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Please KEEP them coming

I have read many of your stories, some of them more than once, especially the What Mom Knows stories. I know it takes along time to figure it all out, so please take your time to get them ready but hopefully not to long.

Brilliant! Well written and well worth 5 stars. I liked the twist at the end.

To be continued.....

Ah yes, the death knell for any story, "To be continued....."

Such a beautiful story. You have written a masterpiece. I went from happiness to tears and back to happiness. Job extremely well done. I hope you choose to write more similarly themed stories in the future. Very well done. Thank you

oh how I wish

this was an illustrated story. I would love to see the acrobatics and gymnastics on the patio.

A bit upset.

I really did not like Pat and his daughter
doing that with each other after Jonathan proposed to Zoe. I'm not into partner sharing, so I would have not been pleased. To be fair, this was a decent story.

Great writing

You have a good way of spinning prose, almost poetic.


I absolutely loved it! I was hoping Glen was really dad. That's one of the reasons this was so, so very hot! And I think the 3 of them together will be wildly smokin' hot.

lovely story

This is a very lovely story. Defently looking forward to more and Julie getting pregmant for real.

Been a while since Ive read this one, still love the daylights out of it! Holy crap, 1300 comments! Pretty danged impressive amount of attention!
Write on! :)

Loved It - Again!

When I started looking into mother son incest more, I found this Literotica site. I have since enjoyed reading many of the stories and almost always get very wet and excited. Your recent stories have touched a raw nerve. My panties are constantly wet just thinking about the similarities between what you are doing and what I am thinking. You are making me think that I too can take this to another level - That I WANT to take it to another level. I must be careful as my husband would not understand at all.
My son is somewhat shy and I do not think he would ever take the lead. He is so nervous when he sees me in my panties or bra or when I do accidently show him my breast. He couldn't look at me in the eyes for several days after I showed him my butt and vagina in the shower even though he didn't know that I knew he had looked. I have also left a pair of my soaked panties out in plane sight in the laundry room for him to find. It looks like they had been moved but I could not be sure. I will have to try this again - especially since they seem like they are always wet now.
I look forward to reading more of your adventure!!!

The story was pretty good. I havent read a decent long story in a while, so that was nice! It wasnt riveting, but still enjoyable that I kept coming back for the next chapter. It was a decent mic, though I would have enjoyed a tad more story and a bit less sex,all in all though a good read.
Imagine the rumor mill when both girls keep turning up pregnant in that dink town! Lol.

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