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  • Don't quit your job at the fast food place,and try using less mustard in your drawings

    on Blondie (1)
  • Makes me want to cream

    on Share (2)
  • Unbelievable how you managed to capture the erotic essence of this woman with just a few sparse lines of a pencil! Wish I could do that!

    on Nude line drawing (1)
  • An awesome rendering. That's a very very sexy woman who is also wonderfully feminine and vulnerable, a real treasure of a girl! Your artwork is incrediblel!

    on tender nude (11)
  • Your pencil rendition was spot-on, in my book. I, too, always wanted to see Morticia's tits (and ass). Keep up the good work, and try other characters in sexually compromising postions! It's great fun to view. :)

    on Morticia Addams (3)
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