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very nice

perceptive, true, and something all should read, including wives. take from it what you will.


is not so much about the sex as it is about the ego. As long as the cheated spouse is unaware, I think that the respect for them diminishes exponentially from the cheater's stand point. I think that is why the sex drops off to nothing, it's "I'm better than you are, I'm smarter than you are and you are nothing in my eyes because you can't catch me". Then, of course, the lover has to be better than the spouse because if they aren't then the cheater is just a selfish bitch (male or female) and not the quivering pile of wonderful they think they are. I think someone said one time that cheaters never seem to cheat up. And from my observations that seems to be true.

All actions have consequences. So very true.

loved it

didn't mind the cheating aspect, seeing how he did expect it at some time, not that I would condone cheating by either party. I felt the same way the hubby did, in that at least she could have found a burner with a brain, instead of a just a live black dildoe.

I hate willing cuckolds and those that tolerate them.

"I love you , too, my dear husband" after she had sucked another man's dick a few hours before (and he knew it). I, too, will not be reading any more crap by this author.

another chapter

I think that each fuck cancels the other one out.

So, the husband should get a shot with a woman every time Sarah gets a stray piece so should he. I think he became a pussy whipped cuckold who did not like it but wanted his wife so much he tolerated it, also he was still feeling guilty. Fuck him for being a coward.

Ending is rushed

We could have used more details as her affair she ruined a good life for a lie , we donot know what happened after her prison sentence , does she get to see the kids , with his new found wealth he should make her life miserable , her deception and remarks she deserves all the pain he can give her.

No revenge

Just a buttonhole husband acting like a jerk.


isn't it a shame that maturity and wisdom doesn't always come with age.

How does this story not have a higher score?

This is one of your best. Many of my fantasies: key parties, truckers, 7-11s, dogging and some excellent fucking! I've done all but the dogging with some of my ladies, and have some wonderful memories. Once, a young lady was naked in my car, about 3am, and she asked if we could stop for a coke. Since her clothes were back in her car, she expected me to go into the store. Well, I pulled off my T-shirt, handed it to her, along with a five and just stared at her. She got my meaning, and I got even harder watching her cute ass peeking out as she got her drink. She was so wet that a few minutes later, as she was face down over the hood of my car behind a church, that I was easily able to fist her. Ah, nice...


Very hot story,loved it as i always read these thinking of my wife as the woman in it,but wow it could have been a lot shorter

You took that home?

You deserve that shit. She should have kissed you on the mouth right in front of her new man.

Great Story!

Exciting, instinctual, savage and right on!

My wife is a hot wife and she shares herself with other men only when and if we both agree on it. She doesn´t sneak around on me. The wife in this story was truly a “dumb cunt” and pretty much deserved what she got.

Guys, don´t look for holes in the logic of this story. It is simply raw nerves and anger expressed violently. As an aside, do we have a category for “stupid wives” instead of “loving wives”?

Great writing!

makes me wish i was the author

The experience as documented here I dreamed it was me writing about my wife.
Only difference is I would have got his contact information to invite him to our home to delineate our marriage anniversary.

nice story about a couple who actually like each other

and like being with each other as husband and wife. perhaps it should be posted in Romance instead of LW?
as for the 2nd person and punctuation rants, many problems can be solved, especially for newby authors, by securing the aid of an experienced editor. they can clear up all kinds of little things over looked by the author.

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