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Oh Yes

Exciting story!
Realy awesome.

i read stories here http://www.shemaleoasis.com/blog/
but your one is much better.

good story

liked it to the point that the guy was able to enjoy his fetish, but as far as being taken advantage of, that's another story as far as revenge is concerned. I hate people that take advantage of other people that are in distress, would it have been any different if it was a woman that enjoyed self bondage? no. it was still wrong.


could it happen, I guess. the only thing I can see happening eventually is the cd/tv realizes, she doesn't love him, and using him. I guess he is willing now maybe to fulfill fantasies, but not in the future. who wants to live a life with no love in it. I can see castration in the bulls future, of course while drugged, or in bondage, or both. the loving wife will be left so ugly she wouldn't get anyone to look at her, and body scard so bad there would be nothing good to look at. the insurance tape would be looked for, but if not found, so what. he could always say it was done while drugged, or whatever.

My Goodness! Three In A Row...

...You're spoilin' me now! Yes... sentimental perhaps, but a beautiful description of a woman first discovering, then accepting herself. And then moving forward to deal with a very difficult to deal with world of bigots, gentlemen, assholes, and finally... finally finding your Angel... your Lover... your Soulmate. Acceptance Is Everything. Really charming tale... more fantasy than reality perhaps, but filled with hope, and allows for a great happy ending :) Thanks for sharing another alphabetic fav with us. You've been busy, always happy to look for more. Cheers! --- Josie

keep writing these.

Best story I have ever read. Please keep writing!

Catching Up With Susan

I enjoyed reading the story very much, I am a mature, classy crossdresser in
Augusta, Georgia USA.

This story...

...is a collaboration with an author from another site, Apothecary29. You may notice the 'voice' of half the story (mine and his respective word counts were 45,201 and 45,321) is significantly different. That is because those chapters were written by him, but the broad strokes of the plot and all of the editing were done by me.

This story represents is a conscious effort to write a more intricate plot in an expansive world that also includes more than a dollop of erotica. There is artwork for the two main characters that I will be submitting soon. Chapters will be submitted about every two weeks, with an effort to get them posted on Fridays or Saturdays of alternating weekends.

Comments are loved. Opinions are welcome.

I need the next one!!

Please post another! I want more now that he knows!! So fucking sexy. I'm an ftm and would love to be living this story.

Wonderful. A love story!!

Title says it all. A wonderful short story by an author that could go onto greatness!!!

Need more

Love your stories hoping to see more. Keep up the good writing. :)

Oh and fyi and for conversation sake, I'd just like people to know I wrote this with a massive hangover. Like running to the toilet spewing up hangover, not abit of a headache type hangover. Just putting it out there.

Thank you!

Thank you so much for commenting & the feedback! I'm currently editing this piece and will likely remove this copy to re-post it into the fantasy/sci-fi board to better fit the story. I just hope at least some people could still enjoy the story, without being deterred by the horrible punctuation and lack of fluidity in the writing. I know a few people voted it to three stars [I turned the voting off because the down voting does affect my poor, poor ego]. For anyone who didn't enjoy it I'm very sorry. I am still learning, and I'll do my best to post a better version of it soon.

Thank you.

You can't leave us hanging like this, please write Chapter 6, I can't wait to read what happens next.

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