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  • While I don't think the language is as bad as someone previously said, it is oddly stilted, and that combined with errors in sentence construction makes it occasionally difficult to read. Having to go back and re-read a sentence spoils the flow of the story. For example, this sentence, ironically referencing grammar itself is not well constructed and designed to flow.

    "Now four hands on four hips, Becky widened her eyes and arched her brows, a bit surprised to hear her middle-aged mother pulling off utilization of a more modernized phrase such as this, complete with the bent grammar."

    I would suggest adjusting your writing to better reflect your own day to day language, which will make the writing more comfortable, and flow better.

    on Mother and Child Communion (13)
  • I would have loved to learn more about Jake's past since it was eluded to in the previous chapter. It was a nice read, I love when an author posts daily. While I think it was a little lacking, it still made me smile. Thanks.

    on Arlo Ch. 05 (5)
  • You write with great directness and clarity: in a word "gravitas". AND you have something worth saying to say, and you say it well. You are way too smart for the average Litizen, but keep on keeping on anyway.

    on A Man's Path to Power (3)
  • Not reality.... only real in someone's mind...

    on Sailing Adventure Ch. 03 (1)
  • Really enjoy reading all of your panty stories, really get me excited and i also enjoy all similar activities. Keep up the great writing.

    on Dirty Laundry(PANTY)Day! (10)
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I Am Jack's Life Ch. 03

A coming of age story. by  in Novels and Novellas
NEW 3.25


A teacher gives his pupil a lesson on sexual pleasure. by  in Romance

Bait Girl

He uses her as a lure, but they both share the catch. by  in Group Sex
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Lady be Good

A night to remember in Hong Kong. by  in Erotic Couplings
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One Plus Two Minus One Ch. 05

A college professor falls for a younger man. by  in Novels and Novellas
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Curse of Aphrodite

Sex with a goddess brings unexpected consequences for Joseph by  in NonHuman

Craving Ch. 02

Straight roommate turns the tables. by  in Lesbian Sex

Ink My Heart, Pen My Soul Ch. 04

Crossed lines and Anticipation Nation! by  in Novels and Novellas
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A Bear Seduction Ch. 02

My bear bud pulls out a video camera. by  in Gay Male
 1NEWHOT 4.85

Angie and Gio Ch. 03

Their first date leads to something more. by  in Interracial Love

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 4 4.29

Dirty Denise Does Gillian Anderson

Girl meets TV star. by  in Celebrities
 3 4.17

A Victorian Virgin? Ch. 05

Victoria wakes up in Ned's arms. by  in Novels and Novellas
 31 3.48

Sibling Phone Sex

Brother and sister have phone sex. by  in Text With Audio
 9 4.09

Enchanted Twelve: Triplets Ch. 01

The triplet princesses sail off into the night. by  in Chain Stories
 6 3.51

The Two Companions Illustrated Ch. 02

The illustrated story of a Registered companion. by  in Illustrated

Danielle's Discovery Ch. 01

Repressed housewife discovers the joys of masturbation. by  in Toys & Masturbation

Victorious Pt. 07

An excellent 'meal' is enjoyed at the house. by  in Interracial Love
 3HOT 4.66

Sex is a Job Description? Ch. 12

Some frigid gals just want to get you hot and bothered first by  in NonHuman
 2 4.26

Go Ahead

A visit to the town bus station provides a pleasant surprise. by  in Gay Male

He Sleeps... Ch. 02

It would appear that two can play at this game! by  in Erotic Couplings

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 34HOTContest Winner 4.93

Surfacing Ch. 07

Hidden powers revealed inside Brom's Inn. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 29HOT 4.93

Surfacing Ch. 21

This is war, and all are invited. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 16HOTContest Winner 4.93

Talla's Temple Ch. 25

Apprehended, End of Book 1. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 100HOT 4.92

The Rehab

Following one's dreams. by  in Romance
 24HOT 4.92

Life as a New Hire Ch. 16

Ash Men, Sins and the Will of the Ancestors. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 34HOT 4.92

Life as a New Hire Ch. 34

Companions, History and Heroism. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 71HOT 4.92

Dream Drive Ch. 07

Games under the mountain. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 18HOTContest Winner 4.92

Montana Winter

Sequel to Montana - Find out what happens to Noah. by  in Gay Male
 33HOT 4.92

Surfacing Ch. 08

New powers, new desires; the certain clash of wills. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 40HOT 4.92

Surfacing Ch. 14

Those chosen to share the path. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 6NEWHOT 4.92

The Shepherd of Ashburn Court Pt. 05

Ben deals with the twins, new neighbors, and his past. by  in Erotic Couplings
 39HOT 4.92

Surfacing Ch. 19

The melting pot. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 25HOT 4.92

Strange Days Ch. 51-54

Finally. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 18HOTContest Winner 4.92

Strange Days Ch. 48-50

Loving care. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 17HOTContest Winner 4.92

By Demon's Driven

A story of sex, sin and salvation. by  in Novels and Novellas
 33HOTContest Winner 4.92

Surfacing Ch. 15

The City of the Sun God when Night has fallen. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 63HOT 4.91

The Promise

Promises are meant to be kept. by  in Romance
 84HOT 4.91

Breathless Ch. 06

The truth comes out and a war is fought anew. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 105HOT 4.91

Upon a Savage Shore Ch. 23

The last chapter. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 83HOTContest Winner 4.91

To Protect and Serve Ch. 12

The final stand. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
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