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  • How I Found The Best Non-Chemical Ways For Mind-Blowing Sex

    The pill snaps in half easily, and sure enough, we have amazingly energetic, kinky sex. The next morning, I walk to the bathroom in a post-orgasmic haze, grateful to Pfizer for concocting such a wonderful drug. On my way back to bed, however, I spot ...

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  • Alabama Court Orders a Halt to Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

    The Alabama Supreme Court on Tuesday night ordered probate judges around the state to stop issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, ruling in direct opposition to a federal judge that the state's ban on same sex marriage did not violate the ...

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  • Five Charged In Multi-State Sex Trafficking Ring

    MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Five metro residents were charged Tuesday in connection to a multi-state sex trafficking ring, according to the Ramsey County Attorney's office. Four of the five defendants are from St. Paul (pictured left to right): 25-year-old ...

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  • California justices void blanket ban on where sex offenders can live

    The California Supreme Court decided unanimously Monday that blanket statewide restrictions on where sex offenders may live violate the constitutional rights of parolees in San Diego County — and potentially those in other counties. The residential ...

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  • The majority of sex workers enjoy their job - why should we find that surprising?

    Prevalent discourse would have you believe that sex workers are problems to deal with, or victims to 'save'. But that couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, when you ask sex workers about their job satisfaction and working conditions – as a study ...

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  • Indie erotica publisher Ellora's Cave vs. Amazon

    There are two fascinating bits of information to come out of this New York magazine profile of Jaid Black, the founder of independent erotica publishing house Ellora's Cave: as recently as 2012 the company was making $10 million a year, and Amazon ...

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  • Someone is turning the Chronicles of Narnia into erotica and it's amazing

    Ever thought that the Chronicles of Narnia would work better as erotica? No? Well luckily, someone else had the idea for you. Clearly feeling the adventures of the Pevensies weren't exciting enough, one group of friends decided to spice C.S Lewis ...

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  • Township Detectives Pursue Child Erotica Case

    Detectives are awaiting laboratory results on already collected evidence before determining their next move, the chief said Monday (March 2, 2015). Township Detectives Pursue Child Erotica Case The case specifically involves child erotica, he added.

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  • Erotica author says Amazon is hurting her $10 million yearly sales

    Jaid Black, a 43 year old writer of self-published erotica ebooks, says Amazon is needling into her market: hardcore erotica for women. She once netted $10 million a year, a figure that dropped to $8 million in 2014 and will probably continue to drop ...

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  • Gay erotica has been published about 'The Dress'

    An erotica writer known as Chuck The Tingler has published 'Pounded by The Gay Color Changing Dress', a story about the infamous black and blue/white and gold dress. Was it black and blue or white and gold? The colour of 'The Dress' has been a topic of ...

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  • Someone wrote gay erotica about The Dress

    Chuck Tingle self-published the 'hard-hitting news tingler' on 27 February which has so far only received five-star reviews. Pounded By The Gay Color Changing Dress 'is 4,400 words of sizzling human on gay dress action, including anal, blowjobs, rough ...

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  • Same-sex marriage: Why people really oppose it

    Why do you oppose same-sex marriage? Indiana University sociologist Brian Powell posed this question to hundreds of people across the nation as part of a research project. He was curious to see if what people say actually matches the legal arguments ...

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  • Teachers charged with having sex with students, giving them cocaine

    Deputy Dist. Atty. Kristin Bracic told The Times in February that the sex between Ghirelli and the underage boy was not in dispute, but Ghirelli had provided various reasons for why she thought the boy was 18. The school district placed Lippert and ...

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  • Review: 'The Mystery of Love and Sex' Looks at Identity and Secrets Too

    The detective work in “The Mystery of Love & Sex,” a perfectly wonderful new play by Bathsheba Doran that opened on Monday at the Mitzi Newhouse Theater, extends well beyond the matters of high importance referred to in the title. In this tender and ...

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  • Anonymous Sex addict shares how she gets her 'fix'

    A self-identified sex addict admits to hooking up with three different men in one night and meeting with guys just to have sex. “They wouldn't even have to take me to dinner first,” the anonymous woman wrote in a confession to Australia's Gold Coast ...

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  • Sex Sells On We TV

    Sex Box, the show that has the Parents Television Council's undies in a bunch these days, clocked just 378,000 viewers in its unveiling Friday night on We TV– a mere 18% more viewers than the network had averaged this calendar year to date in its 10 PM ...

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  • There is now Gay Erotica about #TheDress in the world

    But one thing we didn't anticipate happening as a result of the blue/black/white/gold saga was that it would inspire gay erotica. But, alas, it has happened. And given that the dress only landed on Friday, the author behind the homo-erotica has not ...

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  • Sex addict reveals lengths she'll go to 'get her fix'

    Sex addiction is described by the relationship counselling service Relate as any sexual activity that feels out of control. Yet some scientists argue there's no such thing as a clinical addiction to sex and 'sufferers' are simply making excuses for ...

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  • Enfield man charged with child sex crimes

    Enfield, N.C. — A 53-year-old Enfield man was arrested and charged Sunday with sex crimes involving a juvenile. Samuel Ellis Richardson is charged with indecent liberties with a child, second-degree sexual offense and false imprisonment. Richardson ...

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  • In Defense of Drunk Sex

    Is it acceptable to have drunk sex? Most people who aren't citizens of the Islamic State or followers of some frigid Christian group will answer with an emphatic: "Hell, yeah." Not only is it acceptable, they'll think; it's good, one of life's great ...

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