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Not bad

Although these usually happen at home in a bed, the classroom was a nice change. I hope there's more than one part. There are many more classes to sleep in I'm sure.

annie curse

My 1st gf was named annie and I took her to drivein that was showing porn she was clueless she had no idea what bj was till she saw one on the screen. needless to say I forced or coerced her into trying everything she saw that nightg


I think annie was a little surprised but she knew shae was going to get used I have known 2 annies in my life and they act like they never have sex but sooner or later they were taking huge cocks in every hole

Very satisfied :)

I'm so glad you decided to submit more than three chapters. This chapter was beyond lovely :') The way Ryan cares for Catrine makes my heart swell. I hope that Ryan is somehow able to rescue her.. It would break my heart if he had to return her and that was it haha ;-; But anyway, thank you so much for writing this series :) I enjoy it very much, and am pleased you are going to continue!

This is my most favorite facesitting story. You should get it so Kristina joins Tamara for the holidays.

I read this once before, don't remember if I made a comment then or not.

I liked the ending, I am usually a BTB type but this was a special case. Too bad he did not screw his wife's twin a few times, he deserved it.

Want a pet? Buy a dog.

What's sexy, erotic or even mildly interesting about this type of behavior? Just god awful. Weak characters, spouting inane dialogue that seems to have been conceived and written by a ten year old. Next time get an editor. This wasn't worth the time spent reading it.

Incredibly hot story. Great writing.

Working on chapter 4...

I'm writing chapter 4 right now and hope to have it ready in the next few days. Thanks for all the comments, and sorry to keep you waiting...

I'm also working on some separate stories.


Would love to see a followup where she brings her friends around

Thank you!! Going to dream happy!

LOVE Jack's character......strong, forceful, and demanding....just my cup of tea
I'm like drooling (and i don't mean just the mouth....) every time you describe him.
But what does he do for a living?
Does he rob banks or what, when he's not doing her?


Thanks for the update. Bring on 21!!

thank you

I would really love reading more on this story


I have to admit I didn't care for the violence and BDSM style...BUT remember what these supposedly loving wives did to their husbands. They betrayed them and let them be gang raped by other men in front of a crowd for so-called entertainment. After reading the original story, how many readers would think this is too over-the-top? I didn't. Just imagine for a moment that your loving wife did something like this to you, would you still think it was too severe? Would you be better off being in jail for murder or have something like this happen.
The only thing I wonder about is how could he take her back after what she did to him. Thanks for the 'rest of the story'.

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