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Interesting, But Not Entirely Accurate

You left out a very important key factor. Length is irrelevant because it's the thickness of the shaft that stimulates pleasure. The width rubs the vaginal walls which is why sex is enjoyable. Focusing on that aspect would have made going on about length a needless endeavor. Length does not usually matter. Thickness does. Even if you possess a ten inch cock, if it resembles a pencil, your partner will not enjoy the sensation very much. Nice essay, I just don't think you explained things in a way that makes it sound like plausible, or reliable information.

You Made Me Think Of A Point I'd Like To Make To People Here

In this wonderful world of fiction there should be empathy. If you choose a category... such as incest for instance.... and you come across something non consent, flying off the handle is hypocritical. Why? How many people in the world would fly off the handle at you if they knew you were reading in the incest category?

You shouldn't judge people based on what they choose to imagine. It's not real after all... it's fiction. It hurts no one, and to get into an uproar about it is ridiculous. The proper attitude to have when you come across a fictional story that you do not have a taste for is to... WALK AWAY... and FIND SOMETHING ELSE. Why scream about it? That's so stupid because a million people would scream at you for what you like. Would you like to hear them do it?.... No. So, to everyone on the site who likes to throw fits.... Lighten UP.

Last thing... People who have an opportunity to indulge in their fantasy worlds here are less likely to do it in the real world. Not having access to it won't make them stop liking something... all it does is frustrate them so feel they HAVE to do it in the real world. So, if you come across non consent stories, or under age stories, or whatever else freaks people out... leave them alone. It's their therapy.

Ha... Sorry... you got me worked up.

I found this to be pretentious and pointless

Essays should be informative. They serve the purpose of giving a view point that enlightens people about something they didn't know. You took the definition of a simple word, then used a bunch of flowery phrases to make it sound like more than it was in a very condescending manner... Then you began to self promote yourself by tossing out names of things you've written. This whole thing was pointless, and anyone who has a reading level above the sixth grade is going to see that.

Reasons for secession

The preambles and articles of secession of the southern states only mention one specific grievance against the United States, interference with slavery. The rest of the articles give legal/constitutional basis for secession.

Examples: "Declaration of the Immediate Causes Which Induce and Justify the Secession of South Carolina from the Federal Union.” Dec 24, 1860 They note “an increasing hostility on the part of the non-slaveholding States to the institution of slavery” They also objected to interference with the return of fugitive slaves, voting by black men in New England, the establishment of abolitionist societies, and not recognizing "slave transit" by slave holders into non-slaveholding states. There are no reasons cited not directly tied to slavery.

Mississippi, Jan 9, 1861 - "Declaration of Secession" - “Our position is thoroughly identified with the institution of slavery — the greatest material interest of the world,”

Read them all, they are online.

The belief that somehow the south paid the taxes while the north benefited is also bogus. The federal government received the vast majority of it's funds from Ad Volorum taxes in the form of tariffs. FY 1859, Total Federal Income $65.4 Million - Tariff income from:
Major Northern ports, $44.994 million
Major Southern ports - $2.830 million,
Other ports $8.576 million.
www.flickr.com/photos/36584779@N05/8512092444/siz es/o/in/photostream/

The cause of The War Between the States, The War of Northern Aggression, The Late Great Unpleasantness, The American Civil War or whatever you may choose to call it was caused by the fear of abolition of slavery and the economic chaos that would most likely ensue.

See also on Gutenberg.org

the book "The Quest of the Historical Jesu" by Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965).

He was a german/french physician and theologian. While not quite blowing in the same horn as wistfall1, he covers much of the history of the theologians' struggle with the contradictions and problems with the gospels' texts. Starting from mi-18th century to the time of his writing - shortly after 1902.

It is enlightening to learn how very little is reasonably known about Jesus life and speeches, as theologians - certainly no atheists - try to understand how the gospels texts came into being, and what the society's beliefs and expectations were.

It is hard not to come to the conclusion that the church(es) want to keep their flock in ignorance, and hold to a faith that is, in its central dogmas, largely untenable.

Wow, anonymous, you hit the nail right on the head!

Eye the heading the Author wrote under.

Minus 50 million points to the moron's who didn't enjoy your playful humored approach to writing an essay or self review as it is.

I for one (two?) enjoyed the hell out of it. I'd read another. The Review and Essay section is usually a section I try to stay out of. Normally I'd find it boring as hell. Thanks for giving me something funny to read, but that also brought wonderfully to life all the conflicting feelings anyone could have about their someone special.

This hit too close to home

As someone with the same idealistic views about ownership, who wants to make her own collar, having worn none, this appealed to me in spite of not being what I come to this site for (which is fictional happy stories).


To marriedpervs, AZMotherlover:

I'm glad you liked my essay. Thank you for your kind words of appreciation.

To Devil_Anonymous:

The purpose was not the classification or segregation of stories in LW.

Yes, I think willing cuck stories should be in fetish. Laurel herself changes categories as she deems fit but these days, it has become the norm to have a BTB story in LW.

Asimov's Guide to the Bible

For those interested in the historical aspects of the Bible, I can recommend no better source than Isaac Asimov's Guide to the Bible. (Yes, that Isaac Asimov.) It consists of two parts: Old Testament and New Testament. Asimov is interested in determining the factual accuracy of the Bible and correlates it with what is known of that era's history. He also analyzes the various inconsistencies in the Bible's timeline and stories, much as you did. Dr. Asimov never claims to have done original Bible research; instead, he has surveyed most of the published research by Bible scholars, as well as documented history of that part of the world from contemporary sources where possible.

It's a good read, as his stuff always is, and will open your eyes to the historical context of the Bible that most people are totally unaware of.

All is Faith

All is faith including Athieism. A fundimental scientific principle is that you can not prove a negative. Therefore you can not prove there is no god. The earlier starement that there is no god is strictly emotional and intolerant of others.
Your essay uses a process that has been applied to all parts of the Bible with similar results. Mosaic law, brought down from the mountain is far more extensive than the Ten commandments. It would have needed a very large camel caravan to get all those stone tablets down. The laws were obviously assembled over time by many authors.
I am a positive person and prefer to believe there is a god who is not a nasty micromanager as is depected in so many religious texts.

Explained rather eloquently I must say......

I find nothing wrong J-Baby with your writings and after your reasoning here I now understand your point of view. As the author of your various stories I fully agree with whatever you do mistress and I humbly await your stories.........

who cares ?

There is NO god... there never was ... its a god damn fairy tale

Why are women blamed for everything

In my opinion homemakers are generay seen as having no to little value because it's solely/mainly done by women. And anything doneby women tends to be degraded or seen as useless.

Fathers can start greeting their children at the school gate, bus stop or front door with a smile, a snack and a 'what did you learn today, sweetie.'

Husbands can start giving their partners a kiss on the cheek, a warm smile and a 'how was your day, dear.'

Sons can start looking in on their elderly mothers/fathers.

Men can start caring about children growing up to be criminals, neighborhood parks, and schools.

It's always odd to me how women are solely held responsible for society's failings and expected to be service workers for everyone's benefit.


one thing i can not understand about slavery is why is everybody so absorbed with the idea. yes there were slaves in the south. the civil war was not fought over slavery. it was a puely economic issue. 75% of the federal income was produced by the south. the money was then spent in the north. the south just wanted a bigger portion spent in the south. lincoln was not opposed to slavery.

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