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more, More, MORE!!!

Absolutly WONDERFUL story! I DO hope you plan more chapters to it!?

loved it

Great story looking forward to more .

Terrific story,

You leave it hanging like you plan to continue, I know that it has been a couple of years now, but I hope you plan to take the story back up and finish it.

love it more chapters please


Well written. Would love to read more

love it

I LOVE it this is such a original sory please keep it going. So much comedy can be had i can see it my mind lol

I would love to find a guy friend to fuck me and my wife! Great story!


I don't know if you realize how much your story touched my heart. Made me cry a couple times and some other things too ;). Definitely a story I can relate to in a few ways.

I loved it! Please give us more of the adventures of Karla and Theresa as soon as possible!!

why is that even here?

1) why call it a school slut so the guy is in school still its not like you made more than one vague reference to that.

2) what has this got to do with transsexuals/crossdressers?

3) and seriously put a little imagination into a story don't just outline your own fantasies.

I'll be dreaming of shemale giantesses all night now.

I have to wonder though, why would anyone in their right mind try to escape a place like that lol I know I would be more than comfortable living in a place like that, as a servicer.

Its Just A Nice Romantic Story...

...And very erotic in content and storyline. I'll just say that the whole "I'm 100% male and gay" parts are a little disconnected, but it takes nothing away from the story, the characters are stellar and very well thought out, gorgeous dialog that helps give it a very romantic mood. Just plain well-written and worth 5 stars. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful story, and I'll be looking forward to more chapters involving Karla and Theresa. Cheers! --- Josie

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