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At long last...

Will leave longer comment after next chapter, glad to see you're back. Just one thing: a sadist finds pleasure from inflicting pain. I would call Lucian a masochist in this instance....

lovely beginning

the main character doesnt always have to be a wholly likable person.
hes hurt and hes flawed but he has done good by his people.
to be of an age where you lived through the horror of slavery, i can only imagine the turmoil in his mind.

i like where this is going.


I like this story very much! The plot is very good! I usually see the twists and turns but you had me on the edge of my seat! Very good!

Please continue!!!!!

watch this: (Faydee - Can't Let Go (Official Video)
when I saw this MV I saw Lorenzo :)
can't wait to read more, but try and catch up with your health :)
thanx for the story, it's awesome :)


I really loved! I hope you will write a sequel, I will definitely read it!

Sweet chapter

Your writing and the story is improving with every new chapter. Keep writing and improving, good job.


This a enticing beginning to a series?

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