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  • The appearance of Mr Wendell was what readily got my justice flowing. Just way to good. Top shelf Ritter, that's what you are, and assistance was neaded to get my self offS

    If I was to recommend this story.. Who would it be???my brother, my Dad, my uncle, my history teacher????

    Waiting your recommendations with busted breath.
    Thanx mate.

    on Community Service Courtroom Ch. 01 (2)
  • As a LIT / LW / moral story, this is excellent. Dee was totally justified. As a *story* story, I was a bit disappointed. The finale just seems to dribble away. I was expecting a sharper or twist or tease ending, maybe at least some hint of only happy-for-now.

    on Until Death Do Us Part (44)
  • Is Just_john1 my boyfriend?? I enjoyed a very similar sensual, sexual experience last night! Please write more! Misty's in heaven

    on The Beach (3)
  • Couldn't stop playing with my tits & pussy while reading... such a good story!

    on My Virgin Sister (478)
  • Hope all of the service guys could get a welcome home like that.

    on All She Wants For Christmas (3)
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Boonta confronts Jackson. Jackson confronts Chaki. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
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Upon a Savage Shore Ch. 23

The last chapter. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
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