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Idiots think stories just fly up on the computer. Try writing your own 10-part story. Then bitch about it. Until then shut the hell up!

Glad to know another chapter is coming.

All I can say is extend the chapter(s) a bit. Flesh it out, and don't race to get to the good stuff.
Other than that, pretty bloody good.

Definitely up to your usual standard

BB1958 said everything I would've, so all I can do is go with the good feeling here and give you 5 stars for another great story. Just one request; more singltetons from you please; you do standalone stories well, I'd like to see more.



would love to hear more

I came here following a comment from beachbum1958

He has a good eye for spotting a well-written and interesting story; I agree with him, and can understand and appreciate his attachment to your 'My Boyfriend's Back'series. I can only follow in his footsteps here and hand you 5 stars for a well-told tale, although I wish it were more.

Love the scene at the restaurant

also when she put her foot in his lap in the presence of his wife

sorry fluffy but abuse isnt about love or hate it is about power.if he had divorced her his"friends" might have seen it as a weakness.this is a good reason for every woman to own a gun and know how and where to shoot

amazing story...almost forgot this was a website and not a book. better than any Harlequin Romance!!

i think it would have been poetic to find out that they werent steps,because sophie got knocked up by some other guy while married to dickhead

End it!

I thought it was gonna just be Alex but the direction this story is headed is just crap. She has turned into such a slut! In a bad way.

Anonymous ignorance

I agree there was not a lot of build up - but there was enough, there is room to extend the story - but it is a tasty morsel on its own. IF Anonymous was to read the story properly and read others of TXRads offerings they would find good quality writing that doesn't go into excessive detail but relies on tweaking the readers imagination. Some spelling could benefit from an editor but not enough to detract.
Keep up the quality work TXRad.

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