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Very believable. Please continue.

Fantastic story, author!

You are truly one of the top authors on this site. I have no complaints about your writing nor style. I'll give my thoughts on Annie though.

"I have the luxury of knowing that Annie will never cheat on me again..."

NO, NO, NO. You do not have that luxury. There is a reason for the old saying, once a cheater always a cheater. Because it's true. Any man or woman who would take a cheating spouse back is only asking for more heartache, they obviously didn't get enough the first time.

Humans are much like animals. I used to tell my wife that women were like animals because as soon as the pain of childbirth went away, they changed their mind from I"LL NEVER HAVE ANOTHER BABY, to lets have another baby....!

But when it comes down to it, we are all alike, both men and women. As soon as the pain is gone, the heartache has lessened, we forget. We forget what caused it in the first place. That is why we can make the same mistake over and over again throughout our lives, expecting a different outcome. And why Joe was able to forgive Anne, even knowing in the back of his mind, should his IQ be over 50, that she'll probably cheat on him as soon as they are once again comfortable and the pain and heartache go away.

Just a filthy puss oozing cunt

And old Alan got off scott free, getting all the 'strange' he could stand.

Its funny, this story reminded me of my earlier life. I was newly married and worked with a wonderful fellow at an auto parts store. Just a great guy that was excited about life, about his own wife and life in general. My wife and I spent a lot of time at Jim and Debbies, watching movies, dinners, etc. They were a lot of fun.

But Debbie was always jealous of Jim, accusing him of cheating and threatening him, when ever she was angry. I was with the guy as much or more than she was, we worked together 6 days per week and all he talked about was her. They had two young boys they doted on constantly.

Then one day Jim comes to our house and he was devastated. Debbie had left a note telling him in detail about a couple guys she started fucking because she was sure he was. One turned out to be a cousin of my wife's and his wife was devastated also. Their marriage did not survive either. I never would have known my wife's cousin would do something like that when he had a wonderful wife, home and children.

Her note talked about all the things she did for the guy she wouldn't do for Jim. Anal anytime he wanted, blowjobs if he just showed up somewhere. The same thing with the other guy, it was incredible. She left him, took the two boys and moved to another town nearby. Jim was not only a basket case but then his evil ex, and I would have never known she was so evil, set him up to go to jail so she would get everything. She had the daughter of a friend go to his house and seduce him. The girl was underaged, but you would have never known, I hardly knew her but assumed from seeing her at a distance, she was in her early 20's. Turns out she was 15, and she lied to Jim saying she was 18 and built a relationship with him that was eventually sexual. Her mother and the girl went to the police and turned Jim in for rape, even though she admitted she pursued him. Jim's ex actually paid the girl and her mother for all this. Jim was found guilty and spent 5 years in prison and the man that came out, from both the divorce and the prison sentence was not the Jim I'd known since I was a young boy. This was a mean vengeful man and we soon had nothing to do with one another.

What happened to Debbie? She became a pariah. It turned out that as soon as the boys were old enough, she began a sexual relationship with them both. It was revolting and of course, they wanted to stay with their mother and their newfound game. Jim was destroyed at this bit of news and though this happened some 25 years ago, has nothing to do with them.

People have to understand consequences before they take an action that can't be taken back. I wisht Debbie would have.


Do NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT take the cheating whoring slut back. She already callously tore your heart out, threw it down and then flushed it down the toilet. And for what? Because she was a fucking cheater.

Does anyone know the old saying about a cheater? Hmmmm?

Ron's a jerk!

Ron behaves like a skydiver who doesn't bother to check to see if his parachute is inside the bag on his back before he exits the plane! Act first, then think later has always been a good way to live one's life. Not!
Story still gets 5*, since, she's reasonable.

5 Stars *****

The worst kind of betrayal--the double betrayal.

That was pretty stupid!

Come on people, it was clear from the first couple of paragraphs that this Cunt Kathy never loved Tom. and Tom let her continue the romance with Gregg with her writing him when he was in the Marines. anyone with half a brain could see that she thought little of Tom and he was only there for her convenience. Tom should have divorced her heartless Cunt ass right then and there. But you wrote Tom to be a clueless fool and waste 30 years of his life. The only good part was the ending, 30 years too late. But it was a very good ending.


This could really be a great tale. As it is I still give it Five Stars.

Also ( also, part 3- Child of also)

Did anyone else hear Morgan Freeman narrating the prison scenes? It was quite obvious whan movie Dg was watching while half heartedly writing this. All that was missing was the escape under cover of lightning! It definitely seemed like he changed his mind about where he wanted this story to go, about half way through, and then lost interest.He started with a Cheating wife story, and then decided that, instead, just for kicks, he'd do a Romance story with zero romance in it, and post it under Non something or other! I mean, wow, what an emotional reunion between Crissy and Prison Bitch. "Oh, hello there". Again, wow! Such emotion there! Makes you tear up.

Agree with KarenE (I tend to do that a lot, must be she has a rational mind)

25 to life is not a minimum, plea bargained sentence. It's the maximum sentence.
Also, parole has nothing to do with having a place to stay, and even a brain-dead parole board, made up of escaped mental patients wouldn't expect you to have a job while still in prison! Duh. It's like expecting a baby to talk and walk, while still in the womb! Parole depends of whether or not they think you will re-offend, not if you own a house or not!
Also,(The sequel, also's revenge) it definitely seemed she was fucking at least one of those guys. Even with my admittedly limited experience with pregnancy, I know you don't have to practically finger fuck a woman to feel a baby kick, especially seeing as it wouldn't have developed arms or legs that early in a pregnancy. If she isn't showing, she's not that far along. And why would she have to go outside, in the dark, and with nobody around, in order to let him feel something any mother takes pride in; a kicking baby! The way they were acting, it was apparent that they were VERY familiar, and comfortable with each other.

Always with the same thing

Finish the story with him considering taking her back. Do you have major self-esteem issues? She cheated, and then intentionally had sex with her husband, even though there was the possibility of her being infected with HIV. And you STILL want to write that they get back together! Jesus, someone really did a number on your self-esteem! That or the greatest masochist in history.
Also, a six GALLON blood doner? You can afford to donate or give away what FIVE people have in their entire bodies, do you? What, are you 60 feet tall?

Unthinking wife

Here we have a woman who condemns her husband without examining the evidence and the condemns his accuser with no more than a telephone call from a stranger. She even gives that stranger $1000 when it is pretty obvious that he isn't going to destroy his business by admitting that he fabricated evidence.

To my mind it is equally probable that Bill cheated and then killed Brad. Harold could have just called her up on the off chance that she'd pay as she did or Bill could have put him up to it.

I really don't think that she should be allowed out without a keeper.

didn't want her ?

After she decided to cheat why would he want her?
She was going to do this with or without agreement from her husband.

One thing I don't understand, she talks about wanting to be with a younger guy with lots of stamina, but Devon is described as distinguished looking with salt and pepper hair, so he would be near the same age as Tom and Karla.


Simply a delightful story. Thanks.

Stoopid Bitch!

She supposedly "loves" her husband, and gets him to take her back.

Now KNOWING how he feels about her lesbian affairs she actually starts up again?

Frankly, her son should have told her to take a hike.

At a minimum, I would think that she should be excluded from family events if their father is going to be there.

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