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still waiting

I hope you'll finish this story. This is really wonderful.Godspeed

5 years?

Last chapter written in Oct 2009. It is now Dec 2015. What's going on? Where's more?

really liked this

i really liked this only thing that would complete my love of this story if i knew they will be able to have children

What exactly did you mean by "a few years?"

You wrote this in 2010. It is now 2014. I believe that qualifies as more than just "a few years." When can we expect to see more?

Has potential

But the framer issues kill the story

Excellent story from beginning to end without a spoken word being said.

Very, very well done! I love a good Monster Girl story, but a great one? This is a rare read! Excellent job! I hope to read more stories of yours!

Please.... another meeting!

Maybe Ruta intercepts a transmission of some FemDom material and takes David on a milking dry adventure along wirh some post orgasm torture... Love the story!

Damn you why stop there

For those who hadn't realised

This story is inspired by an image called 'The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife', which is the woodcut in the story. the_Fisherman%27s_Wife


I can see this girl getting some serious loving! Please continue with chapter 4

was great

Was a great story. Thank you for sharing it. Hope for more stories like this ;-)


There's always room for jello. Absolutely naughty. I loved it.

Cliff hanger

Omg such a huge cliff hanger!! I can't wait for the next chapter!!!

Lmao thank you

Well Monday id my last day i have to then it's O-V-E-R and already started writing and i jut might use that idea, if you don't mind. Thanks for love and the support.

Another wonderful chapter.

You are doing well - with erotica, plot, and personalities. Thank you for your efforts.

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