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  • If a TLW tale is really good, I will give it five stars ... even if it is posted in LW!


    on It Could Happen to You (47)
  • This I know this is suppose to be fiction but, it was just too fucking stupid.

    on Danielle's Revenge (64)
  • I get a kick out of the character names that you use. This time it was Jack Daniels and Adam Schiff (inspired by old Law and Order episodes?) but I have noticed names of actors and various fictional characters throughout the story. It's heartbreaking that Even will leave Jennifer and his son behind.
    Good luck with your treatment!

    on There Must Be A Mistake Ch. 24 (8)
  • Where have you been? Do some more!! Missing you, and still listening always!

    on Music to Mute the Pain (1)
  • I don't normally care for trans stories, but this fit the theme very well and he was accepting of the difference. Plus he left the asses behind!

    on April's Trick Untried (4)
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New Stories

 3NEW 3.93

April's Trick Untried

A new girl in town is hotter than he ever thought. by  in Text With Audio
 1NEW 4.33

Pussy Tease and Torment 02

For Girls, BDSM Hypnotic-Erotica, Orgasm Inducing, Master/slave. by  in Text With Audio
 1NEW 4.78

Animalistic Passion

I am consumed by my passion. by  in Text With Audio
NEW 4.47

You Can Put It Anywhere

Please baby, play with me, I'll let you put it anywhere... by  in Text With Audio
NEW 4.08

Daddy's girl

A babygirl's message to her Daddy. by  in Text With Audio
NEW 4.00

Breaking 69

There is no other. by  in Text With Audio
 6NEWHOT 4.91

There Must Be A Mistake Ch. 24

Scientist Inherits his Niece. by  in Novels and Novellas

Desoul Bk. 01

A Modern Desoul Tale. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
NEW 3.33

Bride Who Murdered Her Groom Ch. 02

A girl is cursed so as not to fall in love...but she does! by  in Novels and Novellas
 7NEWHOT 4.80

Wolfblood: The Price of Loss Ch. 05

She is forced to face him or suffer much more dire consequences. by  in NonHuman

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Random Stories


Pornship Troopers

The Poon is out there. by  in Humor & Satire
 9HOT 4.80

Sweet Surrender Ch. 02

BBW finds love with Army man on way to sister's wedding. by  in Romance

The Courts Of Pleasure Ch. 05

Sarah settles in The Court. by  in Novels and Novellas
 5 4.49

Oh Donna! Ch. 01

Coworkers find shared naturist lifestyles. by  in Exhibitionist & Voyeur
 8 4.20

The First Time

My first time with another man. (fiction) by  in Gay Male
 7 4.48

Twice The Charm Ch. 08

Trying to fight the feeling. by  in Interracial Love
 6 4.43

Ethan's Wild Ride

Ethan, Marcus, Sara and Mina finish their NY Eve orgy. by  in Text With Audio

2025, The Year

Taunus talks with Faustus in the year 2025. by  in Letters & Transcripts
 6HOT 4.59

The Voyage of the Astarte Ch. 01

That old time religion. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 67 4.49

A Category That Is: Loving Wives

An author's personal view on a very controversial category. by  in Reviews & Essays

Top Stories

 77HOT 4.92

Dream Drive Ch. 07

Games under the mountain. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 33HOT 4.92

Surfacing Ch. 22

Underneath. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 16HOTContest Winner 4.92

Talla's Temple Ch. 25

Apprehended, End of Book 1. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 10HOTContest Winner 4.92

Strange Days Ch. 72-74

Three's company, and home for the holidays. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 129HOT 4.91

The Rehab

Following one's dreams. by  in Romance
 109HOT 4.91

Upon a Savage Shore Ch. 23

The last chapter. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 85HOT 4.91

Breathless Ch. 06

The truth comes out and a war is fought anew. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 83HOTContest Winner 4.91

To Protect and Serve Ch. 12

The final stand. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 24HOT 4.91

Life as a New Hire Ch. 16

Ash Men, Sins and the Will of the Ancestors. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 34HOT 4.91

Life as a New Hire Ch. 34

Companions, History and Heroism. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 28HOT 4.91

It's a Dead Man's World Ch. 06

Eliza's final conflict comes from within her own home. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 22HOTContest Winner 4.91

Aphrodite's Reward Ch. 03

The gifts of the goddess don't fix everything. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 9HOTContest Winner 4.91

A God Called Bruce Pt. 03

An Australian writer gets involved with the Gods on Olympus. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 26HOTContest Winner 4.91

There Must Be A Mistake Ch. 19

A Scientist Inherits His Neice. by  in Novels and Novellas
 27HOT 4.91

There Must Be A Mistake Ch. 22

A Scientist Inherits His Neice. by  in Novels and Novellas
 24HOTContest Winner 4.91

Lady in Red Ch. 32

Conquering Russia. by  in Novels and Novellas
 34HOT 4.91

Surfacing Ch. 08

New powers, new desires; the certain clash of wills. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 26HOT 4.91

Surfacing Ch. 11

On Connections, Dragon Spirits, and Ghosts of Prophecy. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 25HOTContest Winner 4.91

Going Feet First Ch. 05

With the help of the Drow, our soldier gears up for war. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 40HOT 4.91

Surfacing Ch. 14

Those chosen to share the path. by  in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
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