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ok story

5* because it was different. I know what it's like to be used. I also know what it's like to be tricked, by someone that knows you love them. I don't normally consider violence a solution, but in this case I draw an exception. the whole family, except the father (he believed it to be his daughters wish), should be bludgeoned and butchered slowly, with the mother being last for effect.


I'm glad to see you're writing again. I've gotten off to some of your older stories multiple times, but these new ones are even better. I like the "sneaking around behind his girlfriend's back" aspect that you've added. I hope you keep going with this, I see him doing this favor for several more of his frat bros after his roommate brags about it. Whatever turn this takes, I'll be along for the ride.

couldnt read

i got irritated by the 3rd or 4th paragraph, and couldn't go on. I've been dressing, for a long time, since very young, and even as tight as my family is, my sister would never do what his sister had done by the 3rd or fourth paragraph. had she done that (give no privacy, stood and stared, removed his towel threatened to expose) her face would have been lodged in the door frame, repeatedly, striped, photographed, hog tied, and abused. what kind of 20 year old mentality is this in a family that's been together for that long? no respect,,, id teach her respect, quickly.

As pointed out in the Movie " Showtime". Nobody with any brains is going to stick his finger into white lines on a plate, table , book or on any surface including a bag of narcotics and taste/sample white powder. As pointed out; " How do you know that's not cyanide?" one taste, It's all over.

lovely story I wish I could find such a wonderful Master

more pleasel

a sissies dream is to be used by a man so looking forward to the next chapter

Proff Read

You need to prof read your stories this han so many back and forth it was inpossible to read


Bullshit she doesnt love him she liked big dick, of course he wont divorce her. actually she should go to prison for feeding him estrogen without his knowlede

Thanks to y'all who gave me actual advice.

I recognize that the stuff I like writing about is very, very unusual. And I can see how someone could find my stories humorous. Upon reading anything else I've written, you'll find it similar. My taste comes from long, repeated experiences with gay fantasy, crossdressing roleplays, mpreg roleplays, and the occasional run-in with bear culture. I appreciate the user who took the time to write the long and very i-refuse-to-step-on-your-toes comment, I found it to be very helpful. I put some pretty big warnings up on other stories I write, but no matter how hard I try there always appear to be people who didn't read this thinking it was what they wanted. I thank those commenters who defended me, as I realize my tastes can be quite.... unique.

Another part for certain

Neato! Chief shoulda put him in a female uniform to help around the office and take him in the ass on lunch hour!

spot on

Im FTM, and I absolutely loved the paragraph that starts with "speaking of cock". It so accurately describes how I feel about cock and my pussy and other men since I've started T. It's just nice to know I'm not the only one who feels this way.

Story was very hot too. please keep it up!

Read this chapter and the rest in the series if not all ready done.

I love this chapter of Stray Cats. It takes talent to interweave so many characters with their own stories in a story that is so believable. Since you no longer have it set for us to vote and give it five stars, I will give it ten stars since I think this chapter was a great addition to the other chapters of their story. I just hope that you will continue this story as well as the others that you are working on. Your writing proves that sex is not the only thing that makes us want to read stories like this. Keep up your great writing and ignore any bad comments. The good comments greatly out shine them. Another great story added to reader's favorites list.



I SO want to find out what happened next baby girl! x

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