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I'd cut the last 4 lines but what do I know

Beautiful rhyming scheme and form. I like that you don't finish it in 3 four line stanzas but you add another 2 lines at the end which can be used as an epode! (If one wants to view it that way)
The content fills my head with questions about the determination and self confidence in entering the maze where light is of no great relevance, but I like that at the end reliance on others for a solution is admitted.
Thanks for sharing-5ed.

What a gem, Butters!

Seems like a "fro zen" heart needs more the warmth of hell than the narrator!

All Muslims Are Terrorists!

I personally think that is raciest that is why I did brother reading the poem I'm so offended that I think you should be permanently kick off this at the least you and every one like you at the least and I'm not Muslim no wander they want to nuke the planet think you very much!!(


follow the well worn path. TK U MLJ LV NV

extraordinary imagery

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