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What 5 parts never unveiled...

What 5 parts of a sad story never unveiled was why the husband never took any action against the two cheaters, and especially against the woman that should love and respect him above all....The only answer possible is that he also was a cheater, and cheated all the time with other womwn and so didn't care about his wife cheating...1*

After months of pleading?

A husband pleads during months for his wife to confess what he already knew? And she confesses that she was jealous of her lover talking with another woman? And he accepts it again? That is sad...very sad...1*

You can have her

Well Jack, you can have her. She planned this, she admitted she thought about fucking Steve while the both of you had sex. She cheated on you and carried the lie and deception on after she fucked Steve.

It's only a matter of time before she cheats again, you taking her back grants her the approval to be disrespectful to you over and over.

She showed you who she really is and you accept it. Good luck with that

The story was fairly well written, but the story is crap.......

3rd time?

3rd time? No comments...all were done...1*


just another mean girl who wants to fuck around but is too jealous to let her husband have the same fun.


...any chance of you writing more of your friends ?

Thoroughly enjoyable - thank you !!

Let it happen twice is...

Let it happen once can be negligence, but let it happen twice is stupid...The cheaters had already cheated once without punishment, so why not cheat againa and again? I was talking about the husband, seeing that his wife didn't love him or respected him and stayed as nothing had happened!!! How could he look to his wife and look himself in the mirror? 1* again

2 persons with no morals and 1...

2 persons with no morals and 1 with no self-respect...One cheating wife that didn't hesitate to cheat on her where was her love and respect for him? A friend that the only sport was to cheat on his friends with their wives...What fun can it be reading about people like these 3? 1*

Wonderful start!

Can't wait to see how messy this gets.


a very good start leaving lots of avenues to pursue. TK U MLJ LV NV

Good Flash

The comment about vapid hearsay is amusing since all stories are hearsay. If the wife had kicked the engineer out of the house when he tried to kiss her than I would say that she did not understand his word, but any woman would understand his intentions. She was stupid for not shutting down the affair the first time the neighbors told him of the entry into his home....

Good stuff. Keep it coming. Enjoying the knowledge of the younger Jen need info on mike

Good stuff. Enjoying the background info of the younger characters. Keep it coming

Excuse me njlauren

But if I click a LW story I expect to read about cheating wives not gay men. There is a gay or a fetish section for it.


"I was thirty-seven and my wife was twenty-three. She was young, gorgeous, wild and kinky. Two years before, when we met in a nightclub, Alexis was working as a topless dancer and juggling a couple of boy-toys."

Need I say anymore?

Anyone marrying someone like this should do it only to pimp her out while working toward an early retirement..

1 star

1 star
must be another LW auto-bio, of which exists many on the LW site

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