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Of Course They Are Alive Or...

...Haven't you been reading? Roxie and Beez, even MF will live on in that grey matter above your shoulders, just as they were born, put into print and published. Doc, whatever your level of science and technology is, your level or writing is superb and your story gave my little grey cells a tremendous holiday to frolic in and will be waiting for their next story, which will hopefully be soon :) Cheers! --- Josie

i think roxie and beez did escape and they are in hiding

so hot

That was so hot that while reading it I became erect and hard with pre_cum leaking out onto the front of my panties I was just so horny, would have loved to have had a nice big cock deep in my ass until I was full of cum

Breath vs breathe

Breath is a noun.
Breathe is a verb.

Cute story though.

Working the Farm

Well done. Makes me want to work on a farm again. Only thing wrong is it wasn't me in his place. It would be nice to see the next step and getting her pussy initiated. Also like to see her become more feminized, say hormones and real breasts.

Great Job

In this particular case...

I think "sandwiches" absolutely SUCK. Lame name, lame author, lame story.

amazingly detailed story. is there any continuation to this?

Too much whiskey makes you stupid

And that's what this story turned out to be - stupid.

The night of nupicias is one of the parts that I more like his series, is simply hot to see how the baron deflowers the small anus of Martin opening with his great stick not alone one but four times, when not are leaving any doubt that now he is his whore and his what anus now will be going always to be opened and relaxed.

A really loving portrait

I really loved the story. It had a big heart and felt both very emotional and true. I couldn't stop reading and even after I was spent I found myself reading 'just a few more pages' to know what was happening.

One of the greats here at Literotica I think. the T-girl genre might not be for everyone but its really worth your time.


Sandwiches might be good, too. But I'm not sure this story is!


I really look forward to you story, I really thought you had given up. When does Martin get the breast implants and piercing?

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