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You've Ruined Me

This was so well written that I despair of writing anything again. Your prose is a quantum leap above almost anything else on this site.
Yeah, I liked it, in case you hadn't guessed!

Got to agree with some of the comments

While the sex is hot and well-described, it was too fast, and there's no actual story, just a series of sex-acts unreeling relentlessly. Because it's so short, it seems kind of rushed, like you wanted to pack as much in as small a space as you could, but really, there's no rush; for what this is, and for a first effort, it's very good, but a slower pace and a more developed story, with perhaps a little back-story would have been even better. I knocked off a star for the fact it started in what amounts to the middle of their story, and another star for the needlessly rushed pace. Three stars is still good, though, it's a 'liked it, keep on writing', and I think you could really do well on this site, just slow down a little; remember, we the readers are not privy to the back-story you have in your head, so maybe a little more characterisation, something to enable us to visualise the twins a little better than just their sexual preferences, and perhaps a little more depth to Jake and Jodhi in future episodes might not go amiss.

Epic Splat

This story hit the pavement like a bag of wet cement off of a five story building. Huge disappontment after 5 chapters.

yet another unfinished story

so much for promising another chapter SOON. I guess soon to you means never.

Very good 2nd chapter. Be interesting to see where a 3rd chapter takes us


This series is amazing. You're doing a great job of building up the sexual tension. One of the best stories I have ever read on this site. Thanks for sharing.

Liked the back story of Jane and Kevin. Quick question where does this chapter belong in regards to the others? I'm thinking between chapters 3 and 4 would that be correct? Just trying to place it for the flow of the story

LaRascasse = God

Surely you didn't write this....God did. Such a beautiful piece of art. I hereby bestow you with the title " Magician of 'Romantics' " !

an explosive continuation of a dynamite series

It was inevitable, you could say predestined. Mike's had his young cock in his mother's mouth and up her ass. Julia wasn't about to deny her darling baby boy the paradise between his mommy's legs. How could she, as a loving mother? That wonderful warm wet hole is the same hole Mike came out of, 18 years before. His own mother's vagina. Where the kid started out, the beginning of the whole Mike-story. I agree with doug_nought. The couple is feeling the greatest lust of their lives, that's for damn sure. But there's "something much, much deeper, that only a mother and her son can understand and experience." The connection of a mother and her male child is the closest human connection possible. You don't have to go as far as Freud and posit that with her own boy the mother's found the penis she lacks. But Julia sure is wild for Mike's fat young penis. She doesn't just give her boy a sedate motherly blowjob, like plenty of moms are doing nowadays. (Why the fuck shouldn't they?) Julia engages in the "slobbering cock-worship" of her big good-looking boy. But that's okay, Mike doesn't mind. And he's such a thoughtful son. He fucks his mother up the ass so as to spare her tender cunt. Now, though, the teenager owns his own mother's cunt. It's his to stuff and stretch, slam and pound, any damn time he feels like it. And he feels like it a lot. Mike fucks his mother bending her over the kitchen counter, pushing her up against the wall, climbing on top of her in her bed, on the lawn at night, in the bathroom at the mall--whenever he gets the urge Mike just sticks his fat cock up between his mother's legs, gives her the hot incestuous fuck she lives for, and shoots his mom a huge twatful of creamy semen. Proving once again the truth of the old adage, "a boy's penis and his mother's vagina--made for each other."

This Story

and its previous chapters are amongst the best that I have read on this site.

Man you never fail to deliver a excellent story. You are one of the best writers here. I have read all your stories and have loved them all. You have a faithful reader for life in me. Thank you for another fantastic story

I really liked it. Very good first story. Can't wait to read more from you

Very nice

This is a nice twist on mother son relationships. Please keep writing the story,

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