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why would I want my father to be married to a whore like Janice? Mom or not, why would I want my dad to suffer threw any more STD's?

Perhaps a Slip of the Pen [keyboard]?

New to Literotica and just read this. I realize the story is almost 11 years old and the author has not published here in five years, so this may be a waste of time. Nonetheless, I can't help but wondering if the auhor meant "step-siblings", instead of "half-siblings"? That way, there could have been some sort of relationship for Gebriele other than her conceiving additional children. For example, some years-long illness for Gebriele that caused Kersen, Junior, to be placed in a foster family's care. That would make the life-long love story flow better.

Ah Karen, Karen Karen

It's the old double standard. That's what he was using to justify being a cheater. I'm not sure he deserved to have her take him back. They need some professional help. Their communication skills suck.

Oh Yes!!

I really enjoyed this - keep on going with it. Be good to see where it takes you.


Did not work for me.
Plot is okay, but your description of scene and your dialogue just failed.
Try again, please



HA HA HA Ha ha ! I like that better than the lol people use nowadays.
Don't normally say this but a sequel would be very good .Both Tom's new life and Kathy with Gregg . Just saying.


Very, very sad

Perhaps this may have been more suited to the Romance site than here in LW. Still it's a well written, emotional & frighteningly realistic story of the trauma caused by miscarriage.
You are such a good writer that I find it difficult to understand, why in many of your stories you seem to have a fetish about naming the main character Steve Moore. I find it hard to really get into most of them just because you're too lazy to change a name , if it was a series, ok, but they're not. Why is that? How hard is it too do? Should be 5 but only worth 4 ****

Typical bullshit from this writer. Not finished.



I'm really interested in your story. It's pretty amazing. Great work, hope to read more of your stuff! Thanks for all your hard work

i cannot stop laughing

And I can't. Believe you actually said that. Wait... it is a true story... right?

Well done. 5 stars

Needs some editing for spelling. For example "Witch one?", and "speak it laud". Also near the end, "he spoke loudly" should have been in first person ("I")

At least

He got the pleasure of watching her die! Predictable from the start. It was obvious that she was a cheating cunt even back then. Never did get the whole murder/suicide thing. Why kill yourself? That's just letting the cunt beat you one more time. Shoot the kids and make her watch instead, much more satisfying, and after all, they are not yours, so fuck em! Never trust a woman that is comfortable being topless or naked in front of strangers. No inhibitions means just that, and you don't count for shit when it comes to what she wants!


I read the other two chapters first, and although they were well written, they left me with questions. This short one ties it all together. Thank you

Heart felt story

the writing was so well written I could picture the story unfolding as if I was watching this beautiful gift of helping others. really drew me into this heart warming story great writing .

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