Drifting through my mind; tangled wisps of hot desire,
Thread heated reckless thoughts of sharp deep aching.
You are colours;
Red for your passion, struck through with ebony black despair,
The streaming gold of pure emotion gleams with raw joy.

Roaming across my eyes; sleep fails in the morning gloom,
Hollow imprints of your absence mar the hope of the day.
You are flavours;
Vanilla sweet tender words, edged with lime’s sharp acid wit,
Dripping chocolate’s rich sensual blanket of indolent lust.

Pushing into my soul; silence clings to the dark of the night,
Purring memories furtively steal sleeps dreamless peace.
You are nature;
Lightening flashing sharp realisation, revived with an explosion of rain,
The surrounding confusion of fog tenderly stroking a meadow at dawn.

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