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I must disagree with the author of this essay as well as with all the commentators to her posting of Christian Right vs the Bible. You are ALL arguing ass backwards and upside down.

Before any of your arguments can be presented, the very first thing that must be agreed upon by all the debater's is "What are we arguing about?"

Using which ecclesiastically licensed printed edition, of which officially authorized correction, of which synod approved endorsement of which censored version, of which sanctioned interpretation, of which authenticated translation, of which scientifically accredited proof, of which original recorded source material based upon which verifiable oral tradition?

Once you all agree to such a fundamental standard of accuracy, then you will have a reasonable and rational basis for projecting your personal opinions that are the foundations of your fabulist mythology.


This post is a piece of shit, no offense.

babylon pink

i watched this movie and deep throat in key west in 1976 sitting next to a plum coed who i went to college with. the hotel room was destroyed that night. go back to real stories not this phony crap we have now

Bah I say!

Don't listen to the naysayers! I loved this story and hope it continues. The fact that thousands died just because Jeanette loved getting stuffed full of huge orc cock makes it all that much hotter to me personally. Does that make me a sick person? I don't give a hoot! Don't pollute...me with your criticism.
On the flip side, even though I condone (and even appreciate) hot busty size queens letting thousands die for their selfish sexual desires, I really am not into rape scenes. I feel they do such a disservice to any scene where both sexual partners want it oh so bad. So I hope you do avoid them. But if the fans want them who am I against the hundred of other
horny readers. Anywho....

P.S. Don't alter the orcs physiological differences from humans and elves so radically that its practically beastiality if they copulate. If you had plans for that still. A little bit is ok but too much and it starts getting into ick territory.

P.P.S. Once again, love the whole story. Hope to see more soon.

Sheer joy.

Again I lament that this system only allows 5*
Just to get slightly off the subject I had a raging (?) argument with a very ostentatious young man when I claimed to be much more 'gay' than him as I was laughing.

Total truth

I can say that although I have over 6 1/2 inches, I have never had a women orgasm with my penis alone. Of course, I've only had sex with 10-12 different women in my entire life so that isn't much to go on. I asked my wife about her past and she said her first husband had a very large cock and it hurt her. She was never able to orgasm on his either so I have to believe large penises are overrated. She truly love my tongue, though.


My biggest problems with the story was how fast the women came to like being raped (which is what it was), and how the military didn't object. There should have been more problems with that from the military. And the fact Jeanette was with the armies and giving orders/military advice. As far as I could read, she didn't have any skill at military tactics. Her generals should have been a LOT more knowledgeable about that than she was. The women, especially the nobility, should have been outraged at the marriage orgy. The women gave in far too easily (a big cock doesn't make all women want it), plus being raped at the Queen's wedding would have violated numerous laws and social morals and ethics. It seems like the orcs pretty much got everything they wanted without any consequences.

she does

She does consider that in between the battles :p

Oh Jeanette

Did you ever consider having jeanette feel reticent at all about how her personal preferences in sex partners made it so thousands upon thousands of people died in combat?

This is an age old question still being asked today...

So use a question mark at the end of it!

Your article is correct in terms of physicality, but you do NOT address the issue of the mind, a woman's mental response to seeing and feeling a big one (be it positive or even negative), nor does it address such things as prefernces, fetishes etc, which are all very relevant to the argument. Sex for humans is unlike that for any other species, in that it's not just about the physical mechanics of the act. That has to be factored in, and in the end, size may not matter to some women, but maybe very important for others.

Perhaps the question should be, "Given the choice between a skillful lover with an average sized cock or a skillful lover with a large cock, what would you chose?"

Would size not matter then?

Another thing

In humans, the size of the flaccid penis bears little relationship to the size of the penis when fully erect. There are numerous scientific studies on this. Showers vs. growers.


A welcome article from a woman's perspective. I remember hearing a woman doctor saying the vagina has nerves only for the first 3 or 4 inches, as you also state. "Dead above that," the doctor said. Too many guys equate size with pleasure. A lot of women seem to as well. Too bad. As a guy of average length I suffered for years unnecessarily from feeling inadequate even though the women never complained about my size and I was able to give them orgasms. I love women and love making them come. Maybe that is what really counts. Learning the facts helps too.

Hair is natural

Until recent times ( about 20-40 years back), women didn't shave. So for thousands of years before that, men have been attracted to women with hair,there is nothing perverse about it.

Please forgive my typos...

I don't have an editor for my posts here, and it's nearly 2am. I'm tired.

The sudden bombing of my scores happened two years ago, not four, as in the previous post.

I posted on this thread

once before, six years ago, when I had just summoned up courage to post a handful of stories.

Six years later, with over fifty pieces posted, I'm still in much the same place. Aye, I've learned a great deal, and I know posting on Lit has helped me become a better writer. I don't post for high ratings, of because I covet red Hs on my work. I simply want to learn to be a better writer.

But having once had red Hs against about two-thirds of my stories, and having seen all but a couple of them disappear in the space of a couple of months, four years ago, I do wonder about the justice of the voting system. Why did I lose so many red Hs in such a short period of time?

I have no idea. But it must have been an orchestrated campaign by someone with a lot of cronies. Some of my stories had over 4.80 points, and lost their red Hs in weeks. Must have been a bombing campaign, maybe by an organised group who care nothing about the quality of my writing, but don't like my left-wing political views? Which come through clearly in many of my stories.

I wrote at the time to the Lit management about it, and didn't get the courtesy of a reply.

So is Lit now a place where only right wing writers, or those who express no political views, can expect to have their stories well-rated? Especially if they are not from the USA?

I don't know. But remembering all the CW university classes I have attended to try to learn to write, the treatment of my many red H stories on this site, and the inability of the site management to even respond to my question about how this happened in a matter of weeks... I seriously doubt whether I'll ever bother to post here again.

It isn't the loss of red Hs I'm concerned about. It's the glaring injustice of a voting system which allows this to happen, to many stories over a few weeks.... and the site management not even having the courtesy to respond to an enquiry about how this could happen.

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