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in perspective

Denise, I think you have written a very succinct critique of the American Entertainment Industry and specifically analyzing the hollywooding of broadcast television.

As a historian, I have another POV for you and your readers. The original Charles Addams cartoons were originally based upon the reality of the decaying New England aristocracy.

" Where the Lowells talk only to Cabots / And the Cabots talk only to God."

When many an unfortunate disabled child or dysfunctional relative or pregnant servant were locked up in the attic so as not to shame the family among their neighbors.

I agree

i prefer stories that are believable and within the realm of possible.
George in Omaha


I guess that the people who vote against D/S, BDSM or non consent stories totally don't understand that this is not about real life rape, abuse etc.

It's about erotic FANTASIES. No woman who is turned on by rape fantasies actually wants to be dragged behind a bush and I hope that most of the men who enjoy the genres wouldn't abuse a woman.

I really wonder why people who are NOT turned on by the more violent genres even bother to read them. I mean, I don't go to the loving couples section and complain that there is no ropes and whips involved and vote it a 1 star on that basis.

Well done my friend. You are a true artist Susan. . I see you must have got a new laptop. If I could pay for the hours of enjoyment reading your stories, mlady, you would have that mansion. 5 stars doesn't pay the bills but it is the best I can do.

luv ya much



Thanks for sharing your story in what was, as usual, a wonderful piece of writing. Keep up the good work.

Favourite SJP

Susan ,you write good erotica and very good stories which excite us.So we will always follow what you write,so just keep writing more as we want to read more

Thanks for your writing

SJP Congratulations on succeeding in overcoming a hell of a childhood and becoming the quality writer that you are. The best on Literotica. I very much agree that what you write is in fact erotica, rather than the mainly poor pornography so prevalent on the site. Certainly your work can be more compared to say Marie Force or Nora Roberts, than to any writers that regularly contribute to Literotica. Long may you continue to contribute. Finally, knowing the Mennonite traditions and the way that they treat people, I would say that you have found your niche in more ways than one.

re why

R A Heinlein said something to the effect that writers can't not write, that the pressure inside builds until you must write.

Thanks Susan

How you're not no 1 on Literotica I don't know.

constructive decontruction

SJP, I just want to say how much I admire your fortitude and perseverance through all the vicissitudes that afflicted your formative years.

You are a shining example of how to overcome adversity, jettisoning those who afflicted you.

Without losing your own way to rebuilding a new life to the satisfaction of your vision.

A story that is brilliantly written from the heart, sad to happy, but shows a true personal tragedy.....

As a person with the ability to show their true story and feelings, Susan Jill Parker has pulled back her noir curtain and allowed a brief glimpse into what it takes to get through life under abuse, depression and financial hardship. Susan's talents and determination shows what one can do to brighten their lives and get some self esteem, while I have the feeling you are being careful to not lapse back into the sorid past. Folks, this is a true depiction of a real writer, take the time to smell the roses and enjoy what a quality erotic author can do. Yes, I enjoy the sex and situations presented, but the characters and plot are constructed to a perfection that I have enjoyed time and time again. Susan's writings could be in any current newsstand publication and well accepted for the erotic quality they have. Five stars and more my friend, you have me smiling again, even on Monday! :) :) Thanks for the boost :)


Very sad and courageous! Hopefully, you will continue to find peace and happiness in your life.

Thanks for this searing, real, and yet uplifting story of your life. best wishes, yesterdays


A very big thanks for sharing your life story. One easy take away for me is to at least vote for the stories I read.
Thanks again

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