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Love it

What I have just read sounds like the backbone of a damned good novel.
Cursive writing, to be sure, but accurate and hardly a word wasted.

Nice one, Madam

Another quality piece from the keyboard (pen?) of Mistress Lynn.
Like almost any other endeavour, you make it look too easy.
I wish I could do it; properly.

Yeah but I don't think he really grew up

Look at the ring trick. Given the characters you portrayed I don't see Carol going up to meet him or wet nurse him afterwards. And I sure as hell don't see her marrying him. He's still an asshole with one good deed. That's it. Bad ending.

Missed The Point!

I think some comments missed the point of the story. The pictures were just the final straw in a very poor relationship. That she broke another promise was just the final symptom of a troubled marriage. The problem was that she could do no wrong, she never admitted to being in the wrong for the entire marriage. Nothing was ever her fault. She was a spoiled, selfish person. This is why he divorced her. The pictures were just one thing in a series of problems. He had had enough and did the best thing for him. Respect IS a very big part of any relationship and when it only goes one-way, you can be assured that problems will follow. Who would want to be in a relationship like that. Thanks for a very interesting and creative story.


Interesting. But it needs a little more detail. I've read the comments before and they were interesting speculations. Still I need to know your thoughts before I rate this tale.

P.S. Should have went to Jefferson instead. It's a better hospital.


He should have insisted on a male shrink, or at least one of his own choosing. Whats to stop her becoming 'curious' with a female psychiatrist of her own choosing? After all, what better way for her to continue cheating? Pick a lesbian shrink, go there every week, and save her marriage at the same time! Hubby can't attend a private session, so won't know what goes on, all the while thinking that she is making the effort to stay married to him! After all, once a cheating piece of shit, ALWAYS a cheating piece of shit! They are incapable of understanding that they are doing something wrong. All she needs is an opportunity.
As others have said, if she honestly thought that she wasn't cheating, because it was another woman, then why all the secrecy and sneaking around? Why not tell hubby? Of course she knew it was wrong, hence the lying and deceit .


I'm thinking too much for a Saturday morning.



The man did what he had to do. I can't believe the balls of that bitch asking for the leave of absence from their marriage. Now Tom will move to Seattle and fall in love with the woman who helped him. The wife will find out that Gregg is the asshole who cheats and the daughter will miss her father terribly, until she cheats on her own and her husband finds out, divorces her and gets custody (for whatever reason) and moves to Seattle to be with the best father he ever knew and to bring the grandchild to his grandfather. And they lived happily ever after. Meanwhile the cheaters are all screwed up.
There. That's the sequel.
Five Stars

Don't mock us as you do it.

You Know

I'll answer that question. It was a matter of principle. With any luck they woke up before the house burned.
And author, I guess us BTB people are easy to please. Just don't mock as you do it.

Surprise twist

Wow - I really didn't expect this "twist in the tale" - not only is he her father (though you did provide premonition) but that he's also a famous painter? But his best works are when he paints with passion - first his wife, then his daughter. I only wish that Jerry had written her a letter or memoir that answered all the questions his daughter would have. I'm sure he was bright and thoughtful and realized that not only would she have lots of questions, but that she would be disappointed not to have answers to them.

Loved it! Thank you for sharing your story with us!

Nice story.

There are some spots that could use a little more fleshing out, but it made my heart feel good.

I agree - a sequel could be fun

Tom never thought it would work and knew quickly it was all false hope - so he managed to end it on his terms -

Nicer than I would have been -

Well designed lesson here -

Great story

I enjoyed reading this story, thanks. Just one doubt, would Jerry have known Gina for three years and still not told her he was her father, especially when he saw that she lived in a dangerous area and was too poor to move out?

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