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Early Christmas present

Excellent read. Thank you and I look forward to reading more of you work.

Can't wait for the next chapter

Excellently written story. I hope you write more chapters of Lily and Austin

Loves this whole story can't wait for the next chapter


I think mom soninlaw brother sister in law and daughter,sales girl should have an orgy

Well written story, possibility of continuing it hopefully

Loved it, can't wait for the next chapters

Fantastic story. Please continue it with additional chapters!!

Loved it. Please continue it

Very good. please continue it


This really got me hard, my dick got harder and harder as a steel log, I really worked it out. My lady loves it when her pussy gets a workout. I got 12 inches at first and it grew to 16 and 4 inches around. Once I cum, it covered my lady's pussy inside and out and over her tits and face.

Fucking great story

don't stop now dad needs a new wife let him keep them both happy love your story keep on trucking Tenbears43


Please continue the story! I love the part that there's six classes of sex in their school. I just wish that that could happen in my school. Keep up the good work! :-)

Clearly a step up

In my last comment I said I was looking forward to the next chapter. You didn't disappoint. Thank you!

I enjoyed this chapter very much. It's well written as usual. You succeed to portray the characters in a believable way. You also seem to have cut back a little on the humiliation thing. Either that or you're more successful to remind the reader it's only a game.

The sex scenes are graphic and leave little to be desired. However, they are sometimes interrupted by long side tracks. I don't mind a bit of side tracking in a long story with as much sex as this, but there were occasions where I felt it was distracting and ruining the mood. Rolling out a past memory during a sex session tends to do that.

However, I am 'complaining on a high level', if translating this German idiom makes any sense at all. All in all, reading this was a pleasure. The love and lust between both pairs of mothers and daughters was well portrayed and wonderful to read. Keep it up!


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