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great story!

I loved the story and hope that you'll write more about them.

Love the hair

I love the hairy armpits as well. Met an old fashioned Italian girl back n the 80's in Italy. Very erotic.

"Princess Ch. 02" - Twenty-ne Year Old Sister Madeline Simone Sheppard and Eighteen Year Old Brother Steven Randall Sheppard, and His Girlfriend, Twenty-one Year Old Shelby James.

Well, I must confess there are two things I like about this story. First, the sex, and the details being very descriptive and steaming redhot, is never ending; and second is the convoluted atmosphere running throughout the theme and context of the story. I find myself scratching my head in wonder during the continuity (lack thereof) and jumping from one scene to another where there is no reasoning from the previous to the next.

It's very confusing that Steven "Stevie" has never had (hot steamy) sex prior to his eighteenth birthday...and suddenly every gaping pussy-hole wants him, his nine and half inch dick and his sexual acumen and pussy eating abilities!! He's smallish, not good looking and blase' in appearance...but the best looking women in his side of the world wants him permanently, seriously and constantly. I only wish I could have half his luck and pussy!!

There is no emotional attachments with any of the characters, although each person confesses their lifelong love and devotion to their sexual partner at the time they're getting their pussy pounded by Steven!! He and his sister Maddie (the Princess) have an unconventional on again and off again relationship now that he's of legal age, neither of them can hold their emotional attachment to the other past their roll in the sack; prior to Stevie reacing eighteen his sister Maddie could give a shit about her brother, and suddenly she's in love with him every week or so!! I'm very disappoint brother and sister can't hold the friendship and deep love consistently for each other!!! Although Shelby seems to be a good mix and partner for Steven, I am wishful the Steven and his sister build their relationship to a solid foundation of love, respect, attachment and consistently enduring--because I'm a romantic I relish a great love and emotional, sensual attachment and enduring incestual family-style life between the male and female, blood-kin partners!!

Great Story!!

Love your story. Very hot, made me soaking wet!!!

Final part

I suggest that final part would be similar to "Baseball Cougars Take The Lead" by George VI. I also suggest that the next pat would be more emotional than just a description of mothers-sons orgy...

this story must continue

The love of a mother wished upon a star crossed bound to behold the union of three wonderful people. this story must be continued with just as much love and care.

Cant wait until next chapter

I'm a bit irritated with that anon's ignorance

Being that I am a woman, I have given myself all sorts of different orgasms. Orgasms that leave me wanting more, and especially, orgasms that exhaust me after the very first one. I can get exhausted to the point where I can't even work myself UP to another orgasm. Every woman is different. And every experience is different. A woman won't want a million orgasms all the time. Lots of times, one orgasm is good enough, especially if worked at the right way. If you're a woman, you should already know that. But because you obviously don't, I'm sure you're just a guy with little to no experience in female orgasms, otherwise you wouldn't have posted a completely ignorant comment like that.


This story got my attention, now i need more.


I am dripping wet, my clit is throbbing and my vagina is having contractions. I am looking down the hall towards my boys room. Don't ask me where my mind is at right now! OMG

Where has this author been all my life?

Look, guys, you'll have to forgive my gushing, and, no, I'm not a paid agent of jack30341 or a member of his family. Okay. jack's very prolific and his stories all concern family fucking, and especially the best kind, motherfucking. There are some terrific erotic poems that hit the spot. jack's also a very generous guy--his list of Favorites is the best on LitErotica. "Birthday Gift" is, in my opinion, absolutely word perfect. The story of 21 year old Billy and his mother Patty is an instant classic--it surely belongs in the Hall of Fame. The characterizations are superb. Billy's a big strong boy, totally self-confident and cock-sure (ha!). Patty's no pushover, she's got a mind of her own, but also unfulfilled passions "down there." She needs a male to subdue her with great lust but also with deep love. Billy's to put it mildly a goal-oriented guy and his goal is that warm wet hairy hole between his mother's legs. The same hole he came out of 21 years before. They mess around and Billy leads his mom step by step. He has her jerk off that big mommy-pleaser he's got between his own legs. Patty's thrilled to her toes by how goddamn fat that thing is, and by how much creamy semen her boy spurts from his hot young balls. Billy fucks his mother, boy does he ever fuck her. His mom discovers what fucking is all about, everything before was playing patty-cake. Same with Billy. It's his first fuck and hot and exciting and beautiful beyond his wildest dreams. When he blows his young balls and shoots his mother a huge twatful of semen the kid shatters to pieces. They start a no holds barred motherfucking relationship. I think it's fine that there's no oral or anal (yet). The boy just cannot get enough of his own mother's cunt. Just like Patty's obsessed with her son's powerful prick. A scene that stunned me, one I've never seen in other stories. Billy goes to take a leak, he's standing there with his soft but meaty penis hanging down and his mother looking at him enthralled as he pisses. Then he takes his mother's hand and has her shake off the last few drops. Patty's so fucking wet her juices are streaming down her legs like a river. Okay, I'll stop here. jack, you are a genius.

"He surprised her with how assertive he was in re-positioning her."

This is the second time I read this and I much prefer this ending.

I stand by everything I said when I commented earlier. Mother/son incest is the best, ever. And this was sweet.

Good story, could do with a sequel though

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