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Damn good story

There aren't many stories on this site that warrant reading more than once, I can't remember how many times i've read this story.

A very poignant story....

Your writing is so good, that my heart went out to her. It would be nice if the story did continue, as it looks as though she has made a friend with her boss. It would be good to see their relationship blossom, and hopefully for Petra to find love. :)

I just love mushy happy endings. :)


Thanks for sharing. Oh, to be appreciated......


She saw her man and her family for what they were, a bunch of insufferable snobs who don't deserve the time of day. And she took a powder. Smart girl. Great tale.

Five Stars


What a great tale. I liked when they walked in and poured champagne on the daughters victory. It's obvious the cheating asshole didn't give a shit but I loved Natalie's reaction. Excellent!

Five Stars

All three

were superb. I could read these all day long. Thanks.........


they just might not be able to Take-A-Joke. TK U MLJ LV NV

I found this ending very satisfying . . .

Should I feel guilty about that? I don't! Total fiction, thank God. Shallow selfish stupid women do not raise good daughters, nor attract good intelligent men as husbands. Just another case of Martian slut ray. God I hate those little green bastards!

Beautiful tale

It is a pleasure to start off the day with a bit of an upbeat. You may wonder about that statement but when you reach my age you see only the positive side of a story like this.


Powerful but could use some tightening up.


but a conundrum/ TK U MLJ LV NV

More wow!

You're the master of intrigue and sex mate! Keep it going... cant wait until the next chapter.


That was a mistake. I wonder what the bodies were for? I wonder if more happened in that final sequence than appeared, or that may be just me hoping that.


One star only. No way in hell could anyone take this kind of shit.


We are always being distracted from what is important.

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