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I need chapter 18 please!!!

I wonder...

Are these machines real? If so I need to invest in one of these

love it

i hope this story continues i want to know if she get pregnant by him

WOW $#?!

Just wow. More plz. I don't codone rape but interested in the mystery man...


I love how you've explored Mila's character in terms of her beliefs and thoughts while at the same time exploring her desire to shrink away from and deny whatever she feels towards Asher. Plus the dynamic between their connected minds. Truly a work of genius.

I've just recently had the pleasure of discovering this incredible tale and I must say I love love love this amazingly, erotically beautiful story.
But I just have to say what really gets me is the deliciously amusing creativity of the curse phrases. I mean "For the love of the Emperor's sweet sweating ball sack..."
Pure genius. Thank you so much. Its been a long time since I read a story which captured my attention so fully.

Lord! I want to be the maid!

This first chapter has drawn me in. Oddly enough, I find myself drawn to the little details in the story...the slight accent to his voice...the little bit of grey in his hair...the knife! lol who the hell goes around with a knife in his suit indeed! Engaging start! I enjoy the natural flow of your writing. keep it up!

Loved it!

I love all the strong, fierce, feisty women in this story - both the good and the baddies! I'm definitely an Arlington fan for sex appeal, and he's such an intriguing character, but a lot of "redemption" would be necessary for him to be a serious romantic prospect for Kara. Can't wait for the next chapter!

this story really sucks!

Just anther shit brindle story. Hated it. Very sorry I read this piece of crap. I fired a cunt because she thought I should have given here special treatment. I had security remove. Her from the plant. When her husband called pissed. Off because I. Fired the slut I told him in graphic detail why she was terminated. He left her.


god, i knew i should have waited till more were posted before reading this one, i was just so excited when it came out..... im dying of anticipation waiting for 30!!


When the series ends please, please, please publish into a book! This beats 50 Shades any day!!! On the other hand, don't ever end the series. Keep 'um coming!!!

chapter length

Oh! I meant to respond to the chapter length query too in that comment...

Yes I feel they're a bit short too, but these are the parts that the story seems to naturally break up into. I've tried to get them up quite quickly to compensate. I think the next chapter will be a similar length, but Ch 5 is looking like a whopper.

love the entire series

I can't stop reading it once I started. Love this story A LOT! Thank you for writing such amazing story...the sex scenes and the little bdsm scenarios are not just exotic but heart warming at the same time. Your story does contain what a subbie needs...the ownership...being used.....trust+lust+love with the Master...and the after caring.....I just love it. I appreciate u to write such amazing story.

Re: Has Arlington ever called Kara by her name before?

Alreadytaken: You asked if Arlington has ever called Kara by her name before. Yes, he has in chapter 6: "Eyes on me, Kara" This time, she looked up, surprised he had used her name. Arlington intended to use it only when she had angered him, so that she'd learn to associate the sound of her own name with pain and be more fully broken down because of it.

I've reread this story multiple times and remember that passage specifically. I'm not sure if he has since then though. Guess I need to reread again to check. :)

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