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This story has so many things wrong with it. It started out ok and then the rape happened. Ridiculous, implausible and disgusting.


Liked the build up and the twin brother aspect twist. All in all a good story.

Think a lot of previous commentators mis-interpreted James' character saying he was a rapist. I think MS-Girl was trying to show through words the fierce intensity of his love for Emma who drove him to distraction with her continued denial of her true feelings towards him. Both had pride and did not want to give in first to each other.

I mean why would a rapist want to marry the woman he is abusing? Doesn't make much sense.

Also there are many people who come on to Lit and click on stories which are clearly categorized and then once they have read them in full feel guilty because they have been turned on by what they have read. So to justify their guilt and forbidden feelings they leave nasty comments........just saying!

It is so simple stick to the categories that don't offend you.

Well done ms_girl23

Tab Series

Love this series of stories, lots of hard fucking

thoroughly enjoyed! great start to a series. when will the next installment be ready? :)


Rape is not fun, rape is not exciting, rape is violence! Why any man would want to fuck an unconscious woman I do no understand. Why not just fuck a piece of calf's liver?

This is just plain sick and those who think it is exciting should employ a therapist.


Are you talking about this instalment? or the whole thing?

I did agonise over which category to put this story in, well I did give it some careful consideration at least. I decided on NonCon/Reluctance even though it is borderline, this was for a few reasons, first of all I think this is a very particular genre. Some people like it, some people don't like it, some people think its tasteless but I think its a fairly unique genre in the respect that some people have far more serious reasons for wanting to avoid it.

Although this story is at the fairly mild end of the spectrum I wanted to be sure that readers weren't going to be unwittingly subjected to a reading experience that they might find triggering. So I will always err on the side on caution when I'm writing anything with reluctance themes. I know that will annoy some people but frankly I rather cause mild annoyance than take any kind of risks with anyones psychological wellbeing.

I have another story up on Literotica which began its life in this category and then I moved it to 'Romance' for chapter 2 and beyond. When I posted the first instalment of The Maid I had a little flurry of emails from cross readers telling me that they had no idea I'd updated The Bank Job because I'd moved it into a different category! So I'm reluctant (if you'll excuse the pun) to move categories for that reason too.

As for your other question, you have to wait and see! But I do intend to keep writing (although possibly not right now because I have a bit of a hangover)

And finally thank you, I'm really pleased you enjoyed it.

Make friends....

...with a dictionary and perhaps a grammar book.So many errors and misspellings that it ruins a pretty good plot. Why not request an editor, I'm sure they can help...


This guy is a worthless pussy as are all the loser fags commenting here. Stand up and be a man, not a little wimp sissy. Pathetic.


Shirley temple was NOT on What's Happening lol

A Really good story that was put in the wrong category

I have read every chapter of this story and I really enjoyed it. However, I think you chose the wrong category for it. I think it reads more like a romance or erotic coupling story. One question: where is their relationship going? Is he married and she only a fling? Or is he single and they have a future together? Please keep writing.

This is an outstanding erotic story

Filled with unexpected activities but always keeping your characters real. Loved every word and look for lots more from your fertile mind. Make them long, involved, and sensuous. Keep us breathing hard.....

Love it!

The plot thickens! Write faster, MillenialFox! Don't leave me in suspense!

About when the servant was attacking Scheherazade, I went - hmm, that's the redemption narrative set into motion for Shariyar. And I was so wrong! He's still a total jerk! Love it (not that he's a jerk, just that you didn't go the obvious redemption route!)

Deserving bitch

Super she deserves every inch , with more to come ( cum) I hope .

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