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5 from me

That was a good story .Hope you do more like it .

Fantastic a great read and great build up of the senes Looking forward to the rest of the story.

You had me at hello

Your writing style and attention to dialogue and motivation had me hooked before I finished the first section. Now I wait, along with many others, for the conclusion of the series.

Most of us cannot write so much as a letter to a friend, we appreciate the effort that you put into your work. But, please give us another visit into the world of "Two Moms."

We are left feeling as if we had pulled out just before the climax, grabbed up our clothes and jumped out the window, only to see the meter reader had made the commotion in the driveway.

will be doing more!

Just wanted to give people a feel for it x)

Wrong category.

You want to be a pussy and a slave to one, put it in the category where it belongs so we can skip it if we want. Like others, I quit at the first "cock slave".

gotta love the homophobes

LMFAO,,, now if that scene had been 2 women,, could you imagine the positive comments and how many more scenes these fucking homophobes would be asking for
Please keep writing,, its you`re story and i am loving it
And to the idiot that dont leave coomments,, what ever the fuck a coomment is, thank god you dont

thank you so much

wonderful story. looking forward to part 3.

Probably one of the best stories that I have ever read on this site.!!!!

We need more!

Keep this going! It is HOT! Maybe have Garrett knock both mom and Misty up...fuck them in front of their husbands and cuckold them...

I agree

with the other comments that you need to write the next parts soon, please ...

you should be sued

did you ask the original writer if it was ok to post this? you should be sued and banned from the site for life. do all writers and readers a favor and delete this stolen trash and stop posting.

Ooooooh Buddha!

Oh please, please put the next story up soon! The whole thing is unbelievably amazing!! X

That's it?

I was really looking forward to more...!
Here I am getting all into it. And bam. Just nothing!!!

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