tagNon-Erotic PoetryPepsi and Cigarettes

Pepsi and Cigarettes


Pepsi, Cigarettes and no I don't clean the kitty litter, it's in the pre-nup.

We got married on the fourth of July.
We said our "I do's as the Fireworks did fly,
But just today, she brought something up.
A little clause in our Pre-nup.

"I promised to love, honor and cherish.
When I signed that decree.
Then she pointed out "Clause number thirty three."
"She will not clean out the kittle litter!"
As she sipped on her Pepsi,
And scowled at me all bitter.

Wildly weaving the litter scoop,
Bitchin' and Moanin'.
I don't clean kitten poop.

She was yipping and yappingm
"You know what this means of course".
The kitty litter clause is cause for divorce.

So we ended up in court,
And the judge so did decree.
That a pre-nup about kitty litter,
Was just plain silly,
No more whining,
No more Grief,
I can now breathe
With a sigh of relief

Gone is the Pepsi and so are the cigarettes,
Goodbye Kitty litter,
No big regrets,
Now I got a copy,
Of the divorce decree,
Now I am so happy and free, free, free.

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