Everything about me
Is a mistake
From the moment I fall to sleep
To the moment I wake

The way I rise before dawn
Greeting earth with my sadness
The way I fall into my pattern
My introversion my gladness

The way I sing in the shower
Like the world is my stage
The way I hide in the corner
Like the world is my cage

The way I smile through my tears
Acting like I am fine
The way I cry in the rain
Those drops of water my shrine

The way I hold a grudge
But never say a word
The way I love with all of me
But my passion goes unheard

The way I live my life
Just trying to make it through
Cherishing the moment
When death makes it debut

The way I am there for everyone
But they aren't there when I need them
The way I let him get to me
The way I can't help but love him

The way I express myself
The thoughts that race through my mind
Where my heart belongs
Where my soul is aligned

The way I drown my sorrows
Just to pretend it is joy
The things that make me smile
Are the things that you are out to destroy

The way I give myself
The way I keep parts of me hidden
The darkest desires of my soul
Those things that are forbidden

From before I was born
Back before this ache
Every moment of my existence
It is all a mistake

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by Anonymous

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by LesseloovesPeter10/15/13

I want to reach through the world of anonymity and hug you. You sound like you need a friend.

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