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I love sex as much as anyone, but it can get boring when that's all there is! So,it's a joy to read a well written story that has sex included. The characters are very likable. And the story itself is well fleshed out, coherent, and entertaining. Thank you!


So good I couldn't stop reading it! Thank you for writing this wonderful story.


I love that Isabel's baby was born to dominate the Darian mind. Arder seemed a little scared to me, That or as they say, "Evil can not look upon innocence without suffering pain"


Where are you? Looking forward to Zara teaching Iffert and Dymas a lesson. And picking up where she and Phillipe left off two weeks ago... Please tie up the loose ends...

the poison

the poison kills vamps not were's. vamp bites kill were's, but were bites don't kill vamps. why not have were's bite vamps and give them the were gene. will that make the poison unharmfull to the vamps?


Entertwined_Tails, I know.

I'm rusty for not writing in years.
There were a few times I was having trouble thinking up what to put.
This is why a lot of it seems chunky.

5 stars

This story has the passion suspense drama that you have to continue...

That witch

Let Jordan wake up take care of the wench in the car. She needs to beat the brakes off of her. Then when others catch on, they'll really know who's the hbic. Loved this chapter. Next one please.

Rough-cut but appealing

Yes, this has some issues. The writing style is clunky and the whole first half of the story feels drawn out and at odds with the second. But this can all be forgiven as the sex mostly succeeds in being engaging and enjoyable, and that with a refreshingly original and attractive shark girl concept. Keep it up, DrSpidey.


Took u long enough but I still love the story though so plz continue

Thrilled to see this update!

This story was briefly on wattpad but it was removed because it had been plagiarized. I was the person who discovered it and contacted Greenly. This is the original version.

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