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very good!

I thought it was well written and thoroughly enjoyed it! Believable to the point where I could almost see it happening. Really looking forward to chapter 2!

To Tigersman

I don't remember where I wrote about having his cock in her womb or uterus. If I did that was a mistake that neither I nor my editor caught. I know about the physiology of a woman's reproductive organs. If I can find the time I will re-read the story and then correct that part.

spill chick

Does "costumers" = customers ?
"he was luck to get at least 4 a week : = he was lucky to get four a week ?

That was just in the first paragraph, ruins a good flash story.

Don't just blindly take spell and grammar check's changes, re read it after.

Very Hot Story

Thank you LadyLosna for your storyi. I don't REALY understand why, but this theme has always intrigued me. I'm now an senior in age but still fantasize about teens. Yes, I'm aware I'll never experience any thing like this. With your help and the help of authors like you and the stories you write, I can still get an erection and get off In the shower. Hell, who knows, maybe some day I'll even get another blowjob.

Dramatic Improvement Over The Previous Chapter

Still a lot of bragging going on, (you know, superstar geek, computer wizz, awesome drummer and all round sex god...) but as I've said before, I guess that's to be expected of an eighteen year old. Keep in mind that some readers may struggle with plausibility and with liking this character.

Overall however, the editing has made this a readable and enjoyable story. Great work. Still noticed some errors, but at least they were very easy to overlook and didn't interrupt the flow of the story.

If I may make another suggestion, and this is purely my point of view, I would advise to turn on anon comments. You're missing a LOT of feedback. Anons tend to be ruder, cruder, more honest, more opinionated, but more than anything else, very, very entertaining. Go on, do it! Get them back! They're a laugh.

Somebody shoot this story. It's not going to make it, and we're all suffering.

"Next I would like to introduce my sister, Nicole who is 28 years old. She is about 5"8' and weights about 170 pounds. Nicole is by no means fat..."

I've got some bad news for you, brother: At 5'8" (And did you catch the difference there? You've got her at "5 inches and 8 feet", but what's another typo in this hot mess?), anyway, at 5 feet, 8 inches tall, and 170 pounds, Nicole is by ALL means fat. Even if all that weight was muscle, with just 2 or 3% body fat, Nicole would be a huge girl.

Some more bad news: This story gets 1's in all categories:

Grammatically, it's horrible. (Typos, terrible attempts -- and failure to attempt, in some cases -- punctuation, misspelled and misused words... If there was a way to screw it up, you screwed it up.)

The dialog was almost bad enough to be amusing, except it wasn't amusing. It was just bad.

The plot WAS laughably bad. It was a joke. A horribly, terribly, incredibly bad joke.

Get a editor

Your story is good but it's very hard to read with all the grammar errors You need to get someone to edit it before you post it. You should pull the story have it edited then respost it. It would be enjoyed more it you fix the grammar errors.

Great Going

This is a fabulous piece. The combination of incest and cuckoldry is so potent. You are an amazing writer to have taken these characters much further than Xleg did (even though he wanted to). You have no reason to apologize for anything. It was hot! I hope you focus on the cuckold elements a little more in your next chapters. Your explanation of the safe word makes sense: she is so in love that the safe word doesn't matter any more.

Some of the critics who are queasy about the subject should understand that they are in the incest section and they need to give the writer some artistic license. Looking forward to the next chapter real soon. Don't hesitate to explore beyond your limits.

Liz is just doing what lots of mothers would love to do

A mother has a very special affection for her boy's penis. When it's soft and just hanging down over his balls, she thinks it's so darn cute she could cry. When her boy's cock is big and hard, she's excited by his manly virility and gets wet between her legs. Liz can't keep her hands off her son Alex's big cock. She rationalizes that she's just going to tuck it back into his shorts, but she's surprised and delighted at how good it looks and feels, a real mommy-pleaser. She can't help herself, she jerks her boy off, and the sleeping Alex blows his young balls into his mother's hand. Liz is amazed at how much semen her boy has in those hot young balls of his. "She kept stroking him as load after load of thick semen filled her closed hand, Oozing through the cracks in her fingers. Even after he had stopped shooting she still managed to milk more out of his cock with each stroke. When she finally thought she had gotten it all she let him go and looked down opening her palm to see it covered with her sons baby batter." "Baby batter"? Hmm. I guess mom's thinking there's a much better place for her boy to shoot his semen--like up the same cunt he came out of. Like Alex should fuck a baby up where he was once a baby. Then both would discover what Alex's big hard cock and Liz's warm wet twat are for.

Seeing as you've written nothing since 2006, I guess the mother will continue to be sex starved.

Like your previous story, you started out very hot with the mother sucking off the son but left the reader hanging. Seeing as you've not done anything since 2006, we'll simply keep hanging.

keep writing enjoyed and I wish I were your uncle

an excellent story

What I like best is the easy-going bantering relationship between mother and son. Each one fully accepts the natural lust they have for what the other has between their legs. The boy lusts for his mother's warm wet cunt. Of course he does, it's the cunt he came out of. Mom lusts for her boy's big hard cock. Totally understandable. His big cock is the perfect filling for the cunt he came out of. The hot incestuous fuck he gives his mom is the best fuck she's ever had, his best fuck too. Honestly, where else does all the creamy semen in the boy's young balls belong but up his own mother's loving and welcoming twat?

I have a auto shop

Not bad Alittle rushed but keep writing. I want to be your uncles friend! Lol

so so

well written but so very anti climax....but u definitely have potential....

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