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Excellent work, very well done. I will be referring others to your work. Thank you for the time, effort, thoughtfulness, and grace that such an endeavor requires.

Upfront. I read Literotica for the sex, usually. I am really not into vampires and werewolves.
Don't care for Twilight. Can't stand True Blood! I saw a new chapter of the F.T.I. saga had been posted. I immediately started over at the beginning and 're-read every chapter!
I like your style of writing. I know this a "hobby", but keep on posting! At the same time I wish you success in your professional writing career.

I am getting so fucking sick of them being controlling assholes. Gonna go back to wolves after this one, at least they have some fucking respect.

i know it has been a couple of years now since you last posted a new chapter to this story, but i would love to find out what happens to Levi and see if Ginger returns from the dark side. i only just recently found your Cum Vamp series and have read every chapter in a matter of four nights. Please continue this storyline. Thank you very much. *smiles*

next chapter please

Great beginning, you have me hooked to read your next chapter.


I enjoy reading thus far but there's so much sex and not a lot of story development. It seems like certain scenes are skimmed over. Still -- I hope to see the next chapters soon!!

How the hell did he get into the manor thats what I want to know

Loved it! A very good history lesson!


Impressive, I anxiously await the next chapter.

Another good chapter!!

Hell knows what Rafe thought (with his enhanced hearing) to all the noises coming from the bedroom. Screams, groans, roars. How embarrasing. ;)


Freaking fantastic!!! Can't wait for the next submission :-)

love it

Where's the rest...??? Of this and the pushing boundaries story???

Fantastic start....

can't wait for the next installment. Pretty, pretty please make it quick.

5 Stars


when did Serena become all knowing about the guys around her? How can she know what their motives is and how they are acting or doing when she just "know" them for like a week? Does she have training in some behav. training or some thing? Or is this kind of thing is part of her other non human side? like I don't know fairy side maybe? That will explain how she can read what people around her what they are doing or thinking or acting.

Other than that I think she is right to be piss with Malcolm. And with Adam I hope she is just looking for some kind of "human" touch and comfort, that's why she let him sleep in her bed. The first night maybe she felt draw to him coz of his wolf side. Still hope they are not mate. They seems totally on a different wave lenght.

I don't like that as soon as Adam get angry he start name calling her and insulting her etc. If I where her I wouldn't want to be around that kind of person as friend or have a boyfriend like that. I hope that's why she is going for Lance instead of that dog.

Lance, well he seems better fit for her. Unless there is some one else is going to turn up but hardly right? coz we are on what? Ch. 4 already kinda late to drag some one in...or maybe not LOL

John? hmm can't see him with her.

Btw pls, no threesome or if you gonna have it pls let me know at the top of the story. So I know that I can stop reading the story. Thank you.

Other wise this is a good story. Let's see what happen next. Thank you for writing it and let us enjoy your fantasy world.

At redlion75

Know where you're coming from but then there's no more to the story!
I love the fact the badass vampire is the turning out to be the better guy but she's been drawn to something at the club that is not Adam still more twists me thinks??

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