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Dear Mr. Sub

You're quite right when you say that some of the Anon's (myself included) don't seem to "appreciate" your stories. I laughed myself silly when I read your last comment about not having enough blood to run the brain and the penis! Really? I'm surprised any man in your stories can walk and talk at the same time. Or even stand up. But as you point out, correctly I might add, this particular kink isn't for everyone. I note the incredibly low number of viewers currently reading this story. It appears you do have some dedicated fans. Different strokes for different folks seems to be all the explanation needed here. But as to the reason to read and comment on stories that are about things that don't seem logical, plausible or possible? One day you might see clearly that your pathetic wimpy male characters need some relief and you'll have them stand up for themselves, kick the manipulative, cheating sluts to the curb, the sun will shine, the birds will sing and all will be well in fantasy land.


Maybe I missed it somewhere in the store but what are these little Red and White pills called? Where can you buy them and that cream from?

You started out blowing Ben and getting ready to have Ben deflower you. Then this popped in "Bill began to thrust in and pull out of me more quickly..." and then Ben was fucking you again. Love the stories but that will elicit some comm ts. Keep writing. I have to empty my balls rereading your stories.

what a great beginning to a new chapter in their lives can't stop here please keep more cumming !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great story

I loved this story. I was hoping that Jenna would welcome Anna into her live. I am glad that Anna/Jason did not jump out of the taxi and tell Jenna that it was over. Cannot wait for you to write about Anna and Jenna meeting mistress Diane. Loved the story.

loved it

I really liked it im sorry im not as good at writeing as you but please please continue.


I can't wait to see the next few chapters! It's very clear that Brian planned this all along, from the very first chapter it was made clear, Nick didn't know why Brian wanted to live with him! The last sentence proofed that he really wanted and wants Nick now Nicole to be his girl! Amazing BDSM in this story too!


it just gets better and better! Dreaming I am Cassie and anxiously awaiting the next chapter!

Absolutely amazing!

This is by far the greatest story I have ever read, keep up the awesome work, I'm looking forward to the next one!!


I love to cross dress for my Boyfriend when we have sex. I love that feeling when he cums in me and I can feel his cock all wet and slippery in my ass!

Wonderfully erotic

This series is highly original, well crafted, and very stimulating! I hope you'll continue this series frequently for a very long time. The basic premise has great potential. Many thanks for sharing your creative talent. Most enjoyable!

Very nice.

The story continues! The wife is slowly accepting her husbands femininity while at the same time desiring his masculine side. I like it. It's, as I said before, a very realistic viewpoint on a loving relationship between a man and woman dealing with their relationship in a loving way! That the wife is accepting her husbands female side and his urges shows her acceptance of him and her love for him, while her tentative acceptance shows how difficult it is for her to deal with the situation and how unsure she is of everything, it's all new for her.

Again, this is one of the best CD stories on this website.

awesome !!

This story has really hit home with me. Love it !!


Im going to start working on a new chapter soon; any ideas email me at r3dp0150n at h.o.t.m.ai.l . com :) thanks for the comments

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