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Unexpected Passion

Wow! Excellent! You have the ability to write a story as if composing a musical piece. You lead the audience on a journey so the end is worth the travel! Thank you.

Consistently Terrific

Another great read. Looking forward to More.

Are you still writing?

If so can the next chapter be about Michelle finding the right man to be her sugar daddy since Michelle is enjoying being a girl more so that with his girlfriend. Michelle would do anything to be his trophy girl, but will Michael let her.

Pretty Outstanding

Loved the setting, the backdrop, the characters, the dialog... everything!
BTW... "you are" = "you're" not "your"

I like the way you write

Excellent first chapter. As with your other stories, you craft a world for the reader to be drawn into. A great start.

Really happy to see a second chapter

I was starting to worry you might not continue this one, since it took a bit. I understand how that can be though. Either way, I really liked this one, and I hope to see a chapter 3 soon. Can't wait until he works up the courage to let her fuck that ass of his.


I agree "anonymous"..... But it's also a sissy admirers dream come true.

Be my wife

mmmmmm, Mindy, "Will you marry me".
Sensational story.
Xxxxx Rob

Southern Belle

nothing I would like to see more than a pretty boy dressed as a Southern Belle :-)


nice reading on a cold night with a glass of red wine.


Just loved it. Sitting here re reading as I listen to Metallica. Sensational. You ladies are all amazing.

lol I wondered if anyone would find that confusing at all

Also, I'm happy to see someone who recognizes the bands included in this story. I'm glad everyone likes it so far.

Response to "Annonymous" regarding critique of "Weekend at Alice's Cottage Ch. 5"

It must take great courage on your part to write such words - but then you can manage to get enough nerve if you are too chicken to sign your name.


Def agreed. Last chapter could have been rushed with Erica but you let it play out nicely. Great character development. please continue.

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