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Excellent. Just excellent.

Loved this one, start to finish. Btw, it's "coiffed" (hair), not "quaffed" (chugging a beer), which made me laugh.

Keep writing

Great story
It keeps the readers attention. You make it totally believable.
Keep up the good work

Keeping ti close

liked it; wish there was more--like a ch 2, 3, 4, 5 etc.

Todd and sister; Todd and parents ( both) and sister and parents ( both) all 4 etc.

Well written but...

I didn't like it. I'm not a fan of stories where everyone's down for everything. The mom/teacher is slutty. The stepdad is a man whore. The daughter was in love with him and was moving out to live with him, but in he space of a week, is over him. And she was down with sleeping with him. And the protagonist is down for everything too, including his own daughter. There's nothing to like about these characters.

Well writen technically but I can't say I liked the plot. There's no heart. Unless it's meant to be a stroke story, which doesn't appear to be the case.

Exquisitely done !!

I started having a romantic relationship with my mom when i was 40 and she was 61.

i am 50 now and it has been ten years of the best sex ever !! We spend days or nights together whenever we can with her in lingerie , heels and stockings and me in a t-shirt with no pants on so she has constant sight and access to my fat thick swollen cock.

i have been married 25 years to a great girl who is 5 years younger and is great in bed....but NOTHING can ever cum close to the hot wild and intense sex i share with mommy.

even at 71 she is my dream girl with big tits and a smooth shaved pussy that rocks my world.....

xoxo more please

Birdie and Cassie

very much wanted to hear more from Robin & Cassie

This is just Part I

Hey guys,

Apologies that this isn't marked as a Part I. Jason will get his time with every woman there. We're just starting off.

funniest story in lit!!!!!!

lmfaorotf! couldn't help but picturing two best buds talking! funny shit. you're from india aren't u? milking, prayed, cousin, mother's references, india. 3stars cos its funny. i'm an ass man too mr.ass! lmfao!


WTF, why end it here. Where is part 3. I just worked up to them getting down to it and ....... What a let down.

Lovely story

I really enjoyed your style. A very sweet story

Like 5+

Next chapter please, :)

I did really like the start of this story..

good story, odd context

The content was nice and hot, but the swapping between first and third person narrative became confusing.

Only as a woman can tell it !

Loved your descriptions and how you translated the emotion and caring, as well as the entire essence of the scenes you described.
You write well. Keep up the good work. I anxiously await your next installment.

Well written...

... nice story. Definitely keep going.

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