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It's a worry

When people use a book of fairy stories to guide their lives.

It's even worse when they use it to tell other people how to live their lives.

Thank you

This is probably the most thoughtful and insightful piece I have ever read on this site. It should be a required reading for all Lit. authors. Thank you for starting my weekend off on a high note.

flying saucers etc

This is all 'flyinbg saucers' work except flying saucers have tesseract drive that needs more power but easy for a class 3 civilization. We burn our planet for the riches of a few. Sollar panels will not save you thben.

"A Crusade in Crimson" is now Live on Amazon! Check out the Link on my Bio Page! Enjoy the ride, folks! :)

Very Enlightening!

Passion is a very important word in our vocabulary! You are a lucky one to find it at a young age and keep it over time! I applaud you. Thanks for this story. It may help others find their passion as well!

So What

After scanning Wikipedia, I found two errors. One you said no fuel; electricity is the fuel. You either carry canisters of hydrogen or you carry batteries. Two you said that to change the world all you need is Tenacity and Vision. You forgot Need and at the moment we Need ideas on how to deal with "global warming". We have gone too far to stop it, so we need to learn how to live with it. The only solution, I've come up with is to reduce to population but that is not going to happen is it. Every thing exist because of the Laws of the Universe what ever they might be and that includes recycling. If a law is found to be in error we change it big deal so what.

Really Great

This is a great piece and full of insight and wisdom. Not only have I learned a lot more about you, I find we have very similar views on "Guidance" Councilors. What a huge misnomer. Mine said I would only be able to be a mechanic or construction helper. During my grad school graduation, I though about that statement. There was a lot of internal satisfaction in proving them wrong.

Keep writing....I'll keep reading and enjoying your work.

Meaning of Stars - a digression

I think part of the issue is the "hover text" that appears over the stars. I thought that 3 stars meant "average", but the hover text states "Liked It - Keep on Writing". Since 1 star means "I hated it!" and 5 stars means "Loved It - One of the best!" I think that those votes would be the most infrequent (since statistically, most people tend near the middle of a bell curve). I vote 5 stars infrequently (for me, 5 stars means an outstanding masterpiece) and 1 star even less so (find it difficult to hate stories, and if I don't like the content, I just don't read it). So when I read a story that's "OK", that I neither like or dislike, I typically don't vote, as there's no star that covers that feeling.

But that being said, thanks Serafina1210, you bring up an interesting point (that most readers wouldn't think about) and you did an excellent job of explaining yourself. So in this case, I'll depart from the middle of the bell curve and vote (and no, I didn't vote 1 star).

Thank you

I really enjoyed your essay - interesting, well-written, thought provoking, it's sending me off to look up more about this. Plus, science is all about re-investigation and re-imagining. There are no sacred cows! And it's nice to have more proof that Lit is more than a one-trick pony.


This is a lovely, grown-up, sexy piece of writing. Thanks

This is just the tip of the Iceberg

For those people who are stuck within the confines of Newtonian Physics and the superstitions of that Physics, need to look at the math of Bohrs, Planke, Schrodinger and their contemporaries to know that unless we (the United States and Europe) get on board with the Ideas of Quantum Theory and Mechanics, then we will be left in the dust by the Other countries who are not to shy about tossing out the "Old Models" and working with the new.


I think the best way to try to visualize this EMDrive, is to think about wind-driven sails. When your sails are full, you will go in that direction. When there is no wind, you row till your lungs burn and your muscles scream with the pain.

In my opinion a lot of the controversy resolves around the all too common inability to use words correctly.

This coming from a writer who gets hate mail and death threats for my joyful abuse of the dead religion of academic english.

Examples: Wind does not blow, wind sucks. Atmospheric movement is from high pressure too low pressure. No matter how much you are indoctrinated to believe otherwise.

Another: The all too common lack of common sense and reason bolstered by religious stuporstitions and greed is why most people fail to understand the concept of Global Climate Change.

First, there is no such thing as cold. The phenomena you call cold, is actually the result of an absence of heat/energy.

Some of you may understand how your refrigerator works. Compressing gas, resulting in less heat inside the box and then using radiators to expel the accumulated heat outside the box.

Most people slept through their teacher's explanation of 'why' the 'how' of energy works. You didn't give a fuck about such trivial details so you blew it off, just like all the other sheeple.

Only now the future is coming at you like an avalanche. Now you have to make global altering decisions that will cost trillions of dollar and potentially billions of lives.

Those overwhelming freezes and blizzards are occurring a thousand mile south of their regular haunts. The Arctic and Antarctic are melting from unprecedented heat accumulation, resulting in freezing your butts off.

Sorry but the Karma of Reality just ran over the reactionary political dogma of your ignorance.

well not for men

Circumcision reduces the risk of cervical cancer by about 60%.
But men don't have cervices so why should we care about that?

The only cancer women care about is breast cancer.
More than four times as many women get lung cancer as breast cancer.
More women smoke than men.
The breast cancer people get way more donations than the lung cancer people do.

So no surprise that women are against preventing another cancer that only they can get.

well written and thought provoking

This is a nice overview of the realities of the voting process on Lit. I particularly enjoyed the wry humor interspersed with the harsh realities. This author clearly knows how to write, and does so in an entertaining and provocative fashion. If this author isn't already writing commercially for profit, he/she should clearly start doing so. This is as good, or better, than many magazine articles. Very, very nice work.

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