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Wow, the hate is strong in this crowd.

First, being one of the masses harmed by the "fairer sex", I can relate quite well with the sentiments and would agree with them wholeheartedly. However, in this case, this particular wife showed a level of repentance that is unheard of in real life. I could see making the choice to stay, not from an avoidance of pain, but from an acceptance of her penance. Walking away (an answer I agree with 99.9% of the time) would have actually been the easier choice here.

Ultimately it comes down to a belief. Do you believe people change? I would answer that with definitive yes. After all, aren't a good deal of these stories on here about how the spouse changed and thus allowed that person to harm the one they profess to love?

Very interesting tale, though far too preachy at times (not preachy religious, but preachy in opinion) and ignores the fact that forgetting is not actually possible nor, I would argue, an attribute to strive for. Forgetting allows one to repeat the same mistakes again without any real personal growth.



Needed a lot more development, The ending was rushed, and quite frankly unsatisfying.
Hank was the better man. He stole every woman your protagonist had. Killing him that way was a cop out. Maggie was so one dimensional she was ridiculous. It was obvious she had no respect for hubby and going off with Hank was inevitable. The better story would have the protagonist actually find a woman who loved him more than anything and Hank couldn't steal her away. Of course Hank dumps Maggie because he wasn't interested in her except to humiliate the protagonist. The best ending after Hank gets humiliated by the new woman is for Maggie to kill Hank for ruining her life.
Your protagonist (gee can't even remember his name) is a weak simpleton as written. This story had potential, unfortunately not from you.

Not a bad tale but.....

......I think an ice-fishing expedition to Great Slave Lake would have been a better solution; not so sure I would have shot slime ball Hank before he slipped through the hole in the ice though.

Good story as far as the 'enough is ENOUGH!' aspect goes...I'm a detail freak so more character development (or details of the lack thereof) is always better in my view.

Now...what about Maggie Darling? Surely she can't get off scot-free?

Like always, leave us wanting more

I just seem to connect with your writing, and this story is another example of that. Part of what I really like about this is the unanswered questions this leaves. Yet, you want to know more. Thanks for writing.

The plot holes in this story just crush the whole set up. Multi millionires wouldn't have been wiped out by the recession ex specially if they were philanthropist(which means that they have enough millions that they can afford to give some to charity) and investment bankers(which means that they are managing other people's money and know how to make that money work) as that would leave them with plenty of Money that would survive the recession(plus they could have sold the property you mentioned.)Also she would have been able to press charges against Chandra since acording to the story there are cameras set up in the house that would have caught Chandra hitting her first. Also a jury and defender that were against her for so little reasons would never have been selected for her as it would be grounds for a appeal and dismal of charges. having the whole baby thing is just silly.

ended to soon,,

wanted to hear about the bitch miserable cause she lost her lovedone,ha ha
4 star

it happened

what did u do to stop it, get over it. were u one of the lucky ones who made money off
it from the tax payers.
1 star

You Know

That horrible day changed many lives. This is the first time I ever considered that someone's life was changed for the better. Interesting perspective.

You Can

Only beat a Man or Dog so much and you end up paying. Hank just never grew up and is now add Nutrients to the Enviroment.

What darkness?

The bully got what he deserved. He just did not suffer enough, nor did the cheating bitch. Good tale, could have used more development.

Not a bad story

But it ends far too quickly.
What happened to our antihero,does he find love or does he somehow get caught?
Also what happens to Maggie she is just as much to blame as Hank so why doesn't he want some kind of revenge or retribution on her? I would have even settled for him spitting in her face and calling her a two faced, stupid, cheating bitch. But no there's nothing at all.
So in the end it's not a terrible story just a disappointing one.

I actually liked the story, but

I was waiting for something more. Kept hoping it would come, and the story would be more than just a loser spending his whole life trying to murder and trying to get away with murder.

But that's essentially all that this silly story was about: a loser who is always losing to a charmer and better lover, a guy who's always able to steal the murderer's girls and women from him... and, so, the murderer said, "I finally killed him.

I mean, what the fuck is that for a story?

Again, it's actually a decent story; it just needs more than, "I finally kill my enemy from early childhood, and I am going to my cabin to relax and no body, including the woman and former wife of me whom Hank took from murderous me, not even HER is gonna find out that I dumped his body at the bottom of some deep waters."

Please, author, WRITE A STORY; don't just tell us the audience you had some fuckin' loser killer his rival, with EVERYONE IN TOWN KNOWING IT but just can't prove it, YET.

Job half done

That was a job half done. Maggie should suffer or be punished in some way.

I would have

taken care of him a hell of a lot slower. Drugged him and got him up in the mountains, broke both his legs and then left him with enough food and water for a few days. Oh and maybe a gun with one bullet in it abut 20 yards away. He could then decide whether to freeze to death or kill himself.

Or maybe kidnapped them both and made Hank confess and then killed both the assholes.

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