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byCal Y. Pygia©

I cheated, reading
The triptych
From right to left
And bottom to top,
Disturbing the universe:

Collection of dildos
Dressed in condoms,
Legs ending in long-nailed
Fingers, gesturing
To invisible phenomena,
A rat in a brassier
Surrounded by a school
Of fish and tubular things
That could have been,
But are not, eels
Or, as far as I can tell,
Penises or phalli.

Trousers standing
On their own, cleft
At the crotch
With the indentation
Of a hidden vagina;
Severed feet in boots;
And fish (always fish)
Everywhere, spawning,
Perhaps; a face
That could be
A tribal mask;
Vague penis shapes;
And a man wrapped
In sleek tentacles.

In red leggings and blue
Dress, she is dressed,
Her face elongated
By the false proboscis
Erupting from the scarlet
Mask, a funnel hat
Attracting fish,
More fish (always fish)
And penises
Wanting to become
Mushrooms, or fungi
Wanting to be phalli.

It's all most confusing,
Sex and gender,
When it's read upside down
And backwards.

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