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Lawd have mercy

Please continue. You gotta give me the next chapter, or else I'm going to die!


Amy and Frank may have had sex, but Alan got fucked. Lol, it was a great read, maybe there'll be a followup? ;)


i still like the story. i still have got to decide if it is a good or great story. it still has the tension and intrigue in it with now a slight bit of passion in it. still have got to put off on how to rate it, but so far so good. will keep reading. bob

excelent work ( 3 )

also with D-Rod occupying her office, she will need a more situable recepcionist desk

Excelent work ( 2 )

She ican be asked fthe "help" as secretary in order to help Michelle at a important meeting with new clients.... then as her performance as exucitive in the time was getting worse, maybe she could contribute more as a permanent secretary..

Excelent work

The story is great.
May Jessica be put to work as junior secretary ?, may be even supervised by the more senior Michelle Keelan...
Dress code may change. No more businesslike suits but more apropiate bimbo secretary clothes..
Also at the same time she can move to live at the ghetto..
Thanks a lot

5 *

I love your story. It is very real life.

A royal desire for more of the same

An exciting game of poker, mixed with a liberal amount of sex, well written and conceived ;) another exciting story thank you for sharing. i look forward to the follow up of Mr Slevins exciting day with Luke's Wife and the trip home after work. well done 5 stars from this reader. Keep up the good work.

This was mostly about Candy and the wife was an afterthought.

Hi. I just dropped in out of the blue

How I got here I don't know. I write mostly junk in the Loving Wives genre, but somehow found my way here.

This opening chapter was really good. I enjoyed it. Gave it a five.

Thanks. Think I'll read some more

Thanks for the tip

Not sure if I can change it now, but I'll try to categorize a little bit better.

not bad

i like the story so far.the tension and intrigue you put in at the end of chapter two was good and made me to continue reading. hope to see some of the same tension and intrigue in the next few chapters. will let you know what i think after chapter five. bob


When will you be posting the next chapter I can't wait any longer


please write more, it so reminds me of being submissive to a superior male thhat i see monthly. I rim his ass on command, i suck his superior cock anytime he will let me and i always swallow his cum.

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