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Well done!

And...please... you really should finish the story!


Welcome back buddy,

I am excited to see another chapter. 500 stars from me.


@ Anon Confused: Good catch, but all of Alex's story has not yet been revealed.

I will say this, though, and see if people will connect the dots before the big reveal coming up in The Snow Maiden series; Alex has two sets of parents. His biological parents are divorced and have married other people. His biological father met up with another woman, had a son and a daughter who are Alex's half-siblings.

Thank you for your kind comments and for reading! :)

Meridiana and her sexy monster girls

Well another sexy story with Meridiana in it is lovely to say the least. Meridiana is always very hot and the monster girls she creates are certainly erectifying as well.

How are the other chapters of "Succubus Inquisition" coming along? I remember you mentioning you're working on 3 chapter of Succubus Inquisition.

@ Payenbrant

What the heck dude? You give me all the snippy comments on my stories but you rave about hers? Just for that I am going to pout... (We are friends and I had to tease him.)

I do have to agree that I am enjoying this story a great deal. I like how it is set in a different country and you are showing that very well. I have read some that rather suck when they try to portray some other country.

The way you deal with a turned wolf supposedly being a submissive (Omega to some) is rather interesting as well. I don't think I have come across a story where it has been viewed from that point of view. It is a very interesting turn of roles since usually many of the lycan stories someone always gets changed. It is usually the mate or an oops but other than that nobody makes a huge deal of it.

Keep up the excellent work and I will keep checking back for updates.


I've been reading these stories for awhile now, and just read all of your chapters today. I couldn't put it down and loved every bit of it! One of the best of the genre on lit already! Eagerly waiting for the next installment :-)


Great suspense. Can't wait for next post. Don't take too long. Its impossible to bear the long waits. Keep up the awsome work.

Almost there!!!

Sorry it's taking so long. Had a bit of set back due to family illness Thanks for all the feedbacks. Some dislike Nicole's childishness and others dislike Eyon and Kieran's cavemen behaviour. What a I am a great fan of medieval alpha behaviour and it comes out in my writing..(smile)

Hopefully chp 9 will put you all at ease.


Soooo, Christmas is approaching... how about Christmas in Eden part II? Did Santa ever come get his forgotten elf? Are Eden and Adrian together? Inquiring minds would like to know!! Lol, I have a feeling he was left purposely! Anywho I love it and personally I'd like to see a sequel!


I have been binge-reading this series for a couple of days now and I noticed a discrepancy about Alex's parents. In chapter 6 pg 2, Zander is talking to Alex about the quick wedding and how they threw a fit about it. Zander said he saw them after he got out of the Marines about a month ago In chapter 8 pg 1, Nicole is asking about Alex's family and he states that they were killed in a car accident along with his sister. Alex said this happened while he was in the Marines more than a year ago. I am curious to your read response. Awesome series, props

Next installment

I will be doing a book three but I am taking a break from the SA as well as one or two others. I recently reviewed some of my stories and am somewhat horrified at how bad some of my earlier writings sound. Most of it is verbage related such as getting rid of 'as well' 'a bit' 'got' and other terms that sound childish. I am tidying up some of the dialogue as well to make sure it flows smoother. I am also going to be taking into account some of the feed back for both this story as well as my others that might apply. As I update the stories I intend to do an entire book at a time. IE review all the chapters and then submit them. That way they will all be posted fairly close and will hopefully avoid confusing anyone.

If you have any questions please drop me a feedback and I will answer as best possible.

gr8 job

i,ve been reading from chapter 1 to here in the last couple of hours, and i can just say wow, if this was a book i would buy it, sucker for romance and supernatural, great job, and i hope to see many more stories after i finish this one.

Please say that there is more to come!?!

Still going strong!

Although I would have liked to see more of an impressive change in Cassius (and Mandi promised he could have fun with her and her massive life-giving tits)

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