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After a long long time some hot and almost factual story. Very good work. Keep it up.
kik: tester1153

How can she talk when he never took the gag out?

My Dearest Litland

Well the fit hit the shan and I am sorry to report that I'm still in the process of tweaking chapter 3. I hope to have it up by Monday, but we all know how that goes.

Thank you to you all for leaving your comments, it's been such a privilege to read your input.
Much Love.


Hi just want you to know that ive been with you since day 1 when you started posting this story. This is my first time to write a comment. Dont pressure yourself just enjoy what you're currently doing but if you have any time left well you know what to do. Haha :)) thanks for the great story, ive read this 5 times already and i just cant get enough.

One of you fans from Philippines xoxo

please proofread

Please, either write in your first language, assuming it is not English, or proofread your stories! This was horribly written.

so excited

OMG! Just happened to randomly come across this story again today and was wondering if it would ever be continued. Decided to go back and check comments. Was so excited to learn that another chapter would be posted very soon. Thanks for continuing to work on this story.

What happened to Chapter 16? I just found this series recently and am trying to catch up.

In the ARMY they take care of you...

First time I ever ate 3 squares a day. Almost went to Leavenworth Prisonin while in basic training, THeY TeLL You WHaT To Do, for your own good and others. Putting your character in the ARMY does not fit your story at all. Sorry, still a good one...

I was was honorably discharged, Bill

Round that world.

He should have introduced her to the joy of having her virgin anus rimmed squeaky clean. Licking, sucking and tongue fucking her tight tasty tail hole until she came and then sodomized her. Emptying his load deep in her rectum.

Proper reward for a successful trip

I look forward to Mr. Leicester, with Ian's advance knowledge, disclosing to Ian's business subordinates that Suzanne is the company whore. Board meetings and employee evaluations would be fraught with tension and deliciously humiating for Ian!

I hope that on the return trip home Suzanne is directed to reward the successful bidding group by fully satisfying her husband's business colleagues so that they can talk to Ian about how they fucked his wife.

So many possibilities!

Compliments & critique

Hey lady, great to see a new chapter!

First I shall shower you with compliments: your characters continue to remain realistic, even Mila's mental ramblings can be excused considering she thinks she's crazy and her noggin is being co-oped. Asher cannot undo a lifetime of prejudice & training after a few days of being bound to a wild, reckless Priestess. The push & pull is normal. Also they are totally hot together!

Part two: when this is all said & done & you're editing this for the publishers 😃 try to keep this in mind: 1) When Asher was explaining how the Chains communicator worked it was obvious the buttons had to be pushed. This made me go back and read Chapter 16 with the psychic orgasm. First, she was hearing something from Asher while he was still asleep (I doubt he slept with his fingers in the button). 2nd, I assume Alicia was a misdirect & he was pleasuring himself & she walked in at the last moment. If I'm right, how would he hold the buttons with one hand, talk into his wrist & touch himself? Was it purely psychic like hers? Am I over thinking it? (Yes, probably)
2) I feel like we spent nearly every waking moment with Mila when she escaped, but other than their negotiation & meal time (&sexy sleepy time) I feel Ike her return is being glossed over in comparison. I want to know how she's dealing with him being better at projecting & protecting his Priestess gifts than she is. Is she learning that from him? I want a detailed 80's pop song soundtracked training montage!

Ok, so yeah long comment. I'm done now. You're great, you're entertaining & I hope your personal life becomes practically perfect in every way so you can write more! (And also because nice people should get a break)

Peace out! CricketMuse

Anon "Delete comments but don't give is an update"

The fact that your comment is gone doesn't necessarily mean that it was Hispet who did it. There is a report button at the bottom of every comment, and the site admin sometimes deletes them when it finds that the complaint is warranted. It wouldn't surprise me if that happened with yours. I mean, when you are writing things like this:

"Thanks alot hispet21 for an incomplete story because of which people are going crazy & almost dying."

...is it really that incredible that readers, even the ones who are understandably grumpy about the lack of updates, will complain? Because what you are doing boils down to making a stranger on the internet responsible for your friend's life and mental health, which is not only unwarranted and borderline dangerous, but too ugly for words.

If your friend actually exists and actually tried to commit suicide over TRS, the best thing you can do for her ISN'T guilt-trip the author into updating. Try to convince her to get professional help. Because if she's at the point where something as minor as this warrants suicide attempts, she clearly has problems far bigger than lack of updates on a free story.

Also, "update so that we believe you are alive"? Really now? Trust me, Hispet is alive. We've been doing the "Is she dead? Did something happen? Has she abandoned us?" thing for four chapters now, if not more. How many times has she been dead or in a coma so far? Oh, that's right! 0! She'll be back, and publish a new chapter, and then the grumblings will restart while we wait for Chapter 31. It's the circle of life.


Hey folks -

So massive apologies for the hiatus. It has been a very busy year!

Possession will be finished. I have drafted the rest of the novel, but there will be some extensive rewrites on the earlier chapters so it works as a whole.

In the interim, have been working on lots of other projects - will keep you updated! xxx

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