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I've never really given much thought to BDSM other than to just skip over a story that involves it. Probably based on some negative sterotype I have about it. Very thoughtful essay. This makes me want to select some well-writen BDSM stories and see what it's about. Thanks.

We should all be gay.....

Nah I'm jockin but I seriously want to read more if the oppurtunity occurrs

Good article but not the whole story.

"Once your husband has become your cuckold then you can do anything you want with your Bull in front of him..."

I disagree. It is a determination by BOTH what she can do. If the husband is really deadset against bareback, or anal, or vaginal... whatever because that is reserved only for him then it would be unhealthy and unwise to proceed until both on board.

"Women have a greater proclivity to perverted sex but most of them cannot do it with the man they love. They can only do these perverted acts with men who have no romantic attachment. To them, it's just raw sex. Women also have a greater capacity for sex. When it comes to sex, they are the superior gender.

A woman can sexually gratify ten men in one night and a man can sexually gratify ten women but it will take him ten nights."

Interesting. I can only make love to my wife but if I had a FB then I would pound her to know end. My upbringing says to be kind, gentle, and loving to your wife. For her to get this I would let her have a FB if she needed or wanted this.

"...You own him, he will do whatever you want and that is the way he wants it."

In a marriage neither owns the other. It is a partnership who should both strive to meet the others needs. Sometimes the twain cannot meet and to go against the other will cause irreparable harm to the relationship.

"Make it clear to your wife that as long as she is with you, she can be with her Bull anytime she wants."

As a loving cuckold husband I would let me wife see her bull be she darn well better keep my wants and desires first. The more she consults me and gets my agreement the more I would be willing to let go. If she just goes I would get angry and hence there goes the relationship. Be careful here.

"...Now that she has been married to a cuckold, I don't believe that she can ever live in a monogamous marriage again."

This is dangerous. Maybe... maybe not. What if the husband can handle it and changes his mind. The husband was willing to give... now is the wife going to be able to give up something that truly hurts her husband? Its a two way street for a healthy relationship.

"Answer: If you have no children, divorce her because you will never get back the intimacy you once had."

Most likely this may be true but I would try to find the reason for the cheating. She may love me and only me and I may be the best man for her life partner. But as a loving husband I would consider a cuckold relationship because I love her so much if it was just raw physical sex she was after. Trust is going to be the issue here. The wife needs to be more than transparent until the trust can be built back up. Her husband will be more devoted to her than ever once that trust is back.

Yes, we have to band together, but what do we do then?

Susan, great essay.

You need to look at Modern Money Theory to see what we need to do.

The understand all you have to do is --

1] Open your mind, but be careful that everything doesn't leak out.
2] google MMT with Prof. Wray.
3] Read what you find there.
4] Remember even 1 false premis in a proof makes the proof useless, and economists never copy Euclid [think plane geometry] and list all their assumptions up front for everyone to see. They do this because some of them are obviously false, so their proofs are useless.

I fled the country and live on Soc. Sec. in SE Asia. I swam up streem from 1970 to 2014 and I ended up much further down stream than when I started. Meaning I saw it happening but could not stop the crushing of the American MiddleCclass. It is up to younger people now.


Any woman treating a man like that should be kicked to the kirb u should commit suicide as you are a worthless wimp raising a bastard child and the woman don't even love u

Keeping something for yourself

As you say writing a sequel is far more difficult than starting a fresh story. Keeping the character fresh and growing without losing the excitement of a new or continuing plot. Far from as easy as it sounds.

In my writing, the characters become very nearly real, they tell me the story. I become so immersed in them that I speak to them as real, it becomes an interview. I simply become the transcriber. But they, the individual characters, set the pace of the story. Hence the time between chapters.

You have to keep something of yourself, you have a life besides the keyboard. I can get lost in a story and can lose days. But then I don't have distractions of normal vanilla people. I applaud you, thoroughly enjoy your writing, fully understand the time and effort required between chapters, so I say bravo to your rant.

Doubt It!!

Since we been keeping records women have been nothing but property, now that you have come into your own,men still think you've nothing but eye candy.. That being said, you are still one notch over property. As eye candy men think you still should follow set rules. That being ' what's good for the gander is not good for the goose.'
Therefore independent thinking women are not looked upon with favor.. that being said understand one thing and only one thing. You live your own life no one else
Can do it for you. You make your own mistakes you pay the price. What other folks think should flow off you like water off a duck.. When you look in the mirror you are looking at yourself and no one else. Question Is did I enjoy to the fullest.
Where ever you are.. do nothing else but ENJOY Life there are no reruns.

Wow so right!

Parents also need to know when to back off.



Thoughful essay

Thank you for this thoughtful essay on the intriguing topic of cuckoldry. Your range of perspectives is refreshing and I will read your stories that speak to my own interests and desires. Yes, the emotional and social aspects of the practice are as important as the purely sexual. If only the porn industry could figure that out. It can be found here and I do enjoy sharing the more emotional and intellectual stories with my wife.

Why I some times scan.

I am a college math tutor. I got a good grade in composition. I got a passing grade in Eng. Lit. I have Know Idea if what you wrote is good, bad or indifferent. I am good at finding the facts in a math word problem and rejecting the rest. When you spend time on some important Lit concept thus delaying me in getting to the next important step in the plot, I scan.
Instead of blaming the reader of this, that or anything, do your research and learn the demographics of your potential readers. Then write the story to fit. Now for those authors who like to show off by using your superior vocabulary, which turns me off.
try solving a 5 tiered complex fraction without using a calculator. Now that will impress me!!!

Happy you found a way to cope

Rape is wrong. I detest what Richard did to you, especially as a guy.

I am happy that your writing is therapy at the keyboard.

You owe no explanation to anyone.


I like the fact you explain what makes you write these stories. And like you I too enjoyed time with my mom but we went further than you two did we had sex and for many years. Come to my page my email is there as well as my yahoo im come chat with me.

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