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Loved it

I disagree with the first post. That is actually most womens response. 100,000 of years of evolution let's her body respond that way to protect her. But then of course she feels ashamed by that which is completely natural. Its really well written.

Loved it...!!!!

As a submissive white woman and a 'shared wife' that gets off on being forced to flash, and being sexually humiliating and degraded; along with my sex being rough and some pain mixed in with my pleasure this story was a HUGE turn on for me...I hope some of your other stories are along the same line.
kisses and wet licks...everywhere
catt...(Tom's sub/slut in training, 'shared' wife, and mother of two)

This was a great story. There were some slip-ups and grammar errors, but not too many, and they were nothing compared to some of the junk on here. Don't listen to people tearing you down. A person can enjoy non-con fiction without being sexist in real life. It's disconcerting at times to like such things so much for pretend when in real life they are so awful, but you shouldn't be ashamed of writing this story any more than I should be ashamed for being aroused by it.

Very informational. Thank you for sharing thee real-life events of one of your encounters. Hopefully it will serve as a warning to others who may wish to engage in similar activities to always make sure the rules are well-stated in the beginning and to be as aware as possible the signals your body is sending you. *smiles*


Yes. Lactation is caused by hormones, but simple suckling often enough can release the hormones and cause a woman to lactate. A woman who has never been pregnant or nursed a baby can lactate simply by being sucked on often enough. There are ways for an adoptive mother to use a special feeding implement while a baby is latched on for the mother to start lactating and ultimately provide all the nutrients a baby may need. By the same token, a woman may start lactating the same way.

For more information, see the land of milk and honey website.


While Taken was one of my all time favorites this is becoming difficult because of the child abuse aspect. As a mom - if someone made a threat to beat my child for my misbehavior and knowing Clyde the way Lyndsay does - I doubt she would have done anything to put him in harms way.

I also agree with the IUD comments - but more importantly I am hopeful that if and when Lyndsay does ultimately get revenge she doesn't have to de-program the one person she has fought to protect....

One question that makes me go Hmmm....is if Clyde has gone to some form of medical school or higher education...how can he possibly have such a warped sense of reality? Why hasn't he asked the question of why she would destroy his family, especially since it appears he thinks she is a good mother?

Just an FYI: lactation is caused hormonally, not from suction.
Nice story idea, though. More?


I did enjoy the story, it was a very cliché plot and some things like her height and his didn't match up but asides from that alright.

There is a clear difference between non-consentual/reluctance erotica and a story of legitimate women-hating. This is the first I've read here which is the latter (and I've read the noncon genre frequently).

A good descriptive action-filled story, but a huge turnoff with the condescending tone.


Thanks for all the comments, votes and general support. I especially enjoy knowing the readers' feelings towards each of my characters. I was starting to wonder if this is still the right forum for the story I want to tell, as the story progress grows more complex every time I revisit it. Your encouragements are invaluable.


Thank you so much for writing more I'm so excited!

A Great sub slut Wife

This was a most enjoyable writing of a sexually submissive, wife being turned into a total sex slave. By the end the author convinced me just how much the slave enjoyed her sexual use!

don't quit your day job....too prolonged and dull


This was written so well! I have never been so entertained with a written perversion. Ramona is my goddess!

Details matter.

When did the drink appear ?...he'd just pushed her against the wall as they entered the room .Details matter and this would have been better if it had a little background and thought put in to it .

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