tagNon-Erotic PoetryPeace, Hope & Unity

Peace, Hope & Unity


He saw a world in decay, morally backrupt and stagnant
He saw clouds of pollution rain down swarths of destruction
He saw people kill each other in the name of their own beliefs
He witnessed bombs being dropped in madness destroying generations
He wept as waves of destruction tore asunder all that had been built
His tears mixed in with the oceans of blood

He had come too late, the eagle with the golden wings
He had foreseen the destruction and responded too late
Cities lay destroyed, people destroying just to survive
Underneath uncaring and hurting bloody skies of grey and black
The oceans turned poisonous as many species simply died, the surface a vast graveyard

He moved across plains he once knew and which were now barren
He cried as his trees were simply stumps.
His wings cried out to him, yet he continued.
"Why, why why this senseless destruction?"
Why, when humanity could achieve so much it had destroyed itself?

The eagle flexed his wings once more time and under dark skies above its creation point
It called out, a terrible wail
And he knew it was time to renew in peace
Anew in Hope
Anew in Unity

Its wings became bright with light and the eagle was transformed into radiance.
And all along the destroyed Earth a wave of power and replenishment swept through
The call of the Eagle brought back the dead species
The remaining Humans looked up and dropped their weapons
The sky cleared and the face of the Eagle looked down
From his eyes tears flowed like rain

Rain that did not kill but renewed
In Peace
In Hope
In Unity

And with the Eagle renewing it lost its will to remain in the air
And plunged into the Earth deep, where it broke into a million peices
From these pieces grew plants and new trees
For it was revivification.
And humanity was transformed with one final act

No more wars, no more hatred, no more self destruction
In Peace
In Hope
In Unity.

(This poem is in the hopes that humanity can reach for our potential as one species and not reach for the ever increasing self destruction. Let us Unite)

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