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Well done! of the best storys... you made my day...and my night ;-)
...please go on!

Great Story!

looking forward to reading the next chapter!

Rather amazing! Oddly enough my reading on here sometimes follows the youtube pattern; i start out reading about X and wind up hours later reading about Z, hehe. You can imagine my surprise (pleasant) when I realized this wasn't even remotely in the catagory I started in :)

Thanks for the good story!!


This is good! The imagery is fantastic. Don't fret about the spelling errors too much, not like you used Spanish instead of English.


I am dying to read more please update soon

This is so good!

Can't wait for the next chapter! Thanks again for entertaining me so thoroughly :)


You need to continue the story. I loved it so far and the couple is so creative, please continue!

at last

Yeah! So glad you are writing again. Missed you.


Is a mystery to me. What was her life like with Oscar , before and after the removable of both testicles?

Wishing you well...

... and hoping you find your way back to this story.

Criminally selfish and dangerous to his own kind

What a total dick! What sort of pathetic deadbeat asshole deliberately knocks up a woman and then leaves her to struggle alone with a child? He is endangering the unwilling mother, the child, (if she doesn't abort it), and also his pack when it is found that the child isn't human. Someone should geld the pathetic excuse for a male.

Try another

First off love you work, and that you seem to be a boarder line genius with the written word. Will be trying these over the weekend - but here is another to try as well: erry-oatmeal-cookie/ apart from being an amazing food blog I like her keen observational skill as well.

Update on chap 09

Just to let my lovely readers know that I am working on chp 09.
I was nearly finished but spilled coffee on my laptop while doing an all night writing. Had to get the laptop sorted. But I promise get it out soon. Thanks for the support.


I agree with the other comment. It can't be for the pack after all when she finds out she's pregnant she could leave the area never to be seen again with her baby or she could terminate the pregnancy so how could it be fore the pack? when he just dips his wick then is gone in a flash!!

"You always want to be underestimated don't you?"

This is the line that resonated with me the most. There was a lot of interesting stuff going on here (although NH isn't my thing), but that one line is what intrigues me so much that I have to read the next chapter.

This story must have burned you from the inside. I'm surprised by the complexity of it because I know that you got a push from some other authors before you wrote it. I was expecting something along the lines of your first sexual experience or a fantasy that's been locked in your head. I did not expect an epic, but that's what you have going on here.

I LOVE the voice of the narrator. I love the pace. You reveal your narrator one juicy bit at a time. Like when you drop the fact that he's a sex offender in there.

Well, PB. You got me to read Non Human. Even more impressive, you got me hooked to keep reading. Excellent work.

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