, covered in grafitti, and smells of stale urine? That boy has some misguided taste!

I'm enjoying your work. They are well written, reasonably novel, and quite sexy in a low-key way.

Which is why I'm giving this 5 stars. Well done.

Great, as always

After several years, I still look forward to your stories. Please keep on with the writing!!!


like it, keep it going and keep it slow.

Great story and so believable

I like your stories a lot. xoxo Annette


That's the foundation of a healthy marriage. Betrayal, by either party, destroys trust and marriages, if not immediately then by the slow death from mental toxins that seep in and stain everything, and by desperate rationalizations to which victims cling - self-delusion that they can "forgive" if not forget, or by meekly accepting initial apologetic reassurances that 'it was a one-off that'll never ever ever happen again" (the sort victims of domestic violence hear from abusive spouses) - only to suffer additional blows to heart and psyche every day thereafter when looking at the now-tainted body you thought was yours exclusively, hearing the once-beloved voice utter dubious claims and promises, experiencing debilitating flashbacks triggered by seemingly innocuous mementos and photos from the past. Inevitably, these once monogamous doomed relationships crumble or worse, drag on as loveless partnerships. Anyone claiming it helped their marriage is indeed a deviant themselves who is happy redefining/watering down the concept of marriage. More's the pity.

I wanted to read a creative revenge story and kept waiting for the shotgun confrontation, of horndog Dave being forced to walk home naked while Nick, "on advice of counsel," held his cheating scum-covered bitchwife at gunpoint for a few hours (until Dave was long gone and hopefully arrested for indecent exposure) before forcing her to take a naked cab ride to her other lover's residence to await the divorce papers. Alas no Chap. 2 - "Dave and his Cellmate" or "My ex gets AIDS and knocked up by a cabbie." Instead, it was a disappointing rehash of one of LIT's classic urban legends - the myth that 'most' guys secretly want to see their wives whore around.

The first part of this sad tale of premeditated infidelity was believable since I once had a similar mistaken exchange (just an errant yet revealing email, not a sickening group phone call) from a woman who'd expressed interest in me after reading my many and varied posts on a non-adult hobby forum. The long distance between our home towns precluded a normal "meet for coffee" but after sharing a number of in-depth emails, phone calls and obligatory photos over almost two months (where my interest plunged even as she began suggesting a weekend meet halfway between our distant states) I received a lengthy email from her that she'd intended for her sister... I guess sorta like hitting 2 instead of 3 on speed dial when nicknames are nearly identical. That enlightening and remarkably candid communique exposed her to be a pathological liar, addict, slut and home-wrecker actively engaged in an unsafe sex adulterous affair with her married boss.

Lesson for liars: double-check the "TO:" line. Wait, on second thought, don't double-check... the squirming and begging not to tell anyone may be worth the time your victim wasted listening to a deceitful slut's lies. LOL

Welcome back.

Glad you are back writing believable stories. Thought you had gone over to the RAAC crowd. I don't think this was a BTB story like some have said in the comments, just a "do what he had to do for his own sanity" story. Bitch needed to be lit up a little bit. Selfish and absolutely clueless about most everything. Her son seemed to be the same way. I think her grandson was just a more evolved version of the POS she and her son were. I don't know divorce laws but it seems unlikely to me that someone could just refuse to sign the papers and that stops everything.

Your writing has always impressed me, but I do prefer characters to be responsible for their actions. And there should be a price for what is done. I never see the women in these stories have to anything other that lie and manipulate to get their lives back. The men on the other hand have to put up with being lied to, told by their wives even in the reconciliation talk that the lover made them orgasm so much more than husband had, but she really loved hubby more, ad nauseum. Then all of their friends take the wife's side, etc. Stang, you at least keep that to a minimum, which I appreciate. So, good job, again welcome back.

Take her back?

She's had sex with Donald fifty or sixty times before her infidelity is discovered. The community was small, obviously a lot of people know she's cuckolding him. What humiliation. When she's outed she goes with him, and sleeps and has sex with him for over a week. Then when the divorce is filed she follows him and lives with him. "The sex was fun". Wow! What a selfish bitch.

Really liked this story as it and "Simple Math" address an issue that far to often ignored, shitty family members are just not worth having in your life. The comments about trying to save the grandson have to be a joke, why risk your life for scumbags? My only complaint is why Ken never said anything to his son and daughter in law as there was no reason for cutting them out of his life. Also not checking up with his lawyer on the divorce is just bullshit story telling.

I kinda felt sorry for Matt in this tale. He was as asshole but aving to deal with a dipshit son and then finding out his parents marriage suddenly went to hell, had to be a major shock for him. His cunt of a mother lying about the real cause of the breakup and then having his own bitch of a wife playing mind games at such a low point in his life, it's no wonder the guys life hit the toilet bowl.

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