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Really Great First !

The story is a great first attempt with a story line in one of my favorite subjects . I trust that there will be more as I hope.


Thanks again

tx cracker

good start

Good first effort I reckon, hope there's more to come :)

Well written

as it is always with you. I loved the story but thought it was a bit wild in the type of work you imagined for her, also one month of caresses, sensual ones, is a long time for a young guy to endure I think. Anyway, I loved it and it excited me. You are a great writer, thank you for another great story. Btw, enjoyed the small bit by Mello_sixtynine in his/her comment.

Hot Hole?

What a sweet talking Casanova this fella is - eh? Years of abuse and being spoken to like sh*t and that's the way her saviour speaks to her! Obviously the ex husbands influence rubbed off somewhere along the line.

Your atypical American cop I suppose.

man with an imagination like yours I wish you were my mom


Story, what son would not give his dieing mother anything to make her last days as happy as could be?

life can sometimes be a bitch

Shit happens, and then you die. But the mother and son in this fine story make the most of it anyway. I don't understand the savagely negative comments. Here the couple grabs what pleasure they can before the inevitable end. The boy enjoys what lots and lots of sons can only whack off dreaming about. He fucks his own mother. He actually sticks his young cock up the same warm wet hole he came out of and blows his balls up his own mother's cunt. Over and over again. And in the process, he gives his mom the best cums of her life. You have to be a cold-hearted prick to begrudge them their joy.

re: Prodigious!

hear, hear,
right on,
well said

Could do better

Sit down and put down everything that comes into your head and then you're a writer. But an author is one who can judge his own stuff's worth, without pity, and destroy most of it. -Colette, author (28 Jan 1873-1954)

Some commentators are fools

There is nothing wrong with telling this story from the daughter's point of view instead of from the dad's. It's your story, and you get to write it however you wish.

And it was a very well-told story. Congratulations, and I hope you win.


This was truly a work of art, as close to a reality as I have yet seen well done!

it would be nice

to know what happened during the rest of the day, and afterwards.

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