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Interesting wording on her part...

She "didn't feel like such a whore"...

Note she didn't say she didn't FEEL like a whore... just that she didn't feel like SUCH a whore... so she still KIND OF felt like a whore - but was apparently ok with that.

And now he knows how long - if he trusts her on that - since whichever anniversary he missed - and should see if she wants to help him pick one of her friends who are "like family" that he should see about having a relationship for however many years it is...

How can she rightly be upset...? It would just be like him having two wives but not having to actually LIVE with one... and it wouldn't effect how he felt about HER...

We all know she'd instantly add the term "hypocritical" to her description of "cheating bitch"...

sorry, crap

Bed as pathetic as a cuck and blames her. He's the real bad guy.

Still a trust issue

This series was good up to the point where they got back together nothing has happened to change the trust issue. Additionally the mining company would have paid for in home care. Lastly if my kids worked with my ex wife their mother in that manor it would have been hard to forgive them.

Nicely done

Very evocative. I'm left with a series of poignant images. Very sad and nicely written.


And oh so true. Thanks for sharing.

There are about four other endings floating around.

Tx Tall Tales wrote the second best but there was one better, I do not remember now who wrote it. Then there are a couple of others. If I remember the best one I will come back and put it on here.


I think past tense would have been better choice, but you still did a nice job. Thanks.

Brings back sad memories of my own 'little' cousin dying. (She was 8 years younger than me.) You always assume that younger family members will always be there, unfortunately not so. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


Thank you sir! Glad I was able to provide you with such a positive reading experience! Yes, this was a very fun story for me to write as well, and what an exciting and lovely new chracter to create. Annabella's since been one of my very favorite characters up with whom I've ever come, right up there with Sara Kelton. Actually, if you happen to come back and read this, I'm not sure if you noticed in the intro, but this story has already kind of been finished. This was the first of the two-part sequel to the story "Step-Mommie Dearest," and this and the other part were published back-to-back last July. The conclusion is called "And The Truth Shall Set You Free." So if you wanted to read more, check that out! On the OTHER hand, if you were indicating you wanted more Jessie and Annabella beyond that, then I will have to come up with an additional storyline for them. Either way, thank you very much! —STB


Jay I'm sorry but really I don't see what you like about any of the characters here other than the poor sucker that tried to save his sister, but that's just a side issue my biggest thing is believing a METH addict couldl still be pretty enough to actually strip and be sold as a sex slave for a big profit. Also her stupidity is a serious headache. And really did you have to write a reference to your fetish in non erotic writing. Because that's simply a plot device to introduce our "favorite" biker to our dimwitted heroine. Keep trying man you can make it just cut the cuck shit out of your nonerotic stuff and you could make it big.


I think you should forget about the horns, TK U MLJ LV NV

You got to have heart.

This series of stories dealing with the heart of all three the cheating wife, the pedophile and the hard working husband who takes matters into his own hands. A great set of tales by a talented author dealing with matters of the heart. You got to have heart.

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