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I can't wait for the next chapter!! They just brighten my day.

a good read. imho the character development was a bit hurried, but over all, i really liked it...5 stars

Yeah, I'll admit that I do like Laurel's stuff, though this definitely does not fit lore-wise into either of her universes.

Just an update, folks, Expect weekly, at the fastest, updates. Incubus Nights is at best a side project for me, and as much as I would love to devote all my time to working on it, I work a sixty-hour week. However, every comment's an inspiration to get into the chair and type. I love hearing feedback, even if it's just that you enjoyed!

Out of curiosity...

Do I detect a slight Laurel K Hamilton influence? I like it a LOT!

I love you and this book.

Thank you for making such a wonderful book! Please keep writing


An interesting setting and lots of interesting ideas, but I didn't much like the Catherine character as presented so I wouldn't bother reading a sequel.

Unwilling Sacrifice

Too bad she didn't kill him when he came into the shower. The idea of promising the X numbered girl born in a town in exchange for "protection" is so abhorrent I'd like to see the town nuked.

Know what I'd do to the Jael Pack Leaders...

Think they would make nice target practice, and since they're wolves, it would just take that many more hits to drop them. :)


I find myself conflicted. While there was a lot to like about the story, I couldn't give it a decent score. I decided not to rate it at all because in the end it wasn't a bad story, just not my kind of story.

Well remembered...

This story took hold of me and it is so unique that I remembered it and searched it out again today, hoping there were new chapters. I see, now, there are no new chapters and that leaves me a bit saddened. I hope you are well. I remember that life wasn't necessarily being kind to you before. Regardless of my selfish hopes that you'll return to this story, I wish you the best. Take care.

Good story

This is a good story, but it needs to be marked as Chapter 5 of this series. a Zombie invasion


Very nice ....but you never said how old she was...I do t know how close to 25 she is

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