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Something about the story isn't quit right ,in las vegas after the phonecall laura asks brian to get back in position to fuck her wich he did ,in another important part of the story she seems to be ashamed and tried to call him back right after the phonecall and brian didn't get anything

Loved it

That was a very good story. Not really into religion but I am into enjoying a good read. And the ending left me with a bit of hope that Elizabeth and Frank might just connect in the future. My only question is why have there been no comments in 8 years? Thank you author. Jiminab

Looking Forward to More

This is an interesting read. I hope you follow with more about how Ted proves them wrong when Daphne ends up fully accepting her new son-in-law. The trip from here to there will be interesting as well.

Thanks and please keep writing!

Carvohi, really?

Seriously, man, those cuckoldry/wimp stories are not really my cup of tea, nor are most of the outlandish burn the bitch/bastard stuff out there. Nor are most RAAC tales. This is about starting over. A bit like that Burt Reynolds movie with the same name involving Jill Clayburgh, with Candice Bergen in the Chloe role (though he tries to reconcile and finds that he doesn't love her anymore).

You can certainly think that this is rushed or that it should have been Chloe, but between you and me, that wouldn't be true to the idea behind the song. The song was about moving on, kicking back, and living well in spite of the pain. The guy is done with the girl, even though he still loves her. He's dealing with the pain by taking easy and having a good time. As for the being rushed, it was meant to be a short tale, that's all. A one-off, basically.

Is this payback for that one comment on that story of yours that I didn't like? I haven't bothered with feedback since, of course, because generally speaking, it's your right to write whatever you like. The one where the wife is holding the man's cheating over his head for the rest of his life (something sure to poison the marriage in the long run, incidentally....you can't have a great marriage where one is a person and the other is a non-person and has to walk on eggshells for life). Well, anyway, as you recall, I didn't hide behind anon and I give you credit for the same, but also give me credit for just having my own style. It's what works for me, just as your style works for you.

Just let it go and chill. Or as Ned does, have a cold rum and Coke.

P.S. Another reason that I don't do that kind of story is that I have a hard time keeping the couple in a monogamous arrangement, which just doesn't make sense for me. Only when the characters themselves insist on monogamy do I relent and let them practice. It's not my default setting. It just doesn't do it for me, so monogamy is often the god that failed in my stories, the past that is renounced in favor of a polyamorous future.


The anon certainly wasn't me. I never hide behind the old anon thing.

Hey Severusmax!

You're either thin skinned or have a whale of a chip on your shoulder. You got one lousy comment and had to disrespect the guy. Come on.

Now for the good stuff.

I thought your writing was as good as anybody's on this site. I mean all the stories are at least somewhat rushed, but it's free isn't it.

I was disappointed. For a second I imagined the girl headed toward him would be Chloe. I think that would have been a neater ending.

I gave this little tidbit a five; not because I thought it was especially great, but I'm thinking a little bit of the positive might encourage you to try the deep end of the pool.
You aren't afraid re you?

Take some time and try to write a loving wives story; you know one with suspicion, betrayal, angst, a little of the old in and out, and of course a lot of unwanted cuckoldry. Put it up on the loving wives section and see if you can handle the barrage of criticism that customarily follows. Do you have the stomach for it?

I agree with Drbeamer3333. Too under developed and too incomplete.


Finish The Damn Story, it's too good to leave hanging

Loved it!

My cat acted the exact same way when we tried to take him for a walk. So undignified! Lol

Good one

Good story but hope it's not true

I'm liking the story so for I wanna see where it goes.

Interesting Story

Interesting and thought provoking story. A minor historical mistake, long drop hanging was not used in 1829. In fact you described a short drop hanging, which was used. If done properly long drop results in instant unconsciousness, short drop hanging does not.

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