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It's damn good. I'm not sure why its gods and not god, but who fucking cares at this point.

......no pace but mine ,

No place more sublime ,
When this tunnel of day shall end
Will find myself no less free .........

Loved the last stanza : 5-ed only because of the last stanza

My first E ..... how Exciting ..... now I have a fully erect E-Penis ..... and you will all suffer with E-Penis Envy ..........


I loved the passion. White knuckle fists. Silent screams from deep within. A demand for something~anything beyond the status quo
Made me think of the song "what's going on"~4nonblondes
Really good, Trix

A healthy shopping list

That is a good list of staples
Beautifully written
Thoroughly enjoyed the read

And just add Amen to your

Shoppin' List Oldbear : jus' hope every man is so lucky ! 5-ed.

I turned my back 'pon this treasure chest

.......desires if my earlier ages
Gold 'n silver
Wisdom if sages

Lived'n loved these lines , Magnet :5- ed !

Nothing is static...

...but the tide always turns
I really enjoyed your poem Keynon
I stood on the beach and felt your poem
Well done and I look forward to reading more of your work


Edward Estlin is somewhere smiling (two more "e"s in addition to that other one). Congrats!

An accident , Tod , somebody slipped & fell in the rain slick pathway ?

Lungs ache
In relief .......
Points out to a Happy ending .: 5- ed

Uncle William Shakespeare , Pel ?

It's Not a foolish , silly query , Pel but a deep Existential Cry of anguish from the tortured soul of young Prince Hamlet !
In Philosophy they teach you about the Donkey who when placed equidistant from two equal bales of hay is puzzled as to which side should he go & thus starves to Death ?!
Jean Paul Sartre could probably explain what Shakespeare / Hamlet meant more elegantly than yours truly but this question is deep really deep !

I knew that

they were too similar thematically, though you think trix did it better blah, blah
it is a great contrast of masculine and feminine writing.

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