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love it

i really love ur story plz do continue

So the nonconsent and reluctance has been fucked away?

Must be a real man's fantasy, to rape a woman and then turn her into your willing whore? What a clever original plot. Not. Grow up.

Aaack, crap!!! I'm so sorry!!!

I totally hit the wrong star button, and gave it a 1 instead of a 5. I really loved it, and hope you'll continue. This is VERY well written and almost completely free of errors. But more than that, your voice just leaps off the page! I promise I'll be more careful in my rating with the next chapter, just don't stop posting :(


Nice story, just moving a bit slow. Looking forward to future chapters.

A long night ?

A long week ! Certainly this won't be a one off night. Alice is now wondering what awaits her. Should she let her home go and move into the hotel ? I hope her friend takes another night off.

Why would he have any love for her?

She's basically torturing him and using him as a toy for her own self centered gratification. Even for a fictional story the premise is stupid. Why would he put up with her behavior for 5 seconds? Why not just get dressed and leave. She couldn't stop him. Take an I-phone, record her behavior and then show it to all her friends and family. She'd have to move away as everyone would be thoroughly disgusted with her behavior. There is simply nothing erotic or interesting about mistreating another human being. You would go to jail if you treated you dog this badly. Worthless garbage.

Stupidity runs amok

She just drags him and the chair out of the van into the club? What is she? An amazon or a weightlifter? Implausible at best. But the worst was where she held the gun and uncuffed and re-cuffed him. Think about that for a minute. Yeah - impossible to do with 2 hands. So he's loose, with the gun in his hand and she's on the floor bleeding. End of dumb story. And her blackmail/kidnap scheme is so silly I'm still laughing. The only question that remains is does she serve life in prison or do they just bury her body? No need to continue this mess. It's a joke.

So she's demeaning and degrading him

Why is he still there? Why not stand up, slap her hard, get dressed and leave? Does he have no pride or self respect? She is clearly using him as a toy. How disgusting is that? Terrible, implausible story. Even for fiction this was just dumb.

More money than Gates

He's the richest man in the States but drives home alone late at night on a road featuring pole dance ads, which lead him to his sole way of getting off?


Great story and breathtakingly erotic. We are all different as you know...and this genre floats my boat. Brilliant...thank you.

oh and well written, too!

Big 5

Just wrap her hand around it and she'll put in her cunt!


I need an update. I literally check everyday hoping to see a new chapter. The anticipation is palpable. Please!!!!!!

The tension builds

The scene is being set.
Let the debauchery begin.

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