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Great start

I agree that this is an excellent starting point. As the last person mentioned, I'd love to see prequel(s) about their relationship and how it started, possibly sequel(s) to see where it goes, if this is the last we see of the ex... Definitely more character development as the story develops, but it's a very sexy start, I liked it a lot.

Love it!

I love chastity stories and this one is so hot and original I gave it a 5!!

Don't stop there...

Would really enjoy more! Please!!

My Japanese wife is always reluctance. So I think it is just a normal reaction for a woman when she's about to having sex with a stranger or her client.

ignore the haters

Your story has a good start. Yes you need more character development, but this is a great starting point. You can keep writing these people and do a prequel or sequels to develop them even more. Just have fun with them. Good luck, and U hope to see more from you in the future.


This story is great would love so much if there was more! Please continue!!!!

Fascinating Opening Chapter

Good development of characters. Really, she could get into the spirit of things...
After all he has done everything right. The conflict over what constitutes sex is interesting, Her view is that her role is that of a prostitute, but there are a lot of women doing prostitution with a better show. Doesn't she want to keep her employment for more than a month?

Real Page Turner!

Pretty rare to find such a riviting and extremely well written piece like this. Please don't leave us hanging too long before we get the sequal.

I want more please!

Please continue this story.. It was good reading, great pace.. More please


Liked it a lot. Lots of layers, and food for thought.

pleaseeeeeeeee more... i'm begging

More, please it was fucking great the first time i read it, but got better the second time.. And i want more please

This was painful to read.

He fucked some girl because she had footage of him eating another girl out? And how the fuck old are they? 12? Because that's how fucking old they're acting. This reads like the author is done 14 yr old boy who has never had sex.


It's a good story. Write a sequel !


Oh I'm so mad...but wonderful story! Great job! Next one please!

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